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Most of this story is fiction. I did find my mother dead, and naked. Everything else is fiction.
I had just turned 18. I was the youngest and the rest of my siblings had moved out. I was about to graduate high school. My dad was often gone on work trips and I was left home with mother. A loving and beautiful woman. Even after 6 kids her body was sexy. I would lay in bed at night and jerk off while thinking about her. She had a soft voice and brown hair and olive skin. Oh so beautiful. I spent a lot of time on my phone watching porn, and when porn just couldn’t help me finish, I began searching for more intense, more sinister ways of getting off.

I discovered snuff porn and gore. God how I lived the blood and entrails while rape proceeded. I became consumed by it. I wanted to feel a woman’s intestines in my hands. But I knew I couldn’t.

My father left on a business trip for a week. On the second night of his absence my mother told me she was not feeling well and needed to go to bed early. I went to my bed as well saying I was exhausted and might hit the hay early as well, but really I just wanted to watch some gruesome porn. Around 10 at night I was shuffling through hundreds of photos on my phone of porn, unsure of which one to shoot my load to, when I hear some thrashing coming from down the hall. I put my phone in my pocket and walked down the hall. It was coming from my mothers room. I opened her door. “Mom?” I said as the door creaked open. Wondering if she was still awake.

I walked in and turned on the light. My mother was thrashing around, face red with pain. She has having a massive heart attack. She usually slept naked, and tonight was no exception. She writhed in pain, tits bouncing every which way. Pussy wet with piss. She looked at me and struggled to speak. “Call an ambulance.” She tried to tell me. I could understand. But I stood there frozen. Not from fear or shock, but from delight. My mother was in severe pain, and my cock was getting hard. I smiled. My mother looked worried, and in agony. She couldn’t understand why I was smiling, and not calling 911. I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it.

She looked horrified by my actions.

Several minutes passed of her suffering before she finally fell still. I stopped stroking my cock and approached her. I had learned in health class how to check someone’s heart beat, so I did the same to my mother. No beat. She was dead. my cock got even harder. I was overwhelmed with joy.

I pulled out my phone and began recording. I recorded putting my cock in her mouth, her hand on my cock and groping her big beautiful tits. Then I put my phone sideways on the dresser and began fucking my mothers lifeless corps. I was over whelmed with excitement that I blew my old deep inside her dead pussy. But I got hard again within minutes. I threw her body onto her stomach and raped her dead ass. Nice and loose, dad must love anal. I came deep inside her ass. I smacked her ass and pulled her hair. I choked her dead body while I speed fucked her loose cold pussy. I beat her and took my anger out on her for all the times I wanted to fuck her, but couldn’t. I came several times deep inside both of her holes. I stopped and ate her pussy and her asshole. Drinking my own cum. Her dead pussy was immaculate. I took a short break to admire my dead mother. Lips going purple. Eyes growing white. Body becoming cold by the minute. So beautiful. So precious. I wanted to keep her like this forever. I have photos and videos of her, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted my mothers dead body forever, but, I knew that was not possible.

I continued to rape my mothers dead body and beat her and eat her out for hours. I didn’t even notice when the sun came up. By then when I came nothing would come out. I fucked her so much that I had no more spunk for my mothers corpse. I was exhausted. I decided to take a short nap with my mother. After all it is Friday. Nobody would notice if I didn’t show up to school. I held my mothers dead, cold, sexy body in my arms as I slept.

Hours passed and it was about 3 in the afternoon when I awoke. I rubbed my eyes and looked down. My cock was hard again. Craving my mothers dead pussy once again. I proceeded to rape her dead body multiple times again.

The sun had set before I was all fucked out. Then it dawned on me. “What should I do? I can’t call the cops, they would find my DNA all over her lifeless body.”

I thought long and hard for a while before I came up with a plan. “It’s night. The car is in the garage. I can put her body in there and take her out to the woods and bury her. Yeah! That’s what I’ll do! And tell dad that she just disappeared! Ran off in the middle of the night. I’ll bury some of her clothes with her so they think she packed and left with someone. Because I can’t get rid of the car.”

I was excited to go and dispose of my dead mother. But then I had a second thought. He body was not only sexy, it looked delicious as well. We have a drain in the garage, I’m sure I can get away with gutting her.

I dragged her naked body to the garage and laid out several plastic sheets to put her body on. I grabbed an exacto knife from my dads work bench. I inserted my cock deep into my mother and began to cut her open. From chest to groin. I reached me hand inside of her open stomach cavity and grasped her uterus. I was able to push my cock through her cervix and into her uterus and jerked off with it. I came deep inside her uterus.

I cut out her uterus and then I cut out her heart. I filed a few chunks of meat from her legs and I cut her pussy lips off. Leaving her body there I went inside, still covered in blood and brought her meat and her pussy lips to the kitchen and threw them on a frying pan. It sizzled with the oil as it cooked. I placed her heart in a cooler. I want to keep her heart for a while longer. I put some seasoning on her meat. After it was filling cooked, I took a bite of her pussy lips. So sweet, so delicious. It was the best thing I had ever tasted. I took a bite of her leg meat, not as good, but still tasty. Lastly, I ate her uterus. Juicy and tender. My cock got hard from the idea that I grew inside the thing I just ate.

After my meal, I showered and cleaned up the house. I put the cooler in my room under my bed.

I wrapped my mother in the plastic sheets and put her in the back of the suv. It was late and everyone in the neighborhood typically went to bed early. I was able to drive out of the neighborhood without raising any suspicion. I drove hours deep into the woods, where nobody goes. I stopped somewhere that I knew had soft dirt, easy to dig up. I spent hours digging 6 feet deep. I threw my mothers gutted, dead body into the hole. I jerked off onto her body one last time before tossing the dirt back on.

I drove back home that night and got back before anybody had waken up. I checked on my mothers heart. Frozen now. Good. I want it to stay that way. I want her heart with me for as long as I can.

To make the story seem genuine, I texted my father asking him if he had seen mom. He seemed worried but said she was probably out running errands. I told him that the car was still home. I could hear the panic in his voice but he tried to stay calm.

He came home from his work trip early. He noticed that some of her clothes were gone. He called the police. The police said they had no leads. She probably ran off with someone. My father was devastated.

As he lay awake at night, crying in his room. I smiled, jerking off to the videos and photos I had on my phone. Thinking of how her meat tasted. Cumming so hard I nearly fell off the bed. I would take her heart out of my cooler and hold her heart in my hand while I jerked off. So sweet, so sexy. The woman that gave birth to me, I was finally able to return inside her. I was able to taste her. I was able to eat her.

It’s been 10 years, I still have her heart in my cooler. I take it out often to remember that special weekend we had. I jerk off often to her photos and videos. And I have decided, I want more. I want my oldest sister. She looks just like my mother. She must be as delicious as her. She has already agreed to visit me for the weekend. She is excited to see me. To bad she doesn’t know what I have in store for her. But this time, I’m not going to waste any of her meat.

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-05-10 21:29:23
Gruesome, sordid, & unreal< uncaring. no love. Your attitude,"I'd rather fuck my dead mother than giving Dad & I more time with her possibly alive" That's cold Story would be more palatable in 3rd person "Then the boy sliced her open allowing him to remove her intestines & cut out her heart."


2020-05-01 16:47:14
I welcome comments. Good or bad. I want to see what people think of my story

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