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This is a part 2, i recommend that you read part one for context .

While this is based on my real life, I have changed all names, locations and time lines to protect all parties privacy. If you like this story and want me to continue to writing the rest of it please consider voting on the story and leaving a comment.
As Misty finished cleaning herself with her hands and mouth, I felt myself rise back up from the hot seen of her licking up our mess. Feeling my cock begin to poke at her, Misty smile “You really do recover fast don’t you… how about a shower baby?”. I followed her sex swaying ass as she led me to the shower with her. The sight of her tight tender little rosebud peeking at me from between her soft pale cheeks was making me drool. Once in the shower Misty continued to take the lead in our adventure. She took a wash rag and slowly took her time washing me from the tips of my toes to the base of my neck. Her gentle hands felt so good as she rubbed me that my cock was once again free flowing a stream of pre-cum. After she finished cleaning me, she made a show of watching herself, clearly enjoying herself as she performed for me.

When Misty turned her back to ask me to wash her, I was all to happy to get my hands back on her and took my time slowly washing her down, being careful to scrub and rub every inch of her. Once I reached her ass, I dropped to my knees and pulled her soft globs apart to showcase my target. Misty let out a small squeak as she felt my tongue poke at her star for the first time. at fist as I was unsure if my licking had not bin welcome, but I was wrong as Misty reached back to hold her cheeks open for me so that I could get a even better taste of her tender back side. I had only seen oral anal play in videos online so I was not sure of what the taste would be like, Misty taste was what I can only call sweet, a slight hint of metal and sugar. It did not take long before I had me face crushed into her back as I push all of my tongue up her sweet, delicious ass. Misty just monad as I kept trying to lick deeper, I could not wait any longer and opened the shower, picked Misty up and carried her to the bed, where I tossed her wet body onto her stomach. I then returned to my meal of her ass. Misty pushed her ass up to give me the best point of access for probing her. Her pussy was no longer gaping but was dripping with excitement all down my chin and onto the sheets. After what must of bin 30 minutes, Misty finally asked me to stop so that she could lay on her back and have my mouth pay her womanhood a visit, I was more than happy to play along, though I would be lying if I said I was not sad to have to stop tasting that sweet honey ass of hers to do so.

Misty’s pussy also had a sweet aroma to it, but the taste was out this world. The more I licked her and the more of her juices I sucked out of her the sweeter and more intoxicating her pussy became. I had become a man possessed and found myself working from her clit to her lips, then deep into her, trying to find all the wonderful layers of her flavor that awaited me in her pussy. Misty came on my working face, time and time again, until after her third orgasm, misty begged me to stop and let her have a turn at me, but like I said I was possessed and I didn’t know if I would ever get to taste her again so I wrapped her legs in my arms and continued my assault on her inflamed clit and pussy walls. I had made up my mind, if to night was a onetime chance, I was going to make to most out of it and I was going to eat her tell she blacked out, after all I was sure that would be new for both of us. Despite her initial cries for me to stop, they were fast replaced with her bucking wildly at my mouth and her screaming of how if I kept going that she was not going to be able to contain herself. All her cries just drove me to work faster and harder, and then in one big thrust of her hip Misty flooded my mouth and face as she squirted and collapsed on the sheets, breathing had become so erratic that I stopped my work on her and climbed up to look her in the face to make sure she was okay. Her pale face was now bright red and she had grabbed a pillow to try and hide from my sight. “No one has ever made me do that before” she gasped, I did not know if she was lying or not, but it was clear to me that I had done a good thing.

Not wanting to let a good time end, I told Misty to spread her legs and hold herself open. Misty followed my request and I lined my cock to her waiting cunt and looked back to Misty’s eye “You said you wanted it to hurt right?”, Misty smiled with a cum drunk look back at me and whispered “If it pleases you and your cock, baby destroy me… I need to feel you lose control too.” With her blessing I drove myself all the way into her womb and started to jackhammer her as hard as I could. To Misty’s credit she never let her legs close as I pounded her hot little box, even after her first orgasm and when I noticed a fair amount of blood smearing my cock, Misty just kept telling me to ravage her for my own pleasure. So, in time I fucked her tell I felt her body fall limp. I laid there on top of her still slowly sawing in and out of her, as I waited for her to recover and come back to me. The fist words she said to me as she recovered forced me to fill her with countless ropes of my seed “Breed Me Master” was all she had to say and it was over my ball emptied into her, my animal lust taking over at the thought of her carrying my child. As my own orgasm faded I just kept rocking my cock inside of her, I had cum three times now and felt that I could at best get one more go if I played my cards right so I didn’t want to pull out and grow completely soft. Misty laid there under me, kissing me, and telling me how wonderful the fuck had been.

As my cock started to return to its full size again, Misty’s eye grew wide, “Baby I can feel that your getting ready to go again, but you ripped me up pretty good it feels that last round I think I well need to use my mouth.” I didn’t move I just kept my eyes lock on hers. “You called me Master… Master doesn’t want his last load to be wasted in your belly… Roll over so I can take my fill from you.” I could hardly believe the words as they left my mouth, Misty looked uneasy at my words. “Baby, I told you before at work that I don’t do anal…” I cut her off with a kiss. Holding her legs, I pulled my cock free from her tight dick trap. “Roll over Misty, Your Master has need of your ass…” Again, I didn’t believe my own words. Misty rolled over on to her knees and pressed her head into the pillows “Please, I am begging you to go slow at least…” I took in the sight of Misty’s wet, glistening asshole. I placed the head of my throbbing meat at her tight opening. “Do you truly enjoy pain Misty?”. I waited for Misty to give me her answer, my flexing head pressing at door.

Misty cried through her tears, “I do LOVE pain.” With those words I forced the head of my cock into her, tell her tight ring was hugging at my crown. Her cries turned to animal grunts; the pain was now to much for her form words. Despite her discomfort, Misty reached back with her hands and opened herself to me. I took her invitation and forced the first half of my cock into her. To my shock Misty responded to my stopping by forcing her hips back and swallowing the rest of my 11 inches into her ass. I held my cock deep and just tried to hold onto Misty as her body exploded in a frenzy of spasms. Her eye rained tears as pussy gushed out on my ball and thighs. A some point Misty screamed at the top of her lounges for me to fuck her like I owned her, so I did. I don’t know how long I fucked her ass, but I know that I had the most intense orgasm of my life and as I felt the last of my cum pour into her virgin bowls, the room went black.


2020-05-23 20:32:30
Awesome story! Would love to read more.


2020-05-22 17:47:55
To follow up with Chevy, your grammar and spelling is really poor. Your story is readable, but you should try the free version of Grammarly at the very least.


2020-05-21 21:47:59
Good story so far keep it up. Some misspelling and punctuation errors but easy enough to read through them.

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