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Leena and I were always close. Little did I iknow how close we would become
My twin sister, Leena and I have always been close. Most days after we'd come home from school, we'd watch TV on the couch. Often, one of us would lie down on the couch and rest our head on the other one's lap. Whenever Leena would lay down, I would often run my hand through her soft, red hair. It was long enough that I would drape it over the arm of the couch as I played with it. Whenever I was laying down, she would place an arm across my shoulders in a sort of light hug. Our parents were rarely home at this time as Mum would head out to work at 2:00 and Dad would get home at around 6:00, leave us to our our devices for a couple of hours.

One summer, we were on the couch, and Leena was lying down. It was a fairly warm day, an she had decided to wear a shorter top than usual; one the showed off her belly. At one point, while my left hand was stroking her hair, I looked down at her exposed torso. It looked so smooth an pale; more pale than the rest of her skin. I asked, "Hey Leen, mind if I touch your belly?" She responded with little hesitation, "Sure. Go for it." I gently placed my right hand on her navel; her skin felt as smooth as it looked. Gently, I rubbed my hand across her exposed midriff. Leena turned from the TV, looked up at me and smiled, "That feels kinda nice. Quite soothing." "I'm glad", I smiled back. I'm not sure how long we continued, but later we heard the keys in the door. "Better stop for now," Leena said, "Dad might think it's a bit weird." "Ok", I said, moving my right hand away from her belly. Leena again smiled at me, "Again next time, please". I smiled and nodded.

I continued giving my sister belly rubs for the next few days and she kept telling me how good it made her feel. On one particular day, I was lying down on Leena's lap. I said to her, "Sorry I can't rub your belly today, maybe this will do", and I vigourously rubbed my face into stomach. She giggled and doubled over (as much as she could with my head on her lap). "Stop it!", she gasped through laughter. I turned to look up at her, smiling and she smiled back. It was then that I noticed something. My head was right up against her belly, and when I was looking up at her, I realised that her top was quite loose and I was able to see up it. The tiny fleshy lumps that had grown out from her chest were just above me, with the wide gap visible between them. I didn't know what to say or do. "What's the matter", Leena asked, noticing my change in demeanour. "Nothing", I said turning back to face the telly. "You can't hide anything from me. Come on, tell me", she insisted. Nervously, I admitted, "I, um... I could see... your, um... your", and pointed roughly to her chest. I felt my checks getting hot with embarrassment. "Oh", Leena said. We were quiet for a while. Evern with the telly going, it felt silence. Finally, Leena spoke up, "So, ah...What...What did you think?" "What do you mean?", I asked, trying to focus on the shows. "Do you think they look... ok?", she asked quietly. At that point, we heard the keys in the door. I quickly got up, "I'm... just gonna... splash some water on my face... Cool down, you know." With that, I hurried to the bathroom before Dad got through the door. I splashed cold water on my face until my normal skin tone returned and I felt cool again.

The next day, I sat on a different chair from Leena; still embarrassed about the previous day's events. After a while she got up and went to the kitchen and got herself a drink of water. As she returned, she asked me, "Can I get your opinion on something?" "Sure," I responded, not looking up from the TV. Leena proceeded to walk in front of me, between me and the TV. I was absolutely stunned! Leena was standing in front of me completely topless. Her pale skin glowed under the ceiling lights. Those small, projections jutting out from her body provided subtle curves to an otherwise flat torso. And the small pink circles I hadn't been able to see before where pointing right at me. "Leena! I.. What...", I exclaimed. "It's ok. I... I want you see this", she said nervously, "I wanted to know if you think they look ok". She looked down at her breasts, "I know they're not very big. I just wanted to know if you thought they looked ok." I was still reeling from the sudden shock of seeing my sister's boobs, and I couldn't form a sentence. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this", Leena said moving quickly back towards the kitchen. "Wait", I said, grabbing her arm, "Let me see." I gently pulled her arm to turn her body back to face me and began to study the mounds in front of me. After a while of looking them over, following their contours, admiring the nubs that her nipples, I made my assessment. "They look great Leen. They're a nice shape, you nipples are a good colour and size. I like them," I told her. "I'm glad", she smiled. "Can I...Would mind if I touched them?", I enquired. "I'd like that," she responded. I gently, carefully placed my hands on her breasts; each one barely fitting into my palm. I moved my hands around a little and squeezed ever so slightly. Leena let out a quiet groan of delight. "They're quite firm, Leen", I said. "Thanks. That feels really good", Leena smiled at me, "But, Dad will be home soon." "Yeah", I agreed, reluctently removing my hands, "Thanks". "It was fun", she said as she heading back to the kitchen to get her top.

The next day, as I sat on the couch, Leena approached, taking off her top. She lay down with her head on my lap. "Could you massage them for me?", she said, looking into my eyes. "Glad to", I responded. I placed my hands on her beautiful boobs and slowly, gently moved my hands around, occasionally giving a gentle squeeze. Leena, moaned with delight as I continued to massage. At one point, I look my hand off and ran my index finger around the edge of her nipple, making sure that one side of my finger was always touching it; Leena's moans got louder and more intense. I proceeed to do the same with the other nipple. "AAAHH! That's amazing!!", she cried. at that point we heard the familiar sound of Dad's keys. Leena jumped up, grabbed her t-shirt and quickly put it back on. "I think I need to splash some water this time!" She said, grinning widely, "Thanks". I want to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.

The following day, as we were heading to the loungeroom, Leena said, "I've got a special idea today". "Yeah?" I asked expectantly. "Let me sit down first", she said. Leena grabbed one of the cusions, the sat down with it on her lap and removed her top. "Lie down", she said. I lay down with my head on the cusion. "So, what's this idea of yours?" I asked. "I want to feed you!" Leena insisted. "Wow, really!" I exclaimed, "You can do that". "No", she said sadly, "but that shouldn't stop us". "Fair enough", I said, "so what do I do?" "Well, I'm pretty sure you just put your lips around my nipple and start sucking", she said. I did as I was told. Carefully, I put my lips to her nipples and gently started sucking. "That's it", Leena approved, as she cradled my head to chest, "Just like that." I continued to suck on her breasts, occasionally running my tongue around her nipple, Leena gently moaning with each motion. After a while, she said, "I think lefty's had enough. Righty's getting jealous." We got up and moved to the other end of the couch and I stated working on her right breast. A while later, Leena spoke up again, "Ok, Dad'll be home soon. Better stop." "Nawww. But I was having so much fun," I protested. "Me too", Leena said, "But I don't think we want Dad catching up doing this". I nodded and got up. Leena got up and put her top back on.

For the next few months, we had our sucking sessions as often as we could. It was the closest I'd ever felt to my sister. On one particular day, I was happily sucking on Leena's wonderful breasts when something felt weird. I stopped. "What's up?" she asked. "Something's different", I said as I looked at the nipple I had just been sucking. It was then that I noticed it: there were a few white dots on the end of her nipple. I ran my finger across the top of her nipple and the substance came off on my finger. I showed Leena. "Wow!" She exclaimed, "I think that's milk!" "Seriously?!" I exclaimed. I begin sucking again. "You're right!" I stopped briefly to say, "It's milk!" Leena couldn't wipe the smile off she face. "I can't believe I'm making milk!" "Let me try the other one," I said. We changed over and I got to work of the right side. After a while I told her, "Sorry, nothing on this side yet". "That's ok," she said, "Hopefully, it'll happen soon if we keep going."

As we kept up our sessions, Leena's right breast soon begin to produce milk too. After a while, she started producing enough milk that I was able to drink quite a lot of milk during our sessions. Leena told me that she'd even been able to squeeze her breasts in a way that let her spray out milk. I asked her to demonstrate. "Ok, open your mouth", she said, so I did. She placed both hands around her breast and gently squeezed down towords her nipple. Several jets of milk hit the inside of my cheek. "So good," I told her.

Leena and I continued with our feeding session for many years. Her breasts never got that much bigger, but the milk kept flowing. Eventually, though I had to move interstate for work. On the day before I left we went for a drive and found a secluded spot to park. That night we spent hours feeding; I kept going long after the milk ran out. "I'm going to miss this so much", Leena lamented. "Me too", I agreed.

After I moved, my sister would often call me. When we could we would talk about our sessions and how much fun it was. One day I arrived home to find Leena standing at my door. "I decided to visit, and I've got a special idea today", She said with a wicked smile.


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