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Tim and Cindy's adventures move to California
Finally our travel date arrived. The flight out was mostly uneventful, well except for the young man who may have just cum in his pants. His only sin was having the seat next to Cindy for 5 hours.

When we got on board I claimed the window seat figuring that Cindy could sit in the middle and lean over on me if necessary. I had a t shirt and khaki shorts, Cindy had a long T and short cotton shorts. We settled in and seeing it was a full flight waited for our third passenger. told Cindy it was going to be a huge guy with b.o.

"Eww, then we're switching seats."

It turned out to be a young guy, maybe college student, but on the younger side, 18 or so. I saw his eyes take in every inch of Cindy, 'smooth dude' I thought, then he double checked his ticket, realized he'd won the lottery and sat down.

"Hi, I'm uh Greg."

"Hi, I'm Cindy, this is my husband Tim."

The kid noticed me for the first time and realized I'd beat him to the golden ticket. 'Too bad kid' I thought. Cindy leaned against me and stretched her legs, giving Greg a good look. Greg put in the headphones from the airline and tuned to some music. I think a cover so he could check out Cindy. I knew she was going to do something, so I relaxed and waited. It was a long flight. Cindy was making as if she was dozing off, but whispered to me, "I'm sure he keeps peeking at my legs and crotch." Then she moved a little to be sure he had to take another glance. Whispering, "I'm going to the rest room. Put the air up higher."

Cindy grabbed her bag and left and I made as if I was fiddling with the air controls, finally increasing the stream and pointing it at Cindy's seat. Greg gave me a look. I thought, "fuck off kid, I'm with this hot babe every night." I smiled and put my head back. Cindy returned, Greg got up to let her in and caught his breath as he looked her over. I turned my head their way and noted she had hiked up her shorts just a little and had removed her bra. Now even though a C cup, Cindy was just 20 and her breasts still defied gravity. She could get away without a bra, but usually wore won in public. She sat down being sure to sit on the end of her shirt to it would pull it tighter against her. Not having huge stick out nipples she needed to work harder there. She settled next to me and presented Greg with two luscious tits pressing against her t shirt and a lovely camel toe in her shorts. I had to admit she's a devious one. Greg could barely contain himself. I could hear his breathing from my seat. The poor kid. This went on for awhile with Cindy alternately tucking her legs under her or stretching them out. For the grand finale, when the drink cart came by Cindy asked for club soda. Of course as the stewardess handed it over, Cindy mishandled it and poured a nice amount of club soda on her shirt. Instant wet t shirt contest. And we have a winner. Greg gasped, couldn't begin to hide that he was looking, said "oh" then quickly got up and ran to the rest room. The stewardess, a veteran of many flights had probably seen it all. Unperturbed, she quietly said to Cindy, "I think that may have been more than he could handle young lady. Do you have another shirt? I can get a blanket to put over you so your can go change. Don't need you putting on a show for the passengers."

"Thanks," Cindy said, "I feel so embarrassed." And gave her most sincere look. Cindy did go change, then returned and fell asleep next to me.

I looked at Greg. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah", was all he said. Still giving me a dirty look.

This time I said just loud enough for him to hear, "Every night, dude, all night." Then closed my eyes. Not exactly mile high club but another adventure with Cindy. We picked up the rental car. My sister's suggestion so we could be free to see the sights, and followed Nicole's directions north out of LAX. We agreed that LA didn't look like our kind of city, with all the traffic and the brown hills in the distance. We followed the highway though the Hollywood hills then up to a place near Thousand Oaks. About 10 minutes off the highway we came to a sprawling ranch home on a hill over looking a valley. The house was near the top of the hill with no one behind them. Peter and Nicole are doing well all right. Cindy summed it up, "Wow." We were greeted at the door by my sister Nicole. She looked great. Healthy, tanned, smiling. I made me happy.

"Come in kids, come in. How was the flight? Long one right?"

"Kids? Nicole, really? I'm almost 22. Cindy here is a married woman of 20. We're practically responsible adults!"

"Oh sorry, you'll always be my baby brother. And yes, from now one I will treat you both like grownups. Be reminded though that grown up in southern cal is a little wilder than back east."

"I think we'll be ok Nicole. Nice to see you again. Beautiful house you have."

"Oh thanks Cynthia. Or do you prefer Cindy? You may have noticed that I'm going by Nikki. Just what people were calling me here, so I went with it. Maybe Nicole sounded older?"

"Cindy is fine. I go by either, but Cindy is easier."

"Cindy it is. Now come in. Would you like a drink? Grown ups here so anything you like."

We both asked for a cold beer, Nikki had a glass of red wine.

"So Nikki, tell us about Peter, and this house, wow."

"Peter is wonderful. Yes he's a bit older, 34, hey not even ten years. So tell mom I'm not shacking up with an old gray haired movie exec. Although you'll meet one of them Saturday. He's not THAT old, maybe 55, but his wife is half his age. "

"We're not on the east coast anymore Cindy."

We walked out back and surveyed the entertainment area, pool, hot tub. "Nice set-up Nikki."

"Thanks Tim. It keeps everything organized when we have parties. Nobody running through the house. There's a changing room over there at the end. The controls for the hot tub are on the side, lots of bubbles for more privacy! Speaking of which no one can see in here so Cindy, if you want to work on a California tan, you know, all over, feel free. If you're up to it", she said with a wink.

"I just might. Would you join me Nikki?"

"It's a deal. Why don't you guys get your bags and I'll show you your room. Then come enjoy the pool."

The room was half the size of our apartment. You could do laps in the jacuzzi. I put on my swim trunks, Cindy looked at me then decided on her new bikini. "Maybe I'll play the shy little east coast girl a bit longer. I think she's testing me."

"I don't think she meant anything by it. They probably discussed it and since we're family think they need to dial it back a bit. My guess is these people have nude pool parties quite often."

We went outside and picked reclining loungers by the pool. My first shock of the week was when Nicole opened the door and came out with towels and nothing else. Tanned head to foot, her heavy full breasts on display, gravity having affected them to a lesser amount they hung there with large dark nipples proudly on display. Oh, and her mound was completely bare.

"Oh I'm sorry I don't mean to embarrass you. I can dress, I just thought..."

"My fault Nikki, I changed my mind at the last minute. You can do whatever is comfortable for you. If you don't want your brother gawping at your boobs that is."

"OK then, might as well help you get used to us out here. I'll take one for the team and stay comfortable. You ok over there brother. I guess you never saw me naked before. Have you seen anyone but Cindy?"

"Oh I've seen a few. None as beautiful as Cindy, none other with a bod like yours."

Nikki put the towels down and asked if we'd like another drink. When she turned to go back for them I got a perfect view of her toned swimmer's legs and ass. Had to say my sister was pretty hot.

"So now you have seen your sister naked. What do you think?"

"She's hot. No doubt. But you're my type."

"Thanks. You always know how to make me feel good."

Nikki came out looking a little annoyed. "Peter called, he has to stay down in LA a couple days. They're working on a big deal for a movie. It's the downside to what makes this all possible. Here's your drinks."

We settled by the pool jumping in to cool off when needed. I jumped in more than the others, mainly if I felt a hardon coming on when I saw my sisters large boobs resting on her chest. With their size they flattened out a little with her nipples aimed at the sky. I was understanding how Johnny felt with the forbidden fruit on display. At some point I dozed off. Or thought I did. I guess the girls seemed to think so, but I could hear their girl talk.

"So how is married life with my brother? You two getting on ok?"

"It's great really. He treats me like a princess and takes care of my feelings, and everything else."

I made a mental note to treat my precious wife to and extra special pussy licking.

"Can I ask personal questions? We're kind of used to that out here."

"Sure, Ok, I guess. I'm really not as shy as you think. And I talk about everything with MY sister."

"Well you are still wearing that suit. Although I did notice when you go for a swim that it looks very nice on you. You're an attractive girl, with a lovely body. My brother definitely landed several rungs above his grade. Though he's not bad looking either, if his sister is any judge." Finally giving in Cindy decided to go with the location.

"OK, since it's just us girls, and my sleepy husband, I guess it's a good time to test the local atmosphere."

Cindy got up from her seat. Turning slightly she loosened the string on her top and let it fall away.

"Lovely boobs, they sit up so nice on you. Nice to see more real breasts out here like mine. Too many girls making up for nature with implants. Peter says they feel hard and plastic. He likes mine as they are."

"Thanks, and yours are great too. I know Tim is a boob guy and I used to worry that mine weren't enough."

"No, no they're the perfect size for you. If you had these big ones I have they'd look ridiculous."

With that encouragement Cindy slid the bottoms down her legs bending over to remove them. It felt odd to her feeling shy or somehow lacking in front of Tim's sister. After all she was being so nice. But she seemed so self assured and confident.

"Nice little butt Cindy. Again perfect for you. You must make Tim happy. I hope you guys aren't boring old east coasters like our parents. 9 to 5, then missionary sex on Saturday night, rain or shine."

"Haha, I love the compliments, but no worries. Tim keeps me satisfied. All my needs. I don't think we're so boring."

"Good. Out here we're used to people being open to lots of things. Are you?"

"I guess it depends. Like anything."

Cindy returned to her seat lying face down. Nikki looked over at the petite girl, thinking that her brother did very well indeed. Now let's see if I can get her to relax. It would make the weekend better.

"Cindy, the sun out here is strong. You won't want to burn. Tim's sleeping, can I apply some lotion?"

"Ok if you don't mind. Our tanning season is a lot shorter."

"I notice you must be working on the tan lines."

"I found a secret spot. I wanted to be ready for California."

"Nice, ok let me get some of this on you."

Nikki applied some sun tan lotion, then spread it along Cindy's shoulders and down her back rubbing it in evenly, testing the waters she allowed her hands to wander along the sides and touch the exposed part of her breasts. Getting no objection, Nikki worked the lotion in down Cindy's back and when she reached her butt asked for permission.

"OK. Feels relaxing."

Nikki then rubbed lotion across Cindy's ass making sure not to miss a spot. As she started on Cindy's legs she made sure the back of her hand grazed her mound. Hearing a soft moan Nikki completed the lotion massage on her legs then, with a what the fuck try said, "OK turn over, time for the front."

To her surprise Cindy turned right over exposing herself completely to the older girl. Maybe she's not such a shy kid. Nikki gently applied lotion to Cindy's face admiring the girl's fine features as she stroked her cheek, her chin, her ears. Continuing her work, if you could call it that, Nikki applied lotion onto Cindy's chest, then in wirling motions around and around her breasts, slowing a moment to caress each nipple. Cindy breathed deeply and sighed as Nikki continued along her taught stomach and down to that little triangle. So cute. A little east, little west. Nikki wondered if she could treat her sister in law to a full wax. Nikki skipped from the triangle, down her left leg then up the right. When she returned to Cindy's delicious looking mound Nikki decided to take a chance. Getting extra lotion on her fingers, she applied it to Cindy's mound. When the girl didn't sit up or complain, Nikki ran a finger along her slit. She noted that Cindy had the kind of pussy that mostly hid her lips. Just a smooth mound with a line down the middle. With a finger Nikki separated the two halves. Cindy did two things, said, "ooooh", and separated her legs more. Taking the invitation NIkki got between Cindy's legs and licked along the path her finger had followed. Cindy put out her left hand to hold Nikki's head in place. "More". With all the encouragement she needed Nikki dove in and used all her experience to lick, suck and bite Cindy to an all body orgasm. Her scream of pleasure would surely have woken Tim, if her wasn't already sitting on his chair watching his sister pleasure his wife.

"Quite the show", he said.

Yes California was going to be interesting.
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