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Sorry that it takes so long, but I need some backstory if im going to make this a series
I was walking back home after my first day at work, with a purse filled with one’s and ten’s and the occasional twenty. If I got mugged right now I was fucked.

Honestly though, the work itself was not that bad. You always hear that being a stripper is degrading and the people are scary, but even though my club is very sleezy, it wasn’t a problem really. The people were nice, and I really felt like I was doing a good job up there.

As I showed up at the place I was staying at, all the dignity I could have claimed washed away. I was staying at a motel because it was the cheapest place in town, and close to work.

It was thirty dollars a night, probably because nothing about the room I stayed in met standards. There wasn’t even a heater! I had to use three blankets most nights, and soon it would be winter.

“Hey! Courtney!” it was the building manager. “You haven’t payed today.” he yelled, blowing smoke in my face.

“Sorry, Jim.” I apologized, “here take this, should cover me for a few days.” I handed him ninety dollars and he took it hesitantly.

“Ya know, doll” he started, but I cut him off.

“Jim, stop doing this, please.” every fucking night this dude would say something to the effect of ‘If you can’t pay, there’s something else you could do’ and it made me sick every time.

To think I would sleep with this guy, he was short, fat, had the farest hairline I had ever seen, and not a good personality. “Whatever!” he grumbled and walked back to his little room by the entrance.

I walked the rest of the way to room 113, And entered. I had stopped even looking around when I got inside. It had taken a lot of practice but I was there now.

I quickly removed all my clothes but my panties and then put on an old grey shirt. It was the only way I could sleep. I crawled under my three thick blankets and quickly fell asleep.

That night I had the same dream I always had, it was of the day my dad had been diagnosed with liver failure five years ago.

I was hanging out with my best friend since childhood, Adam, when my dad walked into the back yard.

He had tears on his face, so I knew this was serious. I had only seen him cry twice, when my mom died and when I was in a car accident and almost died.

Adam had tried to leave, but my dad saw him as part of the family so he said stay.

The words ‘I have liver failure’ echoed through my head, and so did the words ‘four years left’. He died this february. And now I was reduced from daddy’s little girl, to daddy's little stripper.

I awoke to my alarm and got ready to face the day, maybe I should see Adam soon, but he can’t know about my new job. He was basically the closest thing to family I had left, and there was no way he could know.

The next week went without a hitch, I was making a little more money from tips, and Jim had stopped propositioning me for sex. But it was day eight that things went south.

I was at work and it was my first show of the night, and it was going well, but I made the biggest mistake I had ever made. Before this, I would normally scan the room, make sure I didn’t recognize anyone from my normal life.

If I did I would tell the owner that I though they were a stalker and he would let me pass a few shows until they left, but today I was late putting my make-up on.

“Here comes KANDI!” DJ Mike called as I walked out passed the curtain, Kandi was the name I had chosen because it was the typical stripper name.

I was out for about two minutes on a four minute song when I made the second mistake of the night, I locked eyes with someone in the crowd. I don’t like to do this, because one of the girls told me it could lead to people thinking you like them and that makes stalkers.

“Courtney?” the man in the crowd asked almost inaudibly, I looked his face over for a second and the recognition hit me like a truck. It was Adam! What irony. Why was he here? He hated places like this!

I told DJ Mike to cut the music and I dashed into the back. The people in the crowd were not too happy, but it was the manager that was the most upset.

“What the fuck Kandi!?!” he was almost yelling, and Calvin never yelled. “Those people want to see some dancing, not a girl running back without even taking their money!”

He was scary when he was mad, but something even worse happened about three seconds after he spoke, I was sitting there crying like a baby, Calvin was standing over me pissed, and in walked our security guard Damian.

“Kandi,” he said to get my attention, “Guy out there says he’s a friend of yours, called you by your real name, want me to let him back?”

I had seen similar things happen with other girls, most of them were more lax about strippping and didn’t have a problem with people knowing what they did.

“Gimme a minute Damian.” I said through the sobs. I went and put on a robe and wiped away the tears.

“Kandi,” Calvin said, calmer now. “Is the guy out there why you ran back?” he was calm but there was a dead seriousness to his tone.

“He’s an old friend, I didn’t want him to know about this.” I said and motioned towards myself, Calvin got the meaning and just nodded. He walked off.

“Let him back Damian.” I said. It was another fifteen seconds and Adam walked back, Adam rarely looked angry, he usually looked indifferent. This time he looked angry.

“Courtney,” he said “what the fuck?” with most people this would actually be a retorical question, but with Adam, thats how he asked for an explaination.

“Hi Adam,” I said and the tears started up again. “I-- uh…” I couldn’t get the rest out. I couldn’t stand him seeing me this way, but as usual, he softened up to my crying.

“Courtney.” he said this in his reassuring voice, “let's take a walk.” It’s what he said every time I was crying and he needed to talk to me. Walks calm me down.

“I’m working, Adam.” I said, still crying.

“The fuck you are.” he said, his face back to the angry one. “If you had told me things were this bad, I could have helped Courtney. Now I'm the asshole that didn’t realise his best friend was in this bad a situation.”

“Please don’t be mad” I said, he was a strange person, when he was really mad it was the worst thing ever. He would stop at nothing to make things right.

One time in the fifth grade he had snapped the leg of a boy who had called me fat, just because he wouldn’t get on his knees when he apologize.

“I’m not mad at you.” he said, “But you are not working here anymore.” he said this like the desicion was his alone, but what else could I do?

“I need this job Adam.” I said, honestly I was more afraid of that than anything else. I knew that if he wanted me to not work here he would make it so.

I don’t know what he does for a living, but somehow he had enough money to buy the bar his sister worked at so that the manager would stop letting her be groped by patrons.

“I’ll get you a job, give me a few days.” he said it, and I knew he wasn’t just blowing smoke out of his ass. In the next week he could get me a job that he found suitable.

“Adam,” I started but he wouldn’t let me finish.

“I have some friends uptown that owe me favors, I can get you a secretary job for a while, just to hold you over while I look for something good.” there he goes again, removing the illusion of choice from me.

As an femenist, I hated it when he took control, but as a woman, I was only ever attracted to him when he did. It was times like this that I saw how muscular he had gotten in the last few years.

“Kandi,” Calvin said, walking back over. “You’re coming up soon, if you’re ready.”

Adam was mad again, “Her names Courtney, and she dosen’t work here anymore.”

“ADAM!” I said.

“Courtney,” he said and locked eyes with me, "I promised your dad I would look out for you when he was gone, I've failed over the last few months. Don’t make me fail anymore.” That was a low blow.

The words manipulative dick came to mind for a few seconds, but he was back to taking control, and I was back to being attracted to him.

“I don't work here anymore Calvin, sorry.” I said without breaking eye contact. “I’ll grab my stuff and be out in ten minutes.”

“What the fuck ever.” he replied and just walked off.

I didn’t even stop for a second on my way to grab my stuff and leave, I didn’t say goodbye to anyone and no one said goodbye to me.

Adam had to go tell his friends that he came with that he would be leaving early, Apparently it was a work friend's Birthday, and he was finally old enough to come to a bar.

“Ready to go?” he asked, he planned on giving me a ride to my place in his new Lexus.

“Yeah,” I said. “I live just a few blocks down.” and we got into the car. When driving it was maybe a two minute ride, we got there and he was even more upset now.

“No.” he said. “Where’s the manager of this place?” he demanded an answer.

“In that little room there.” I said confused. “Why?”

“You won't be staying here anymore.” he said, “Come on.” Once again he eliminated all choices, I would say I was afraid to say no, but truly I was just turned on.

We walked up to Jim’s office. “You run this place?” Adam asked him.

“Yup, who’re you?” Jim responded.

“Give Courtney all the money left on her room, and we’ll be out of your hair in a few minutes.”

Jim sized Adam up for a second, and decided that he wasn’t worth fighting with. “I’ll have the money ready for ya when ya leave.”

“Okay,” Adam said, turning to me he continued “Let's get your stuff.” we made our way to room 113.

“You wait outside, i’m gunna change and grab my stuff then we’ll be out.” I said.

I hoped he would fight that just a little, if right now he wanted me I would say yes, I was getting really horny at how he was taking control. But he’s a good boy. “Okay, I'll get the car pulled over.” was all he said and he walked to his Lexus.

I was disappointed when I walked into my room. Maybe it was just because he wouldn’t take me, maybe it was because it only took me three minutes to collect everything I owned. Regardless, I was mad.

I walked out to the sight of him having removed his suit jacket that he was wearing and he was just wearing a dress shirt, he was dressed like this all the time now.

“That everything?” he asked and pointed to my small bag.

“Yup.” I said.

“Let's go then.We collected a little over one-hundred dollars from Jim and started driving uptown.

It was maybe 7:30 when we pulled up outside of a nice looking apartment building. “You’ll be staying here for a while, until I can get you a new place.” he said. “You’ll be taking the master bedroom. No fighting that.” he said before I could protest.

I had been to his apartment before so I knew that the second room was a gym, meaning he would have to sleep on the couch. “Adam,” I started.

“I said no fighting that.” he opened the door to the building and without another word we made way to the elevator.

We got up to his floor, and into his apartment. “Have you eaten?” he asked, I just shook my head, I planned on eating at work, but I had left too early. “I’ll make something.” I had forgotten that Adam was a good cook. “You go get settled, and I'll have some food ready when you’re out. Restroom is the door in there with a gold colored knob.”

With that he turned to the kitchen and started checking what food he had. I went and put my bag on the bed, it was a nice and comfy Kingsized tempurpedic mattress, tonight I would sleep well.

I was dressed in some pretty uncomfortable clothes, so I decided to put on something more comfortable. Five minutes later a familiar smell wafted into the room, he made the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

I was finishing putting on my only pair of pajama bottoms when the smell hit me and I nearly walked out there with them around my ankles. I finished getting them up and walked out.

“I have missed these so fucking much!” I said, that was a mistake. He was fine with people cussing around me, but he hated it when I cussed.

“Don’t say that.” he said, his angry face making an appearance again. “You know I hate it when you swear.” angry was the wrong term, this face was much worse, whenever I cuss infront of him, he looks disappointed. It’s a crushing look coming from him.

“Sorry.” I said, feeling about as big as a mouse.

“Don’t be sorry.” he said. “Just eat.” he said, handing me a grilled cheese, and I attacked it like it owed me money. “Damn, I’ll make you another.” he said when I finished it in under a minute. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was.

“I don't want you to sleep on the couch.” I said. I knew that he was at his most relaxed when he was cooking, but this was not something he would budge on.

“Too bad.” he said. “Because no way in hell am I letting you sleep on it.” I saw my chance, if he were to sleep in the bed with me, I might get what I’ve wanted all night.

“We can share the bed, it’s huge.” I added some emphasis to the word huge in order to get my point across. He actually seemed to consider this for a few seconds.

“It’s not right.” he said. “It’s not right for us to share a bed.” he locked me in place with his striking blue eyes when he said that.

“I.. um.” I was having trouble speaking, it was like he was putting a spell on me. “We can sleep on opposite sides.” I said finally.

“No.” he was back to indifferent. Not mad, not happy, not disappointed, just indifferent. It was like he was wearing a mask.

“I’ll just sleep on the floor then, no one will sleep in the bed.” I said. I know, this time I'm the manipulative dick, but I was tired of being alone. He stared at me, no longer indifferent but now angry again.

“Fine.” he said at last. “We’ll share the bed.” he finished cooking me my sandwich, and I ate it slower this time. We watched some TV and talked a little but nothing of importance. I was distracted by the thought of us sharing a bed.

“I’m tired.” I said around 9:45. I wasn’t, I just couldn’t wait anymore. The way he was sitting he looked so strong and powerful, I was dying to be with him. “Wanna go to bed?”

He considered for a second. “I’ll be there soon.”

“No!” I had not meant to say that out loud, he looked shocked. I had to think up an excuse quickly. “I- uh, I don’t want you to just wait for me to fall asleep and then just sleep on the couch.” it was not the best reasoning.

“Ha,” he laughed. “I don’t plan to, I just wanted to make sure you could change into your sleeping clothes before I joined.” he knew I couldn’t sleep in pajamas, I could only sleep in a t-shirt and my underwear.

He had the opposite ritual for his sleep attire, he wore a pair of sweatpants and nothing else. I recalled from sleep overs we had as kids. The thought of me and him being almost naked next to each other in bed made me a bit wet.

“Oh.” I said. “Okay, but what about you?” he looked confused. “Well, you don’t sleep in a dress shirt and those pants.” I said, motioning to his fancy clothes.

He laughed again, “I'll change in the restroom after you're in bed.” it was like he had planned it out ahead of time. “Besides,” he continued. “I’ll need to get a shower in before I sleep, so it just works out better. I’ll be there in roughly thirty minutes.” he said and let me got to the room.

I needed him. I found myself finding more and more things about him attractive, the scar on his lip, the way his hair fell like he had just woken up, his deep gravelly voice. He was driving me wild.

I went to the room and changed. I was already braless and wearing the grey shirt, but I was wearing these very uncomfortable Pajamas, they were really itchy. I dropped them quick so I was just in my panties and shirt, I decided that there was no way I could wear the panties.

I wanted him to want me, I needed as little clothes as possible, plus, I knew that these were already wet from my arousal. So I dropped the panties. I was only wearing the shirt now. I got into the bed and called to him. “You can come in now!”.

It wasn’t more than thirteen seconds later that he opened the door and quickly walked over to his dresser. He grabbed one thing and went to the master bathroom.

Just him being there while I was wearing so little made me unbelievably horny. Then the best thing I could imagine happened.


Thunder. Yes! When I was young I was really afraid of thunder, and if it was storming outside while we had a sleep over, he would lie with me to calm me down, I would use that as my in.

About thirty minutes later he came out, smelling like old spice body wash. It was driving me crazy. He got into bed on the other side from me.


More thunder, I let out a quiet whimper, hoping he would hear.

“You okay?” he asked, I guess he did hear.

“I hate thunder.” I said, trying to sound weak and like a little child. I wanted him to have sex with me, but if he were to just hold me all night that would be okay. “Can you hold me like you did when we were young?”

He actually seemed to be contemplating this for a second. *sigh* “sure” he said. I almost couldn’t contain my happiness. I leapt over to him and put my head into his chest with one arm wrapped around his side. He put his arm around me and just held me.

I kept nuzzling my head against his chest, hoping he would make the first move, silently begging him to make a move, but he just wouldn’t. This went on for about twenty minutes, and everytime I heard thunder I would squeeze him and let out a squeal.

I could tell he wasn’t asleep because everytime I would squeal he would rub my back reassuringly. Finally it became too much.

“Adam?” I asked quietly.

“What's wrong?” he replied just as quietly.

“Would you just fricking kiss me already?” I formed it like a question, but it was like something he would do, I was demanding it.

“It wouldn’t be right, Courtney.” he said, I could tell he was using his mask face when he said. It was like he was trying to hide something. Maybe he wanted this just as much as I did?

“I dont care.” I said, and without a second's hesitation I pulled his face to mine and locked lips with him. He resisted for a second or two, but not longer.

His mouth opened enough for my tongue to get in, and our tongues danced. I ran my hands through his hair, and hugged him tightly. His kisses started to move down to my neck, I let him go for a second and lifted off my old grey shirt.

He took his free hand that wasn’t latched around me and kneaded into my left breast. I always loved guys playing with my breasts, but right now I was too horny.

“Stop,” I panted. “No foreplay, just fuck me.” I could hardly understand what I was saying, but he did stop. Entirely. He leaned in close to my ear and in his rich, gravely voice he whispered.

“Please, don’t swear. Such a perfect picture of beauty shouldn’t taint itself with such harsh and ugly words.” did he steal that from a TV show?

That sounds familiar, but right after he said it he dropped down and rubbed his hand against my pussy. It felt so good, my mind melted and I forgot all about the comment.

He pressed his pointer finger into my slit and used his thumb to massage my clit. “No panties huh?” he asked with a chuckle. I wanted to say I just needed him so bad that I couldn’t wear them, but it felt so good.

It had been almost a year since I had sex with anyone. And I had spent the last few hours in a constant state of hornyness. “Ugh.” I moaned out as my response. He just chuckled again and slipped in his middle finger.

He worked them back and forth in reverse of each other, and was still massaging my little nub with his thumb.

“P-P-Please.” was all I could manage.

“Please what?” he said, “Please stop? Or please more?” I could tell by the way he said it that he knew I wanted more. I wanted him inside me now.

“M-More.” I said, still panting hardcore. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“But I'm having fun like this.” he said. “I’ll do more, after you cum.” what a fucking tease! I was sitting here in blissful agony, and he wanted me to wait more.

I held on for another minute, but he had sped up his rubbing of my clit after we spoke. When my orgasm hit me, I was afraid I would hurt his fingers. He was inside me and I clenched up like crazy. It was like my whole body was made of poprocks and he was water being poured over me.

I exploded on him and convulsed for a good minute or two, but he didn’t stop. He kept going, using his strong fingers to continually work my pussy, churning it up and pushing me into a second orgasm before my first one had subsided.

“OH GAWD” I cried out. I rode the orgasmic high for a good five minutes before forcing his hand out of me. “Enough playing.” I said and ripped his sweatpants off of him.

“Courtney.” he said in such a relaxed voice it actually shocked me. “Are you certain you want to continue?” Was he really asking me that? How could I guy have just fingered me to multiple orgasms and still be wondering if I wanted it?

“Yes.” I said and grabbed his cock. I was not expecting what I felt. He was still only semi-hard, and he was almost nine inches! I had never seen one that big before. “Holy shit you're big!” I said unable to stop myself.

“Don't cuss.” he said, this whole no-cussing thing was really starting to get on my nerves.

“Shut up.” I said and started to lower myself onto his dick. Before I could even get his head in, he grabbed my waist and lifted me up an inch or two.

“This wont happen if you continue to swear.” he looked me dead in the eyes when he said this. I could not believe this guy. Who in their right mind says that to a naked girl trying to drop onto their cock?

“Fine, just let me do this.” I pleaded with him. He looked a little hesitant so I added a, “please.” he caved and lowered me gently onto his dick.

“Wait,” he said.

“Oh what now!?” I asked really mad about all the delays.

“You on the pill?” he asked. “Cause I have no condoms here.” I nearly laughed.

“Yes,” I said. “Now don’t interrupt for anything else, or I swear I will hit you.” I added a chuckle with that last bit.

“I might like that.” he added with a chuckle of his own as he pushed his head into me. It felt unlike any I had ever felt before. He was currently fully hard and was at about eleven inches and almost three around, it was like taking a BFC monster can up the pussy.

“UNG” I moaned out. He had stopped lowering me and let me ride him, I took it really slow at first, kinda sticking to the first three or four inches, and just bounced on that for a minute or two.

I started taking more, moving an inch or two at a time, I was taking it slow, because everytime I would push him in, he would slam into my G-Spot and i’d nearly cum that very instant.

Finally, I guess he got tired of me going slow, because he grabbed my shoulders and forced me all the way down. “You said no more playing.” he said, god he was sexy when he wanted to be.

I moaned and leaned forward to kiss him while I continued to ride him. Apparently that was a mistake because the second I leaned in, he hugged me against his chest and flipped me over onto my back, with him on top.

He started slamming into me and yanking back quickly and I couldn’t even moan because all the while he had his tongue jammed into my mouth.

I was panting into his mouth as I felt my orgasm coming closer and closer. I felt my orgasm build, but I was determined to not cum until he did.

He kept going at it and I could hardly contain myself. He stopped kissing me due to how hard I was breathing, it must have not tasted all that great to get my breath down his throat, or maybe he liked it when I moaned and screamed.

It became less sex for me and more about just holding on while he practically sawed me in half. Each thrust he made built my orgasm more and more, and it was like he wasn’t even sweating.

Finally I heard words that made me So happy, “I’m Close.” he said. “Do you want it in you?” Did I want it in me? Ha!

“Please.” I begged between the pants and moans. He smiled big and let out an animalistic groan.

“UNGH!” he cried as he let rope after rope of his hot cum shoot into me. I let out one of the largest orgasms I've ever had. Before I felt like I was made of poprocks, now it was pure electricity exploding in me.

Every second that he was in me was another lightning bolt of pure pleasure shooting from my pussy to my brain. He slowed but didn’t completely stop fucking me.

“Enough.” I begged him. “I can’t take it.” I was having enough trouble speaking at all through my orgasm. He started pulling out of me and I felt the concoction of mine and his cum leaking out onto his bed.

He plopped down on the bed next to me and held me in his arms. He hugged me close to his chest as I rode out the post-orgasmic high. “I fucking love you.” I said, unable to stop myself.

“Stop swearing.” he said. And we just stayed like that until we fell asleep.
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