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Concluding Michelle's weekend with her final transformation into the model employee at McCraddock, Banks, Tolliver and Mead.
Michelle's Weekend (2)

Eshe Folami turned to Roland Jones. She was monitoring the audio of the rape via Michelle's phone and wristband. “Time to go,” she said.

Roland climbed out of the van, quickly moved up the small stairs and entered the building. Keith's flat was No. 2 ground floor on the left. Eshe caught up with Roland and examined the lock. “Simple latch,” she said.

Roland was a large black man in his late twenties and Eshe a striking, toned black woman in her early thirties. She spoke with a slight lilt that underlined her heritage. Her companion slapped the palm of his hand on the door “Open up” he yelled, still slapping the door.

Through her earpiece, Eshe heard Keith exclaim “Oh my God” but Bill was too caught up in what he was doing to the girl to notice.

“We're going in,” said Eshe. She pushed a flat, spring-tensioned strip of metal between the door jamb and lock. It sprang open in seconds. Roland went through first ready for any trouble.

“Please no” squeaked Keith as Roland pushed past him and into the bathroom. Eshe smiled reassuringly at Keith and told him to sit down. Keith promptly did so looking terrified.

“Who the fuck are you?” yelled Bill.

“You finished?” Roland indicated the now limp Michelle sprawled at his feet but with Bill's dick half stuffed in her drooling mouth.

“What? I said who the fuck...” Bill stopped suddenly not liking the look in Roland's eyes or his build.

“Let the girl go” ordered Eshe.

Bill did. Michelle slid to the floor and lay still.

“She wanted it. She's a fucking whore” Bill said quickly.

Eshe remained impassive “I don't care,” she said “You've had your fun. Now its time for you to leave”


“The lady is asking you to fuck off” explained Roland. “She won't ask twice”

Bill looked from one to the other, shrugged, zipped his trousers and went through the gap Roland and Eshe left for him.

“You going Bill?” asked Keith nervously

“Yeah. See you tomorrow” Bill's bulk moved with commendable speed.

Eshe was monitoring Michelle's vitals on her smartphone. She knew the girl was battered but essentially okay. “Subject has a mild concussion but is in good shape for the next phase” she messaged. “Good. I'll see you at the drop house at around 7 pm. I'll deal with the girl's mother” Mary Tolliver replied.

“Carry the girl to the bedroom. Let's get her sorted” ordered Eshe.

Scooping the broken girl in his arms Roland dropped her onto Keith's bed. Eshe took out a pouch from the large box bag she was carrying and pulled out a syringe. She swabbed the girl's arm and injected the contents. “That will keep her sedated.”

Eshe went back into the small front room where Keith was sitting white-faced.

“You enjoy fucking her then?” she asked casually.

Keith nodded warily.

“You want to unload on her before we go?” continued Eshe. She picked up Michelle's shorts, shirt and bag.

“Sorry?” said Keith.

“Climb on the unconscious bitch and cum in her face. I think you will like that” she added with a smile.

“Are you sure?”

“Knock yourself out mate “ rumbled Roland coming out of the bedroom “You've got 5 minutes.”

“Think of it as an apology for bursting into your home as we did,” said Eshe encouragingly.

“Who are you...” Keith shook his head. “Forget it” he didn't want to know.

With one last look at Eshe Keith bolted to the bedroom.

“A tip. Make sure you straddle and put you put weight on the girl. It will enhance your pleasure.” Eshe called after him. She addressed Roland and laughed softly “I do enjoy our work”

From the bedroom, Keith also got down to work. It took him 3 of his 5 minutes to coat the unconscious girl's face and hair in cum.


Selwyn Mead slapped down his newspaper and sat down at the breakfast bar.

“Well,” he said “Our new girl is proving to be a surprise package. Kudos to the man who spotted her eh Tolliver?”

For once Mary didn't bridle. She too was delighted with the turn of events. She raised her cup of tea to him in acknowledgement.

“Run through the steps taken since last night. Is the mother taken care of?” said Selwyn pocketing the unspoken tribute.

“Eating out of my hand. I said we were all out last night welcoming her wonderful daughter to the team, that we were going to do great things together. Mentioned Michelle's new salary will take the pressure off her and that we loved Michelle. Oh, and she is staying the night with me. The woman practically wept with gratitude”.

“You handle the families so well” Selwyn returned some of the praise. They might not like each other but they recognised each other's talents.

“I got here at 7. Eshe and Roland had settled our guest into the sensory room. They hooked Michelle up to the IV and kept her largely sedated and flooded with hormones. Girl's motor has been running hot all night. She was left covered in cum and piss which Roland and Eshe added to during the night. They also defecated on her”

“Bet Eshe loved that,” said Selwyn smiling

“She did. Michelle has been drugged, had her tits and pussy electro stimulated whilst drenched in cum, piss and shit and had hours of been told she is nothing but a fuck hole.”

“And?” murmured Selwyn.

“And that you are a God and Prince amongst men”

“Ain't that the truth” he grinned “So we are gathered today for the death of Michelle and her rebirth as 'fuck hole'. Quite a historic moment”

“Brings a tear to my eye,” said Mary dryly.

“Now, now Mary. You are as pleased as I am. Yesterday's rape was serendipity and we were on hand to capitalize on it. My compliments to the response unit for mobilising so quickly. Carpe diem and all that.”

“Eshe runs a tight ship.” agreed Mary, checking the monitor. “Michelle is starting to come round. Probably another 30 minutes or so." Mary resumed her run down. "We took her out and cleaned her up at 6:00 this morning. We let her sleep more naturally after that with soothing messages about how welcome she is in her new family. How she can trust us and that this is her new life now and her old life is over, excepting her mother of course. That bond needs to be subverted not broken. We will also switch her to Standard Boost. The mind dulling properties are no longer necessary”

Mead picked up his cup of tea “I'd better sit with her. It will make her day to wake up and have me as the first thing she sees.” he paused “No jokes please” he added good-humouredly.

“None to be made. You are right. Happy hunting” replied Mary.

Michelle came out of her fog some 40 minutes later. The softness of the bed, the luxury feel of the covers disorientated her. The sun streaming through on the right side of her room confused her. This isn't my room she thought to herself groggily.

A cup of coffee appeared in her hands and she took it gratefully. The caffeine cleared her head. When she saw who was perched on the bed next to her it shook her instantly to full alertness.

“Mr Mead!” she exclaimed “I'm so sorry Sir I really am” her hands started shaking, he took the cup from her and set it on the bedside table.

“Nonsense. Don't be silly” he said soothingly “I'm very pleased with you”

“You are Sir?” hope replacing despair.

“Of course. You were a very good fuck hole yesterday. The men had an excellent time I understand” Mead positively beamed.

Michelle became aware of the aches and bruises scattered over her body. His pleasure acted as a balm.

“I did my best to please Sir but I wasn't prepared properly which annoyed them”

Mead waved that away. “Early days, early days”

Unprompted the urge came to Michelle to get up and prostrate herself before him. She pulled back the covers oblivious to her nakedness. Again Mead held her back. “First finish your coffee. I will be in the next room waiting for you where I expect you to dress and honour me properly. Understand?” he patted her head. Michelle blushed with pleasure “Thank you, Sir. I will. I'll be in soon. I promise”

“Good. I'm expecting great things from you girl.”

Mead left Michelle propped up and sipping her coffee, her face wreathed in smiles.

“I saw,” said Mary as Mead came through. She was looking at the monitor. “her hormones spiked on seeing you. Endorphin levels the same. Vaginal dilation...hmm impressive”

“She tried to get up to honour me”

Mary looked relieved. “We pushed that hard last night in the conditioning. There were some concerns we were doing too much, to quickly”

Mead considered for a moment “I think we are pushing against an open door but time will tell.”

“The girl is getting up. Bit unsteady. I'll make myself scarce for the time being” Mary said quickly and stepped through a screen door where she could watch unobserved.

A few minutes later, a small voice quavered “Sir?”

Mead turned and viewed Michelle, naked except for the black stockings and 4” inch heels they had provided. Score one for the conditioning dept thought Mead

“Girl” he replied

Michelle tottered over and fell to the ground in front of him

“I honour you, Sir,” she said in a rush. The very words popped out of her; they felt like tiny explosive pellets in her bloodstream, her inner thighs were wet with sexual juices. Michelle pressed her lips to his expensive brogues and licked desperately at the leather.

Mead looked down on the prostrate girl. Her blonde hair spilling over his shoes and bruised arse in the air. The pink tip of the Bluetooth vaginal device Eshe had inserted just visible. Michelle showered wet, passionate kisses over every square inch of his shoes, her frame shuddering with emotion.

“I accept your honour,” he said quietly and was rewarded with a desperate “Thank you, Sir”

Michelle raised herself, remaining on her knees.

“Every morning at 08:45 you will present yourself in my office. You will strip down the stockings and heels and honour me for two minutes. I will then retire for my morning ablutions and on my return, you will cleanse and fellate me until I cum. Dress code of stockings and heels only to be strictly observed in my office at all times. Outside of my office, you will wear a short black skirt and crisp white blouse. Any questions ask Miss Tolliver. Understand?”

Michelle gazed up at him in adoration. Thankfully she did understand. How to Dress. How to Behave. Everything. It was all so clear to her now she didn't understand why she hadn't seen it before. It was like she had been blind her whole life and now she could see. It was wonderful. She was born again...she groped for words and they came unbidden. She was a...fuck hole.

“Now be a good hole and listen to Miss Tolliver. She has outfits for you to take home. You will spend this afternoon throating on that black dildo you bought. I want to see what you have learnt tomorrow. Got that hole?” Mead said adding some sternness to his voice.

“Yes Sir,” said Michelle obediently

“Two last things before I go” the young girl's face fell “When we are in my office or alone you will address me as 'Daddy'. What will you address me as?”

Michelle struggled to say anything. Her heart leapt into her chest. Mead had put the final piece in place.

“Daddy. Thank you Daddy” she whispered and began to cry as years of hurt over her father's abandonment poured from her. “Thank you Daddy” she sniffed again, savouring the word.

Mead patted her head.

“Good hole,” he said. “Finally you will call your mother 'Linda' from now on. Not mum, mummy or mother. It is important to me that you do that. Is that understood hole?

“Yes, Daddy” Michelle settled back down and kissed his shoes again in gratitude.

Mead took his jacket from the back of the stool “ I will see you tomorrow in my office 08:45 sharp. Remember. Practice those throating skills this afternoon”

“I will Daddy” replied Michelle eagerly

Mary Tolliver chose that moment to walk in and said, “Ah there you are hole. Come let Mr Mead depart. He will see you tomorrow” she grabbed Mead's arm as he walked by and murmured “I accept your honour?” Mary's lips twitched with a smile.

Mead shrugged and grinned “What can I say. The girl is a hopeless romantic. Always give the audience what they want”.

“Goodbye hole” he called from the door

“Goodbye Daddy” hole called back.

A Brand New Week

Linda was astonished by the transformation in her daughter as she sipped on her morning cup of Boost supplemented tea. Michelle was radiant, purposeful and dressed for business in her simple, if a little short, black skirt, crisp white blouse, and what Linda was convinced were fully fashioned black stockings.

Any uneasiness was pushed to the back of Linda's mind. Yes, the heels were extraordinarily high, tops of stockings were visible when Michelle sat and Linda was pretty sure her daughter wasn't wearing a bra.

But Michelle looked happy and the new salary her daughter was on would go a long way in helping with the household budget. Power dressing Linda thought. That was it.

“I'll see you tonight Linda” Michelle kissed her mum on the cheek and left. “You're off early dear,” Linda said to Michelle's retreating back. And where had this Linda stuff suddenly come from? She sighed. Her daughter had become the woman Linda had hoped for and now that she had, Linda wanted her little girl back.

Linda made herself another cup of Boost tea and ruminated on the fickleness of life.

Michelle was at Mr Mead's office at 08:30. She smiled nervously at Mr Mead's secretary Judy who was busying herself at her desk.

“My we are an eager beaver” she exclaimed to Michelle. Judy was a plump blonde woman in her mid-fifties with extra poundage on her boobs, bum and hips. “I was just about to get ready too. Shall we go through?”

Michelle followed Judy into Mr Mead's office. “Is this okay? She asked the secretary nervously.

“Absolutely. Mr Mead appreciates keenness. Now strip off dear and stand here legs apart, arms clasped behind your back”

With a tingle of anticipation, Michelle took off her blouse and skirt and did as instructed. Judy eyed her with frank interest. Her hand strayed up Michelle's inner thigh and caressed her pussy. “You are so lovely and wet my dear,” said Judy

Michelle was always wet. She was dimly aware that this wasn't normal but her perception of what was normal had upended itself.

“Thank you” she replied.

Judy cupped and squeezed Michelle's breasts. “So sweet. So petite”

Michelle moaned softly. Her tits were so tender that any touch was guaranteed to stimulate her. “Are you getting ready too” the girl whispered.

“Oh yes. Every morning I receive champagne and sometimes caviar” Judy slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Like Michelle, she was naked save for bra and hold-ups rather than full stockings. Michelle returned Judy's frank interest of earlier. It was prompted by conditioning but also by a lesbian side to her that she had only been vaguely aware of before her transformation.

Judy's body was a myriad of scars and burns focused mainly on her breasts and her buttocks. “You like?” the older woman smiled as she unhooked her bra and paraded for Michelle.

The younger girl liked. There was a perverse eroticism to Judy's abused body. Her large breasts hung low with one slightly lower than the other. Her pussy lips were also extended and heavily pierced. “Most of this is Mr McCraddock's work over the years.” said Judy “I was a pretty young thing like you once, well a bit bigger in the tit dept”.

Judy stooped and picked up her dress and put it with Michelle's clothes. She kissed Michelle “Talk to you later” and disappeared into the private bathroom. There was a clicking sound followed by rustling and then a dull thud. Silence.

Two minutes to go. Michelle quickly adjusted her stocking tops to make sure they were even. As time clicked by slowly she felt the moistening in her pussy increase and spread. It dappled the wooden floor between her legs like morning dew.

The door opened behind her and Michelle stiffened as if to attention. She didn't move. After a few moments, he appeared in front of her. Michelle averted her eyes and lowered her head. His gaze raked over her nude body.

“You will honour me fuck hole” he finally said

“Yes Daddy” she whispered flinging herself to her knees in front of him and pressing her lips against his shoes. She could taste the dirt from the streets. Working her tongue assiduously she cleaned his Italian hand made Clarkson's as if her new life depended on it.

After two minutes Mead said “I accept your honour”

Michelle straightened immediately “Thank you, Daddy”

“You will stay here whilst I use the bathroom. You will clean and then sate me upon my return” he continued formally.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you.”

Mead made no acknowledgement and went into the bathroom. The door was left open and though she could not see, Michelle was under no illusion as to what was transpiring.

After 9 minutes Mead returned and stood before her “Tongue out” he ordered.

Michelle did so obediently. Mead turned, dropped his trousers and lent against the front of his desk. “Rim and clean my arse” he instructed.

Barely had he finished the sentence and Michelle pushed her face into his fleshy, pallid buttocks. He grunted as she parted his cheeks. Her tongue focused on his puckered anus. The slight bitterness triggered a buried response associating the taste with sexual arousal. Michelle's heart gladdened as Daddy moaned softly, Redoubling the effort she pierced his hole with the tip of her tongue.

“Keep doing that hole. Don't stop” said Mead hoarsely.

Michelle did as instructed. Her tongue licking, probing every square inch of his ass.

“That will do,” he said finally

Michelle immediately stopped and looked up as he turned to face her, his cock leaking pre-cum. He took hold of his dick and steered it into her willing mouth. She felt his hand on her head, her desire peaking as he filled her mouth with his wonderful cock, his divine manhood was inside her. She tasted and savoured everything about him, the smell, the taste, the feeling of completion that threatened to subsume her as she finally got to service Daddy's cock.

Smiling down at her Mead guided rather than forced, testing where Michelle wanted to go and how far. His answer was her inexperienced attempts to deep throat him as if wanting to consume him. Her choking and tiny snickers of pleasure were music to his ears. Mead permitted himself one hard thrust just to see how far down her throat he could get. Michelle valiantly fought her gagging reflex. He relaxed the pressure and she swirled his tongue around his cock

“That's very good hole,” he said, “When I cum I want you to hold it in your mouth and show me”

Michelle nodded and smiled as he wiped his wet cock over her face and then willingly took it in again as he built up a rhythm. She so wanted his seed inside her. To carry that round in her tummy would be an honour and a pleasure.

Mead gripped her head, held her steady and bucked back and forth until he emptied his balls into the young girl's mouth. Michelle's senses were filled with the aroma and taste of his thick sperm. She waited until he pulled his cock out and then opened her mouth so he could see the cum pooling on and under her tongue.

Satisfied Mead took a picture of her upturned face on his phone and grinned. “That was almost perfect, hole. Just need to work on those deep throat skills. I want to see the outline of my cock in your throat. Understand?”

Michelle nodded, fearing to speak and lose any of his precious fluid.

“Now you can swallow”

She did so, it cloyed at the back of her throat but most ended safely in her belly.

“I'm delighted with your first honouring. You will prove to be very special and precious to Daddy,” tenderly Mead cupped the side of her face. Tears sprang to Michelle's eyes. Covering his hand with her own Michelle pressed down against the warmth of his loving, safe touch and wept with happiness. After all those years of hurt and betrayal, Michelle had found her Daddy again. She was reborn. She was whole.

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