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A brief rest and the fun resumes
I felt a stirring next to me that brought me out of the fog of a light sleep. Looking up I saw that Cindy my incredibly sexy and sexual wife had moved over to cuddle up to me. We were in the middle of the bed. Her 18 year old sister Sandy was to my side and her 17 year old brother Johnny was over on her side. We were all totally naked. And tired from a morning of sex. The clock showed 2:17 pm.

"Oh, um dearest Cindy, permission to fuck your sister?"

"Hmm, I'm guessing from the looks of things this is an after the fact request?"

"Well, yes. You were barely conscious when the opportunity arose."

"Given the circumstances, permission granted. Also, if I may say so, you are the best, greatest, most wonderful husband ever. Who else would let his wife screw her little brother. Even if he was far from little."

"One, we're young, we've got a whole life of you and me and whatever that brings. Why not let you try the forbidden fruit when you're still a kid yourself looking as amazing as you ever will. Two, we trust each other, everything was literally right out in the open. Finally, I don't think I could share you with the world, but oddly this being within the family seemed better somehow. And now that we've all been involved, who's going to talk?"

"You sound like you thought about this."

"It had occured to me that something might happen after we let Sandy in for Naked Day awhile back."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too, Cindy. Are you done with Johnny, or do you need more?"

"Mmm, I don't know, the rest of today at least to decide?"

"Fair enough. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Your body stretched out totally impaled on his long cock. Wow."

"Just so you know, he still didn't fill me the same way you do. So how was Sandy?"

"Your sister can fuck, for sure."

"Hey I can hear you over here."

"Oh sorry Sandy. But you were good."

"Hmm, thanks. You've got a nice cock Tim." With that she snuggled up on my other side. "You two are both lucky."

Cindy, "I think so. And now you know what I mean about Tim."

Sandy, "But tell me, just how did you fit Johnny all inside you. On either end?"

"Determination. But also, when I get into my sex zone my body reacts to the situation. I knew I'd be able to control my gag reflex and get him in my throat. Stuffing him all in my vagina even surprised me a little."

From the other side of Cindy we could hear Johnny waking. "Shit Cindy you completely wiped me out. Never experienced anything like that."

"So just how much experience do you have?" Sandy asked her brother.

"Just two or three."

"Which is it? How can you not remmeber?"

Well, Ellie Benson tried but was afraid and gave up. So that's kind of number three. And our sister here is the first to deepthroat me."

"Congrats Cindy, you're the champion cocksucker", laughed Sandy.

"Hey Sandy", Johnny said, "I was kind of busy before. I didn't get a good look at you naked. Why don't you give me a look?"

"Careful Sandy, when he said that to me I ended up with a throatful of cock."

"It's a risk I'll take I suppose. If you don't mind a bit of Tim's crusty cum on my leg. Although he was nice enough to clean up most of it."

Sandy got up and walked to the end of the bed to give us all a display of her nice body. When she turned around Johnny piped up with "Hell of an ass, Sis. Just the kind I like."

"I'll take the compliment, well hung bro."

Each of us took turns showering. Then we put together some lunch and sat around, naked of course, discussing various things. Mostly sexual.

Sandy, "So you two freaks, you obviously love sex. When did you start?"

"With each other?" Cindy asked, "We were only going out a little while."

"I remember exactly. It was that first Thanksgiving I was at your family's house. Cindy was just 17 so you guys were what 14, 15? That night after all the food the family went to bed early. Cindy and I were hanging out in your living room on that leather sofa. The making out got hot and heavy and before you know it I had her shirt off and was attacking her boobs like Johnny was today. Full out assault."

"Hey, those are some great tits. Who can blame a guy."

"Thanks Johnny, they may never be the same again, haha."

"Sorry sis."

"So back to the story. Getting no resistance I decided to go for it. I slid my hand into her shorts and felt that pussy for the first time. It was full on bush at the time."

"Ok, maybe too much detail? A girl needs to learn these things."

"No problem, I was in heaven anyway. I asked if I could see and Cindy slid her shorts and panties off. Then I went for a bit of exploration. Finally Cindy pulled me up and pulled down my shorts. Of course I was fully loaded. I asked if she would rub my cock cause I was so worked up. She said she had a better idea. "I want to have sex with you."

So we did it. Right on your family sofa. I had to pull out at the end cause she wasn't on the pill yet. "I took care of that soon enough. Because I definitely wanted more of what Tim had."

Sandy, "So you two fucked on that sofa where I watch TV? Where else did you screw?"

Cindy hesitated, then, "Um, may one or two other places."

"That old play fort in your yard. I thought we might make it fall down, one or two beds,"

"Did you fuck my teenage sister on my bed?"

"Yeah, maybe", I laughed.


Then the phone rang. Cindy got up to answer it. I sat there thinking how absolutely insane this is, in a good way. There's my hot young wife casually standing naked in front of her teen brother and sister on the phone in our kitchen. At the table was her younger brother, his cock dangling off the chair and their also sexy 18 year old sister naked with her feet up on her sister's chair.

"Yes, yes Mom, Johnny is here. Some problem with his car. Yes, uh huh, yeah the rain is bad here too. Sure, we can make room", she said looking at us with a shrug and rolling her eyes. "Yes, not a problem. Oh and Sandy's here too. Sure. OK I'll tell her. Yes Mom. Yes. OK. Love ya too. Cindy hung up and looked at us.

"So get this. The wind and rain brought down a tree on Hazlin Road. The parents think it's safer if you stay here. I told them no problem. What else could I say? So welcome. Make yourselves at home."

"I've got the king bed," Sandy yelled.

"Me too?", Johnny.

"I don't know about everyone else, but I'm going to be in my own bed tonight."

"Is that all you're going to be in?"

"Funny Sandy. Who knows now that we have so much more time."

Since Sandy's legs were up on her chair, Cindy came over and sat on my lap. Stirring occured.

Cindy, "So now that we have so much more time. And we're naked until the morning. And it's no boner day, how does this go?"

"It's your house", replied Sandy, "if the rules are in place and you're game, I'm up for more fun. Johnny?"

"So, does this mean you'll have sex with me too Sandy?"

"Always the subtle one, my brother. We'll see. I may just want to check out your equipment."

I said, "Let's pick up this discussion in the bedroom."

Once we settled on the bed, amazingly Johnny and I were managing not to sport hardons.

Johnny asked, "So since we're doing all this crazy stuff, have either of you girls ever made out or did anything with another girl?

"Nope." "Not me."

"Wanna try, it would be hot", Johnny offered.

Sandy, "Then how about Tim fuck you in the ass."

He knows how to be gentle there," Cindy added.

You freaks have ass fucked too?", Sandy asked shocked.

"She fucked me too with a fake cock. A purple one."

"Ho-ly shit. You two never cease to amaze", said Sandy with a look of total surprise. "You're up for anything."

I told her my point of view, "If everyone agrees and no one gets hurt, I'm up for it." "How about you?"

"I have to absorb this. I'm trying to think of something you won't do."

Cindy watched my back and forth with Sandy with interest. Stretching her lithe body across the bed she reached out with her left hand and stroked my cock, then with her right she grasped Johnny's now lengthening cock. Soon both of us has respectable hardons.

"I think I'd really like to have both of these impressive cocks cum all over my face." She increased the pace and both Johnny and I groaned with pleasure.

"Hey what about me?, Sandy asked.

Cindy, "You have a free hand, my pussy is begging for attention."

"I don't know, maybe." Sandy reached out tentatively and placed her hand on her sister's mound. She put pressure on Cindy's pussy, then let her middle finger press between her sister's pouting lips. Cindy gasped and increased her stroking on our cocks. Johnny and I got on our knees for a better angle at Cindy's face. My cock hung over her face, Johnny's would have reached her mouth if Cindy had pointed it that way. Then she pulled my cock towards her mouth. Opening wide she put her lips around my cock, then directed Johnny's to join it. She held our cocks touching in her mouth and sucked on both our heads. In the meantime Sandy had slipped a second finger into Cindy and had increased her pace. Next she used her other hand to finger her sister's clit. Circling around and over Cindy's bud. Cindy's hips started to gyrate and the pressure increased. She took our cocks from our mouth panting from her sister's work. Grunting, moaning, her breath caught in her throat. She forgot about us as she rode wave after wave of orgasm. Seeing that she was still caught in her own pleasure, Johnny and I stroked out own cocks trying to time our release. With a nod I increased the pace suddenly aiming my cock at Cindy's face. Sandy kept up her pressure on Cindy's pussy, causing her to open her mouth wide in another orgasm. Right at that time Johnny and I let loose. Splashing cum all over Cindy's face, in her mouth, dribbling from her chin. Cindy gulped down our mixed cum in her mouth, panting from her multiple orgasms.

Cindy was now a mess of sexual satisfaction.

"So you have all been fucking and cumming all day. I got laid once. How about some loving on Sandy time?"

Big PickelReport

2020-05-12 09:50:01
My half-sister and I had sex of some kind or another for over 40 years. We started in Junior High. she was born to have a cock in her somewhere most of the time.

Rex AllenReport

2020-05-02 13:16:36
Gotta love it. More please.


2020-05-01 05:07:09
good story!

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-04-30 20:15:31
Just as I though, "Afternoon delights" with a promise of continued evening delights considering the storm & damage. Thank you for sharing your creativity (true story) with us. Hot, HOT, HOTTER!

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