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A new beginning.
Skeletons in my Closet part D

Part D A New Beginning

Sunday soon came and Keith showed up right at ten o’clock. I was still getting dressed when he did. Megan left him inside the house. I heard her tell him that mom is a little slow today.

I was too as I didn’t feel well. I was not sure if it was the flu or if it was just all the stress of the money problems I was having both at the bar as well as here at home. I finally got dressed and we all walked out of the house. It was one of those unusual November days as it was sunny and supposed to be in the sixties.

“Cool fucking car,” Megan yelled as she ran toward the car.

“Language young lady,” Keith said to her.

However, she was right as parked in our driveway was a 1968 mint condition bright red Chevy Camaro. Keith opened the door for Megan letting her climb in the back seat. Keith went to kiss me but I stopped him telling him that I might have the flu.

“Maybe we should make this another day,” Keith said.

I looked to my daughter who was all smiles checking out the inside of his car. I heard her say it’s a four-speed mom. I didn’t even know she knew anything about cars. I told Keith no I would be fine. He placed me in his car.

He got in and asked if we were ready. I shook my head, yes as Megan told him yeah and to do a burnout. Keith started the car and it roared to life.

The car sort of rocked side to side as he raced the engine. Keith backed out slipped the car into first gear and hit the gas. The sound and smell of burning rubber filled the car which did not really help my bad feeling tummy as Keith did that burn out my daughter had requested.

“FUCKING cool,” Megan yelled.

Keith looked in his rearview mirror as he said, “Language young lady.”

I noticed those devil's eyes glaring at her until she said, “Sorry Keith it won’t happen again.”

Keith smiled at her and replied, “See that it doesn’t,” as we drove away.

We drove for about an hour to way out into the country. I did not know he lived that far away. We finally turned into a gravel driveway well I should say lane which had wooden fencing lining each side. I could not see his home yet.

“Just how big is this place?” I asked.

Keith told me the house sat on 45 acres. However, he was thinking of selling some land off to boost his on-hand cash for his construction company. My daughter was pointing everything out as his house came into view.

It was a nice older looking one level house with a basement. It had a big front porch with rocking chairs that ran the length of the house. It was painted white with black house shudders. It was not that the big mansion I was expecting around the windows. However, it was still 4 times bigger than our house. It was shaped like a square-shaped C.

There was a fair size barn nearby and Megan saw the horses.

“Look at those horses mom,” she said excitedly.

I had never seen her like this and smiled at Keith, He pulled the car up in front of a big four-car garage and parked it. He got out and came over to let us out as well. I thought how polite as he always opened doors for me.

As I stepped from the car I ran to some nearby bushes. I doubled over and puked my guts out. Keith came over and told Megan to help me into his house. I told him I was ok but he insisted.

They both walked me into his farmhouse. It had been remodeled inside. Some of the older homes were incorporated into a modern design. It was absolutely lovely and charming. One would not think from the outside that it would look like this on the inside. It had a lot of fancy woodworking in it just like you would expect from someone in construction. Keith sat me down onto his sofa in his living room. Which looked unused as it was just too neat.

“Mom, does this mean we have to leave?” Megan asked me.

I shook my head no. As I did I told Keith I was going to get sick again. He rushed me down a long hallway into a laid-out bathroom. I knelt at the toilet on my knees puking again into his toilet.

Keith helped me to my feet and led me to a bedroom and placed me in bed covering me up as he felt my head. He told me I had a fever as he told my daughter to go back to the bathroom and get a cold wet washcloth and the Tylenol from the medicine cabinet which she did.

I told them both I was sorry as Keith placed the cold washcloth across my forehead. I remember my own mother doing this to me when I had the flu. He gave me a couple of pills telling me they would help my fever. I took Keith’s hand and told him not to let me ruin their day. Go have fun I would be ok, I knew where the bathroom was.

“Are you sure Ms.K?” Keith asked.

“I told you just Kate, DAMN IT KEITH!” I replied in a loud angry tone of voice.

I heard my daughter apologizing to him telling him I get that way when I was sick. I told them both to leave me I would be Ok. I heard them leave as I closed my eyes.

I awoke later and my eyes saw that his alarm clock said 6:36 and it was dark out but the lamp beside the bed had been turned on. I sat up to the edge of the bed looking around the room.

My eyes were drawn to a lovely hand made dresser with carvings on it. I saw a picture in a frame of John standing with two sexy and barely dressed blonde women on each side of him. They both had bigger tits than I did. Both were kissing him on his cheeks. They were part of his circle of friends as I remember seeing those two with Keith at the bar.

I also thought there was something about those two. I always noticed they sort of waited on him by getting him drinks. He never danced alone with either of them. They always danced as a threesome. They both rarely left his side except with another man who also was in the service.

I stared at that picture as I felt this rage of jealousy run through my body. Now I had never had this feeling before and was not quite sure what it was but it quickly passed. I walked out of the bedroom back down that long hallway. I heard laughing coming from another room off of his living room.

I walked to it and stood in the doorway I would have to say it was his man cave. There was a large bar with a very well stock open bar cabinet behind it. Walls with photos and signs surrounding the room.

There was an old pinball machine which they were playing. They looked like they were having so much fun together. They were laughing and carrying on just like they had known each other for years. My daughter turned and saw me and ran to me.

“Mom, today has been so much fun,” she said to me taking my hand.

I had never seen her so happy and full of joy. She told me they had gone horseback riding and motorbike riding. She explained Keith had even shown her how to cook steak outside on the grill.

“We saved you one, I can make it if you want me too,” Megan said to me.

“No thank you,” I replied as I didn’t think my tummy couldn’t handle it.

Keith came over and felt my head and told me my fever was gone at least. He told me he would make me something lighter as he told my daughter to watch over me. Keith walked from his man cave.

Megan's hand tighten around mine as she said, “Keith checked on you every half hour no matter what they were doing.” “He kissed your cheek each time he left I think he likes you, mom.”

Megan then walked me around the room showing me all the cool stuff in the room. She led me to a wall of pictures. The wall was full of pictures that looked like they had been taken during a party here at this house. Some were old photo and some were fairly new ones.

The newer ones were of Keith with his group of friends I had seen him with at the bar. She pointed to a group of photos that had 1978 wrote in the corner of them she told me to look as it was grandma in a lot of them.

My mother was standing next to a man who resembled Keith in one photo. Megan told me that was his father. In one she was in a swimsuit I stared at it as I had forgotten how lovely my mother used to be. In yet another, she was beside Keith dressed in his uniform. Megan pointed to another wall across from those telling me those were pictures of Keith in the service and those were his medals hanging there as well.

“Mom he wouldn’t tell me much about this wall and he looked very sad,” she said. Then she asked me, “Why?”

I took her over to a very lovely real leather sofa. I sat her down and explained some men didn’t like to talk about their experience during wars. I explained that they sometimes had problems dealing with their time in the war.

“He ain’t crazy is he mom?” Megan asked.

“Crazy only over you two,” I heard Keith say as he returned.

He had a tray in his hand which he brought over and placed on my lap. There were a drink and a bowl of soup. He told me it was vegetable soup and perfect for the flu telling me it was an old family recipe. I took a spoonful of it.

“This taste wonderful,” I said to him.

Megan grabbed his hand and told him to come to finish their game of pinball. John looked at me and I told him to go play I was ok. I finished the soup then sipped at the drink thinking it tasted a little bitter as I finished it. They finished their game with Megan bragging she had beat him again. They came over and sat down beside me.

I looked to Keith as I said, “Keith, we should be getting back home.” “Megan has school tomorrow as well.”

“No mom we are spending the night and Keith is taking me to school tomorrow.” “Grandma is picking me up after school we already called her,” Megan said to me.

I looked to Keith as he told me he would rather have us here than worry about us. He added there was a little something in that drink that would help me sleep as well.

“Keith, you spiked my drink,” I said smiling at him.

“No Ms. K it’s not like that,” he replied. “It’s an old family cure for the flu,” he added.

I smacked his arm as I said, “Please Keith it’s just Kate.”

Megan took my hand as she said, “Come see my bedroom mom.”

Keith took the tray telling me to go ahead as he would take this. Michelle led me down that long hallway to the room almost across Keith's bedroom. She flipped the light on as we entered.

I was shocked to see a bedroom made up like it had been designed for a young lady such as my daughter. There were teen type girl posters on the wall, a tv, a lighted vanity, and a stereo. With a lovely girl type bed with teddy bears made for a Princess.

Keith joined us and I looked to him as I asked, “Why do you have a bedroom like that?”

Keith took me to another bedroom down the hall. He flipped the light on and I saw it was made up for boys with two sets of bunk beds. Keith explained when he had his friends over for a party a few had teens Megan’s age and they needed a place to sleep as he won’t let anyone drive home who couldn’t.

“Just how many bedrooms do you have?” I asked.

Four upstairs and 4 in the basement. Keith led us to a door off his kitchen which led to the basement. Holy shit his basement looked like the bar only much nicer.

Keith explained he entertained his friends down here. There was a pool table, a fancy old type jukebox, a slot machine, and a big L shaped bar with a very fancy marble top on it with 8 very fancy barstools. The bedrooms were adult looking in nature as the one had mirrors on the ceiling with a round shaped bed. One had a water bed in it. One of them seemed to have a medieval theme or leather theme to it. Keith didn’t leave the doors open that long for me to get a good look.

Megan asked what is the last room he told her that was his weight room/laundry room but was a mess and smelled like a locker room. I opened the door in any way. I guess I was looking for skeletons in his closet. He was right it was a mess with a weight machine as well as washer and dryer but didn’t smell at all.

Keith walked us back up into his man cave sitting us all down on that leather sofa I asked him, “Any more surprises?”

Megan replied, “He has a swimming pool, a hot tub and a small lake with an island in the middle of it.” Megan moved from beside me and sat down on the other side of Keith putting him between us.

She laced her arm thru his as she added, “I am going to help him build a gazebo on it in the spring,” she added cuddling up to him.

Keith wrapped one of his arms around us both as he said, “We all will build it,” as he pulled us both tighter against himself.

I looked to my daughter who was all smiles. I then looked at Keith I mouthed thank you to him and he nodded his head to me. I thought perhaps this blonde-haired blued devil was lonely and looking for company. As for why would one live here all alone?

But then I thought this man has everything. Why would he need us? My mind took me back to what Fred my bartender had told me about him being out of my league. I was beginning to think maybe Fred was right.

“Mom check this out,” Megan said picking up a remote control from the coffee table.

She pointed it to the wall across from us. A section of wall parted in two like Moses had parted the Red Sea revealing a TV screen bigger than the one at the bar. We started to watch some TV. The next thing I knew I awoke back in Keith's bedroom and I was buck naked under the covers. I rolled over expecting to find Keith next to me.

Instead, there was a fancy heart-shaped note that read. Megan and I put you in bed Kate. I took Megan to school. Coffee is ready just turn on and I will see you around noon as I had some work to do at my office. Hope your feeling better. The note was signed I love you, Keith. Below that it read I love you too mom in Megan’s writing.

I was feeling better, in fact, I felt great. I got up to find my clothes neatly folded on the bench at the foot of the bed. I looked at the alarm clock to see it was 10 o’clock. I dressed and went to the kitchen. I turned the pot on and looked out the back sliding door which led to a huge back porch with chairs, a fire pit, a grill, and a very large covered hot tub which could probably hold 7 or 8 people. I saw the in-ground swimming pool covered due to being wintertime I couldn’t see the lake from here.

I poured my coffee and took it into his man cave and hit the TV button. I flipped through the channel until I found the music channel. I walked around his man cave until I got to that wall with photos from his wars.

I stood there as I saw a boy of 18 become a man in these photos as I scanned the wall. The photos seemed to span his whole 12 years of service. Near the end of these photos, Keith seemed to stand proudly with 5 other men.

The last set of photos showed him and a nurse named Tina as her name was written on all her photos. A few showed Keith in bed or in a wheelchair with Tina tending to his needs.

There were some of them in the swimming pool here as well. Then I saw Tina in a wedding dress with Keith standing beside her in his dress green uniform on his back porch. I thought that bastard was fucking married. That was why he had those boys and girl's bedrooms.

I sat down and cried thinking what a fool I had been. I knew better as I knew how married men played, wait till their wife is away then lying to get laid. I knew because I had been down this road before. I thought he was no blonde-haired blue-eyed devil but just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How foolish of me to trust someone I hardly knew.

The longer I thought about it the more pissed I became. After thinking a bit I remember seeing a spot on his ring finger where his wedding band should have been. I heard the back door off the garage open and I went into the kitchen.

As Keith walked in I walked over to him and slapped him as hard as I could across his face as I said, “You fucking bastard you're fucking married.” I slapped him again as I added, “That is for filling my daughter and me with false dreams, hope, and your fucking lies.”

I drew back a third time with my fist closed ready to punch him however he caught my fist before it landed as he asked me what the hell was I talking about. I dragged him into his man cave and pointed to all those pictures of Tina. Especially the one of her in that wedding dress.

“Kate let me explain,” Keith said as he sat me down on that leather sofa.

Keith explained Tina was the army nurse who had helped him after being wounded. He told me when she got married they did it here as she had asked him to walk her down the aisle as her father wasn’t around any longer.

I grabbed his hand roughly pointing to where a ring once had been as I asked, “How are you going to explain this?

Keith stood up and walked over to his war wall. He opened a drawer and returned to me. He showed me an army ranger ring before slipping it onto his finger. It covered that spot on his hand perfectly.

“I was married to the army for 12 years Kate,” Keith said glaring at me not with eyes of hate but with eyes of sadness. He shook his head from side to side as he added, “I guess I love you” is far different from “I trust you”

I started to cry as I thought he was right how could you love someone if you didn’t trust them. I told him I was sorry for slapping him. I told him I felt so foolish.

Keith glared at me as he said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

I knew what he meant by telling me that saying. I told him I was sorry again. I started to explain that maybe I was jealous of all the women I had seen him....was all I got out before he placed his finger to my lips.

“Jealousy is a strong emotion which can break any strong relationship,” “Let us not let it break ours,” Keith said to me as he wrapped me in his arms.

He held me tightly as that safe and secure feeling came over me. It was stupid of me to think those things of him as I felt so relaxed and happy in his arms. I asked if he had any trouble with Megan

“No other than she missed a gear here and there,” Keith replied smiling at me.

At first that didn’t sink in then I pushed him away as I yelled, “You let her drive that car.” “What if she had wrecked it KEITH? I asked him.

“She only drove it up the lane to the road,” Keith replied.

So how are you feeling now,” Keith asked?

I told him I felt great. I think that soup and drink helped a lot. By the way what was in that drink.

Keith smiled as he replied, “Can’t tell you old family recipe.”

Keith went to kiss me and I stopped him. I explained I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet and with puking. It might be better if he didn’t.

Keith walked me down to the bathroom and opened a drawer which was full of brand new toothbrushes still wrapped in plastic. I thought it odd he kept that many. He told me the toothpaste was there and just put it in the holder where my daughter had put hers.

Keith opened a closet and showed me towels as well as about 15 robes in all sizes. The robes were all white like the ones you see in hotels. He told me to get cleaned up and then join him in the kitchen.

I brushed my teeth then showered and dried myself. I even used the blow dryer which was in there. I thought it strange a man with a short military-style hair cut would need a blow dryer.

I slipped into one of those white robes and walked into the kitchen. Keith was sitting at the fancy island stationed just about dead center in his kitchen. Even with the high back stools around the island, there was plenty of room to get around his kitchen. He was so busy with his paperwork that he didn’t notice me standing there.

Keith suddenly snapped the mechanical pencil he was using as he yelled, “FUCK THIS SHIT!”

He placed his elbows on the island then brought his face to his hands. He sort of just shook his head from side to side. I walked over behind him and started to massage his neck.

“Relax Keith,” I said as my hand's massage at his neck.

Keith rolled his head as my hands gently massaged his neck. I moved my hands to his shoulders and used my hands at his shoulders. I massaged at his shoulders with my hands as I whispered into his ear to just relax it would come to him. I was hoping it would at least, as this slut wanted that big cock again.

As I massage his neck and shoulders I was looking down at his paperwork. My paperwork would involve sometimes 4 figured numbers however he had many 6 figure ones. My trained bookkeeping eyes spotted a huge error as he had an account receivable in his account payable. His upper body went relaxed in my hands.

I pointed to that error as I whispered, “I told you to relax and it would come to you,” as I kissed at his earlobe then licked at it.

Keith spun around on his stool grabbing me as he replied, “And my slut needs to be fucked,” as he picked me up and carried me into his man cave.

Keith placed me on my feet next to the leather sofa. He removed that white robe letting it slip to the floor. Keith bent over caressing and kissing my 40’c tits. I love having the girls played with as they are very sensitive. Keith licked and kissed at my nipples making both of them rock hard. My pussy started to leak my juices. Keith moved his lips up to mine kissing me.

I broke our kiss as I tried to pull his polo shirt up over his head. I finally got it removed with his help. I rubbed at his pecs with my hands feeling him flexing them as I did. My hands moved down to his pants as I tongued his nipples. I moved from one pec to the other. While I removed his pants letting them slip to the floor.

Keith slipped out of his underwear and pants as he embraced me. Our lips met as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. I felt his hand go between my legs as his hand rubbed at my pussy.

Keith slipped two fingers up inside my pussy. His fingers knew just where to go. His fingers rubbed at that rough spot also known as my G spot. I moaned as I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him even more passionately as his fingers rubbed at my G spot.

Now up to this point in my life, most men did not know where to find this spot. The women I had been with always could find it. His fingers curled up inside my pussy as he worked those fingers back and forth on it.

He had only been fingering me for a few minutes when my first wet orgasm overtook my body. I moaned his name. Then squirted as he dug deeper at my pussy. I believe that was the quickest wet orgasm I ever had.

Keith removed his fingers from my hairy wet pulsating pussy. He sort of scooped me up and laid me on that leather sofa. Keith started to go down between my legs but I pulled his face up looking into eyes.

“Remember your slut needs to be fucked,” I said to him.

After all, he was the one who had told me that. Keith climbed on top of me as I parted my legs. I reached down taking that big cock in my hand as I placed it at my wet hole.

“Ahh Keith,” I moaned softly as his cock entered my pussy.

Keith fucked me slow and shallow only giving me half of his cock. His mouth was engulfed around one of my nipples. He would suck then lick at that nipple making it even harder and my pussy wetter.

I started to buck my hips up toward him. I was trying to get more of his lovely cock in my pussy. Keith finally grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs upon his shoulders.

He stared down at me as he slowly buried his cock fully and deep into my pussy. I felt the head of his cock pushing against the back wall of my pussy.

“Fuck me Keith, please fuck me like the slut I am,” I said to him in my best sexy voice.

Keith started slowly at first as he slipped his big cock in and out of my wet pussy. Those wet sloshing sounds started to fill the air. Soon he was pounding my pussy deep and hard.

Once again I felt this warm almost burning sensation building deep within my pussy. My body went limp as my legs sort of flopped upon his shoulders. I bucked wildly under him telling him to fuck me harder.

I was about to bitch when he pulled his cock from my pussy. Keith flipped me over to my hands and knees on the leather sofa. I felt his tongue give my pussy a lick from behind. His tongue ran up to my asshole licking wildly at it.

No one had ever tongued my asshole before. A new sensation came over me as I felt his tongue enter my asshole. His tongue stabbed at my hairy brown eye. His tongue entered sinking as deep as it would go.

“Keith, ahhhh Keith,” I moaned as my pussy squirted a quick blast of my juices.

Keith removed his tongue and got behind me. He rubbed that big cock between my pussy lips and tapped the head of his cock on my hairy asshole. I didn’t do it on purpose but I suddenly felt my asshole opening and closing almost like I was inviting his cock into my asshole.

I was a little worried he was going to fuck my ass at first. Ever since Sam had fucked my ass I would toy my asshole every now and then. I would use my finger or my small 6-inch dildo.

I had also allowed a few guys through the years fuck my asshole but these guys were all smaller than my dildo. I was not sure I could handle or would like that huge cock up my ass.

I was relieved when I felt the head of his cock slip into my pussy. Keith's hands went to my hips as he slowly fucked me doggy style. I never really enjoyed this position that was until now.

Keith no sooner started to fuck me from behind than my wet pussy started farting. Now my pussy had farted before but never on each stroke of the cock like his big cock was doing to me. He picked up the pace a bit and buried his cock deeper.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned both in pleasure and a little bit of pain.

That big cock of his hurt a bit as he filled me with it from behind. I pulled forward a bit to make it feel more comfortable. John slowed a bit as my pussy adjusted to his big cock.

Soon I was pushing my pussy back against his cock. Each time he drove his dick deep in my pussy his big hanging balls would swing against my swelling clit.

I looked over my shoulder to him as I said, “Fuck me, Keith, fuck me deep and hard.”

Keith's hands gripped at my hips as he started to slam fuck me from behind. Wet sounds and slapping sounds filled his man cave as he fucked me deeper and harder than any man ever had.

Now normally during doggy style I would reach between my legs and rub my clit. However, with Keith, those big hanging balls were doing it for me. I felt one of those intense wet orgasm about to overtake me.

“Cum with me,” Fill my pussy with your man seed,” I screamed.

As my orgasm overtook my body Keith buried his cock deeply. My wet pussy farted loudly as he did. He held his cock deep and still in my pussy. I felt his cock swell then pulsating as jets of cum splashed my inner walls as I heard him moan my name

“Oh Keith”, I screamed dislodging his cock as I fell forward face down onto the leather sofa.

I was still trembling from my orgasm. I felt the last couple ropes of his cum splash on my ass and on my back. I was panting trying to catch my breath when I felt his tongue licking at my ass and back. I realized he was licking his own cum from my body.

I never had a man lick his own cum from me. But this turned me on even more. Most won’t even kiss you after you gave them a blow job. I thought how wonderful and kinky this man just was. Suddenly Keith flipped me over onto my back. I felt our love juices flowing from my pussy.

Keith smiled as he said, “ Hope you don’t mind Kate but I missed lunch.”

Keith's hands went to my thighs. He parted my legs and buried his face between my legs. He licked wildly at my pussy. His tongue was hitting everywhere. My pussy lips, my open dripping pussy hole, my clit, and even my asshole.

My hands went to his head as I moaned out, “Eat my pussy, clean your mess.”

I pulled his head tightly into my pussy. I felt his tongue once again entering my pussy. He used it like a small cock poking it in and out of my juicy pussy. He moved his tongue to my ass hole doing the same thing. My body trembled under him as another orgasm filled my body. Once again it was one of those lose control orgasm.

“Ahhhhh fuck Keith,” I screamed.

My pussy throbbed then left out a massive squirt of our mixed love juices. My pussy left out three long squirts as my asshole opened and closed around his tongue.

I pushed his face from between my legs as I screamed, “No more Keith no more.”

I had never told a man that before. In fact, most men had always left me hanging so to speak. A lot I chalked up to how I dressed. They would get all hot and horny checking the girls and my ass out that by the time they fucked me it was ten pumps then dump a load in me or on the girls. A few men had given me orgasm but not like this man just had.

Keith scooped me into his arm and kissed me deeply upon my lips. His face smelled like our sex just as his man cave did. He held me kissing at my lips, in between his kissing he told me that he loved me. Then he went to just holding me tightly in his arms. I had to fight back my tears of joy as I loved him as well.

I have had many men tell me that they loved me. Especially when having sex with them. What these men didn’t know was that to me that was all it was just sex. However, with Keith it was different I felt his love when we had sex. It also seemed the harder he pounded me the more I loved him and wanted him.

Keith scooped me up from the leather sofa. He carried me to the bathroom. He held me in one arm as I held on around his neck while he turned the shower on making it just the right temperature. Keith placed me gently in the shower then joined me. We showered together washing our sex from each other.

When finished we stepped from the shower. We grabbed towels and dried each other’s bodies. As I dried him I came to those wounds along his left side. They sort of looked like burn marks but I could see the tall tale sign of three bullet holes. The first two were in his thigh and the third was just above his hip. All three were what are called through and through, for those unfamiliar with that term.

A through and through is something that goes in one side of something or someone and comes out the other side, as opposed to staying inside the body or object.

I looked up to him as he stared down at me. I asked him how did this happen. Keith stared at me and for the first time, I saw that darkness we all hide within our soul. Keith stood looking at me with a blank look in his eyes. He then slipped into one of those white robes and walked from the bathroom without saying a word leaving me there.

I stood up as I wiped the fog from the mirror. I looked at myself in the mirror. I remember those words I had told my daughter about how some men don’t like to talk about their war experience.

I wiped tears from my eyes not knowing for sure if that was my pain I was feeling for asking him or was I feeling the pain which he must carry within himself of that day. I slipped into one of those white robes before going to find Keith.

I found him in his man cave. He was standing looking at his war wall. I watched as his hand touched certain photos. A small tear flowed from one of his eyes. I wondered what he was thinking.

I walked to him until I was beside him. I wrapped my arm around his waist. I looked to the photo his hand was on it was the one of him standing with 5 other men. Keith removed his hand from that photo as he draped his arm around my shoulder as he stared down at me. His eyes seemed black and blank. I reached up and wiped that lone tear from his eye.

”Keith if you need to talk, I am here,” I said to him staring into his eyes.

Keith pressed his finger to my lips as he replied, “Not today Kate maybe someday but not today,” as he turned us both from that wall.

Keith stared down at me as his eyes went back to being those lovely hazel blue. His lips went to mine and we locked in a passionate kiss. Keith broke our kiss as he walked me to the kitchen. He sat me down on that island with the stools.

“Kay, come work for me,” Keith said.

“Keith I know nothing about the construction business,” I replied.

Keith pointed to his paperwork as he said, “You know this.” “And I will teach you the rest.”

“Keith I don’t know,” I said looking up to him.

Keith took my hand as he said, “Please Kate I need you.”

I saw that pleading look in those devil eyes of his. I thought for a minute then figured what did I have to lose. The bar was on its last leg and I was about to lose my house, my car as my debt was more than I was making in profits from the bar.

I placed my hand to his face as I replied, “Yes, Keith I will come work for you.”

Keith’s lips met mine as we locked in a passionate kiss. He broke our kiss and just held me rocking me in his arms. That warm secure feeling came over me.

I asked Keith if I may use his phone. I explained I had to call Sam in Florida. I called Sam and explained that I could no longer run his bar. I explained there was not enough profit for both of us. I told Sam that Fred could run his bar and I would have Fred call him later.

Sam asked me when I would be leaving I looked to Keith as I replied, “Tonight.”

Part 5 soon

Love to hear your comments about my story as well.


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Thanks for the comments to biforall and I know all to well what military personnel and their families can and have went through dealing with the events of one's wars. While Keith is like most he likes or prefers to keep his wars to himself. He has and does open up about his wars as you will see in future chapters. I was reluctant to include in my story. However, it was a part of our lives.


2020-05-07 16:05:13
Thanks for the comments to biforall and I know all to well what military personnel and their families can and have went through dealing with the events of one's wars. While Keith is like most he likes or prefers to keep his wars to himself. He has and does open up about his wars as you will see in future chapters. I was reluctant to include in my story. However, it was a part of our lives.

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-05-07 03:59:23
Great! Finally, things seem to be falling in place for kate& Kieth, too. There is no helpful criticism to offer you. You're doing well. Thanks, again for sharing. Want to read more when you can post them.


2020-05-06 07:15:59
Excellent writing once again. As I'm sure you either know by now, or may soon find out in the future about military action, some of the time, you lose brothers who are not blood or some other thing happens. It is just as painful to talk about because when talking about it, it is being relived over and over and you can see the scenes, hear the sounds, and often smell the smells associated with that event.

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