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Written from the dads perspective. Other perspectives to come
Dave, his wife Claire and their daughter Amy finally arrived at the hotel after what felt like an eternity! Their flight had been delayed and then the taxi they’d prebooked didn't show “there’s 50 quid I’ll never see again” Dave grumbled. But they finally arrived at their 5* resort. A golf course for Dave to enjoy and multiple pools for the girls to relax and sunbathe by. They were all very tired so went to their apartment to sleep ready to start their holiday properly in the morning.

At breakfast that morning they all discussed their plans for the day. “Well I think we’ll lie by the pool, what do you think Amy”. “I think that sounds like a plan” she chuckled back. “I don’t know how you do it girls” Dave said, “I need to register at the golf club and get familiar so I’ll probably just do 9 holes today and then see you later for a swim and a drink”.

While the girls sunned themselves, Dave was enjoying a beer after his round of golf. He met up with a two older guys who were having a mens golf holiday and had left their wives at home. “we’ve been coming here for 4 years now. First time was a family holiday but we now leave them behind, much better that way to enjoy the local entertainment” they both started laughing. Dave just politely smiled not really understanding the joke. The two guys finished their drinks and as they were leaving they said very quietly “just book 9 holes tomorrow but tell the family your doing 18. You won’t regret it” and with that they left.

Dave didn’t know what was going on but booked himself a Tee Time as he left “just 9 holes again please” he said thinking he could book a back 9 after or worst case have time for a few more beers if it came to nothing.

Dave headed back to the hotel, and waited for the girls in the bar. “How was golf dad” Amy said as she joined him. “It was good, really nice course. How’s your day been?” he asked.

“Good, we just lay by the pool but got talking to the people near us. Is it ok if I go to the karaoke bar with them later?” She almost pleaded. “Yes but only after dinner and only if I don’t have to come. I hate karaoke. Be safe”. “Thanks dad” she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Dave was up early to get his round in before the sun came up. Truth was he barely slept as he couldn’t stop thinking about what the guys had said and what the local entertainment was.

He was partnered with someone different who couldn’t speak any English so was greatful he only had booked 9 holes.

In the bar after he spotted his new friends. “Dave, great” one said. “Ready to go?”

“Yea but where are we going?! He replied

“Just a bit of local Turkish entertainment” was the reply.

They jumped in a taxi and were driving further in land and away from the hotel but after only about 15 minutes the taxi stopped and they got out. The building was nothing special and looked like any roadside diner you see, but all the windows were blacked out.

They all walked in, paid their money and were given a raffle ticket. “What’s this for” Dave asked. “You’ll find out soon”

Inside there was a stage with tables and chairs set out looking towards the stage and a bar at the back. It looked like a local theatre or comedy club, that sort of thing.

They all took their seats and the room soon filled up, every chair taken up by mostly local men but some tourists dotted around too.

“Welcome to the best sex show in the world” was the announcement as the lights dimmed. Dave was shocked, but deep down he hoped it would be something like this. He was sure it would be little more than a strip show and took a swig of his beer.

Moments later 5 girls walked out on stage to lots of cheering and whistling. They were all naked except for a pair of high heels. He couldn’t tell how old they were, but all young and all very attractive. 3 of the girls were clean shaven and 2 had a nice little patch above their pussies. None had particularly large boobs but all around a C cup he thought. Anyway they were all sexy as hell and was looking forward to the show.

They stopped equally spread out standing next to a bench showing of their bodies to the crowd. “And now gentlemen, it’s time for the raffle” the host said “If your number is called, make your way to the stage and pick a girl, each girl can only be chosen once”

“Wow” Dave said “is he serious, we can fuck the girls” “sssh yes, but only if your number is called”

“Number 72” an old Turkish man stood up excitedly, he wasn’t in bad shape but must have been at least 65. He made his way to a short brunette, she kept smiling but could clearly see her face drop in disappointment.

“Number 16”, “number 32” , “number 5” Dave looked down at his ticket, number 122, am I even in the pot he thought “number 121”. “YES” said one of his new friends as he jumped up. “Lucky fucker” Dave said to his other friend “he always wins!”

“Now we have our winners, it’s time to enjoy your prizes”

All the girls got down on their knees and unzipped the men in front of them. You could tell some were happier than others with their new lovers but they all started sucking the guys in front on them, bobbing their heads up and down, the room was silent and you could hear the slurping from the 5 cocksuckers. There was clearly some more experienced than others but all guys seemed to be happy with the situation!

After only a couple of minutes, one of the guys came and re took his seat as the girl looking a bit surprised and left the stage.

There was a ringing of a bell and all 5 girls stood up, walked behind the bench and bent over facing the crowd. The guys followed suit and started to fuck the girls in front of them. 3 girls were enjoying the fucking they were receiving but one clearly was not, she looked bored and was very relieved when the guy came with a loud grunt. Without any emotion she stood up and walked off stage. Dave’s new friend was next to cum and after cleaning himself up and getting dressed he returned to the table “not sure how I held on so long, that’s the best blowjob I’ve had, the fuck was a bit plain though but better than the options in my hotel room” he laughed.

As they were talking the last 2 guys came and the stage was cleared.

“Gentlemen, unfortunately that is the end of today’s entertainment, the team are out looking for new talent and we have something special planned for next week. Don’t forget to book your table before leaving”

“So Dave, want to join us next week, it’s every Monday”. “You have to ask” he laughed and they booked in for the next week.

The next week of the holiday passed without any real excitement. Dave played a few more rounds of golf, Amy and her friends had been busying themselves around the hotel at the various attractions and had been into the local town town a couple of times. Claire only moved from the pool to get another cocktail or something to eat. She thought she would miss Amy but she was more than happy with her music, her book and her cocktails. With Amy spending so much time with her friends it also meant she and Dave could sneak back to the apartment for some fun on their own!

It was Sunday night and they were all enjoying a drink in the hotel bar after a busy day on the beach doing watersports. “You playing golf tomorrow dad” Amy asked. “Yes another 18 holes planned, can’t wait” he replied hoping his face didn’t give away he true plans. “Day by the pool is it for you” he said with a bit of a laugh. “No, if it’s ok a few are going into the town again, bit of shopping and we’ll have lunch there if that’s ok”. Amy asked. “Of course it is, have fun and stay safe”.

Dave was up early again to play his round of golf. It was the worst round he’d played in a long time with his mind racing forward to the afternoons activity. “Must be the heat” he kept saying to his partner.

He finished his round, made his way to the bar and had a cold beer waiting for the other two to finish their rounds.

Soon they were all done and on their way to the club.

“Welcome gentlemen, we have something special today, raffle tickets are optional but are 100lira“ the person on the door said.

“What’s that, about £12” one asked. “Yes I think so” Dave replied. “I’m sure it’ll be worth it”. They all bought a ticket and made their way into the room. Being one of the first to arrive they had the pick of the tables chose one in the middle near the stage.

“Welcome to the best sex show in the world” the announcement came. “Today we have something special for you, a rodeo, with a difference. Soon we will be bringing out 5 horses *cough* girls. Each will be wearing a horse head hood so they cannot see and be placed in the stocks before you. 5 lucky men will be chosen to ride each of our horses, yes that’s 25 of you lucky men. Whichever horse makes her 5 stallions cum quickest will be the winner. The men will get their 100 lira back and the winning horse will receive 1000lira prize money.”

“Oh yes, this sounds amazing” one of the guys said.

The girls were brought out, again naked except for high heels, the hood and a horse tail butt plug. “Ha nice touch” Dave said. “They really have stuck with the theme”

They all had numbers written on their bodies from 1-5. all 5 girls were incredibly sexy, all young and toned and everyone was clean shaven. Two had bigger boobs and Dave thought ‘they’ll look good swinging around’, the other three all similar sizes and very pert on their young bodies. They were helped into the stocks and all got ‘comfortable’ waiting for their stallions.

The host started the draw and read out the numbers. The two girls with the biggest boobs were chosen first, along with horse number 3 who was the most petite of them all. Dave again was unsuccessful but both of his mates were lucky. One choosing the bustiest and the other choosing horse number 3.

“Our stallions are ready, don’t forget to cheer on your favourite horse. Remember the first horse to make all 5 of our stallions cum is the winner.”

“Ready, start”

The first 5 guys stepped forward and instantly started fucking the girls, no time for foreplay or anything gentle. You would imagine cumming quickly would be the opposite of what men would want in this situation, but sex, competition and money are three huge drivers for the mail brain!!

You could hear the slap of skin on skin, the grunts of the men and the moans from the 5 girls. It took a few seconds for the crowd to get involved. “Come on number 2, make those udders swing” someone shouted. “Come of 5 take his cum”. “Come of 3, this stallions gonna break the tiny slut”

The guy behind number 2 came first, with a forceful thrust he buried his cock in her and screamed out in triumph as the crowd cheered.

He was quickly followed by girl 5 (the other busty girl, 1 and 4. The guy fucking girl 3 was clearly not trying to win and having as much fun as he could with the tiny frame in front of him.

With number 3 still being fucked by the first guy the others were on to their second and for number 2 the third. “Looks like we have a favourite” the host said “but keep cheering your favourite horse“ Come on number 3” lots said, either loving the petite girl or backing them underdog “come on 3, make him cum “Dave shouted loudly.

Finally he reached his climax and the second stallion was quickly fucking her, again thrusting hard and fast, determination on his face to catch up and get back In the race, and it worked and he came quickly, all were on to their 3rd guys now except for 2 and 5 who were neck and neck on their 4th guy.

Girl three was equally trying to play catch up and you could see her pushing back onto the guy and meeting his thrusts “with a loud grunt he came and quickly got out of the way.

“2 and 5 still out in front but 3 catching up quick” who’s your favourite. “5”. “2”. “3”. “3”. “5” came the shouts everyone clearly forgetting about the stragglers.

“2 and 5 on their final stallion, already taken 4 loads of stallion cum, who will be the winner...: wait 3 has joined them. It’s neck and neck”

One of Dave’s new friends was fucking 2 as his friend stepped up behind number 3. They both looked at each other smiled and laughed as they got their focus back. They were both gripping the girls by the hips and thrusting in and out of their girls as hard as as fast as possible, neither showing any sign of their more senior age “come on number 3” Dave shouted “sorry mate” he laughed at the other guy “come on 3 fuck that slut make her the champion”

With that his mate raised his hands in the air, thrust one last time and emptied his balls deep in his victorious girl and shouted “WINNER” as he did. The crowd cheered and stood on their feet applauding.

“After a slow start we have our winner! Congratulations number 3”

The girl was clearly exhausted as her head and hands dropped in the stocks and she, as well as the others had to be helped out. All 5 stood there panting and covered in sweat with a trail of cum dripping down their legs.

The host walked over to number 3.

“Gentleman I think you can all agree we have a worthy winner. Taking home 1000 lira in prize money” he reached up grabbing the top of the hood “gentleman, may I present your winner... Amy” as he removed the hood.

Everyone cheered but Dave’s heart stopped, his mouth open and he couldn’t move.

Amy’s eyes took a while to adjust to the light in the room, as her vision came to her, she couldn’t believe what she saw, stood directly in front of her, staring straight at her was her own dad!

Dave sat down in shock and Amy smiled nervously took the envelope and quickly left the stage not knowing what to do.

How could they ever look at each other again?!
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