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The sexual relationship with a Virgo lover may not be a bed of roses (in fact more thorns). The effort has to be made to unearth and stir the deep buried passions and then you become the vortex of their life. Virgo prefers to keep things simple in bed, but that doesn't mean they don't love to please and be pleased — just like the patient yet passionate

Virgo’s symbol is the virgin or maiden and is often considered a shy, “lady in waiting” personality that is a little naive. Though Virgos are seldom celibate, they often keep their personal identity intact throughout their lives. This composure is virginal in nature.

Virgo’s symbol is sometimes shown as a woman carrying a sheaf of wisdom, representing the harvesting of wheat at the time of year of the Virgo (late summer).

Virgo Symbol GlyphThe glyph for Virgo is thought to depict the sexual organs, with a tail that wraps inwards, closing itself to the world. This, in contrast to the symbol for Scorpio, which is similar, except that the tail points outward and upward in an arrow.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Don't think that Virgo the virgin is chaste. In fact, this high-energy sign can be highly sexual and sensual. You savor touching of any kind as a means to foreplay; making out or massages can enhance your arousal. You don't need a lot of bells and whistles, but you do like a careful, well-designed, and honest lovemaking experience you can savor.

Virgo Sexuality

The sexual relationship with a Virgo lover may not be a bed of roses (in fact more thorns). The effort has to be made to unearth and stir the deep buried passions and then you become the vortex of their life.

Virgo Sexuality Personality Traits

Virgo Sexuality is a contradiction in details. They can come across as uncaring or cold at first, but then morph into beings of highly charged passion. Virgins enjoy the physical act of love-making, but turn up their noses to the mess it sometimes involves. Practice makes perfect. It is a phrase you will hear often from Virgos, and it is one that applies directly to Virgo Sexuality. It is true that Virgoans have a reputation for being cold fish when you first meet them. There is a sense that they just don’t care and are slightly detached. To the Virgoan, though, this is just a side effect of their desire to not make a mistake. They don’t want to attract the wrong kind of person, so they hold back, play it cool, while surveying all the moving pieces. Once they find the right one, a Virgo will let her feelings known in a powerful way.

Virgoans are people pleasers. They are always looking for ways to help others. The important part of sex for a Virgo woman is getting all the moves down perfectly. The goal of a Virgin is to make their mate feel as much pleasure as possible. The Virgo will study different techniques, explore new methods, all with that goal in mind. In the middle of making love, the Virgo will listen for any way to improve the experience. She will constantly explore new ways to perfect the art of love.Talking dirty doesn’t come naturally to a Virgo, mostly because she is concentrating on making sure every move is perfect. They don’t have the ability to split their attention between talking about what they want to do, and doing something else at the same time. Sexuality is about the deed itself, not words spoken in the heat of the moment.

The worrying nature of a Virgo woman can get in the way of sexuality. Does he like what I’m doing? Is he really attracted to me? These and many other questions flood the mind of a Virgo during sex. This makes her uptight about making love, and puts a wall up between the Virgo and the sexual partner. To combat this, use encouraging words to answer those questions the Virgoan is asking internally. Virgo sexuality is detail oriented. The Virgoan strives for perfection, and if he or she senses that is your goal as well, then there is a strong future for the relationship.

Virgo woman

The purity associated with Virgo relates simply to these people's impeccable standards: when seeking a long-term sexual partner, they tend to be extremely fussy about who measures up and who does not.

Surprisingly, Virgo is actually quite a sensual sign. Like all the earth signs, it has a pronounced affinity with the physical aspect of sex. What’s more, the emphasis it places on detail and its fascination with learning techniques gives its lovemaking an unusual finesse. The Virgoan mantra of ‘practice makes perfect’ is something it’s happy to apply diligently to its sex life.

So to what, then, does Virgo owe its prudish reputation? Well, the analytical nature of this star sign does mean it tends to come across as rather cool and unromantic. Virgos are people who fret a lot about getting things right – especially where sex is concerned. When they’re making love, they’re more likely to be thinking about how they can improve their sexual performance rather than expressing their feelings. Normally quite shy by nature, they prefer to express their affection in tangible, down-to-earth ways: love for them is about actions, not just empty words.

Virgo Woman In Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Virgo women tend to be very loyal and dependable as they take the necessary precautions to weigh all the present facts before settling down for a commitment. They take romance very seriously, and that is why you will find that they prefer to be single than committed to the wrong man.

They prefer to wait for Mr. Right. This should not be mistaken for her wanting a perfect man. It just means that the Virgo girl wants someone who is the perfect match for her own personality and lifestyle. If you are deeply interested in getting into a relationship with a Virgo female, you must make room for her love of perfectionism. That is indeed the overriding trait about the Virgo zodiac sign.

She believes that whatever needs to be done must be done perfectly well, including matters of the bedroom. She is the kind of person who will watch your every move and reaction closely to see how you react to her touch. You might find that all your actions and mannerisms are being examined by your Virgo lover. In contrast to that, she could opt to explore deeply the aspects of your relationship and spot the areas that need to be improved; including making you happy. It can work either way, depending on your perception of it, if you intend to seriously date her.

Virgo Woman Sexuality Traits

The Virgo woman craves purity and charm for her to make love. She is, therefore, highly unlikely to jump into a quick fling that is no-strings attached. This has been explained to be as a result of her cautious nature to ensure everything important is in place before they can make love to anyone.

This is to say that she and her partner must have a sense of deeper feelings even if they are not deeply in love with each other. Therefore, she will probably prefer a romantic and pure environment, as opposed to the back seat of your car.

The Virgo woman indeed has a crazy sex drive but this does not mean that you can be pushy with her sexually. She is not a fan of promiscuity and prefers sexual relationships that have a deeper meaning; Hence, her willingness to engage in long-term commitments. The Virgo woman highly respects men who are honest about sex and love compatibility in relationships.

However, as much as she has all these preferences defined, she is quite liberal when it comes to making love. Due to her perfectionist nature (again) that makes her crave for that perfect smooth ride. She will pay detailed attention to what you like. She will even go as far as try out new things that she has never imagined before. Yes, she can be adventurous depending on the situation she is subjected to.

Virgo mate’s critical nature only aims at helping you to improve and develop personally. Virgo woman, is an affectionate, caring and understanding partner who will do anything to keep the flames in relationship burning.

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How To Please A Virgo:

"Encourage a healthy sex life with [a] Virgo by putting it at the top of their to-do list and making time for sex,"
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