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This story is the first of four in a POV series of romance that follow two people on their "firsts" of a relationship, one for each season.
It was nearing midday. My eyes are focused on the road but my body was on autopilot. My mind was elsewhere, the way it increasingly had been these past couple weeks, on you. I take my eyes off the road and look down for a second just to confirm my suspicions. My hands are shaking. Why? I shouldn’t have these kinds of nerves going on a date. Especially a third date, but there is just something about you that I can’t put my finger on. Surprisingly, I find myself smiling while I look at my trembling knuckles. I resume my gaze on the pavement ahead, I’m almost there. I pull up to your house and put the car in park. One final deep breath and I grab what’s in the passenger seat and get out. Focusing too much on whether the wrinkles are all pressed out of my clothes, whether my breath smells good enough, whether my hair is messy and I almost trip over the curb out front. I shake it off and continue my trek up the lawn. I’m late.

I get up to the front door and find myself stuck in my head. Do I ring the doorbell? Should I knock? How many times? Do I say Hi first? STOP! I shut out my nervous thoughts and just knock on the heavy mahogany door. No response. Did I not knock loudly enough? I knock again. Again, no noise from inside the house. I raise my nervously shaking fist to knock a third time and-

“Sorry about that!” I hear the cheeriest voice say from my right side.

I lean back from the door and see you coming around from the right side of the house. Stepping out to start walking toward you and looked back down at my once trembling hand. Steady as stone. One look from you was all it took to rid my body of every loose nerve that I had. Left hand behind my back, I walk over to you. You couldn’t have been more then ten feet away but the entire distance I walked felt like it was in slow motion. You looked stunning. Every time I had seen you until now you looked equally great, but it still wasn’t something I had grown accustomed to yet.

On your feet are a simple pair of rawhide leather sandals, showing off your freshly painted toenails. They are orange, which made me smirk for reasons still unknown to you. Your toes are cute, not a surprise given that all of you matched suit. You’re wearing a flowing white sundress with little yellow flowers all over it. The wind blew it almost constantly, but never with enough strength to cease the use of my limitless imagination. For a moment you were still wearing your large brown sun hat that you had said you always wore when you did your gardening, but you removed it and let free a beautiful wave of hickory colored hair. Of all the alluring attributes about you I have to currently feast my eyes upon, this is the detail that takes my breath away. Thankfully it seems that you don’t notice my staring.

“I figured you are running a little late, so I figured I would take the opportunity to water my garden.” You say without the smallest hint of anger or aggravation in your voice. Always so understanding.

“Yeah, just a little bit. It was really the florist who-“

“The florist?” You interject.

“Oh. Right, yeah.” I say, almost forgetting.

“These are for you.” I say, pulling my left hand from behind my back to reveal your gift, a bouquet of bright orange flowers.

“I got you Tiger Lilies, I hope lik-“

“They’re beautiful, I love them!” you add, completing the thought I had hoped you were having.

“Let me just put them in some water and put my hat back inside the house and I’m all yours.” You say with a smile.

You come to pass me to tend to your current deeds but not before planting an appreciative and unexpected kiss on my lips. Fireworks. Every time we kiss it’s like my heart had forgotten how to beat and your lips were the electricity that jolts it back to life. What may have only been a quick kiss seems like it could have taken hours, and I would have let it gladly. To the disheartenment of my lips, you release yours and head inside temporarily. That kiss. If it were a currency, I would consider myself to be the richest man in the world at this moment. All yours. Those words resounded like church bells inside of my head. In all the universe, there was nothing that mattered to me more than those words and that kiss.

Jerked back to reality, I realize that my daydream must have lasted longer than I expected as I felt you back at my side again, taking my hand in yours.

“Are you ok?” You ask, noticing that I haven’t moved and inch from the spot we kissed in the time that it had taken you to put a hat away and put your new flowers on display in your house.

“I am now” I said, letting out a little laugh as I realized the same thing.

“Well let’s go then! Where is our adventure going to begin today?”

“I thought we could start with a nice walk through the park.” I say “Its going to be a nice day and the flowering are finally blooming after that harsh winter we had.”

“Well it is the perfect Spring day for it!” You say, smiling again. Always smiling, and I can never get enough.

We walk a couple blocks from your house to a nearby park with a nice walking path and colorful garden beds that I know you enjoy. As we walk, we make simple and nonsense conversation about nothing in particular. I realize in this moment or any other that there is nothing I would rather be doing and nobody I would rather be doing things with than being right here with you right now. It also serves the double purpose that every time I answer a question, I get yet another excuse to simply look at you. I get the chance to drink in your beauty, your figure, your wondrously deep eyes. I get to be enveloped by that intoxicating scent, a perfume yet unknown to me but quickly becoming one of my favorite smells.

Before I know it, we make it to the park. It seems to be mildly busy but not as crowded as it should be for how nice a day it is, to our benefit. We make our way down one of the smiling paths, taking in how much effort and time has been put into making this park so exquisite. For what seems like the first time on our little adventure, I reluctantly pry my eyes away from you and really take in how nice this park and this day really is. I notice the bright colors of the flowers in bloom. The quiet hum of bees pollinating. The delicate chirp of birds on the wind. How this picturesque scenery is perfectly illuminated by the bright springtime sum. I wonder how in the midst of all of this I hadn’t taken in all this charming scenery before. I look back to you and realize the answer to my question.

Almost as though fated to do so, we look at each other at the same time, locking eyes. As soon as our eyes meet, I realize why this day has been so lost on me. Nothing is taken away from this moment, but the addition of you to it makes the rest of the world just a bit less brilliant. The flowers are somehow less magnificent than the person I see in your eyes. The sun is somehow less bright than the radiance emanating from you. I honestly can’t tell if everything else is just a fraction less of itself with you around or if you are simply a fraction more. This time we are both smiling wide, and I tell myself there isn’t a possession I own that I wouldn’t give for just a glance at what you are thinking. Again, whether by mind-reading or fate or some other unknown force, I quickly get my answer.

You lean in to me, and without any needed thought I lean directly back. Our eyes close an instant before out lips touch. That kiss told me everything I needed to know about what you were thinking. I knew that there was no way this amount of passion, this raw fire I’m feeling throughout my body can’t simply be one sided. My suspicions are soon confirmed as I feel your body almost melt into me. You throw your arms around my neck and our tongues come together and dance in a ballet of lust. I wrap my arms around you and we kiss passionately. When our embrace, which never seem to last long enough, finally comes to an end I loosen my grip on your waist and look back into your eyes. I push the hair that has fallen in front of one of them out of your face and behind your ear. I gently kiss your lips again. I kiss your nose. I kiss your forehead. We return to holding hands and continue our walk.

Lost in our conversation, we must have circled the massive park two or three time before finally deciding to take a seat on one of the benches scattered throughout the area. Striking up conversation, we somehow manage to talk about everything and nothing all at the same time. Whenever we are together it just seems easy to talk. I’ve never had that with anyone else and it makes you special to me. After several mor minutes of conversation, we sit back and take in our surroundings. You lay your head on my shoulder and make little doodles of nothing on my arm with your finger. I laugh slightly under my breath and kiss your head. You turn and look at me.

“Can I say something crazy?” You surprise me by saying.

“Of course.” I reply, wanting you to feel open to talking about anything with me.

“I’ve missed you” You say, seemingly almost embarrassed.

“Why is that? It’s only been like five days since our last date” I say.

“No, not like that,” You stammer, shaking your head and giggling “nothing like that. Its just that since we’ve started dating, I don’t feel like I’ve been getting to know someone new. I feel more like I’ve been getting to know an old friend who I lost touch with. Someone I would never want to let go. So, in that sense, I get that feeling of longing the way you do when you’ve missed someone and the happiness you get with getting them back.”

I sit there stunned. I’m at a complete loss for words.

In no time at all I feel you pull your arm from mine, this time clearly embarrassed. You start mumbling under your breath about how sorry you were and how intensely it must feel like you’re coming on and how stupid you must look and maybe this was all a mistake and you’re just about to stand up to walk away. But then you feel it. Like a reflex, like something I’ve done a hundred times before, I snatch your hand in mine. Gently but firmly I hold it for the few short seconds it takes you to calm down and look at me. You expect to see anger for coming on too strong. You expect to see sadness because you think I don’t feel the same way. You expect to see bewilderment because I think you’re completely insane. But you see none of it. You see almost nothing on my face. In fact, in trying to read my reaction only a single word even slips into your mind about what I could be feeling. Peace. Staring evidently off into space, I take a deep breath and finally remake eye contact with you.

“I’ve missed you too.”

This time there was no stopping us. Our lips met in a flash and we would have been inseparable had anyone thought to try. I cradle your neck with one hand and slide my palm down the cool and smooth skin of your cheek. Pulling my shirt with both hands, you can’t get enough of this kiss, this moment. Instinctively I bring my hand from your face to the top of your knee, just at the hem of your dress. Not thinking about it, not caring about who was around, focused only on you, my hand slides higher. An inch under your dress, then two. Slowly climbing your leg, feeling the silk skin under my rough hands. Lower thigh, mid-thigh, and then… nothing. Before I can get any higher on these legs that I could easily spend an eternity touching, I feel your hand press tightly on mine. Now it’s my turn to feel embarrassment.

Quickly opening my eyes and breaking our kiss, I feel like I start apologizing and spitting out excuses at a volume someone must have paid me to expel. But before I can get more than a few words in edgewise, I feel your finger pressed to my lips, quieting me. I return to look at the explanation on your face and find you are donning a devilish smile. Without moving your hand from my hand or your other from my lips you say two simple words.

“Not here.”

You tighten your grip on my hand and quickly slide it up your leg nearly all the way. You get it far enough that the tips of my fingers brush lightly on the edge of your panties before swiftly and kindly removing it as you stand up. Dumbstruck by what happened and what speed it happened at, I must look like I’m frozen in time to you. Reaching out your hand toward me you speak again.

“Are you coming?” A simple and concise statement if I’ve ever heard one. I was not someone who needed to be asked twice.

The entire walk back to your house I was back in my head. But this time it wasn’t with nerves or worry. That had been replaces with confidence and excitement. This is finally happening. Finally felt like such a strange word in my head given the length of time we have known each other but since your explanation of feeling like you’ve known me forever and my realization that I have been feeling the same toward you and that is why I was so nervous, it became a perfectly fitting word.

We barely make it back through your front door before we are locked in each other’s arms once again. This time we make no notion of tame behavior for appearances and quite simply start making out. Our hands are all over each other and we show no signs of slowing. Unable or just unwilling to let go of one another we make our way haphazardly through the rooms of your house on our way to your bedroom. We bump into furniture, we slam into walls, but for all intents and purposes we may as well be invincible.

On our way, your grip returns to my shirt. This time it isn’t to pull me in though. This time, in an upward motion you’re almost yanking the shirt off of me. I don’t have any interest in showing resistance, so I quickly raise my arms and allow for its removal. When my arms come back down my hands go straight for your curvaceous ass. You let out squeal of delight and I push you up against the wall directly outside your room. Sliding you up just an inch or two, you wrap your legs around me and shove your tongue back into my mouth. I press against you, grinding, and you feel the stiffness in my pants press against you. Your squeals quickly turn to moans as one of my hands slides the length of your thigh that I’ve been deprived of for too long. I kiss you hard and deep, rocking my crotch against you until you can barely take any more.

Finally, you push me away so that you can get back on your feet, though your legs are mildly wobbly at this point. Grabbing my hand, you practically drag me into the bedroom and push me on to your bed. You walk seductively up to me and I plant kissed all along your exposed upper chest and collarbone. You shut your eyes and moan through closed lips, holding my head against you. My hands trail around to your back and begin to slide the zipper of your dress down your back. My finger traces a path down the bare skin of your back, following the zipper down.

You step back from me, just far enough, and take the straps of the dress off of your shoulders. Letting gravity do what it does best, you release the dress and let it fall to the ground. I see your breasts for the first time as the dress frees them and they were everything I had thought they would be. They perfectly fit and accentuate your form. Perky and sweet, like fruit that I can not wait to taste. Sadly, I do not fix my gaze long on them, as I know they will get plenty of my attention shortly. Following the dress down with my eyes, across your smooth stomach, I see revealed a pair of white cotton panties with matching yellow flowers to your dress. Even in the bedroom you can’t help being somewhat adorable. The damp portion at the bottom of your panties both betrays your excitement and makes them mildly transparent, increasing the lust I feel tenfold.

As you step toward me, I stand. Wanting to match suit, I unbutton and unzip my pants and allow them to fall to the ground as well. I take you in my arms, lips pressed against yours, and we fall gently back on to the bed with you laying on top of me. We grind into each other once again, your hard nipples pressed into my chest and long hair falling onto me as we kiss. I roll us over and put you on your back on the sheets and pull away from you so that I can see all of you once again. This time though, I hook my thumbs into the sides of your panties and begin to tug. You smile and raise your hips to aid in their removal. Inch by inch I slide them off of you, pulling into view your freshly shaven pussy, making my heart beat faster and faster. I glide the panties the rest of the way down your perfectly shaped legs and discard them somewhere at the foot of the bed.

Though I could take forever admiring the sexiness and beauty of your naked form for the first time, you quickly decide that you don’t want to be the only one with their body exposed. You raise yourself to me, quickly kissing me and slightly biting my lower lip before focusing on tugging my boxers down my body. My hard cock springs into view and I see a hunger in your eyes for it that confirms to me that you want exactly what I want right now, and equally as badly. You take it in your hand and stroke it softly while you come back up to plant your lips back on mine. I can’t stand not touching you any longer as I bring my right hand between your legs to your warm wetness. I slide my fingers along your slit and you moan deeply into my mouth once again. Standing on our knees, we tease and please each other with our fingers until we find a familiar weakness in our legs and ease ourselves into laying side by side on the bed.

We pull the covers over us with our hands never venturing too far from each other. Under the ever-warming heat and delicate touch of the blankets, we explore more of each other’s bodies as though we may never get the opportunity to do so again. Tenderly, I push you on to your back from your side and slide my hand down your flat stomach, guiding back to the place that I want to be so badly. I reach your clit and you involuntarily gasp at my touch. I trace small circles around it, occasionally rubbing over it which makes you shudder with anticipation. When I feel you’ve had all you can handle, I move lower and slide a finger inside of you. Slowly, gently, I feel your warmth envelop me as you let a sigh of pleasure escape your lips. With increased momentum, I thrust my finger in and out of you as I feel your hips start to rock against my hand. Brazenly, I insert a second finger which proves to do nothing short of driving you wild. Eyes closed and half rolled back, you bite your lip while you fill the room with your blissful noises. You’re now bucking against my fingers, showing the immense pleasure you’re feeling.

I take the opportunity to lean down from watching you and take the nipple of your pert right breast into my mouth. I hadn’t even imagined how sensitive they might be but the volume and changes in the noises you were making told me everything I needed to know. I suck on your bouncing breast for quite some time longer. I nibble and tease your tender nipple, licking small circles around it and blowing cold air softly onto it, making you quiver and shake. Suddenly you no longer feel the warmth of my mouth on your chest anymore and briefly wonder where I’ve gone. Opening your eyes for the first time in minutes, you look down to see that I’ve moved the rest of my body between your legs and catch my eyes at the instant my tongue meets your clit. I make small, deliberate movements all around it and briefly over it while my fingers continue their work. I look back up to you and though your eyes are once again closed, I see a familiar devilish smile strewn across your face. I lick and lap a little longer and with a final flick of my tongue over your most sensitive area, you’re driven over the edge. With white knuckles you grab the headboard, rocking your whole body and the bed with it as you brace yourself and a massive orgasm racks your entire being. Your stomach muscles constrict, your legs shake, and I feel you tighten almost immeasurably around my fingers.

I withdraw my fingers from you as you pant heavily, seemingly never able to get enough air in your lungs. Covered in sweat, you lay there with the occasional aftermath twitch, eyes still shut. You feel my warm breath on your stomach again. No contact, just that familiar heat and you know my lips are barely off your skin. The heat rises up your belly, moving between your breasts. You jolt as I once again purse my lips and blow light, cold air across your again-stiffening nipples. Delighting in my teasing, a moment later you once again feel the familiar sensation of my lips, this time on your neck. Always a sensitive area for you, the hairs on your neck immediately stand on end and a chill runs down your spine. I kiss one side, then the other. I kiss as far up as your jaw line and as far down as your shoulder, not wanting to miss a singe square inch.

Finding strength in your extremities again, your wrap your arms back around my neck and your legs around my waist. I cease with my kissing on your neck and you open your eyes to see me looking passionately back into them. I lower my face to yours and kiss you again, every time feeling like the very first time. Simultaneously, you feel a familiar pressure in your nether regions. I press my full length against you before pulling back to line up with your entrance. I tease but for a moment until I swear, I can feel you smiling through our kiss. Your legs tighten around me and you make it very clear what you want, as I relax to the pressure and sink all of myself inside of you. Oh, how I’ve waited for this moment. Our bodies come together like they were never made to be apart. Thinking shortly back to all those love songs and stories about how two people can become one and how I never believed it to be true, only to now realize that It’s something you can’t know until you’ve felt it yourself.

Maybe from pleasure or sheer instinct, you bite my lip hard but only briefly. You return to the kiss with increased ferocity, as I withdraw most of my iron manhood from you before thrusting its full length into you again. Deeper and faster I continue to push and withdraw, every time your velvety warmth drives my mind to explode in pleasure previously concealed from me. Quickly burning through the strength in your legs, your feet fall back to the mattress and your legs open wider for me. I seize the opportunity and bury every last bit of myself in you, causing your nails to dig into my back. You let out a yelp of satisfaction and I feel the intimate thrust of your hips meet mine with increased lust and vigor.

I thrust a few more times before wrapping my arms around you and using my strength to pull us both upright. We position ourselves in a sitting position, you on my lap, all of me still buried inside of you. I jolt my hips upward, causing you to moan and your breasts to bounce. You begin to faintly bounce and this time my hips rock to come up and meet yours. You grab the back of my head and bring it down to your chest while you bounce with increased energy. I latch on to the nipple opposite the one I had been pleasuring before and proceed to lick and suck on it with a swelling determination and force. I can feel in your chest and hear in the air how shallow and quick your breathing is getting and I know you are getting close. I am as well so I pick up the pace aggression in my thrusts. Deeper, harder, faster. Like two animals, we move into each other. Suddenly, you throw your head back and let out the most beautiful noise and plant yourself firmly onto me, taking every bit of me that you can into you. You tighten and spasm and that is all it takes for me to grip you in my arms and do the same. The room or maybe even the whole house is filled with the sound of our actions as we come together in orgasmic euphoria.

Neither of us move but for the occasional tremble of our skin. I hold you tightly and ease us back to the bed, staying in each other’s arms. Without a word between us, our breath steadily returns to normal and we can’t help but slip into slumber together. You awake a few hours later to the early evening sun penetrating the window of an otherwise empty room. Your heart sinks and you can’t help but think the worst. Just before you get lost in the depths of your doubts and fears, you notice something. A smell, though faint. A hum, light a far away buzzing. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you get out of bed. Noticing my shirt still on the floor, your fears quickly abate and your don it and a new pair of panties from your dresser and leave your room.

Walking through the house the sounds get louder and the smells more intense. You come into the kitchen to see me at the stove with my back to you. The sizzling of the stove, the smell of delectable food, and the faint music of Bob Segar’s Old Time Rock and Roll fills the air. You see me cooking and making a terrible attempt at dancing to the music in my jeans and sock but you can’t help but smile. You take a seat at the kitchen island and wait for me to notice you. After an embarrassingly long time, I turn around to put two plates at the island, almost dropping them as I notice you. You laugh.

“You’re supposed to be sleeping still, this was supposed to be a surprise!” I laugh and say, placing the plates down and continuing.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking the liberty with all this. I figured since I didn’t get the chance to take you on the rest of our date the very least I could do is make you a nice dinner. Plus, you deserve to-“

“It is all wonderful” You say, interrupting my rambling. You smile at me and I return it in kind.

I lean across the island and plant a quick kiss on your lips before returning to the cooking and the sad excuse for dancing, making you laugh again. That noise will never grow dull on my ears. I turn back to see you sitting there laughing. I catch your smiling eyes and in that moment I just know. I know there are no other eyes I want looking back at mine. There is no other voice I want filling my ears. No other lips I want to touch mine. I don’t say any of this but I get the feeling that you know. I return to my duties and in no time at all the food is finished. Emptying the skillets onto the plates, I take my place beside you to eat.

“This looks delicious! Thank you so much for making me dinner!” You say, kissing me again.

“Anything for you.” I say, as you return to your plate to start digging in.

I smile one more time at the notion that you may not know how deeply and truly I mean that last statement. We eat together and then snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie and I realize how right you were earlier. It really is the perfect Spring day.
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