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Corey is the 16 year old son of the leader of the survival clan. There was a massive nuclear war and the clan is confined to a maze of bunkers and catacombs until the surface world is safe. Corey is beginning to have feelings about one particular person here: Casey Greene. Casey is the daughter of Timothy and Susanna Green, two prominent people in the clan and helped Corey's father, James, with the bunkers and catacombs. This is the untold (and maybe told in part) story of Corey and Casey's love
He feels a light slap on the back of his head, and is broken out of his trance. Turning around to face his unknown assailant, he lets out a sigh of relief when he sees his friend Mikey, one of the few people he trusts in this hellhole. Mikey sits down at the table next to Corey and turns his attention to his friend, and a little towards the fine girl Corey was inspecting.

"Why are you staring at her?" Mikey asks the survivor

"Well, I don't really know." Corey replies, feeling the embarrassment spread across his face.

Mikey laughs as he continues with his friend, "It's all good man, nice choice. I guess we gotta repopulate somehow."

Corey gives him a playful punch on the shoulder, "Shut up dumbass."

Both laugh it off until Mikey speaks again, "Seriously man, talk to her. I know before it wouldn't work because you were a loser but now, you're the second coolest 16 year old guy on the planet."

Corey halfheartedly laughs, and says "Mikey, there's only two of us. But-" he is cut off by Mikey grabbing him and throwing him in the direction of the beautiful teen. She turns, and smiles when Corey begins to stammer a hello out.

"Well, hello to you too Corey." She replies

"Wait... you know me?" A shocked Corey inquires. How did a girl as popular and sexy as her notice lame me?

She begins to giggle, "Yeah, I've seen you guys skateboarding. I've always wanted to learn." Now what the hell does that mean? Girls are so fucking confusing.

Before realizing what he was saying, "Well, I have a little skating stuff in my bunker if you wanna come." He shoots a glance over to Mikey, who smiles and gives a double thumbs up. Oh shit, now what have I gotten myself into

Just as he is preparing for the imminent rejection, he hears her say "I'd love to. When are you thinking?"

Trying to contain his excitement, which is in vain, he nearly shouts out "What about now?"

Once again, the teen goddess laughs, and replies "Then let's go!"

Corey reaches his hand out, but stops himself. Don't push it too far dumbass, you might still have a chance. However, he is shocked when she grabs his hand anyway. "Lead the way," she whispers in his ear. He smiles and leads her away from the common bunker and towards his rec area, which his parents luckily felt they had time to install. As the teens walk through the dimly lit hallways, Corey learns her name is Casey, which he already knew, and that she was a gymnast before the war. He tells her the boring details of his life, skateboarding and guitar, but she seems to love it. "I always thought skaters were cute," she says at one point.

After a long walk, they reach a blast door, which Corey keys a code into. The door begins its loud, slow opening process and reveals a skater's paradise. With jumps and grind rails and anything you could want, Casey can't help but to mutter a "Wow." Corey closes the doors behind them and turns around to see a curious Casey

"Why'd you close the doors, think you're gonna get lucky or something?" She questions, hands on her perfectly toned hips.

Corey takes a breath and replies, "No, parents get upset when I leave it open. Apparently it's too loud or some bullshit like that." Casey keeps up her stern look before cracking a smile

"So, why's it so hot in here?" She asks now, as she sits on the polished wood floor.

"Because I like it, it reminds me of the hot summers we used to have before all this happened."

"And you're sure it's not because you're trying to make me strip?"

He blushes, and feeling bold, replies, "Not really, but if you want to, be my guest."

After a little wait, as if she was pondering his offer, she shakes her head and smiles. "Horny boys, always trying to get a girl naked on the first date."

Now it's Corey's turn to question, "So, this is a date now?"

She laughs, "I guess it is, I mean, that is what you wanted when you brought me here, right?"

"Yeah, it is" he replies, visibly embarrassed by the turn of events

"Good," is all she says before grabbing the hem of her pink shirt, "It is pretty hot, you won't mind if I take this off will you?"

"Not at all," he replies, "In fact, I'll join you." Both teens peel off their shirts and look at the other's body.

Casey stands around 5'5" and weighs about 105 lbs. She possesses nice pale skin, like everyone else due to lack of sunlight, and brown hair trimmed to shoulder length. He continued to envy the petite frame and small breasts of the gymnast before him, and she did the same with her piercing blue eyes. He can't take his eyes off of her small breasts encased in a modest orange and white striped bra.

Corey is taller, standing 5'10" and weighing in at around 140 lbs. As Casey does, Corey's skin is pale and he has dirty blond hair that is messy and a little shorter than Casey's. He has a little facial hair on his chin, but not enough to be called a beard. Casey stares at his body now, somehow finding a way to escape the gaze of his green eyes. She notices how he isn't too skinny, nor too ripped. He is in the perfect area of fitness for her, with some muscle definition here and there.

Corey's voice interrupts the stares of the lustful teens, "So, what do we do now?"

"I have no idea," Casey replies, "You were the one that brought me down here."

Corey wouldn't allow himself to be the controller right now, he was afraid he would do something to mess it up. Stay calm Corey, he thought, don't mess up your chance here, it might be the only one you get. "What do you want to do?" He asked his guest

"I think I want to try something," Casey says with a touch of seduction in her voice. She motions for Corey to come over to her and he does, sitting next to her. Corey is about to speak when he feels her hand on his back and sees her begin to move towards his face. Not mistaking this movement for anything besides the truth, Corey moves his face to his, and their lips collide. Sparks are sent through the bodies and minds of the pair as they both share their first kiss in a very long time. Casey pulls away after a few seconds, ending their endeavor. She leans back, resting on one of the many jumps in the skateboarding area.

"So, Corey," she asks, blushing, "You've had your first kiss before right?"

He nods, "Yeah, you?"

She nods in response. The pair sit in silence for a little, until Corey asks, "How long have you wanted to kiss me?"

The blush darkens on Casey's face, "Well, since 4th grade. I've always thought you were cute, but since I was popular, and you were a skater, it would never work."

The pair began to talk about their past now, and not the past everyone knows. Corey learns that Casey had multiple boyfriends, but nothing serious with any of them. Corey only had one girlfriend, and the war started before anything serious could happen, and he couldn't get her down here.

"That's awful Corey" Casey responds to the sad story.

"Yeah," he says, with a depressed look on his face, "she didn't believe anything my parents or I was saying. She thought we were crazy and almost broke up with me, but we had to come down here before she could."

"You poor thing, I guess I have to make it up for you." Corey's head whipped up in time to register another kiss was coming, and the two lock lips yet again. This time, Corey feels a warmth on his outer lip, and soon realizes it's Casey's tongue! His hands begin to shake as he opens his lips, allowing Casey to explore the inside of his mouth. Corey begins to lightly play with her tongue with his own, and soon a battle for dominance erupts in their combined mouths. Within a minute or two, the pair parts, breathing heavily and a little sweaty. Corey begins to panic, though, when he sees where Casey's attention lies.

"Oh, shit Casey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean-" his explanation is cut off by a quick peck on the lips from the brunette.

"I think it's cute," she reasons, "In fact, I'm flattered you feel that way about me. Now, how about we continue kissing?"

Corey smiles and the duo lean in once again and this time, open their mouths from the start. The battle for dominance reemerges as the two lustfully swap saliva. Corey, mostly distracted by his finally kissing the girl of his dreams, almost missed her hand journeying from his chest down south. The hand reaches the waistband of his shorts, and he takes in a deep breath. Casey's hand continues its travel over top of his rock hard penis, and begins to softly rub over it.

Casey breaks the kiss and the teens gasp for air. She turns her head to watch her hand's continued rubbing of Corey's erection, then snaps her face towards his and inquires, "Corey, how far have you gone with a girl?"

"No-" he swallows, "Not this far. How far have you gone?" He shyly asks

A seductive smile creeps across her face, as she replies, "Wanna find out?"

He nods, fighting back the excitement. Holy shit, she wants to with me. Me!! All the scenarios swim across Corey's mind like wild dolphins, uncaged and unpredictable. He imagines everything from a handjob, to seeing her naked, to having sex for the first time.

All these thoughts, however, are sliced away by the knife of Casey's hands. Somehow, without his noticing, she undid his belt and now is sliding his shorts down his slender legs. They reach his ankles and he enthusiastically kicks them off, leaving him one piece of clothing away from being naked with this teen beauty. Casey then stands up and begins working on the button of her own shorts, and then begins to shimmy them down her thin gymnast legs in the sexiest way possible. She also kicks them away, in the same direction as Corey's discarded clothing, leaving her in just her striped bra and orange boy short panties.

Corey stares at the near-naked teen beauty in front of him and inspects the near perfect specimen as if his life depends on it. He starts at her small breasts, which seem to be beckoning him from their colored home. Now, however, he can better examine her bottom half. Her legs are firm and void of hair of any kind. They reach up to a perfect conjunction in the nether between her legs. He knows her ass is a piece of perfection, even without seeing it yet encased in only tight boy shorts.

"Casey," he manages to croak out, "can- can you turn around?"

She smiles at his simple request and obliges, letting Corey bask in the glory of her tight ass. She looks back over her shoulder to see the blissful look on his face, and can't help but to laugh. A deep blush once again spreads across Corey's face. What the fuck did I fuck up, his mind worries, did I ruin this whole chance?

Casey turns around once again and sits on Corey's right leg with one arm around his neck and looks into his hypnotizing green eyes. She feels a slight sigh escape Corey, as if in relief. Just wait until later if that was relieving, she thought. Casey once again leans in to kiss his addictive lips again, and isn't disappointed when he immediately requests entry to her mouth. Their tongues dance between their warm mouths like longtime dancing partners, swaying gracefully to the tune of some unheard music. Casey moves her free right hand to Corey's firm chest and begins to drag her nails softly along his nipples and abs, causing him to moan into her mouth. She begins to softly trace intricately seductive patterns across her fledgling lover's torso, and unlocks their lips, only to find their new home resting on Corey's neck. Her nails continue their journey down to the waistband of the blue boxers covering Corey's manhood, and resting on the firmness that is raging hard on in Corey's boxers.

Holy shit, she's touching my dick, Corey thinks, as his covered penis jumps into her soft hand. She wraps her hand around the rod and begins to slowly stroke it, causing a series of moans to spring out of Corey. They end their eternal kiss, gasping for air as Casey focuses on something new. Her soft, nimble fingers find the waistband of Corey's boxers and begin to play with it, teasing her partner.

"What do you think Corey? Do we need these on?" She asks, starting at Corey's deep green eyes, but not missing the rosy blush beginning to spread across his flustered face.

"I- I don't know" he stammers, confused on whether or not to take the lead here, "Do- do you want to?"

An evil smirk spreads across Casey's face as she answers "I do Corey, but do you want me to?"

He manages a nod and his mind struggles to focus as she slowly peels his last garment of clothing off and tosses it away, freeing himself fully to a woman for the first time in his young life.

Casey had only seen one live penis before, and it was her now ex-boyfriend. They had been making out once and they stripped to where Corey and her are now, but she ended it because of his lack of a condom. She went on birth control shortly after that, but she did gain a little experience in handjobs from that past excursion.

All her focus now, however, rests on the piece of meat in front of her. It was completely hard, yet looked so soft still to her inexperienced eyes. She knew it was average, about 6 inches in length, but it still looked massive to her. His ball sack hangs between his legs and is peppered with dark brown hairs, as is the base of his penis.

She slides off of the rise they are sitting on and onto her knees between Corey's legs. Her soft hands start stroking his bare thighs and make their way up to his pubic hair. Corey inhales a deep breath in anticipation for what is to come. She continues her teasing, looking into the eyes of Corey as if waiting for him to make a move.

Corey doesn't recognize the gesture and looks at his hard rod so close in proximity to his dream girl's hand and holds his breath, causing his face to take an even redder hue. Casey removes her hand and spits on it, only to then grab the base of his dick and begin spreading her saliva across it. A soft moan escapes Corey's mouth as Casey's soft hand begins stroking his base, and once again when her hand reaches the tip. Casey continues the stroking motion, and Corey leans his head back, with eyes closed. Casey begins to speed up her handjob, gathering her past experience to make sure Corey loves it.

Casey begins to slowly move her head between Corey's legs, and plants a kiss on his inner thigh, eliciting a deep moan from Corey. Her mind begins to wander, however, to something new. For the first time in a long time, Casey wonders what the hard dick in front of her face tastes like. She wonders how it would feel filling up her small, warm mouth. And above all, she wonders if Corey will like it. What guy doesn't want someone to suck his dick, her mind reasons with her, so why not give it a shot?

Corey jumps at the feeling of warmth around his head and looks down only to be stunned by the sight he is beholding. He watches, and feels, Casey move her head down towards his now moist head and feels her hot breath enclose around it. Casey continues her descent and places a firm kiss on his penis, caressing his sensitive glands with her soft, loving lips. The moan that escapes Corey is louder than the rest and serves as encouragement for her continuing on the path she has chosen.

Casey parts her lips, allowing her warm tongue to take its first taste of a hard cock. It darts onto the tip of Corey's manhood and ventures to the hole atop it, tasting his lubricant. It quickly retreats, perplexed by the unique salty flavor, but also left craving more. Once again, it leaves the confines of a woman to touch the extremities of a man, and circles the head, taking in the special feel of a dick on her tongue. Corey releases another blissful moan and Casey is overcome with a sense of power. Never before has she brought and controlled such extreme emotions in a person, and she loves doing it. However, she also loves the pleasure she is giving to her partner and his pleasure-filled responses.

Filled with a newfound power, Casey spreads her lips further, allowing Corey's manhood entrance into her hot, warm mouth. She continues her travels down the hard rod, until she feels the tip hit her throat. Casey stops, and begins to withdraw the warm piece of meat from her mouth, but keeping the head firmly between her soft lips.

Corey looks down and lets out a moan as Casey begins to bob up and down on his cock. She snakes her left hand up and cradles his sensitive balls, bringing him closer and closer to climax. She speeds up, and Corey begins to feel a familiar buildup in his excited balls.

"Casey.... oh fuck... Casey, I'm gonna.... I'm gonna cum" He manages to get out between moans

Casey is caught by surprise, is she really that good at this? Apparently so, since Corey's already about to cum. She withdraws Corey's cock from her wet mouth and begins stroking it at the fastest pace yet, pointing it at her face and boobs. Without thinking, she looks up into Corey's emerald eyes and says, "Good baby, now cum all over me." And cum on her he did, spraying is thick white seed all across her face and chest. Casey slows her stroking as the eruption of Corey's semen comes to an end and then releases his softening cock.

Casey looks up at Corey now, who takes in the sight of her, Casey Greene, covered in his cum. She now feels the hot, sticky remnants of her work all over her chest and face, surprisingly turning her on even more. She looks down to her boobs, seeing his shiny white jizz covering her virgin breasts and her now dirty bra.

"Oh shit Casey, I'm so" he is cut off by Casey's finger on his lips.

"It's okay baby, really." She assures him, looking down to her stained bra. "Do you have a towel or something to wipe this off?" She asks, turning her attention to her new partner.

He snaps back to reality, "Umm, maybe?" Corey stands up, still naked, and begins to walk away on his search for a towel to clean his mess off of Casey. In the meantime, Casey continues to sit in the same spot, looking at the sticky white semen that is plastering her creamy skin. It feels warm on her face and boobs, and contributes to the heat between her legs. Her hand finds its way to a glob of it in the valley between her perky breasts, and begins playing with it, testing the texture and feel of her first dose of cum.

Suddenly a thought creeps in from the back of her mind, what does it taste like? She withdraws her finger, examining the substance covering it, and slowly puts it in her mouth. She licks her finger, taking the salty cum off of it and swallowing it. One taste, and Casey has found a new desire- more of Corey's sweet, salty cum. She scoops more of it into her hands and licks away, perplexed by the uniqueness of the forbidden substance.

Corey stands next to Casey, watching her eat his cum, and his boner quickly reemerges. He holds a red rag in his left hand, and Casey looks up to see it, her trance broken by realization. Corey once again looks her over, his cum still on her cute nose and soft cheeks, and shiny remnants of it trailing down her chest and cleavage. Her orange bra now has white spots appearing, stained by the remnants of their acts.

"Thanks Corey" she takes the towel and begins to clean the cum off of herself.

"How- what were you doing?" Corey questions Casey as she cleans her face of cum

Casey removed the towel from her face, it was now clean of his juices, "I was tasting your- you know- stuff." Her face turns red for the first time today as she admits her actions.

Corey is stunned, and very turned on, "How- did you like it?" Casey turns her attention from her chest to Corey's new question.

"Yeah Corey, I did," she turns even darker red. Casey wipes off the remaining semen on her breasts and examines her soiled bra. "Dammit, my bra is all stained now."

Corey quickly stammers out an apology, and Casey turns to look at her naked partner. She sits him down next to her and gives him a peck on his lips, "Don't be baby, it's okay."

Corey looks at her boobs, "What are you going to do with that?"

Casey looks down, then quickly back to Corey's eyes, "I'm not sure, but it's kinda wet and uncomfortable now."

Corey blushes, "You could always take it off," he shyly tells her, hoping to continue their fun.

Casey giggles, "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" The hurt look on Corey's face changes her tone, she turns her to face him. "Corey, it's just a joke, it's okay."

Their eyes meet, stained by their lust. The vacant space between them shrinks by the second, and soon their lips meet again. Their mouths immediately part, allowing their tongues to once again taste the other. Corey wraps his arms around Casey, pulling her in close as the kiss deepens yet again. Casey's hands stroke Corey's chest again, beginning a downward travel. Corey's hands sit on her upper back, mighty caressing her soft skin. He, however, does not make any effort to move to a more appealing location on her body, frozen by his nerves. Casey breaks the kiss, her hand resting on Corey's right thigh, close to his hard cock once again.

She looks up into his mesmerizing green eyes, "Corey, you're allowed to touch me."

Corey looks down at the floor, "I know"

Casey puts her hand on his comfortingly, "Then why don't you?"

He looks up to her blue eyes again, "I'm scared you won't like it." With this revelation, Corey's face flushes with embarrassment.

Casey takes both of his hands into hers and places them firmly on her breasts, "Corey, I want you to do whatever you want to me. Anything at all baby, I won't say no."

Corey looks shocked, but the feeling evaporates as Casey shoves her tongue into his mouth once again. Corey gives her firm boobs a squeeze, causing her to moan softly into his mouth. The moan fills Corey with confidence, he begins playing with Casey's chest in earnest now, enjoying her soft cleavage.

Corey reaches behind her back and undoes her bra, baring her breasts to anyone for the first time. Her nipples grow erect, poking into the soft flesh of Corey's palms as the kiss ends, both teens panting for air. Corey breathes heavily as he drinks in the wonder of Casey's naked torso. Her puffy, quarter sized pink nipples stand out on her firm B-cup boobs.

"Casey" he manages to choke out, "you're so beautiful."

Her face turns a lighter red and she smiles, replying with a simple thanks and pulling him back into a kiss. As their tongues explore each other’s mouths, Casey’s hand is busy in Corey’s shaggy brown hair, and his hands once again find her naked boobs. He finds each of her hardening nipples and begins rolling the firm nubs between his thumb and forefinger, causing her to moan into the kiss.

Casey, wanting more, begins pushing Corey’s head downwards. The growing pressure on his head moves him downward, planting kisses down her soft neck and collarbone until he reaches a firm tit. He immediately latches onto the left nipple, flicking his tongue over the rapidly hardening nub. Casey moans softly, arching her back and holding Corey firmly against her boob. His hot breath and tongue over her sensitive nipple send electric shocks through her lithe body. She holds his soft hair firm against her chest, practically begging him to continue.

Corey, for once, understands the gesture and begins licking and sucking with a new vigor. He begins flicking his tongue over the hard bud of her nipple, causing jolts of pleasure to course through her body. Casey continues moaning softly, running her hands through Corey’s soft hair as he sucks diligently on her nipple. For one last time, he sucks her pink bud into his mouth and flicks his tongue across it before pulling off, an audible pop sound occurring when he lets her tit fall out of his mouth.

The two teens look at each other with lust-filled eyes as they dive in for another kiss. Their tongues immediately find each other, and Casey sucks both into her mouth where she savors the full feeling. As they kiss, Corey begins to push her downwards to a reclining position, and soon laying flat on her back. She wraps her legs around Corey’s naked waist and feels his rapidly hardening dick push up against her soaked panty-covered pussy.

Their kiss doesn’t break and they both moan into each other’s mouth as Corey begins rocking back and forth, grinding his cock on Casey’s pussy. The ground certainly isn’t comfortable for Casey’s next to naked body, but the immense pleasure from Corey’s grinding takes away all the pain. She feels engrossed by the warm body on top of her, every inch of it setting her skin afire.

Corey continues grinding on his newfound lover, loving the faint moisture now coating his dick. He’s not sure if it’s smeared precum, Casey’s spit or the juice rapidly coming from her pussy, and he doesn’t care. All that matters to him is how much easier it makes his movements and how much better it feels. Their kiss ends and he lays fully on top of her, every inch of their bodies from the crotch up to the head touching. Her soft breasts push into his firm chest, and he feels them move and conform with every thrust over her now dripping pussy. He feels another orgasm coming and begins slowing his movements, eventually stopping and propping himself up on his hands, arms outstretched so they lay face-to-face, Corey on top and Casey on the bottom. They catch their breath before Casey begins running her hand across his chest

“Corey?” She asks shyly


“I-“ she searches her mind for the right words, “I wanna feel all of you.”

“What do you mean Casey?” He asks, genuinely confused and missing another one of her hints

“I want you to make love to me Corey,” she tells him, her face turning pinkish with embarrassment and excitement, “Make me yours.”

His eyes go wide as she tells him what she wants, “Are you sure?”

She nods, “Yeah Corey, just be careful, I’ve never had anything that big in me before.” With that she pushes Corey off of her and slides her drenched boy-short panties off her smooth white legs, kicking them off to the side. Corey’s mouth falls open as Casey spreads her legs to him, showing a man her pussy for the first time in her young life. Sparse brown hair adorns the sides of her lips, and the mound above her slit, her pink lips are open wide and moist with lubricating juices begging Corey for his attention.

“Casey, do you want me to...” he trails off, nervous to say what was on his mind. Casey urges him on though, and he finally asks her, “Do you want me to go down on you?”

She shakes her head and pulls Corey back on top of her, his cock now resting directly on her wet lips, “No baby, I just want you to fuck me.”

They seal the deal with a kiss, and the grinding recommences, spreading the slippery liquid from Casey’s pussy onto Corey’s hard cock. His precum and her juices mix together, and Corey reaches between the two bodies to grab onto his rock hard pole. He pulls back from her, gently probing her velvety lips with the tip of his cock before finding the entrance. He looks up into Casey’s eyes one last time, and the look on her face is begging him to push into her. Slowly, he slides the pink head into her tight pussy, savoring the feeling as he goes in for the first time. Casey draws in a deep breath as the entire head of Corey’s cock disappears into her. Corey leans back over her and she wraps her legs around his waist once again, pulling him into her slowly. Inch by inch, Corey slowly disappears into the pussy of his dream girl, until their pubic bones collide and come to a rest.

The couple look down to their crotches to see less than an inch of Corey’s cock and then their pubic hairs intermingling. The rest of his 6 inches lay inside her pussy, being caressed from all sides by her moist, velvet walls. The pair sit there for a minute, getting acclimated to the feeling of Corey’s dick buried inside Casey’s pussy until she looks into his eyes again, “Okay Corey, fuck me now.”

He pulls out of her, a wave of pleasure and longing coursing through her. As only the head remains, Casey longs and wishes for the feeling of being full again, only for Corey to push into her. A blissful moan erupts from her core as Corey’s entire length slides back into her, and the pair begin to find a rhythm. Corey begins to pick up speed, their bodies creating a clapping sound when they meet and a wet squelching sound emanates from their sexes. His dangling ball sac slaps against Casey’s firm ass every time he thrusts into her and the pair begin moaning and sweating in earnest.

Every time Corey thrusts into her, Casey feels the urge to scream his name. Instead, she moans, a loud, high pitched sound of pure sexual pleasure. When his cock first entered her virgin pussy, she felt as if he would tear her in two. Even looking at his dick lying on her drenched lips made her question if it would fit. Now, though, she knows she fits him like a glove. Every thrust and movement of his hard cock inside her fills her with pure pleasure and joy, and she’s finding it increasing the faster they fuck. Without even thinking it, she hears herself begging Corey on, “Fuck me faster baby!”

At first, Corey could only savor the feeling of Casey’s tight pussy wrapped around his cock. Now, her desperate moans add to his, the sounds of their passionate sex filling the room. As he pushed into her faster, he began to feel a stirring in his balls. “Casey,” he moaned out, “I’m gonna cum.”

He kept thrusting into her until she moaned into his ear, “Pull out and shoot it on me baby.”

A wet sound accompanies his cock leaving Casey’s pussy and his hand quickly grabs it, slick with a mixture of their juices. He begins to pull on it, feeling the eruption flowing up from his balls, and a loud moan flies from his lips. He feels his body tighten and then the release comes, his cum once again shooting out to find Casey’s skin.

Holding himself up, he looks down to see her naked body covered in his white cum, from her flat, firm stomach up to her perky pale tits and her soft neck.

“I’m sorry I got it all over you Casey,” Corey apologized immediately.

Casey just laughed between her breaths, “Don’t be, it feels really sexy on me.” She winked at him as she stood up to clean it off. His cum began to roll down her body, only to be gathered up in her hands and played with.

“Do you want the towel back?” Corey asked. Casey nodded yes and Corey turned away to grab the already cum-stained towel. He picks it up and as he turns to his crush - and now lover - again, he sees her lightly licking his cum off her hands. Again, his dick springs to attention. Casey saw this and her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Thanks Corey,” she smiles, her face still red as she took the towel. The teens clean up the remnants of Corey’s orgasm and begin chatting about their lives in the bunkers as they dress. Casey learns of Corey and Mikey’s close friendship, and tells him she wants the same thing.

“None of my best friends came down here, so I’m just stuck with Hannah and Sam. I don’t even really like them.”

“They seem nice enough to me,” Corey says, trying to make Casey feel better about her relationships in the bunker.

“Yeah,” she says through giggles, “you just want to get in their pants too.”

Corey, however, is serious. “No Casey, I don’t want them. I want you.”

Casey turns to him, her mind filled with emotions of love and joy at Corey’s declaration. “You do?”

Corey nods, “I do.”

Casey quickly pulls him into a furious hug and feels tears roll down her eyes. Before the war, everyone treated her like the typical popular girl - no close friendships and the boys just wanted sex. Now, though, she has someone who actually loves her and cares for her. And no virginity, but she gave it to someone she is quickly realizing she loves too.

“Thank you Corey,” she whispers in his ear. She pulls back, wiping the tears from her face. “You know, we should probably go back, my parents will be worried.”

Corey stands up with her as he nods agreement. Casey grabs onto his hand and begins to walk out of the skate bunker.

“Woah,” Corey lets out, his mind incapable of understanding Casey’s display of affection.

“Is something wrong Corey?” Casey asks, turning to face him. She has a huge grin plastered to her face as she awaits Corey’s response.

“You’re holding my hand.”

“Well, yeah,” she lets out one of those cute giggles that Corey loves, “I don’t just fuck anyone Corey. Only my boyfriends.”

It took him a second to realize what she was saying, “Wait, you mean-”

He was cut off by a tender kiss from Casey.

“I do, boyfriend. Now, let’s rejoin the world.”

The new couple left hand-in-hand, ready to face whatever the new world had in store for them.


This is my first story, everyone, so I hope you enjoyed it! This has the potential to be a series, but for now, it’ll serve as a stand alone. I have some other series in the works, so stay tuned. Typically, I want to release the entire series at once so nobody has to wait hoping for other parts. But, as I said, this one depends on the reception and if you all want to see more of Corey and Casey’s new lives together. So, hit the likes and comment how you felt, I really appreciate it!

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-05-25 03:41:36
Continue with Ch2 !!


2020-05-20 20:01:47
I rather enjoyed this story and I know you have said you don’t see where this could go but maybe take some inspiration from fallout where they have to resurface and perhaps Casey and coreys exes are out there and they survived the bombs but have been changed by it. Also the story is called repopulate and they haven’t yet so maybe do something with that maybe Corey and Casey after having resurfaced are looking for a place where it’s safe for them to settle down, build a farm and have lots of children.


2020-05-20 20:01:24
I rather enjoyed this story and I know you have said you don’t see where this could go but maybe take some inspiration from fallout where they have to resurface and perhaps Casey and coreys exes are out there and they survived the bombs but have been changed by it. Also the story is called repopulate and they haven’t yet so maybe do something with that maybe Corey and Casey after having resurfaced are looking for a place where it’s safe for them to settle down, build a farm and have lots of children.


2020-05-15 05:35:21
good story!

John/Angela HarryReport

2020-05-12 13:07:43
I loved your story. It's just as one would hope for a love affair to develop.
Don't stop writing, please; that would be a real shame.

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