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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


Money, Part 2 (Mf, cons, inc, oral, impreg?)

by Krosis of the Collective


On Monday, Janey had trouble concentrating at school. She had let her stepdad go down on her...and she had loved it! She wasn't attracted to him, though...

Was she? He had made her cum hard, but was that because of him, how forbidden it was, or his tongueing skills? What was that called? Cunning linguist? She asked her best friend Trissa at lunch.

"Cunnilingus," the curvy brunette replied, making a V with her fingers and flapping her tongue between them. "Why you askin'?"

Janey turned red. "Just couldn't remember the word."

She couldn't hide anything from Trissa: "Oh shit! Someone go down on you? Was it Chuck? I know you've been eyeing him up."

"No! Um, I mean, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Uh huh..."

Janey sighed.


When Janey got home, her mother was in the kitchen. Her mom's work started early and usually ended early too.

"You going to Aunt Faith's again tonight, Mom?" she asked.

"I was gonna stick around," her mom replied, "Making chicken masala..."

Not Janey's favorite, but her parents seemed to like it. She was glad to have Mom home, but the timing wasn't great.

When Mike got home he made sure not to act too familiar around Janey in case his wife picked up on it. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.

"Mike, are you having problems with Janey?" she asked him after dinner while the two of them watched TV.

"Um, no! No problems! Everything's fine." 'Shit shit shit!' Mike thought.

She looked at him. "Maybe you two should do something fun together. She's always in her room."

"Good idea! I'll make sure we do something fun later this week." That wasn't a lie; he was wanting to see how far Janey would let him go now that he'd brought her to orgasm. While he wasn't the most handsome of men, he was good with his tongue, and when he was a bachelor, women tended to show a lot more interest in him once he went down on them.

That night, Janey went to bed but couldn't sleep. She was having trouble reaching orgasm by herself again. After her parents went to bed she pulled out her phone.

*Can u come here?* she texted her dad. A minute later there was a light knock at her door. "Come in," she called out.

Mike walked into Janey's room with just a robe on. He noticed that her floor was a huge mess of magazines, candy wrappers, and other garbage, but the admonishment died on his lips as she got up from the bed and pulled her panties down.

"Janey, we can't...Mom's just gone to bed."

She knelt in front of him and unfastened his robe. "You know she sleeps like the dead." His hard cock was in her hand as he quickly pushed her bedroom door closed behind him.

She continued to stroke his cock. "I'll make you feel good and then you make me feel good and it'll even out, right? That's what you meant by the first one being free last time?"

She was about to take his cock into her mouth when he said, "Well, yeah, but we can do both at the same time. And for God's sake, keep quiet!"

He lay back on her bed and had her climb on top with her face near his cock and her coochie by his head. This was a sixty-nine! She had heard of them but hadn't quite figured out how they worked. Then her dad's tongue was delving between her pussy lips and she gasped.

All she could do at that point was stroke his cock as she got used to the incredible feelings in her pussy and clit. Once they stopped being overwhelming she lowered her head and took half of his cock into her mouth.

Mike paused, momentarily paralyzed by the pleasure of his stepdaughter's warm mouth around his hard cock. After she bobbed her head on his dick a few times she thrust her hips at his face, reminding him to keep going.

The incestuous couple continued to give each other oral pleasure until finally Mike inserted a finger into Janey's pussy and managed to find her g-spot again. She came hard, grunting around his cock. That made him reach his own orgasm.

"Unnh! Fuck, Janey..."

Janey felt her stepfather's cock expand in her mouth and then it started to twitch and fill her mouth with warm, salty cum. "Mmm..." she moaned as she swallowed it down, the naughtiness of what they were doing and the danger of discovery extending her own orgasm.

Then they were both sated. "Shit..." Janey moaned, unable to move.

"Mike?" That was her mother, her voice coming down the hallway toward Janey's bedroom door!

They scrambled. Janey had barely gotten back under the covers and Mike into his robe when the door opened.

"Everything okay?"

Mike turned to smile at his wife over his shoulder. "Yeah...Janey's not feeling well so I brought her some medicine." He turned back to his stepdaughter with a leering smirk, "Did you swallow it all, sweetie?"

She gave an impish grin back. "Sure did, Daddy."


The next evening, Mike's wife wasn't home but neither was Janey. He checked his phone and found she had texted him during the drive home that she was over at her friend Trissa's. Oh well...he turned right around to get some drive-thru dinner for himself.


Mike was finishing up watching one of his shows when Janey got home.

"We alone?" she asked.

"Yep!" His cock was already hard just looking at the slim teenager in her too-tight clothes.

She joined him on the couch. "So...umm...I told Trissa what we've been doing."


Janey shied back. "She's my best friend...she promised not to tell. And...umm...she wants in."

"" Mike's head felt like it was spinning.

Janey reached for his belt. "Yeah, she's not making enough babysitting, and since we're 'breaking even' with the sixty-nines, you have extra money, right? You can get it up a couple times a night instead of just once?" She had fished his cock out of his underwear by this point, and had her hand around it.

"Um, yes...?"

She pushed her dad back, doffed her shorts and panties, and moved into her new favorite position, her pussy over his face and her head over his hard cock. "Good! She's coming over this weekend! Glomf!"


Mike's wife stayed away for the rest of the week. Each night he ate out his stepdaughter's pussy, giving her an incredible orgasm while she sucked a load from his balls. Then it was finally Friday night.

"Hiii Janey's Dad," Trissa greeted Mike as he came home. They had met before, but calling him 'Mister' seemed too formal, and 'Mike' too informal. They had settled on 'Janey's Dad'.

"Hi, Trissa," Mike replied, eyeing the curvy teen brunette. It looked like her B-cup boobs had upgraded to a C-cup since he had last seen her! " look, Janey was just kidding with her story about the business arrangement..."

"Uh-uh!" Janey poked her head around the corner, "You aren't getting out of this! I showed Trissa the porno you were watching that first night, and she's ready!"

Mike looked to Trissa, who licked her lips while looking down at Mike's crotch. He looked down and could see the outline of his hard member through his slacks. "Oh shit..." he murmured.

Despite his misgivings, he had pulled $120 from an ATM on his way home. Janey dragged him into his bedroom and then pushed him back onto the bed. Trissa was right behind her, her eyes wide as Janey pulled down her dad's pants to free his rigid member.

"Shit..." Trissa whispered when she saw his above-average sized cock. She had had sex before, but those teenage boys weren't this big.

Janey rolled to the side. "Okay, get in there," she said, gesturing at her dad's member.

Trissa licked her lips as she knelt and got her face in close. His cock had a musky, not unpleasant smell. She leaned forward and licked up the underside of it, eliciting a groan from him. Emboldened, she licked the head and then took it into her mouth. When he leaned back, eyes closed, she slipped half of it between her lips. He groaned again.

Trissa had given blowjobs before, and there was one thing she was pretty good at. She relaxed her throat, angled it just right, and then took all of his cock in one go.

"Oh my God..." Mike groaned as he sat up to look at the teenage girl deepthroating his cock. It felt incredible!

She pulled back so she could breathe again, a thin line of spittle joining her lips to his cock as she did so. "Yum," she said before she went down on him again.

Janey had unfastened her shorts and had one hand down her panties. Then she felt more moisture on her fingers than expected. She pulled them out and found spots of blood. 'Damn,' she thought to herself, 'So much for me getting some sixty-nine action.' She continued to play with her clit, making sure not to put her fingers back inside her menstruating vagina.

"Gonna cum..." Mike moaned, and Trissa started moving her mouth faster on his cock. Soon he lay back, grunting.

"MmmMM..." Trissa moaned as she deepthroated him again, his cum shooting directly down her throat. She didn't like the taste, which was one of the reasons she had learned that trick.

Then they were done and Trissa pulled her mouth off of his cock. Mike fished $40 out of his wallet and handed it over to the delighted girl. She looked at the clock...she had just made -- she calculated in her head -- $240 dollars per hour, if only for 10 minutes of work, and fun work at that!

Trissa tucked the money into the pocket of her tight jeans and bounced out of the room. "Thanks, Janey's Dad!" she called back.

"Thank *you*!" Mike replied weakly.

Janey stayed behind. "Um, my period just arrived, so it's good Trissa's here to take care of you. You don't want to be sticking your tongue up in this." Mike wrinkled his nose and nodded in agreement.


"Hey, Janey's Dad, how much would you pay if I fucked you?"

Mike was suddenly wide awake. It was morning and Trissa was kneeling on his bed covers wearing only a long but tight t-shirt that barely hid her boobs and hard nipples. "Seriously?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, clambering into a sitting position that revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties, "I'm not a virgin or anything, so it's no big deal."

He sat up and grabbed for his wallet. "I have...$80."

"Kewl...we'll say $80 for the first time. Probably $100 next time, okay?" She pulled her t-shirt up and off.

Mike gasped. Trissa's nipples were hard and shaped like pencil erasers, and her definitely C-cup boobs stood out proudly from her tight teenage body. Between her legs he could see her closely trimmed muff.

He pushed the sheets off to show his already hard cock. Trissa's eyes got wide again.

"I've been wanting to know how that feels," she said as she got on all fours. "C'mon..."

Mike knelt behind her and felt her pussy to see if she needed any lubrication. He was pleasantly surprised to find her quite wet down there already. He lined his cock up and pushed the head between her puffy pussy lips.

"Mmm..." she moaned.

Mike's cock was pushing into a HOT pussy. Trissa's internal temperature was several degrees above normal, and it felt incredible. He pulled back a little and thrust again, slipping half of his length inside her.

"That feels good..." she moaned, and then asked, "Hey, are you wearing a condom?"

He stopped. "Oh, we don't have any..." His wife had had an endometrial ablation -- an operation to remove the lining of her uterus -- years ago, so there was no need for birth control anymore.

Trissa thought for a moment. "Okay, but you'll have to pull out."

Mike happily continued pushing his cock, which was suddenly even harder, into the teenage girl's hot pussy, making her moan. After a few thrusts he pushed hard and then was all the way inside.

"Oh shittt..." she groaned. "So fucking deeeppp..."

Chuffed at hearing that, he pulled back so only the head was inside before he thrust back in all the way. Not hard, but not soft either. He was rewarded with a cry of pleasure from the girl each time he bottomed out.

He moved one hand under her torso to feel one of those gorgeous boobs, tweaking the nipple. Trissa gasped and he could feel her pussy squeeze his cock.

She moved forward, disconnecting them. "I wanna get on top..." she said, slipping around behind him.

He flipped over and she climbed astride him. Soon her hot pussy surrounded his cock again as she bounced in his lap in the cowgirl position. Mike reached up and played with those gorgeous young boobs and felt her pussy tightly grip his cock again. With the added thrill at knowing that Trissa wasn't on birth control and might be fertile, he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Gonna cum soon..." he warned Trissa, whose eyes were closed now as she ground her pussy into the base of his cock.

"Not yet..." she groaned, swirling and angling her hips. "Almost..."

Trissa's pussy was squeezing him almost constantly now. He could feel the tingle starting at the head of his cock and moving downward. When it got down to his balls...

"Trissa! I'm gonna...unhh..."

"Almost...almost..." She had started quick staccato bounces onto his cock. "Yeeesss...." Then she froze, her eyes flashed open and her mouth hung slack as her pussy went crazy, undulating around his cock.

"CUMMING!" Mike yelled. He instinctively arched his back for maximum penetration inside the possibly fertile teenager as cum rushed up his shaft. He felt one huge blast inundate her orgasmic insides before she suddenly rose up off of his cock.

"Uh?" Mike grunted, looking to see what had happened. He saw arms around Trissa's vibrating midsection, lifting her up. His daughter had rushed in to save her friend!

Mike watched as his spewing cock shot another dollop of cum, this one splashing onto Trissa's pussy. Unfortunately, her vaginal lips were still open, so some of that cum slipped between them.

Janey was not a very strong girl, so she and Trissa fell forward onto Mike and his and Trissa's sexual organs came together again, though there was no further penetration. However, Mike continued to spew sperm-filled semen onto and between the girl's unprotected pussy lips.

"Oh Godddd..." Trissa groaned as her orgasm finally subsided. "Did you...cum in me?"

Mike gave her an awkward smile. "Um..."

"Looks like it's all outside," said Janey from behind them. "You should go shower, Trissa."

Trissa gave Mike a not-so-chaste kiss on the lips before she hobbled off to the bathroom. Janey sat down beside him.

"Did you cum in her?"

Mike looked sheepish. "Maybe a little?"

Janey looked thoughtful. "It wasn't your fault. I walked in when you said you were close. She should have gotten off."

"Well, she did 'get off'..."

She punched him in the arm. "Dad jokes, now? Sheesh. I'll find out when her last period was."

Mike reached for his pants. "Oh, and give her this, please." He handed her the $80.

She looked at it. "Only $80 for sex?"

"She said next time it'll be $100."

"Oh." Janey looked thoughtful for a moment and then left the room.

To Be Continued...
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