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First time sharing Maddy with a a girl friends husband
Maddy and I had quite the fling going and we were having a lot of fun exploring new and interesting sexual ideas. After the first night when we had watched a couple of porn videos she became a sex addict. She started wanting to do things that really surprised me. I began to see a whole other side of her that I never would have expected.

One night ,before we had started to make out she put a video on where a couple were in the woods. The man had his pants down around his ankles and the woman was on her knees sucking him . After getting him hard she stood up and pulled her pants down just far enough to get his cock inside her. Maddy was rubbing herself watching as he fucked the woman from behind. “ I would like to do that “she said “let's go for a walk”.

And just like that she led me outside and out back of her garage where there were some trees. She led me down a path to a clearing then stopped and started kissing me.She squatted down, unzipped my pants and began giving me a blow job.I was thinking about Sandy and how she said she used to suck boys off in the woods like this. Now Maddy was the one sucking in the woods and doing a good job at it.

After she got me good and hard she stood up and led me over by a tree and turned around . I pulled her pants down and guided my cock into her pussy as she braced herself.I have begun to see that Maddy gets wet a lot easier each and every time we have sex. Today was no exception as I was able to glide smoothly inside her dripping hole.Soon I had both hands on her hips listening to her moan loudly while she pushed back against my cock.

This was going to be a quickie because the night was young and Maddy was just getting warmed up.She had already cum several times and was now begging me too. I am not usually a fan of quickies but like I said the night was young. Finally when I said I was going to cum Maddy pulled away and squatted in front of me stroking my cock. I started cumming at Maddy with shot after shot hitting her face .She didn’t open her mouth. She was aiming it on her forehead ,cheeks and neck. with her eyes closed

This was something new I thought as I watched my cum beginning to run down her face and onto her blouse. When I finished cumming she opened her mouth and began sucking away hoping to get it all. Finally she released my cock and wiped the cum away from her eyes then smiled. “That was fun,” she said as she stood up and squeezed my cock again “my first facial .What do you think? Do I look like a slut , I kinda feel like one any ways” she said as we pulled up our pants. “You look like a slut with that cum running down your face like that” I said “I just wished I had a camera. You have your phone why dont you take a couple of pictures , I will pose for you”She leaned back against the tree and smiled , then lifted her shirt exposing her small breasts .She wiped her face then smeared the cum around on her nipples as I took the pictures.

Then we walked back to the house with her looking at my phone “I could be a porn star” she said with a laugh.”Fix us a drink while I get cleaned up and I will meet you in the Jacuzzi “she said. Maddy came out to the Jacuzzi in a bathing suit and climbed in taking a sip of her drink.”What's with the bathing suit “I asked”Oh I have a friend coming over” she said.I started to say I was naked when she stopped me “don't worry she has seen a few cocks before ,relax” she said then smiled.

I just began to ask Who was coming when her phone rang and she said we are out on the deck. Okay now I was in an embarrassing situation ,naked in a Jacuzzi not having a clue on who was here.I looked at my clothes that were on a chair and started to stand up when this pretty woman came in sight. I sat back down and watched this pretty red head walking towards us.”Hi Amy “ Maddy said as she continued to walk over “is this your friend you have been telling me about”Amy said giving Maddy a hug.”Amy this is Robert ,stand up and give Amy a hug Robert “she said”don’t be shy”.

Amy walked over and I knew she saw that I was naked so she leaned down and hugged me “Nice to see , I mean meet you”she said. She sat down on the edge and ran her hand through my hair, “Maddy has told me a lot about you”she said. “Well why don’t you join us “I said. Amy put her arm around my neck “he is funny too”she said to Maddy.

Maddy got up telling her she has an extra suit ,I spoke up quickly saying that's not fair. She walked away and came back with drinks for us all.She then said “what the hell ,would you join us now” and stripped out of her suit. Amy looked at her then took a deep breath and stepped behind me . She stripped and quickly slipped in beside me facing Maddy “this does feel nice”she said .

“I like your freckles “ I said and she said “my what ? Your freckles can I have a pen so I can play connect the dots” hearing Amy chuckle . “He does have a sense of humor doesn’t he”and rubbed my leg.Amy did have a nice body ,thin and small breasts and has a soft and pleasant sounding voice.We had quite the conversation as we floated there finding out things about one another that was very promising . Amy has been married for 20 years, her husband is 60 and she is 55. They also lived the swinging lifestyle a few years back. She claims she is not bisexual but she has no problem with a fmf three some.

Amy was getting more open and comfortable and her hand would discreetly slide up my leg touching my cock. Several times she would give it a squeeze when Maddy would look away, which was causing me to get hard.And then wouldn’t you know it Maddy held her glass up asking me to get her another.Was this planned I thought as I looked at Amy who was smiling at me then at Maddy who was waving her glass.

I tried to get up not displaying my hard on to Amy but I could hear them whispering as I walked away.When I came back out I had softened a little but that was going to change .When I saw the girls sitting on the edge of the tub drying themselves off the blood started flowing back.”Boy you two could be sister’s” I said “you both are gorgeous,Yes keep dreaming “ Maddy” said with a laugh.

Sit down we need to talk” she said tapping the seat between them.”We have talked before about three some’s ,and Amy agrees that having two men is much better.She wants me to meet her husband would you be alright with that”she asked. Amy spoke up saying that she found me handsome and would like for me to join them.”We could all get together and go from there “Amy said with Maddy agreeing with her. “I would be okay with that “I said, telling them that it could be fun.

“Great then I will get back to you Maddy “she said standing up giving Maddy a kiss .She then turned and gave me a hug “it was nice meeting you” she said. I watched her get dressed , what a body I was thinking as she and Maddy walked away.I was picking up the glasses when Maddy came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.”I am so fucking horny lets go in and fuck” she said kissing my back.

“Why go in “I said, setting the glasses back down, I turned and kissed her “I want to do you right here”.I slipped my hand down between her legs and started finger fucking her.”Your so fucking sexy”I said then we started kissing passionately as I backed her over to the railing. I picked her up and replaced my fingers with my hard cock and started putting it to her.

She was moaning loud as my balls slapped her ass, so loud that we didn’t hear the car come back into the drive way. Maddy had her eyes closed and was laying her head back letting me suck her neck as I stood pounding away inside her. “I am cumming baby” I said when I began to unload my cum inside her extremely soaked pussy.

I didn’t realize Amy had come back until she said “nice job” and Maddy smiled looking over my shoulder. I looked and Amy was standing there with her hand still in her shorts. She walked closer and put her fingers to my lips”you made me cum too” she said as I tasted her wet fingers. When I set Maddy down Amy looked down and grabbed my cock as it was sliding out squeezing what cum was left in her hand. She smiled at me then licked her hand “your right he does taste good”she said to Maddy.

“I called Ray and he told me to ask you two if you would like to come over tonight. It is still early and he would like to meet you two “she said giving me a kiss.”So would you like,”before she could finish asking Maddy was already saying yes and when.Amy laughed and said”get dressed and follow me ,wow she is eager isn’t she.I think Ray will like her and I think I will like you”she said watching me get dressed.

Within ten minutes we were on the road following Amy,with Maddy seemingly excited .“If Ray is handsome and horny can I have sex with him”she ashed.”I mean would you mind if I did”she said “if you dont mind I would like to do him alone. I am sure that you and Amy could find something to do" .She said "she liked what she saw”then rubbed my leg “would you like to do her”Maddy asked just as we were in the driveway.

Amy must have called ahead because Ray was on the front porch waiting for us.”Well he looks handsome I wonder if he is horny”Mandy said with a snicker.”Well I know some that is if he isn't “ I said as we followed Amy up the walk.Ray shook my hand and seemed pretty pleasant when he introduced himself.

Ray and Amy began talking about how and why they entered into the swinging lifestyle.”We had been married for 18 years and the sex we enjoyed with each other was getting old. We needed to break out and try new things “Amy said “and it has been fun.I was mainly sitting there listening since my wife had already dabbled into the lifestyle. Maddy on the other hand was on the edge of her seat asking all sorts of questions and listened intently to Ray.

Now Ray was a good looking guy about my height and build and I could see Maddy was showing quite the interest in him.By how she inched closer to Ray appeared to me she wanted him,it also seemed that way to Amy.

”Let's get a drink,”Amy said to me, asking me to help her and we went into the house.”Well it looks like Maddy has eyes for Ray”she said to me as she poured some wine.”What do you think should we leave them alone”she said handing me my glass.”We don’t usually stay in the same room when we meet a new couple any ways”. Amy started to explain how being alone for the first time with someone helps break the ice. I told her that my wife and I had already gone through the initial meeting situation as we were in the lifestyle already.

“Good then you understand”she said moving up in front of me putting her arms around my waist.I could tell she was wanting to kiss me so I placed a hand on her cheek which was all it took.It wasn’t just a quick kiss it was an all out tongue to tongue passionate kiss.

Amy was standing on her tiptoes and had moved her arms up holding her hand on my shoulders. Her tiny body was pressed hard against me while we continued kissing each other.

Finally I turned her around and lifted her up on the counter and moved in between her spread legs.We continued our make out session as we began to explore each other's body with our hands.

We have already seen one another naked so it was no surprise that her breasts were small.

But feeling the heat that was emitting between her thighs was intriguing to me.She didn’t seem to mind my hand fondling her breasts as she broke from our kiss and moaned.Her hands moved to my ass as she laid her head back and took a deep breath. I then began kissing and sucking on her neck feeling her nipple harden as I rubbed it.

I moved my hand down undoing one button at a time slowly waiting to see her response.The response I received was a louder moan and a nipple getting harder.She was running her hands up from my ass to my shoulders as I kissed her breasts . Since my mouth was taking care of her upper body I let my hand move down. When I started rubbing the front of her jeans she pulled my head up kissing me deep again.

I hadn't been thinking about Maddy and Ray or what they were doing ,I was thinking with my cock. My cock wanted release and I was thinking Amy wanted it also by how moist her pussy felt when I slid my hand inside her jeans.I had her jeans undone and was contemplating just where or how I was going to push my cock into her.

”You guys take the main bedroom we will use the guest room”was the sound that shook us from the heat of passion.I turned to see Ray standing there with his arms around Maddy both smiling at us .I heard Maddy giggling as they walked away ,”come on” Amy said sliding off the counter.

“I think they are hitting it off “she said “that’s good he will do me good tonight”.

In the bedroom we began to continue our making out ,although we both were slowly stripping one another.Any had her head on my shoulder while she sucked and nibbled on my neck,all while I had her shirt undone.When I had her jeans undone she backed away laying down on the allowing me to pull then down off her thin legs.

While I took my clothes off Amy had crawled to her side table and reached for some lube.She squeezed some on her hands and grabbed my cock and started stroking it.She leaned her head against my belly using two hands on my cock.When she got me good and hard she handed me the lube and turn over on her knees. “I want you in my ass “she said running her hand under her pussy “fuck me in my ass please”.

I have only had anal sex a few times and never have I had them want it like Amy.I squeezed some lube down on her tiny but pushing it in with my finger. Amy must do this often I thought as my finger slid easily inside her.I poured a little more into her then moved up putting my cock at her entrance.”Go slow , you're pretty big”she said taking a deep breath as I inched inside her tight ass.

I could feel her fingers wiggling inside her pussy as I started fucking her ass slowly.It was a tight fit but Amy seemed to be enjoying me fucking her ass. I had both hands on her hips mainly to control the speed in which she was riding my cock. Her head would toss from side to side moaning louder as she reached an orgasm.She pushed back so hard once I fell back on my heels with her ass embedded on my cock. She had me fully inside her and stayed that way wiggling her hips crying “yes “over and over. I reached up and cupped both of her breasts “oh baby I am going to cum”I said whispering in her ear. Her fingers were rubbing my balls while telling me to fill her “I want to feel you cumming”she said. I let out a grunt and began unloading my sperm deep in her ass. I pushed hard against her and we both dropped down on the bed.

As we started recovering from the intense fucking Amy”s breath returned to normal. She said “I can't wait to feel you and my husband both fucking me”.I pulled out and rolled her on her back looking at her moist lips and her red pubic hair. I immediately spread her legs and started licking her pussy “would you be doing this after Ray fucks me”she said. “Before, while and after”I said I love how you taste” then licked and cleaned her cum that was seeping out.

I finally rolled off to her side and she reached up taking a baby wipe to my cock. After she was sure she had cleaned it well she dropped a little lube on it .She slipped it in her mouth and sucked on my cock for several minutes. “It tastes better now,” she said and licked up and down the sides of my soft cock.

“I know it takes a while for you to get hard again, Ray is the same way”.But I love cock soft or hard I could suck it all night long”she said then sat up. “Should we go and see if they are done yet?”she said, rubbing her hand up from my cock and then kissed me. “You are a good kisser,A good kisser, a good licker, and one hell of a good fucker “she said then giggled.

She stood up and threw a short lace robe on and handed me my pants.”You're a beautiful woman, with a beautiful body ,and one hell of a tight ass,”I said ,grabbing her ass as I stood up.

I got dressed and followed Amy into the kitchen where we grabbed a glass of wine. In the living room Maddy and Ray were sitting on the sofa both looking like they had some fun.We sat there talking for about a half hour until we said we needed to go.Amy spoke up saying “Yes you probably have some unfinished business to do with Maddy” and helped me up.

Ray kissed Maddy and shook my hand, Amy hugged both Maddy and I “We will be in touch,'' they said as we walked to the car and drove off.We didn't say too much on the way home other than we had fun. I walked Maddy to the door and she turned and kissed me “you should just go home. I don't think I could screw any more tonight, Ray really worked me over”she said. |Call me for details”. I said giving her another kiss before leaving
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