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Tim and Cindy begin to think about a new life
Thursday night I got home from the work the usual time. It had been a tense couple of days. There was the possible fallout from Cindy's sister and brother. The party they held in our apartment had the potential for disaster. Also despite assuring me there was no worry and trying to act unconcerned I could tell Cindy was anxiously awaiting her medical report. After all she had been in contact, in or on her, with semen from at least 8 or 9 different men. When I walked in the door I had the answer. I was greeted by a vision in light blue lingerie. Also the biggest smile possible.

She waived the paperwork at me. "I'm clean. I'm clear. Nothing. Just an extra note from the Doc suggesting I be more careful. Now, I'm all yours. Get comfortable, get a drink. I want to entertain you". I already had a hardon. Felipe had outdone himself. There was a jacket of sorts made of the finest lace. Black with enough blue silk to make that color stand out. It both hid her and promised so much. When I was settled, Cindy made a grand entrance. She dance before me, spinning and twirling to let the lace twirl in the air. Underneath was a bra that matched the jacket. Lace with blue ribbon and bows. Made to perfection. Her breasts seemed to float in the air. The support was just the right about to prevent the slightest sag, with not one bit of excess. Despite the garment they were seemingly suspended in the air unaided. Below there was just the right sized blue satin. Almost heart shaped, but that would have been tacky, her little patch of hair was covered, just. The whole thing hinted as possibilities. When she turned around I saw there was a little more material. No single string up the middle like the body suit.

"Are you happy?", she asked me hopefully.

"In so many ways. Yes because you're sexy and stunning. Yes because it looks great on you. Yes because you are sooo happy."

"I feel like the sexiest of movie stars. Come feel." She took my hands and placed them under her breasts. "See it's almost like they are floating in front of me."

I would have been happy to follow her all day supporting her breasts for her, but I saw what she meant. No pulling pinching squishing. Cindy did a half turn. "How does my ass look? Hard to see in the mirror."

'Cindy, for 99% of married men that's the most loaded question there is. Luckily I could pass a lie detector. Perfect. Just perfect. Cute enough to pinch." Which I did. "Would you mind dancing here all night?"

"Oh I have other ideas. My poor baby has been without. Someone's getting laid tonight!" Another huge smile. "But I have one more thing to show you. Have to do a costume change. Wait here."

A few minutes later Cindy called from the kitchen. "Stand in the doorway at the end of the hall." When I was in place, Cindy started walking the hall towards me. No doubt how Felipe instructed.

She was wearing the new bra he'd added to the package. Oh boy. It was hot. Hotter than hot. Heaven in robin's egg blue. And this was meant to be worn for normal days. As with the lingerie,

the brassiere perfectly fit her breasts.

When she reached me she said, "see they just hold me out there. Not squished together or lifted to my chin. Just like they're being presented. And the half cup or whatever allows the tops of my boobs to move. They sort of bounce and jiggle a little. Even in a shirt it looks like my boobs are bigger."

I was enjoying her enjoyment. All I know about bras is that some are a bitch to get off. Almost sensing what I was thinking Cindy reached back and opened the bra letting it fall from her shoulders.

"And here I am prancing around half dressed sticking my tits in your face and you haven't had any in a few days. Come on, follow me. Do you want a quickie to start, maybe a quick blowjob to take the edge off? Anything. My body has been returned to you."

I took her in my arms and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around me and let me carry her to bed. She removed the rest of the lingerie set so as not to ruin them. Then settled next to me on the bed. She did start by sucking my cock into her mouth and giving me her best blowjob. She used her tongue to great effect, kissed every part of my penis, sucked on my balls, squeezed them, then took me fully in her mouth. She held it there waiting, feeling the tension in my balls. Then letting my semen spurt down her throat. She slowly allowed my cock to slip out and said one word. "Delicious".

I caressed her body, enjoying the feel of my hands on her butt. "Careful on the right side, just a little soreness left. Richard gave me a couple of good shots."

"The bastard."

I continued my exploration, following the line of her hips, then up her sides as it narrowed, across her back, pulling her closer for a session of tongue wrestling and other kisses. I rolled her onto her back. Kissed down her neck, then feasted on her luscious breasts. Wanting to watch them jiggle and bounce I said, "back east, it's missionary for you." She laughed.

"However you want. Take me."

"You sure, no soreness down there?"

"No, none of them were that big and Angel made sure I was well lubed."

I needed no more convincing and entered my beautiful wife for the first time in days. Supporting myself with my arms I admired her as I slid my hard cock deep into her pussy. It had been shared just this past weekend, but now it was mine again. That idea and the sight of Cindy's breasts rocking, her light colored nips and areola floating on top caused me to vigorously push my cock deep into my wife. Cindy moaned, thanked me, squeezed my cock with her vagina. When I slowed my pace she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight. But I was in need of more. I took her legs, and put them up on my shoulders, stretching her, exposing her pussy and allowing me to push harder, frenzied. The frustration of watching her be shared by others, the sexual tension that had built up from a few days without, the thoughts of the lingerie, and the sexy, sweet, hot vision below me, taking all I had, pushed me to drive as deep as ever, finally balancing against Cindy's legs, holding her to me and flooding her pussy with more cum than I should have had on a second round.

"Oh Tim. Oh fuck. Wow. Just wow. That was hot. I could really feel it shooting hard into me. Wow. If the lingerie did that it was worth twice the amount. You were so forceful. I liked that."

I let her legs relax and leaned down on her. Letting Cindy feel some of my weight, pressing our bodies together.

"I was inspired. Also, when was the last time I went that long without sharing your body?"

"That time you had the flu. But if this is how you react, I may need to cut you off more often."

"Noooo, never, please. I promise. Vigorous fucking it is."

"No I like slow and easy too. All kinds really. But make sure animal Tim gets in the rotation."

I rolled to the side, and pulled her on top of me. Taking her full weight, she rested atop me, her legs stretched between mine, my hands resting on her butt cheeks. We forgot about dinner.

The following Monday I came home to a different scene. Coming into the apartment I said, "Hey did you see that sweet IROC across the street?" There was a brand new Camaro IROC Z, light blue sitting on our little suburban street. Then I noticed Cindy sitting at the table holding a piece of paper tears in her eyes.

"What's the matter Cindy. What happened?"

"It's mine."

"What's yours?"

"The car. It's mine." She handed me the note...


First let me say what a pleasure it was to meet you. You are so charming and sweet and it warmed my heart to have my dear Nikki get to know you and become your friend. She has continued to talk about you the past week. 'Cindy said this, Cindy said that. She's so cute and funny, etc, etc.' I rarely see her take to someone like that. I would also like to thank you for for being such a good sport and going along with our obscene behavior. Most people we meet who are not part of our crowd are horrified and repulsed. You and Tim have such a strong relationship that you can explore the world and still have each other. Life and especially youth is for living. Don't waste it. Finally, if you're reading this you will have noticed the Camaro, in robin's egg blue parked on your street. It's yours. You won fair and square, and with a bit of out of the box thinking. Peter Benton always pays his debts. I said there would be a prize. Please accept with no second thoughts. Enjoy in good health.


P.S. Nikki expects to send a package your way in the next week or two. Yes there is much interest.


I looked at Cindy, stunned. "They bought you a fucking car?" Then I broke into a smile.

"Can I keep it? It's, it's really too much."

"You saw their place. And their friends. From Peter, this is an appropriate gift. I can't image what it cost to find that color so quickly."

"I mean, really, he even went to the trouble of finding my favorite color. Why is everyone so nice to me? Gifts, praise, you."

I hugged her to my chest. "Because you deserve it." Now let's get your face cleaned up from the tears and take it for a ride.

Cindy hugged me back. Hard.
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