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The family falls deeper and deeper and deeper into Depravity:: Mom now gets pleasured

by huge swamp creatures:: Steph takes on a huge black cock::


Irene had just ate her daughters pussy Maryanne(18).... And Esterr had indeed confronted Irene about her own desires, and wanton lustful needs.

So both Maryellen and Esterr came to Irene and told her to get naked, and on the same table her daughter was on, so she did so.

Irene now lay naked right beside her naked daughter as Esterr left the cabin with a bucket as Irene was questioning Maryellen where she was going and why?

Maryellen only aknowledged that she'd soon find out and it would damn good pleasure for her.

Minutes later Esterr returned and put the bucket at Irene's feet and said spread your legs wide apart and get them feet up on the table and scoot yourself down and get that ass of yours right on the edge and I sure gots something that's gonna' give you mind blowing pleasure.

Irene did this her long legs pulled up and feet on the tables edge her ass now right on the edge as Esterr had ordered, and with that said and done, Esterr reached right into that bucket and pulled a swamp eel twice as big as the ones she'd used on her daughter Maryanne.

Irene's eyes shot open in awe and fear alike as the thing flopped and wiggled about in Esterrs hands as she brought it to Irene's pussy and worked the head into her cunt lips making her go crazy with anticipated lust and feeling it's slimy head just thrust into her cunt lips.

Esterr held it against her pussy opening and suddenly the thing began to squirm and wiggle it's way into her cunt opening making Irene thrash and shake all over screaming out it was to much to take.

But take it she did her lips and opening stretched totally out to consume the wild swamp creature and she was going crazy as it slowly squirmed and snaked it's way up into her!!

Just as it had wiggled and squirmed it's way as far as it could go Irene went totally crazy with the lust and feeling of it all and orgasmed then and there.

Esterr now left that swamp beast to squirm and flop it's wild tail about hanging from her pussy buried to the hilt, Irene shaking all over screaming and crying out it was to much pleasure for her t0 take as she was orgasming over and over again.

As she went up to Irene's head thrashing about crying out gruntal groans of pleasure and gasping heavy lustfull sounds.

Then she pulled another much smaller swamp critter from the bucket and moved it over to Irene's tits and it's mouth opened up and swallowed her large nipple and half her ariola into it. As the other one was placed on her other tit and doing the same thing.

Irene really going crazy now as her pussy was feeling the one in it and both her nipples and tit were being sucked on by the others and she let out a wild screaming sound of absolute pleasure.

This time such a huge gushing orgasm she all but fainted from the intensity of it.

The wild beastial, primitive pleasure of it was to much for her!!

Esterr left them several more minutes, To give Irene so much mind boggling pleasure and after that, removed them from Irene's pussy and tits and back into the bucket, Leaving Irene panting, and gasping, and so shaken with the intense pleasure she had gotten from them.

And moved and sat the bucket down and scooted it under the table and left Irene panting and gasping with the intense pleasure.

Her daughter Maryanne right beside her still squirming and having after orgasm effects of what her mom, and those swamp creature eels had done to her own pussy!! Mother and Daughter alike!!

Esterr now telling Irene those things sure can do a job sucking yer' tits and wiggling all up inside your pussy can't they?

All Irene could do was nod her head yes they had pleasured her so damn much she was to far gone to try and answer no wonder her daughter Maryanne was still knocked out from her pleasure of them and the pussy eating she got from her mom!!

What no one knew though was that George had gotten Thedford to follow them to this cabin again and both men outside the window had watched Thedfords wife willingly, and lustfully, eat their youngest daughters pussy and then laid out on that damn table herself, and took those swamp creatures willingly and pleadingly!!

What bothered Thedford the most was he had a hard on watching it all!!

His hope of getting his family to freely try and get out of this place were thwarted hell his wife, and daughters, loved all this depraved, sexual pleasure shit.

And what was next? Who would fuck what next? Who was the next victim? And what was his daughter Steph doing right now? Where to hell was she?

As Thedford asked George; "Where is my daughter Steph at?"

George just told him that she and Isabelle were down at the creek, and both probably were getting the 'black cock' fuck of their life there!!

So he and Thedford left this scene and followed yet another path that took them to the creek.

And sure enough there was his oldest daughter Steph on top a huge black man riding up and down like crazy on his huge cock gasping and crying out as she was having orgasm after orgasm riding that pussy splitting black dick of his!!

Thedford was totally bewildered:: Totally cuckold:: Totally deprived:: All his women were sluts now!! Fucking anything and everything that they could fuck!!

What was next for them all?

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