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You awake to find your Dom sleeping next to you. You try to be a good girl, but his influence is great and your submissiveness has you compromised.
As I'm asleep in your bed, flashbacks of the night before wake you to a soaking wetness between your thighs. At first, you think of simply masturbating while lying next to me. But the proximity of pleasure giver quickly persuades you to climb aboard. You straddle my waist, planting kisses along my chest. Oddly enough, it feels forbidden but right. You reach behind your soft cheeks and stroke my waking member. With you free hand, you cup your breast teasing your nipple in the process. You can feel your wetness as your juices begin to coat my abdomen in a light sheen of your excitement. You adjust your hips, roll and slip the head of my thick dick between your juicy and pink lips. Your juices make for a slightly slicker than usual penetration, but between your tightness and my girth, you still have to push down into my lap.

I awaken feeling my throbbing cock being enveloped by your tender and sopping pussy. I put my hands on your hips and guide your dance as you sink deeper. You feel that familiar pressure as my cock reaches your cervix and pushes on your walls. You roll your hips again bottoming out and taking me balls deep. You feel so full, so alive... Especially when each throb of my swelling dick sends bolts of electricity through your core.

Just minutes before, you might have been concerned with waking your roommate. She's expressed to you her many frustrations but certainly her inability to see her boyfriend during the quarantine. But here you are, whimpering like a little slut trying to keep quiet while fucking yourself on your favorite dick. You feel your first orgasm build and you cease to care. You moan aloud shivering from excitement while you ride. My clench on your waist encouraging you to indulge yourself. Your head rocks back as your orgasm crashes into your pussy. I can feel you squeezing as I thrust my hips up into your womb. "Fuck!" you scream, surely waking your friend in the next room. The creaking bed giving away our actions, your bucking hips taking direction from your increasing levels of sweet pleasure. You recognize the subtle but distinct humming sound. She's masturbating. The thought of her vibing her pussy while listening to you get fucked triggers another release, this time squirting on me and splashing as your hips thrash.

Your phone vibrates illuminating the room in it's artificial glow. You put a finger to my lips as you reach for the device. It's your boyfriend, fuck! He's sent you a dick pic with the caption "we miss you". The erect penis in the photograph gives you pause, it's not enough. Your pussy squeezes hard as you feel a slight pang of guilt as you feel my throbbing member kiss your cervix again. The finger on my lips slips between my lips and I bite before sucking on the digit. Another shot of pleasure. Your head shoots back again as you cum on my cock once more. Your body shakes and a finger accidentally hits the phone icon before you place the phone face down.

The unmistakable sound of vibrations are now accompanied by gentle moans and the sound of wet, slick skin being manipulated. We can both hear your roommates ragged breathing in the next room between our own moans and whimpers. What we can't hear is the "hello??" on your phone. But what your boyfriend hears is the clear sound of a woman in the throes of ecstacy. Unsure of his emotions, his inferior cock convinces him to enjoy and savor. His hand works itself around his member and tugs as he listens to you cumming.

We change positions, me pushing your head into the pillows and pulling your hips in the air. "I'm about to fuck the shit outta this pussy... MY pussy" I announce. You purr, "Yes, sir, fuck your pussy". I push through your swollen and gaping lips, forcing any trapped air out. The resulting sound giving way to you walls suctioning around my length. I grab your hips, pulling you back. "oh fuck, you get so deep like this!" you exclaim, your roommate shrieks next door reminding you that we have an audience. I proceed to thrust and pummel your pussy into submission just like I had done hours before, before the roommate arrived home. Pulling your head back by your hair, I grab a tit on one hand as I fuck you with dominance and power from behind. Your pussy dripping wet and the sound of increased breathing signals your moment of truth. Your hand reaches back to my hip in a futile attempt to get me to pull out. I push in deeper fucking you harder and faster. The waves of your orgasm take over. Your only concern is your pleasure. Your hands clench balling up the sheets in their grasp. That familiar sensation... My swelling, forcing, flexing... A hard slap to your ass cheeks! "OH FUCK, CUM IN ME!!!!" You scream. A thud in the next room and sound of a vibrator on a hardwood floor. Your secret caller's semen coating his fist wrapped around his rapidly shrinking penis. My cock lodged deep, throbbing and erupting... Spraying it's seed deep inside, it's warmth radiating through your precious pussy. Your body thrashes as you cum once again reeling at the sensation of my cum spewing into your unprotected and fertile womb. You pass out.

You awake just a few moments later disoriented. A buzz from your phone. A text message from "BF". "I don't know if I should be pissed off or not, but that was hot as hell. I guess we'll talk about it later though." It read. You shrug confused before checking the message he sent earlier only to realize that at some point you called him in the middle of the night. "oh fuck" you mutter to yourself before realizing I'm no longer there. Your hand traces the outline of my form imprinted on the sheet. A tingle in your pussy. A groan. But from who? You exit the bedroom and hear slurping. Rounding the corner to the kitchen, you see me holding two glasses of water naked, your roommate, also naked, kneeling in front of me, my dick in her mouth.... Her sloppy wet blowjob suggesting she enjoyed the performance. You and I make eye contact. I look down at the roommate, "How does she taste?"

"Mmmmm.... So good"
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