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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


Money, Part 1 (Mf, cons, inc, oral, reluc, f-solo, M-solo)

by Krosis of the Collective


"Hey, Dad," Janey said to her stepfather as he walked in the front door from work.

"Hey, sweetie," Mike replied as he removed his shoes and jacket. He noticed that his stepdaughter looked pensive. "Everything okay?"

"Do you know how I can earn $40 quick?"

Mike looked at his cute 15-year-old stepdaughter with her dyed pink blonde bob cut and tight half-top and jeans showing off the young woman's body. 'Yeah, I got something you can suck for $40,' he thought, and then mentally kicked himself for going straight to the gutter.

If he had actually had any sex in the last couple of years his mind wouldn't have gone there, but his wife had fought breast cancer and won, but lost her sex drive in the process. "For better, for sickness and in health" had been the promise, and so he had remained the dutiful husband and father, even as his wife pulled away from him physically and emotionally.

"You know you can earn some money cooking dinner..." he offered. That was a standing offer, but the reply always was...

"Ugh! I HATE cooking!" Her childish tone helped Mike to shut down his inappropriate thoughts.

"Doing dishes...?" But he knew the response to this as well...

"Ugh! I might as well kill myself!" Then she stomped away.

"Where's Mom?" he called out to her.

"Aunt Faith's!" came her yelled reply.

Mike sighed. He was stuck making dinner for just him and Janey, again. His wife visited her sister a lot, and frequently stayed at her place overnight because it was closer to her work. Mike couldn't help but feel that avoiding him and his needs was a factor as well.


A little later in the evening, as he was watching TV, Janey made one of her rare forays out of her room. She perched her little butt on the arm of the couch and Mike couldn't help but notice she had changed into jean cut-offs that showed off her long legs. He wrenched his eyes up to look at her face as he paused his show.

"I reeaaally need to earn $40," she whined.

"What's it for?"

She held out her phone. "New case...this one's sooo last year. I want one with the ring holder on the back so I won't drop it, and it can be used as a stand, too."

Mike shrugged. "Sorry, sweetie, but if you won't cook or clean dishes..."

"Ugh!" Then she pivoted so her legs were wide open before him. He got a quick titillating look at her soft-looking inner thighs before he looked back at the paused TV.

Her voice became soft, almost sultry. "Are you suuure there's nothing I can do for you?"

Mike was stunned. Was she offering--? No, of course she wasn't; his sex-starved mind was tricking him.

"You could...rake the leaves in the yard...?" He reached for the remote.

"Ugh!" Then she was gone, leaving behind a waft of her perfume. When had she started wearing that? he wondered.


That night, after giving his stepdaughter a chaste hug goodnight, Mike retired to his bed and brought his phone out. He loaded his favorite porn site and searched for 'stepdaughter wants money' but only found one video. 'Guess there's something for everyone...' he thought as he started it up.

It was pretty formulaic: bottle-blonde stepdaughter with fake boobs needed money for some stupid entitled brat thing, and her hardbody porn star dad was only too happy to suggest she take her clothes off and climb aboard the fuck train for cash. Despite the cheesiness of the "story", Mike lifted the sheets away from his body and started to stroke his cock.

After a few minutes the bedroom door flew open. "Hi Dad!" Janey strolled in while Mike frantically grabbed for the sheets and his phone went flying.

He pulled the sheets up to his neck. "Janey! What the hell!" Then he noticed that she was wearing a too-tight pajama top and no bottoms. She clambered onto the bed...with her knees apart, it pushed the top up enough to give Mike a clear view of her pink panties.

"Dad, I know that you and Mom haven't 'done it' in a long time. You've also been looking at me in...well...ways a father shouldn't." She picked up his phone from where it fell on the bed. It was still playing the video and she tapped the screen. "'Stepdaughter Wants Money', huh?" She handed the phone back to him.

He turned the screen off, mortified.

"Here's the deal," she continued. "I make you feel good and you give me money, forty dollars to be exact." She reached forward and rubbed at his crotch through the sheets.

Mike was surprised to find that, despite the embarrassment of being caught masturbating, his cock hadn't softened. At Janey's touch it twitched pleasurably. Everything felt unreal to him.

She pulled the sheets toward her and he let go. His hard 6 1/2" dick was now sticking right up in front of her.

"Jeez..." she murmured. She had expected it to be smaller. She paused a moment, but then reached forward and gingerly took it in hand. Mike moaned.

She gave it a wank and then stopped. "Do we have a deal?"

Mike almost said yes, but even all hot and bothered as he was, $40 for a hand job offended his sensibilities. He was a businessman, after all!

"Forty, but you have to use your mouth. Twenty if you use your hand."

"Umm..." Janey hadn't expected this. She continued to hold her dad's cock while she thought. It twitched a little, making her giggle. "You got $40 on you?"

Mike reached off the side of the bed for his pants, careful not to dislodge his penis from her grip, and pulled his wallet out. Then he extracted two crisp twenty dollar bills and put them on the nightstand.

Janey nodded. "Okay, but I've never done this before..." Still holding his cock in her hand, she brought her face close to it. Mike could feel the warmth of her breath. She licked her lips.

There was a long moment where he thought that maybe she would chicken out, but then she moved forward and half of his cock was inside her warm mouth. He lay back and sighed.

She pulled her mouth off and then licked the underside of his penis. He moaned again. Then her mouth was around it once more and she claimed about two-thirds of it that time.

Then he felt it: teeth!

"Ah!" he exclaimed, and she backed off. "You need to cover your teeth with your lips."

She did so and tried again. Much better!

"Okay, and start sucking too. Yes, that's right, very good...move your mouth up and down as you go..."

"Mmm..." she moaned, and the vibration from that went straight into his dick. He realized he was going to finish soon.

"Sweetie...Janey...I'm going to cum."

To her credit, she didn't pull away, but he had to make sure: "If you're gonna get the full $40 you have to let me cum in your mouth, okay? You can spit it out later if you want."

'Just like your mom used to,' he didn't say out loud.

"Um hm," she agreed, the vibration of that acknowledgment pushing him over the edge.

"Cumming!" Mike cried out, instinct causing him to arch his back to get greater penetration. Another inch entered his teen stepdaughter's mouth as his cock throbbed and shot out his cum.

"MMMfff!" Janey grunted, but kept her mouth fastened to his dick as she sucked the incestuous semen from her stepdad's penis.

It had been a week since he had last ejaculated, so there was a lot of it. Mike could see her struggling with it and then it started to leak from the corners of her lips. Then he heard a gulp, followed by another. She was swallowing! The sexiness of that thought extended his orgasm and he gave her another couple small shots of cum. Finally, he laid back, sated.

Janey pulled her mouth off and gasped for air. "So much..." She used a finger to gather the cum that had escaped from the corners of her mouth and then sucked on that as well, smacking her lips. "That's not bad, actually. I think I might like this arrangement."

Then she leaned across him, brushing his mouth with a pajama-covered breast. He didn't know what he should do, but then she pulled back, the $40 from the nightstand in her hands. Oh, of course, he realized.

"Pleasure doing business with you!" she called back as she started to bounce from the room. Then she turned back. "Or business doing pleasure? Ha!" Then she was gone.

His orgasm complete, Mike quickly fell asleep, despite his mind going crazy with the thoughts of what might be.


The next morning, he couldn't look Janey in the eye. That didn't stop him from ogling her feminine form in her tight jeans.

"Morning, Dad!" she sing-songed, otherwise ignoring him. It seemed that she was unaffected by the previous night's forbidden event.

"Morning," he replied, a little disappointed.


When he got back from work that evening, Janey was again waiting for him, though with more confidence than the previous day.

"What's up?" he asked as he performed his daily just-home ritual of removing his shoes and coat.

She licked her lips. "Wondering if I should go for $20 or $40 today."

He paused. "Are you sure? We don't have to do it again..."

She knelt in front of him and started unbuckling his belt. "Heading out to a movie with the gang after picking up my new phone case." Then his hard cock -- when had it started getting hard? he wondered -- was in her hand and she was awkwardly stroking him.

"Umm...I think I only have a twenty on me..."

"Handjob it is!" she declared, adjusting her position to get a better wanking angle.

Mike looked down at his teenage stepdaughter, her eyes full of innocent wonder as she watched her fist stroking up and down his shaft. Was she a virgin? he wondered. She didn't seem to know much about cocks, so he figured she must be. He looked down at her slim white thighs in her jean cut-offs as she knelt before him and wondered what it would be like to be thrusting between them...

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed as his orgasm crashed upon him like a tidal wave. His cock started to spew, painting her fingers, and then when she let go, her face and t-shirt.

"Aack!" she sputtered, closing her eyes. Another, weaker spurt hit her bare midriff, and then a few drops arced weakly onto her inner thighs.

"Shit, Janey, I'm sorry!" Mike took his dress shirt off and then his undershirt, and used that to wipe her face off.

She blinked, her eyes stinging a little. "Wow! I think I'll just use my mouth to finish next time." To punctuate this decision she leaned forward and took the head of her stepdad's cock into her mouth, sucking in the last drop of cum that had been threatening to fall from the tip.

Mike gasped. His cock head was really sensitive after cumming!

He gave her the twenty dollar bill and then Janey headed back to her room. "Gotta clean up before I go out..." she called back.

Janey slipped into her room and quickly took her clothes off. She could feel the coolness of the air on her skin where her dad's cum remained. She used the back of her t-shirt to wipe her hands and neck off.

Then she looked down at her midriff and inner thighs, her dad's semen white and glistening as it slowly rolled toward the ground. The dollop on her midriff was making a bee-line toward her trimmed pussy hair.

She was very aware that her vag was extremely wet, just like it had been the previous night after blowing her dad. Once she had gotten her $40 she had returned to bed and whacked herself off to a shattering orgasm.

She realized she was about to do it again. The shower could wait a few minutes...

She dropped her t-shirt beside her as she lay back on the bed. Her off hand started to tweak a puffy nipple while her main one went straight to her clit. Keeping her thumb on that and slipping a finger inside the folds of her pussy, it didn't take much...she arched her hips as she came hard, gasping.

Then she noticed that the cum on her midriff had gotten dangerously close to her pubes, and with her knees in the air, the drops on her inner thighs were also slowly making their way toward her womanly core. "Hmm...naughty, naughty..." she chided the semen, reaching for her t-shirt to rub it away. Her fingers hit the big patch of cum on the front.

She pulled back and looked at the tips of her fingers, once again slick with man cum, and was curious. She had simply swallowed it the previous night so she hadn't had a chance to see what it was all about. She rubbed her thumb and forefinger together, feeling the viscosity of the forbidden substance.

She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked it away. Not as good cold, she thought, but still nice and salty...

She realized that she was still horny. She reached down and thrust two fingers inside of herself, oblivious of the danger of doing so after touching sperm-filled semen, even if she had licked those fingers off first.

Her clit was still sensitive, but she thrust her fingers hard inside her until she came again. Then she tossed her spermy clothes in the laundry and went and took a shower before heading out with her friends.


That night she came to him again. "Shit, sweetie," Mike said, "you cleared me out earlier, remember? Umm...can I owe you...?"

"'No loans!'" she quoted his own words back to him, words that he had used on more than one occasion when she had spent all of her birthday or Christmas money, only to find that there was something else she wanted.

"Sorry..." he replied, disappointed. "I'll go to a bank machine tomorrow."

She went back to bed, realizing that she was disappointed too. She didn't need the money, but it was nice to have some on hand. But was that the reason she had propositioned him this time? She was able to get herself off that night but it took some effort, and it wasn't a very strong orgasm compared the ones she had after getting her dad off.


"You gonna be able to afford me?" Janey drawled sultrily as she approached her stepdad the next night in her usual bed attire of the too-tight pajama top and panties as he sat on the couch watching Saturday night TV.

"Yep, I went to the bank machine," he replied, pausing the TV and taking out $40 from his wallet before unbuckling his trousers.

Smiling, Janey knelt on the couch beside him and dropped her head into his lap. Her dad's hard cock was ready and she took most of it in one go, though she gagged a little.

With Janey bent over next to him, her pajama top slipped forward so Mike could see the creamy skin of her lower back and panties; emerald green tonight! He reached his arm over her to massage one of her buttcheeks.

Her head came up. "I didn't say you could touch me."

Mike went cold and his cock wilted a little. ", I'm sorry." He pulled his hand back and she went down on him again, quickly restoring his member to full size.

Mike was confused. While this was obviously not a husband and wife relationship, or even boyfriend and girlfriend, he had just naturally wanted to give Janey some pleasure as well, but that wasn't what she wanted, it seemed. Just business? Was he fine with that?

It seemed he was, as Janey figured out how to use her tongue on the underside of his cock as she bobbed and sucked. After a few minutes...

"Cumming!" he grunted, feeling his balls and prostate give up their cargo.

"Mmf!" Janey grunted again as her mouth filled with warm semen. There didn't seem to be as much as the first night, but the force with which it spurted into her mouth surprised her. After that she was able to swallow, and this time none of it escaped.

"Mmm..." she moaned as she got to her feet and swallowed the rest of it down. Then she grabbed her $40 and skipped from the room. ""Nite, Dad! Love you!"

"Love you..." Mike watched her slim legs as she left, so much like her mother's.

As Mike pulled his pants up he considered what he and his stepdaughter were doing. Would a business arrangement around oral sex change their relationship? Janey seemed to be keeping it professional, but she was still a teenager. She was less childish these days so he hadn't had to give her a punishment in well over a year.

Relationships change, he realized, thinking of his wife. If this becomes a problem he'd call it off.

Then he returned to his show.


Janey drained Mike's balls again on Sunday during the day, also on the couch. She didn't proposition him again before his bedtime, but during the night he was awoken by his bedroom door opening.

"Dad? You awake?"

He sat up. "I am now. What's wrong, sweetie?"

", I was wondering if you wanted another go? Do you have the cash?"

Mike quickly shifted from concerned stepfather to horny, dirty old man. "Oh...yeah!" He quickly grabbed the remaining $40 from his wallet and put it on the side table, turning on the light at the same time.

Janey joined him on the bed as he pulled the sheets away to reveal his hard and ready cock. She engulfed it with her mouth, sucking with more force than usual.

That night, Janey had found that masturbation just wasn't doing it for her. She knew sucking her stepdad's cock would get her going. As she gave him oral pleasure she slipped one hand down into her panties to frig her clit.

Mike had been laying back enjoying his blowjob when he noticed Janey was making soft, regular "nn nn nn" noises. He lifted his head to behold his teenage stepdaughter with her hand down her undies, obviously pleasuring herself.

That was enough for him. "Unngghhh!" He lay back and blew another load into her mouth.

'No, not yet!' Janey thought to herself as she gulped down her dad's sperm. She had been so close... But she realized that now that he was no longer distracted by the fellatio, she had to stop masturbating before he noticed. That would be embarrassing!

Again, she had to reach across him to grab the money from the side table, but her arm was shaky from holding herself up with only one hand during the blowjob and she fell onto his naked form. "Oh!"

Her face was right in front of his now, and she froze. He was looking at her what? Not like a father looks at his daughter, but given what they had just been doing, that made sense. Her pussy twitched at the feeling of his warm body under hers.

"You know..." he said softly, "I can make you feel good too."

Another twitch. "Ohh...umm...what do you mean?" She was trying to get off of him, the money forgotten. He wasn't holding her down, so why was she having trouble getting away?

"With my mouth...down you've been doing for me."

She looked up at him. She had thought that he was going to try to fuck her, and she wasn't going to do that! But his mouth... She didn't seem to be thinking straight.

He rolled toward her and she slipped off of him onto her back. She could just keep rolling and get out...

She didn't move. He slipped lower, between her legs. His cock was still half-hard.

He reached between her legs. "Will you let me touch you? Tongue you?" he asked softly, almost reverently.

Her pussy seemed like it was on fire! She really wanted to orgasm. She nodded, eyes wide.

He moved his head down and used a finger to push the crotch of her panties aside. She shuddered at the feeling of the fabric rubbing along her engorged vaginal lips. Her stepdad was looking at her pussy!

Then he dipped his head down and she felt his warm, wet lips surround her prominent clitoris. She gasped in pleasure. As he licked and sucked at her love nubbin she spread her legs more and felt one of his fingers slip inside her.

It felt incredible! If this was anything like how a blowjob felt to a man, no wonder her dad was paying for one every time instead of just whacking off!

A second finger joined the first and then she felt those digits angle themselves inside her. Soon, they touched something wonderful and she gasped in pleasure, lifting her hips to facilitate the feeling. Within a few more seconds of his fingers rubbing that spot she cried out and came hard.

"Auuhh! Ohhh! Unnh!" Her body shook with the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Her underwear snapped back into place and her dad rolled to the side. Then the $40 was pressed into her hand.

"First one's free," he said, smiling.

To Be Continued...


2020-05-19 12:03:04
Love to see where this is going.


2020-05-19 10:53:21
Nice writing

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-05-19 02:23:40
Great, just like most of your stories. Kinda wish you'd do an epilogue to " The Lost Tribe" No death penilty for the non killing Abe, Since every one was "underage" when it happened no rape charges or indecientcy with a minor! Looking forward to how the "Money Deal" works "in & out". ( no spell check on phone) Thanks for sharing.

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