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You had read how I fucked Noori Khala before my cousin Sarah After that I was married to Sarah Apa, a nikah-e-halala but a virgin, and how I spanked her in Kashmir on our wedding night. That night I , fucked Sarah Apa or Sarah Begum, whatever you say for 4 consecutive times, when I was fucking for the last time, it was time for Fajar. The Story Continues..
In continuation of my previous stories "I fucked khala - my virgin Aunt- Part-1-5" (Noori Khala) next day my marriage was held with My cousin Sarah for the purpose of halala and I took her virginty..(Halala of My Virgin Cousin -part1 & 2) You had read how I fucked Noori Khala before my cousin Sarah After that I was married to Sarah Apa, a nikah-e-halala virgin, and how I spanked her in Kashmir on our wedding night. That night I , fucked Sarah Apa or Sarah Begum, whatever you say for 4 consecutive times, when I was fucking for the last time, it was time for Fajar. Morning prayers. and Mamu knocked the door and gave us a call this is time for prayers . I started banging her loudly so that even Mamu could hear the sound of fucking and understand that we are awake and making out. So he quietly went away.

Now the story of my quest for pleasures

Then we went to bathroom to freshen up. I saw in the mirror teeth marks were there on my chest and on her entire body. I asked Sarah if she still wanted to get divorce from me and remarry Imran ? She in return asked me - do you want? should I go to Imran? I said no! No way Jaanu .. I Am not going to let you go any where. Maulvi Saheb ( Priest) was called in the morning. He told the system, . according to which I can clear the way for Sarah to re- marry Imran by giving her three divorces. I said - call Imran ... I will talk to him ... Only then I will decide about divorce .

Imran came and his younger sister also came along. She was about eighteen years old. She was very beautiful, curvy and in excellent shape . She had big boobs and very cool ass. His name was Dilia. When I questioned Imran started pleading, admitting his mistake. When we were alone I asked him about her sexual problem , he told that now he is ready to undergo treatment. I said - you have to get treatment. ...Only If you get well, I will divorce Sarah and let her marry you. He was ready.

Then I said - according to Sharia, you will also get punishment for divorcing Sara. and I am your elder brother and will not spare you .. He said - whatever punishment is given, I will accept! . I said - but if by then Sarah has my child, then I will not divorce. He then started pleading. He then pleaded that he will accept Sarah Child with me as his child and will take very good care of Sarah and her child,, I was enjoying Imran pleading for Sarah.

I said she has told you have also mistreated her several times and have even beaten her. So you are to be punished very severely. How dare you mistreat such a sweat girl. By that time I again saw Dilia she was talking with Sarah.. Dilia pointed on some love bite marks on Sarah face and neck . Sarah blushed and what I could make out was telling the story of our wedding night to her.

Dilia smiled repeatedly looking towards me .. Oh what a innocent and mischievous smile .. I became dishonest again after seeing Sarah Imran's sister Dilia with Sara. My Penis started to get hard. I said - Okay, You will not remarry till you are treated and get rid of your problem .. You will not spoil the life of any other girl. and further you will be confined in your house till you are treated by a expert in medical treatment of sexual disorders.

I wanted to punish him further but sarah came to me and asked me to pardon Imraan as she said .. her separation from Imraan was greatest punishment for him. I told Imraan look you mistreated such a kind hearted lady who is still concerned about you. But I was in no mood to spare him and told him I will prescribe more punishment to you in future or pardon you on seeing your conduct in future. .

. and then as my remuneration for agreeing to Halala with his divorcee wife and asked him to marry Dillia with me. Imran agreed instantly and said I am ready to marry all my 3 sisters with you who in any case are to be married only to you as you are the only other boy in our entire family and our girls are allowed to marry only in family. The Matter was discussed with Khala, Mamu. Abba and Ammi and Sarah ( Being the eldest of my cousins) and Of- course Dilia . They all consented . I married Dillia the same day and was engaged with other two sisters of Imran.

When I insisted to go back to Hyderabad, Khala said - stay here for a few days, people come to Kashmir for honeymoon. You should celebrate your honeymoon with all your three wives , then you can go back. But then on my insistence she said to me - okay take all your three wives with you. I agreed that infact I have to take them along and told Khala that the traditional Daawat –e- walima (Reception Party) is to be held after marriage , and it is being arranged in Hyderabad. So I have to return there along with my wives .. and you are all also invited to join the celebrations . and my parents are very keen to meet and greet my wives. and took next flight to Hyderabad with my three new brides.

I had all three wives, Sarah, Zarina and Dilia with me, Sarah was not ready to leave me even in flight and sat right there with me . Mamu and Khala Nurie also moved along to Hyderabad with Sara and Zarina. Dilia was accompanied by one of her sisters, Abir. In the flight, Others were scheduled to join us later in Hyderabad.

Sarah sat with me in the flight , and her hand kept pressing my cock in the entire flight. I also caressed her pussy and boobs a lot in between. Everyone was happy and cracked nice jokes and all laughed and enjoyed. On reaching Hyderabad, we were wholeheartedly welcomed and all in my family gave lots of gifts to the new brides and congratulated me You should on meeting three new beautiful brides. Everyone was very happy.

Later Ammi said- Today you should celebrate your wedding night with Zarina. Let me tell you a little about Zarina here. Her face is exactly like actress Zarine Khan. Height is also five fit seven inches, figure 34-28-32 and has black eyes and black hair, an amazing heady beauty. When she smiled, the dimples of her cheeks were just making me crazy. . Tired of long flight and rituals Zarina, laden with ornaments and flowers in a red saree, fell asleep waiting for me on the bed decorated with flowers.

After all the rush of the day, when everyone went to their rooms at night, all the girls and sisters together took me to my room. Arriving in the room, I saw Zarina and Sara were sleeping on the same bed. I woke up Sarah and asked her to go to another room. But she said that she too would sleep and stay here, Zarina had also woken up by then. I told Sara - baby, today is the first wedding night of me and Zarina… Why are you trying to spil the fun and trying to become a bone in the meat (Kabab me Haddi) ? Sara said Me Kebab me Haddi – Last Night I was the Kebab. And so soon ? Have I become useless in one day? Yesterday you was not leaving me for a moment .. and have not allowed me to sleep or rest for a moment, now I cannot even stop here with you ?” I told her- I have no objection to your staying here, but I will not be able to do anything with your sister in you presence.. On this Sarah said - Why won't your cock get erect or stand in my presence ? Seeing two beautiful ladies together your sex drive has subsided , or you do not dare to face both together? I said my cock was already erect before entering the room, but will your sister's be comfortable getting fucked in front of you?

And as far as the issue of facing both you together, then I will fuck both of you so vigorously that both of them will not be able to get up in the morning. Zarina said on this – there is nothing evil in this? We are both married to you and both know everything about each other, we do not hide anything among ourselves, I know everything about you and Sara. And how you fucked her last night. Now it was my turn to be shocked, I sat on the bed right there and said - okay ... as you both wish, I have the best. And of course no complaints The Pleasure is all mine..

The Sarah Said - now you can fuck whomever you want, with whom you have a happy euphoria, I don't care, but every time you have to release your sperm in my pussy because I want a baby from you as soon as possible. Promise me you will do that..

Zarina said- I do not mind, you can release your cum in Sarah .. So that she gets pregnant as early as possible . By now listening to this sort of arrangement of lust my cock was burning with sexual desire and the entire 8 inch long cock was fully erect and ready to explore the new frontiers . So sarah kissed me and told me to fuck Zarina

in the next part, I am going to tell you the story of taking of her virginity my second wife Zarina and threesome Stay connected with all the prayers. Take care and stay safe .. Waiting for your comments

The story continues
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