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© 2014 Sal De Klerk & Dakotacpl, All Rights Reserved

Revised 4-2020

Edited by SkyeKahoalii
Authors Note:

This is the third installment of a series of 26 stories about a naked cleaning service. Each story is self-contained, no need to read them in order.


This story contains adult content including: girl on girl action, anal sex, and dp. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


"Neat N’ Naked...where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?" says a deep throaty voice.

Lisa couldn't help but giggle, ”I want to give my husband something special for his fiftieth birthday....”

"I can make your husband's birthday something to remember. I just need to ask a few questions. Will you be a participant or an observer?”

“Oh, I’ll be hands-on. We're swingers, and our regular playmates had something come up so this is a last-ditch effort.

“Will there be anyone else present or participating besides the two of you?” she asked the caller.

“No, no one else is available, unfortunately,” Lisa said her voice filled with disappointment.

“Does your husband have a preferred type? Like age, ethnicity, bust size? The more details you give me, the better time he'll have.”

“Mike loves full-bodied, curvy women. He prefers more mature women and ethnicity doesn't matter.”

“Any special fantasies or experiences that you want to experience?”

“No, we've done pretty much everything we’ve wanted to try,” Lisa replied. “And by the way, you have a very sexy voice.

"Thank you darlin'. I do have two ladies that should fit your requirements. Both are in their late thirties and have great curves. I’ll send you their profiles and you tell me who you prefer.”

Lisa pulled up the multimedia message she received and clicked on the first image.

The picture showed an attractive full-busted redhead. Definitely on the far side of thirty-five but the pretty, mischievous smile she wore reassured Lisa.

“Hmmm,” Lisa mused out loud. “Shoulder length hair, flat tummy, wide hips…oh, my…those tits of hers are to die for. Mike is going to love her,” she smiled as she read the details provided with the photo.

Name: Cinn

Age: 38

Height: 5'6”

Weight: 120lbs

Measurements: 42DDD-26-34

Cinn moved to the United States from Ireland. She still has a bit of accent and the gift of gab. She enjoys sensual play and loves to draw out and extend playtime making the ending very explosive. She specializes in massage, fellatio, cunnilingus, and orgasm delay. She will not do BDSM, watersports, or public sex. She has a customer satisfaction rating of 9.4 out of 10. One of our highest-rated employees.

Lisa clicked the second icon and the second image opened. This woman was a blonde with a very pretty angular face and a nice fun-loving smile. She had average size breasts and a small ass. Her legs were especially nice, though, and she looked like she would be a lot of fun. Lisa perused the details that were included...

Name: Helen

Age: 51

Height 5'7”

Weight: 128lbs

Measurements: 36-25-35

Helen is a former storm chaser, who lives for excitement. She’s up for anything, the riskier the better. She has a customer satisfaction rating of 8.96 out of 10, and one client said, "There is no one better at satisfying all a man's needs than Helen. Not only did she completely sate me in the bedroom, but she also made me dinner which I ate off her beautiful naked skin. Best! Day! Ever!"

-----Ira B.

Lisa switched back and forth a few times wanting to be sure of her choice. She forgot she was on the phone, when a voice startled her, “So, what do you think?”

Lisa studied the profiles and the pictures. It was an easy choice; Cinn was exactly what she was looking for. Lisa felt herself getting wet, envisioning that full, lush body in their bed.

After reviewing the details with Lisa, and finalizing payment, Lisa asked, “Is everything set? Mike is going to have so much fun, and so will I.”

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

At the appointed time, there was a knock on the door, Lisa pulled it open to see Cinn standing there smiling. "You must be Lisa," she said, offering her hand.

Lisa's huge brown eyes lit up when she saw Cinn. She knew this was exactly the type of woman Mike loves, and truth be told, she does too. “You must be Cinn,” Lisa echoed brightly, shaking her hand. “Come on in.”

“My, what a pretty home you have.” Cinn ventured, stepping in and looking around.

“Thank you, I spent some time in school for interior design, but never finished.”

"So, is there someplace I can change, or am I doing a striptease when your husband gets home?"

“Mike’ll be here, soon. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you.”

"If you’re any indication, hun, your husband has excellent taste in women…" Cinn stepped in and kissed Lisa gently on the lips, nibbling on her lower lip before she broke the kiss and stepped back. “...and an excellent tasting woman."

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Mike had been distracted all day and had gotten very little accomplished. He usually took his birthday off so he could spend the day draining his balls into his wife and her friends. Unfortunately, he was short-staffed since he’d had to purge some dishonest employees, and couldn't afford to take the time off. Figuring it was Friday, he decided to head home early, anyway. He grabbed his overcoat on his way out the door. “Hey, I'm heading home. Knock off early if you want,” he told his buxom secretary, Barbara.

“Happy birthday, boss,” she replied, winking and thrusting her chest towards him. While they flirted a lot, and Mike would love to bring her home and share her with his wife, they never went further than some light verbal teasing. Playmates were easier to find than competent secretaries, and he didn't want to lose her skills in the office. As he climbed into his F250, his phone started playing the ‘Magnum PI’ theme. He glanced down and saw he had a message from Lisa.

Lisa: Can't wait till you get home, got a present 4 u.

Mike smiled and responded

Mike: OMW, left early.
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