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A story about my first ever experience being licked and fucked by our family dog



I was still living at home and young. We lived on a farm way out of town and neighbors miles away from us. I was a stick girl growing up and my family actually nicked named me stick.

Skinny as I could be but I sure noticed my dad and brothers always looking at my ass. My mom caught my dad oggling it one time and slapped the heck out of him for doing that! My tits aren't much to look at and sure weren't then, being no more than bumps on my chest my nipples the more visible part of them. I was always tall for my age.

We were poor,and so most of what I got was my brothers hand me down blue jeans and tshirts mostly. I only had 2 dresses and did not wear them unless it was sunday and we were going to church.

One day dad,mom, and my brother had loaded up the cattle trailer with some steer calfs and had left to take them to the cattle auction and sell. Leaving me at home alone to clean the house, and do the chores I had to do every day. Feed the chickens, gather eggs, milk the goat, That was our only milk supply we had. Which I had gotten done very early in the morning and finally had the house cleaned.

I decided i'd go and skinny dip in the water trough that was fed by our windmill and underground water supply. I threw my pants and tshirt over one of the windmill pipes and got in and splashed around and enjoyed the somewhat cool water on that really hot summer day.

After a bit of that I got out stark naked of course and grabbed my jeans and tshirt and headed to the house to get a towel I had forgotten to take and dry off.

Right on my heels was one of our dogs, Jasper we called him who was no more than a who knows what mutt kind of dog. Dad didn't like him much nor did my brother, but Mom insisted we keep him! I swear I had really wondered what Mom and him were so close about? She and he sometimes just seemed to dissapear, and sometime later appear back at the house?

I tollerated Jasper, but hated when he'd try and sniff me where he sure as hell shouldn't be trying to sniff!!

And that's just what he was trying to do then and I slapped his nose and kicked at him and tried everything possible to keep his damn nose out of my mound. Typical male for you as that was my minds thought about it then.

I went to my room which really was my and brothers room we shared together. By now I was already dry since it was so hot that near middle of the day and sat on my bed to get my legs into my pants. But no more than I'd done that Jasper came right up between my legs and then and there licked my private spot!!

I jolted from the absolute intensity of it and scared as hell at the same time and before I could react and kick him away from me, he licked me several times and damn my mind fought to want to stop him!! But my body said otherwise!! And I thought what to hell it feels so damn good!!

Whose going to know? And it was indeed one hell of a lot more pleasure than my fingers had ever been giving me!

His tongue was so rough feeling and so hot feeling as well so I just lay back on my bed opened my skinny long legs and let him have at it!! He licked me through and through from ass all the way to my clit!! That set off a fireworks in my mind and body!! And I was damn sure pushing my little ass up off that bed trying to get more of that damn tongue of his!

Then things really got wild and lustful as he began getting that thick tongue of his all the way through my lips! Splaying them outwards his damn tongue filling them and more as the outside of his huge tongue lapped over my lips and that drove me crazy!!

He licked and he licked and he licked my pussy getting wetter and wetter and wetter!! I would jolt as he would lick over my clit that was now fully extended and sensitive as it could be!

It began to sound like he was lapping up water out of his bowl but it sure weren't his water bowl it was my pussy!! I shook and shuddered all over, jolted, and squirmed moaning and groaning out loudly and he kept right on at it!!

Then as suddenly as it had began it was over!!

I lay gasping and grunting and shaking all over my mind all but blank from such intensity of the pleasure that damn tongue of his gave me!!

Having had squirmed, and jumped, and jolted about my ass was off the bed.

And before I could get myself sitting up and regain my composure from the mind blowing pleasure his tongue had just given me, Bam it happened!!

He jumped square up onto my body with his and before I could push him, and get him off me he had managed to walk his hind legs forwards and I felt something sharp and hot as hell touching my pussy lips!!

I was no virgin by no means I accidently had busted my own cherry one day messing around and did it myself!!

But I had never been fucked by anything but my long skinny fingers and before I could react he shoved that hot pointy dick of his right up into my pussy!

I screamed!! I tried to fight him off me!! But he growled like hell at me and when I saw his teeth showing it scared the hell out of me!!!! And he sank that dick into me in one lunge!! It was like a feiry hot poker going into my depths!!

And then he hit something that was like a wall way up inside me!! My walls were burning up with fever it felt! I was stretched out as i'd never been!! I could feel that heat plowing outwards from far up inside my pussy into my belly!!

I was screaming and crying and trying my best to get freed but he had me pinned down to the bed with his weight. His head damn near up to mine!! His furry legs rubbing and scratching over my nipples making them hard and sensitive to it all adding that forbidden pleasure to the one his red hot dick was doing inside my pussy!!!

Then he began to fuck me and I mean "FUCK ME"!!!!! That hot cock of his slammed back and forth inside my pussy stretching and releasing and stretching and releasing as he fucked me and fucked me hard as fast!! My pussy was on fire!!

Everytime he lunged so damn hard forwards that tip banged the hell out of the back of my pussy making me scream!! And worst part of it all I was LOVING IT!! Wanting it now!!

I don't know how long he fucked me I lost all track of time and the whole damn world altogether all that mattered was that hot dick of his giving me pleasure and I mean pleasure!! I came!! And I came again!!

He was bouncing me back and forth on that dick!! I was driving myself to take it just as well!!

Then something began to bang the hell out of my already stretched out pussy lips something way bigger than his cock!! I was by now thrashing wildly about screaming to be fucked by our damn dog!!!

And then I felt it!! Red hot as hell liquid being shot up into my pussy as far into it as it could go my barrier there taking the full blunt of it!

Squirt after squirt after squirt hit there making me really jerk and jump with every one of them!!

I have no idea how long that lasted my mind was to damn far gone into never never land by that time and I felt my whole body shake and my pussy was gripping at that red hot cock of his and I felt something from deep inside me driving me crazy and I gushed juices all over the damn place!!

Just as he stopped fucking me fast and furious and he lay his head atop me nearly at my neck both of us gasping and heavily breathing!!

Totally spent from the complete mind blowing fuck we'd given each other!!

We lay that way together for some time and then he pulled out of me and was so shaky he body was stumbling about as he just lay down then and there panting like hell and me on the bed doing the same!!

My pussy sore and hot and juices pouring from it!!

I finally managed to get myself up and stumbled about myself and made it back to the water trough and sat in that cool water trying to get something to cool my belly's heat off!

Finally I got out of the trough and went back to the house to my room once again already dried off from the heat of the day and managed to get dressed and soon after I was able to get around better though my pussy was bruised and sore.

The family arrived back home and Jasper outside greeting them though he sure wasn't running around as he always does and my mom gave me a really dirty look coming into the house!!

That was my first dog fuck experience!!


2020-05-19 06:40:46
So real!!! i love the feeling of his tongue pushing into my ass love to share msgs with anyone who knows

Dirty SamoneReport

2020-05-18 10:25:26
I would like to read about her taking his cock up her ass. Could you write that?


2020-05-17 11:37:10
Great story!


2020-05-16 18:12:51
Good story told in stream-of-consciousness style. Well done. Try one of ours when you have a chance: Tales of Laney..also true.


2020-05-12 16:59:41
Thank you for sharing-I absolutely loved it! One day I will share my own sexual experiences with and without dogs.. It makes a difference when they are well written;)

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