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After her schoolbag was thrown into the men's toilet by a classmate, a series of stories of being fucked began. She is weak and easy to pull down. Unlock each scene in a variety of poses, a variety of complex patterns.
Holly knew that her bag had been locked in the men's toilet for the third time this week. The bell rang and several girls came towards her. One of them was the head of the group, Lynn, who had been bullying Holly .

"Hey, the bag's gone again?" Lynn said. Holly ignored her.

Lynn raised her eyebrows and watched as Holly numbly rose from her seat, put the water-pen in her pocket and walked out the back door. Lynn and they followed Holly, and then they saw Holly turn the corner and go to the men's toilet.

Holly hesitated, but she had her homework and food in her bag, so she had to take everything out. She tried to resist, but the school gave her a serious demerit, and if she did so again, she would be expelled. She hopes to finish her studies in this high school because she wants to go on to university.

Holly ran into the men's toilet as fast as she could, so that she didn't see two boys standing at the door.

'fuck, Alan's going to scold us.'

Holly went to the last room in the toilet. There were gasps.

'Alan, Alan... I I I'm going to..."

".. Ah... Ah... Ah... It's so comfortable, it's so deep."

"HMM.. It's nice..."

At that moment, Holly heard a distinct female voice gasping, and the air was filled with an unknown air of desire. The woman's voice was trembling and disjointed. The sticky sound came slowly, a slight sound like a cork, followed by a quick jerk that reached Holly's ears in a split second. The door was kicked open before the hand on the doorknob could respond.

The tall man sat on the toilet seat, and the naked woman sat on his lap in an embrace, with a huge cock between her thighs and the veins pulsing faintly.

The slender figure of the girl fell into Holly's eyes. She's obviously going into orgasm, rocking her ass to suit the man's dick, up and down faster and faster, sticky pudendal water mixed with semen trickled from the man's penis to the floor.The woman is jiao lusty low panting imitate if cry, and the man is a face of interest is lack of, slender finger slides mobile phone screen, the cigarette end of finger tip flicked off ash.

Alan's cold eyes were fixed on Holly, who was standing a step away, and he glanced from top to bottom with a slight laugh on his lips.

Holly shuddered and felt a gust of wind blow down her back spine. She stiffened as the two boys guarding the door followed her in, nervous lest Alan should lose his temper.

"Are you crazy? Didn't you see what they were doing? Get out of here!!!!"

The girl sitting on Alan at the moment reflected, she turned away and glared at Holly. Alan took her in his arms and patted her consolingly on her white buttocks. But Alan stared at Holly with a strong sexual undertone.

Holly saw that the bag at his feet had been touched, the zipper was half open, and the phone in Alan's hand was hers. She didn't know what he was looking at.

"I... School bags and cell phones..."

Her stammer betrayed her nervousness and fear. Alan shook his phone to ask if it was hers, and Holly nodded. Then he looked down and said something to the woman, and then calmed her down. The woman grunted, but still did not dare to show her dissatisfaction too much. Reluctantly, she got up and pulled her body off the man's cock, then casually wiped it twice with a paper towel, change her clothes as fast as you can and brush past Holly.

"Don't let me see you next time." The woman said one word and went out, twisting her waist.

The two men stood by, and Alan waved his hand and called them out of the toilet , closing the door behind them.

As the door closed , Holly looked toward the door. When she looked back, Alan had thrown the phone back into her bag. He closed the zipper and handed it to her. She reached for it. At that moment, Alan threw the bag back at his feet.

He lowered his head and his deep voice opened slowly. "Clean up for me, the schoolbag return you."

"... What... ?" She drew back half a step, clenched her fist, and Alan looked at her with a slight curl of the lip, and then pointed to the lower part of his body.

His clothes were buttoned up almost completely, except that the lower part of his body was unzipped, and his penis was now half soft on the outside, mixed with the water from the woman.

"Lick clean, the schoolbag will return you, don't let me say twice." Alan's cold voice came to her ears again, and Holly, slightly dazed, stared down after a few seconds.

"I can just get my phone and exercise book and nothing else."

"That won't do." Alan raised his eyebrows, clearly displeased. "You interrupted me, and you want to go?"

He bent down and pulled the exercise book Holly had just described out of his bag. After opening several pages, his eyes paused on one page.

"Jack smile was like when I was a little boy, I planted a Daisy, the last time I was secretly to see him in the basketball club, although the game loses, but jay figure on the pitch I feel dazzling many than anyone, indeed as expected life of gentle boy especially striking in the sunshine, good hope to be able to speak with him, or do the basketball, he hands back and forth between the ground and palm collision, because this is my most close to him..."

Alan spoke slowly and slightly mockingly about the contents of the exercise book, and Holly's head sank lower and lower, her hidden sense of inferiority and dignity being trampled on by men's easy grasp.

"You like jack? I have a good relationship with him."

"I'll show you next time."

"But that boy is very fastidious and probably doesn't like your kind."

Alan flicked back a few pages, full of teenage girl diaries of spring. He sniffed, but he was amused to see Holly with tears in her eyes and a sense of shame at being mocked and humiliated.

Holly doesn't fit into the beauty category and she doesn't have much of a figure. It was not that Alan did not choose, for he had a bad, casual disposition, and liked to play as he liked. He looked at the girl who was trying to hold back her fear, her shame and her tears in her eyes, and it was all very rustic, but it was the look in her eyes that made Alan interested.

He looked down at Holly, half - squinting. "Come and give me a lick, lick comfortable let you go."

Holly was kneeling in the toilet stall with the man in front of her spreading his legs. And the meat stick she held in her hand swelled, the man's eyes were full of a hint of levity. He shook his exercise book twice and threw it behind her.

She turned away, causing the man's displeasure. "Pay attention, or do you want me to teach you how to do fellatio?"

There were tears in her eyes, and she shook her head. When she closed her eyes, she was resigned.

She can't offend Alan. She last saw him outside school. On that time, Holly saw him leading a group looking for trouble in the school next door, He is so strong and powerful that no one can match him. Alan exudes a formidable aura even as he sits. Add to this the fact that his family is a famous local dragon head and his family is prominent, and if he is offended by Alan, it is not as simple as dropping out of school.

Holly was holding the man's penis in her hands, almost trembling. Alan's scanned the screen. He had made plans with some people to drink at the usual place tonight, and he was beginning to feel a little restless.

There was a sudden damp heat in his penis, and when the soft lips touched the upturned tip, Alan curved his lips slightly.

The woman's lips were soft, the pink tip of her tongue passed lightly over the big Meat head, and she moved slowly down the column. Her awkward lips trembled with instinctive fear as they touched the big Meat stick, and her tongue stirred.

To tell the truth ,the woman in front of he was , not very skilled. Her teeth occasionally touched the meat stick, and her hands were too frightened to hold it tightly. But in Alan's opisnion, she was disgusted with him.

"The technique is not good, you should not be a virgin?" He reached between Holly's breasts, felt soft, and squeezed.

"You've got big boobs. Let me see." Holly paused for a moment at the man's command. She wore a beige school uniform and the bulge in her chest was already in the man's hands. He rubbed her chest slowly, sinking slowly through the collar.

"You know what? When you're in gym class, your big chest always swings around. Why, you don't even have a bra that fits properly and you want a man to rub it for you?"

"Put your clothes aside, brother with a big meat stick to give you a good rub, poke, nipple is itchy? Huh?"

Alan said in a dirty voice, and Holly dropped her head still lower. She has never experienced this kind of thing, plus from the third grade on the breast uncontrolled growth, the title of cow has been accompanied by high school, this kind of insulting words let introverted she has been loathed their own body. With today's encounter with Alan, Holly's heart had collapsed. The tears of restraint flowed from the corners of his eyes, down on the man's hot meat stick. Alan, seeing that she was getting more and more impatient, pulled her school uniform with both hands and tore it at each side.

The breasts in front of him swayed slightly with the cry of the woman. Her bra had been worn by her aunt. It was very white and had no rims, but it was obviously the wrong size. Holly bit her chin because her white chest was under the man's eye in the men's room.

Alan whistled and looked at Holly's bra in disgust, tugged at the straps.

"That's too tacky!What are you wearing?"

Holly looked down. "You leave me alone, I really won't."

Alan would not let her go, smiled and said, “why don't you wear something fashionable? Take it off. It's an eyesore."

"Rub the big meat stick well with your soupy tits."

Alan pushed Holly's head down in front of his big bird. The woman's cries and quivering figure made him more impatient than ever, and his bad nature became restless. He rose slightly to his feet, pressed the woman's head, pushed the meat stick back and forth in his crotch, forced her small lips to be swallowed up, their edges stretched white.

"I'll take a picture for jack. The big cow in the next class likes him. Her's still in the men's room, shaking her chest and eating my big dick." "Do you think jack will get hard when he sees it?"

As soon as the words fell, Holly recoiled desperately, tears streaming out. She liked jack for more than a year and kept a diary silently. She couldn't think what would happen if he saw her like this. She couldn't even think.

"Please, don't. Really, leave me alone, I don't tell the teacher, today as if it didn't happen."

The woman broke free and knelt at her feet, tears streaming down her face. The hair is also pulled untidy by the man. Alan would not let her off the hook, and added this with a hint of menace. The naive woman thought that the trick of telling the teacher would fool him, and the naivety made Alan want to laugh. So he flipped the screen open, swiped back and forth, and a fresh video was sent out.

There were a few of the Group of friends well-connected dudes, jack and Alan's brother among them. The 10-second video shows a woman kneeling at his feet, her clothes untidy and crying. Her face is not clearly seen from the Angle, and her milky breast is clearly visible.

"Please, please don't do it."

At the end of the video, the weeping woman climbs up from the ground and runs for her life toward the door. The video then quivered, and Alan didn't expect the woman to be so daring. The phone slipped out and fell to the ground.

Five minutes later Alan, tidied up, went out with a sullen face. An order was issued after the call. "Does Holly from next door know her? Bring her to my place in the evening."

Alan and his brothers often met in a bar called the nightingale, which belonged to the dark forces and, of course, Alan and they were related to each other, so they could play with women. They can do whatever they want. Ever since junior high, these guys have played with women here, Now are tired of all kinds of tricks found all over also like that. No one was interested in the heroine of the video that had just appeared in the group. Having sex in the men's room at school. And made this woman cry.

Alan shrugged it off and called Jack after half a drink. When he was connected, a cold voice came.

“what? "

“Half an hour to the moon warbler."

"No. I have something"

"What can it be? Just playing ball?"

Alan was impatient. He urged Jack to come. "Brothers haven't got together for a long time, hurry over."

They had been friends since childhood, and Alan knew that Jack did not like to party with them. Finally, Alan had no choice but to bring out aisa, whom Jack liked. Jack was willing to come out. Aisha is Alan's cousin. But aisha didn't like Jack because she was seven years older than Alan.

After 10:30, Holly, who worked in a Fried chicken restaurant, was caught by two boys who had never met before. They have a huge information network, it is easy to find a high school student with a last name, so when Holly was pulled out of the Fried chicken restaurant, into a van and sent to the nightingale underground garage, Holly felt that she might not be able to get out tonight.

God knows how much mental work she had to do to go to the store and pretend that nothing had happened in an attempt to return to a normal life, but all this was easily disrupted by Alan.

There were three men in the bar room. The other two had not met on campus, but most were about the same age. they appearance was that of a fine young gentleman, and his clothes and temperament were impeccable.

Mason, the son of the nightingale's boss, sat on the right, his eyes fixed on the screen on the wall, showing the naked figure of a young girl of fifteen, The girl was good-looking, with a shy face. She was shaking her ass on the bed. The two labia were red and swollen. Mason's name was being called, and mason's chicken was being poked in the hole. Mason, with a whip, thrashed the girl's pussy, her buttocks crisscrossed with scars. Mason asked the girl if she was comfortable with the idea of having a bunch of cocks take turns to fuck her, The girl was screaming lewdly,and Take turns calling them by name.

Mason loves making movies. A few weeks ago played the virgin, now will be watching attentively. He also praised his work. The pale young skin of a maiden, the poor black labia clearly, a strong sense of contrast stimulates men's neural networks, Everyone watching the videos, then moved their eyes to Holly, who had been pulled into the corner of the room a few minutes earlier.

Holly was also wearing a Fried chicken uniform, a yellow halter sports jumpsuit, a cap and a take-out call on the back. body is warm Yang color sweatpants, dress up and body temperament, is the plain country sister, the only redeeming place, is the chest a pair of soft soft chest hidden in the clothes.

She was shaking as if she had fallen into an ice cellar, and Ellen, who was sitting on the sofa in front of her, watching the film intently, occasionally glanced over, and hissed.

"Why not now? Try running now."

"Have a little temper, dare to hit my phone, you know what consequences tonight?"

Alan's voice was low and strong, and he sat with his large majin knife crossed over his legs, looking at Holly with a pitying look as though she were an ant on the ground. Holly clenched her teeth, and fear rose in waves. Alan gave a look to his neighbor to get the medicine at once. The pale blue pill melted when it touched the water, and Alan put his hand lovingly on the edge of the table next to Holly's nearest place.


Holly shivered, didn't move, and looked down. The other dude next to him, who had been playing mobile games, raised his head and motioned to Holly not to resist. When Alan got angry, she was afraid it would be worse.

The minutes ticked by. By the time Alan reached zero, Holly had to drink the glass of water with her eyes closed.

She began to feel hot. It was like an ant crawling in the pit, and in the heat waves, she sat down on the ground with her legs tightly between the holes, slightly rubbing in an attempt to ease the pain. But the water in the cave began to trickle out, soaking her panties, With the friction between the thigh and the floor, the underwear is ground into a line by the water, sandwiched in the hole, the front of the beans more sensitive to the swelling.

She bit her lip, her flushed face buried in her black hair, The men in the box were talking and laughing, but each of them occasionally looked over and watched Holly's movements, waiting for the right moment as though they were catching something.

At that moment the door of the box was twisted, and a tall man entered, cold and distant in face, trim in form, with long slender legs, at the moment of entering the door. Holly caught a faint scent of tea.

Alan beckoned, and Jack tossed his bag to the side and sat down over the sofa. All the while Holly did not watch his movements. She might have watched Jack if it had not been for such a special occasion.

"Is your pussy running? Come and take off your pants and show jack if you wants his dick."

Alan smiled wickedly, and jack sneered at Holly as he glanced coldly over her.

"You really want all kinds of women."

"Don't be sarcastic," Allen said. "this little tart took the initiative to go to the men's room today to see me having sex. I'm going to give her for fun." Alan then ordered Holly to come over.

She struck her hands on her sides, afraid to look up. But in fear of Alan, they shuffled past each other, the more itchy the lower part of their body, and the more they rubbed their legs, the more they could not resist the desire. Holly flushed crimson, and at last Alan got up and pulled her into his arms when he was three paces away.

"Is your labia wet? Huh? Don't worry, brother for you to rub a rub, will use a big cock to force the water, insert.

Alan thought Holly's office clothes were an eyesore and tore off her coat two or three times and threw it aside. Mason crossed his legs to look, just in time to feel hungry, and called the telephone on her dress. The voice of the boss came through, and Holly woke up for a moment, hurrying to break away from Allen's grasp and run to the door. But just then the door of the box was opened and two men in expensive suits streamed in.

"I’m talking to a client. Listen to the head waiter here. Come and have a look."

The man's figure is slender, the leather bag that the suit tie wraps is tall and straight arc is tall. The appearance of Alan 's brother Arthur made Holly seem to grasp the last straw, and she cried out in alarm as she burst into tears in Arthur's arms.

"Elder brother? You're so relaxed today, why don't you sit down?"

Alan poured a glass of wine, and Arthur looked at the girl in front of him. Old underwear shirts were torn almost naked, soil fundamental hid the milky white big milk, tips of the half chest pink milk, exposed to the air, tits like asparagus set up, by his underwear ambiguous slanting, and half of her private parts had been faded Allen, good hip curve also follow exposure under the man's line of sight.

Sex was nothing new to Arthur. Naturally, Arthur did not interfere in his brother's amusements, so he sidled off and looked at Alan.

"Don't stay up too late. Come back to my room. I have something to tell you."


The secretary at the door blocked the door, and Holly, pleading for mercy, turned her eyes to Arthur, knowing who he was, hoping to stop Alan. But Arthur had only tidied up where she had touched the clothes. Then he sidled out and shoved her into the room with his hand. As the door closed again, Alan's face grew cold. 'second time,' he said. 'where do you want to go?'

"Younger sister, the first two floors are men, not obediently stay here, dress like this to go out on the men inserted. "I'm afraid you couldn't bear it all night. We might as well do it for Alan. “

As soon as Ben was a peacockery, he tricked Holly into becoming more and more frightened, thinking that if he really went out, he would be made by more men. Alan once again pulled people into his arms and took off her pants.

Neither mason nor Ben was interested in the unsexy lingerie. Jack, who was sitting next to him, moved a little further away. But watch it, and be entertained.

Holly was sitting on the man's lap. She was small, and a pair of breasts were held by the man's hand from behind to his chest, and rubbed back and forth, and her lower body was swept with a flood of pleasure. Small hole stick underwear, her lewd water wet the man's pants Allen's penis had swelled to a hill edge over her trousers, just above her, and the hot meat sticks rubbed against her. The man behind Holly made a satisfied noise, rubbing her full breasts with one hand and thrusting the other down.

"Let me introduce you to the big cow from the class next to our school. These breasts are very lewd." Alan shook Holly's milk up and down, and Holly bit her lip and snorted. Jack next door heard it was from his school, and turned to see if it was someone he knew.

But all they could see was Holly trying to hide her face in her hair and sobbing back. "No... Not..." "Huh? What isn't?" Ellen rubbed her milk, tore open her underwear, and the tits bounced out, a pair of pink nipples swaying, and Ben swallowed.

"In the gym class sprint, this heifer came in last, and the men upstairs were watching. This pair of tits, from the starting line has been shaking, Lao tze saw several times. Now it's time to play."

"The color is still quite tender, wait for the elder brothers to see below is also very tender."

"No, really... I beg you, I... ..." Holly cried, the man's fingers through the edge of her panties.

Acupoint mouth by big hand flicking, sensitive to capture the swelling of small acne, gently press, twist, rub, then a few fingers slide into the acupoint mouth, in the labia near slowly dig. The small acupuncture point is invaded suddenly, the brain instantly loses reason, the medicine more control person body, the small body of Holly of a burst of puff, the bud that cannot restrain is played maliciously by Alan.

"Lascivious woman, make water so much, wait a moment with cock can not block, do you want to come a few more to help you block?” Allen clasped her labia, and caressed it with her fingers on the margin, and then slowly go inside.

Holly had bitten her lip. She could not resist the sound of the waves, and a pair of tits rose and fell with them. Ellen, who had begun to play, felt an obstruction in the opening of the hole as she prepared to go deeper, and with a slight lift of his eyebrows and gave her a sudden kiss on the lips.

"I can't believe you're a virgin, if you're good. It will be easier to open your bud later." Alan said happily to Holly

"Holly has a crush on you. Will you come and have some fun with her later?" Alan asked jack.

Jack didn't even hesitate. "no interest," he replied coldly.

"That's a shame. Her diary says she masturbates in the middle of the night secretly thinking about you." Holly's diary was still in Alan's possession. He had read it.

She gasped, her pussy pushed deeper into him by the man's finger as Jack said he wasn't interested.

The sound of lewdness grew louder, and the other two men in the box turned their eyes to her. What little sense Holly had left was gone, and now she wanted to die of shame at the thought of sitting naked on a man, in front of jack and two other people, being rubbed by a man she didn't like, and having an orgasm on his finger.

Jack knew she was secretly thinking of him masturbating. This sort of thing... The voices grew louder, the whore-water grew more and more, and the last of them squirted from the hole into the palm of the man's hand, and as she shook herself, she heard mason next to her muttering curses.

"Wait, put a pill in her vagina and shake her ass for me to play with."

"Making a video."

"I want to play, too."

"Don't... Please don't touch it." Holly's little hole spat out some more lustful water, and the man's fingers ran along the labia to the back of the chrysanthemum hole. Holly's panicky little hole tightened, and a pair of shaking tits lay on the man's chest.

Holly is fat, but well-proportioned, with a rounded butt. She can't dress up like the girls in school because she is usually fat and poor. Who can think of after taking off the clothes of Holly, where is soft white tender, even the milk is a delicate pink, sitting on a man's body, buttocks are squeezed on the man's meat stick, a burst of unrestrained flow water, wish to have thick long meat stick inserted, put her inserted flowers disorderly flutter.

Alan toyed with the woman, bent his head to kiss her lips, prying his teeth deeper and deeper, mimicking the position of sexual intercourse, and plundering her mouth. Holly gasped, then Alan could be heard calling mason to take out the notebook from his bag.

Ben got up and went out, and came back with an unknown bottle of medicine in his hand. Alan kissed her for a while, then turned Holly around, holding her small feet wide on either side, legs split to the extreme, the vulva wide open, and the light of the naked and ambiguous light, and Ben's eyes rested on the woman's vulva.

The man's naked eyes made Holly's lower body feel worse. She moved her hips back, but Alan parted her legs even more.

Ben crouched down in front of the woman's hole, reached out his hand and touched it. As Holly exhaled, the two labia were separated by the man, the labia minora tucked in, the opening slightly open, and a wave of adulterous fluid trickled slowly down the opening into the mouth of the chrysanthemum, while Alan's swollen stick reached just below and caught the adulterous water.

This lewd scene, Ben a low voice said fuck your mother, took the medicine to her hole. "Pink tender lips, fat very, a look is never with a man sex."

"Oh, I found the treasure." Alan could not bear it any longer. He reached for the crotch chain, groped around for a moment, and the big stick popped out of its place, straight up, and the hot, thick, long cock struck her fat labia like a whip.

“Mason, I folded the page, and see what it says?' Mason had the notebook in his hand, and when he had opened it, the writing was very fine. "Well written, but why are you so lewd, sitting up most of the night thinking about a man's cock masturbating? Does jack know about it?"

"Don't... Don't look at it, give it back to me!" Holly was worried and thought of taking it, but Alan had pinched her waist so tightly that her legs were pressed against the man's stick. Alan got up and pushed her down on the sofa, while Holly sobbed, taking the brunt of the man's thrusts.

The medicine that had been put in worked, and Holly felt the heat coming from her hole, and she felt more and more itchy. So she was pressed under him, her legs clenched against the twitching of the big meat stick. The spray of water lubricated the stick, and Alan felt a rush of pleasure that made it go biger and bigrer.

"Little whore, jack is right in front of you, watching you grind my big dick with water from a little hole. Is it getting itchy from men? Huh?"

"Don't... Please stop looking... Give it back, please let me..."

"Hard? Don't what? Now, please brother, when brother's done, let jack give you a massage. He won't have sex with you, but maybe he can use his fingers?"

Alan shook his crotch, the big meat stick rubbed the hole and whispered in her ear, and mason sat in a circle next to jack. "It says here that I want to be the manager of the basketball team so that I can get close to you. And imagine being pressed into a dry hole in the equipment room and having your hand rub the tits like a basketball,"

"Isn't it a sign that Holly's sneaking around in bed in the middle of the night, wiggling her ass to get your dick in the way?" Alan asked jack.

Ben one and mason both look at jack with a smile, while jack sits there, indifferent, drinking half a glass of wine.

Jack's body is solid from years of playing basketball, but his skin is three layers whiter than a woman's. With a better face and life, is the school grass level of the character, throw a lot of women, even some of them sneak into the male dormitory, naked naked lying on jack's bed seduce. But jack was unmoved and had no interest. He threw it out with the mattress. None of the close brothers had ever seen jack trying to fuck a woman, and if he hadn't liked aisha, they thought he might be gay. But jack remained motionless. "No, you play by yourse
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