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Misty lives in a world where sex lounges reign supreme for entertainment. Is she joining for the thrill of things? Or is she interested in something more?
Her heart hammered in her chest as she signed the papers. She had heard about the Maze from a few friends of hers who had tried it out once before and thought that she would enjoy it. At least that's what she had told others. Misty had been to several other lounges that offered quite a thrill but none like this. None of them had been as grand or as popular as this one. Calypso's Bounty offered such a unique experience she had to see it for herself, and she felt that if she made a name for herself, she could transfer easier. She needed to find her sister after all.

Misty was offered a free viewing by an older gentleman, who had her sit somewhat too close for her comfort while the chaos unfolded below them. This gentleman, Mr. Redd, had his own personal station where he could watch the games from. He had his own private staff (that were provided by the lounge) and he had seen Misty reading over the paperwork- which is why she sat where she was now.

He held her side gently as he explained the games and how they worked. There were the mice and there were the minotaurs, prey and hunters. The games varied in intensity and the game type shifted from time to time to keep participants (and viewers) engaged. What went on below them was a team match. There were 10 hunters and 9 mice. The mice were set loose before the hunters were allowed out of their bases, to give them a good head start.

“It’s simple,” he explained “5 Minotaurs to a team, the first team to capture 5 mice wins. If the captured mouse so chooses, she will stay with her Minotaur until the next round.” His hand moved up ever so slightly to rest on her lower ribs. She shifted uncomfortably but remained silent, watching the mice scatter in the maze.

The maze itself had walls high enough so that runners could not see over them but from Mr. Redd’s standpoint it was easy to see everyone moving. There were several curiously elevated places and she asked “What are those plateaus?”

“Claiming pedestals.” He said, giving her a slight squeeze. “That is where the Minotaur take their claim to whichever mouse they caught.” Almost as if on cue, a buzzer sounded paired with distant shrieks inside the maze. The doors had opened.

The Minotaur sauntered out tall and proud, their heads high and looking up into the cameras that hovered above them. Each were well built and their eyes wandered from the cameras to the path ahead, they started their hunt. The teams were marked by their armbands: blue and red. They started out on opposite sides of the map, each team base painted to their color.

Misty glanced to the sides of Mr. Redd’s room to the monitors. There she saw their faces for the first time, to the left, the Minotaur, to the right, the mice. She studied the looks on the faces of one mouse, then another. None of them looked familiar, disheartening her.

She returned her eyes to the maze. They walked briskly, not running, Misty thinking that they were conserving their energies. Each glanced over their shoulder every so often and looked around wide eyed.

She shifted to the hunters, each camera trained on them as they spread out, their eyes filled with intent and one licked his lips. She stayed a bit longer on one Minotaur, his demeanor relaxed and his gaze easy- that is until a shriek let out piercing the sky. His eyes snapped forward and he took off quickly in the same direction. Where there is a capture, others will be fleeing from it.

Misty was not sure if she should look at the maze itself or the cameras as another shriek rang out, louder this time. She saw a blonde mouse who had strayed too close to the red base and had run into one of the hunters. At first her heart thumped in its chest, but she realized the blonde was too old to be Amy. Misty watched as she quickly turned around only to run into a second red Minotaur. Having little else to go, the mouse threw a punch at the closest one, which was caught and her hand was twisted behind her back. She struggled as the other Minotaur grabbed her other arm.

Misty found herself glued to the scene below, watching the mouse struggle, being one of the unlucky ones only lasting 5 minutes. The first Minotaur nodded at the other, who picked up her legs and they carried her like a log to one of the claiming pedestals. They dropped her on the ground, one left to stalk the woods nearby for prey. The other demanded her to crawl up to the top of the plateau where he would claim her, roughly. Misty could not hear the mouse’s response but she watched as the blonde slowly crawled up the incline.

The Minotaur had scarcely given her a moment to stop crawling before he was upon her. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over, his mouth finding her slit. He hungrily lapped at her until she was dripping wet, then he crawled up her. With his arms he pinned her to the dirt and he did not tease her lips, no, he forced himself in and she cried out in alarm. Her struggles only increased his fervor in which he took his prize with. Her moans and his grunts echoed loudly throughout the maze, exciting fellow hunters and setting more fear into the mice.

With one mouse claimed already and 15 points to the Red team, the game took a quicker pace. Hunters were trotting now. There was another shriek as a mouse ran into the back of a hunter. She screamed and scratched, somehow getting away and running off. He quickly followed in pursuit, his pleasure growing. Misty saw one mouse discover a pair of blue hunters and watched her quickly hide in a conveniently placed thicket.

She leaned forward on the side of Mr. Redd’s chair, ignoring his hand shift to her lower back and rub it slightly. One of the pair was the hunter she watched before, it looked as if they were out for a stroll in the park. They walked past the thicket, keeping an eye out for any mouse moving. The hidden mouse, thinking they were gone, stood up and ran the opposite way. She tripped over a barely visible wire and cried out as she crashed to the ground. The hunters were upon her in seconds. She could not struggle against their combined weight until they lifted her off the ground. The relaxed one letting go of her and looking elsewhere while the other blue caught sight of a mouse being chased by a Red. He took off after them.

Mr. Redd smiled, commenting on her eagerness “You like this don’t you? I’d pay a little extra to see you running about down there, without..” he tugged on her shirt. “Have you met the owner of this lounge?”

Misty shook her head no, watching as the Blue forced the 2nd caught mouse up the plateau and took her first by inserting his fingers inside her, inspecting her like prized meat. When he took his fingers out, he grabbed hold of her hair and pulling back, exposing her throat for the world to see as he slid himself into her glistening hole. He pulled her hair tight with each thrust, her breasts slapping against her chest and you could hear quite a buzz from the Voyeur booth as the Minotaur claimed his prize.

A big screen flashes Red: 15 Blue: 15 just as the hunter she watched caught up with the Red chasing the mouse. The Red was breathing hard and the Blue overtook him easily. The mouse screamed in terror as she realized her lead had vanished as he reached out and grabbed one of her arms. He ripped her to the ground just as the Red caught up and started cursing at him. The Blue looked up and smiled as he grabbed the back of the mouse's’ neck and forced her to her feet. Her monitor was filled with her red face, exhausted from the continual sprint and now from the realization that she had little chance of escape.

The Red did not let up on his anger and the Blue waved him off as he approached the plateau. When the Red had finally given up and stalked off, the Blue let go of the mouse. She turned to him, confused, and he smiled at her, saying a single word that ran a chill down Misty’s Spine: “Run.”

The mouse did not hesitate, running in an instant towards the jungle, only to be slammed to the ground by the waiting Red from earlier. Hovering cameras caught the action as he plowed into her from behind, her screams stronger than anything else in the Maze. He took her where he caught her, the hovering cameras buzzing around them to soak in every angle. The Red pushed her head into the dirt as he came inside her bleeding hole.

Red 25: Blue 15

Red 3 hunters remain, Blue 4 hunters

3 mice down, 4 to go.

Mr. Redd asked Misty if she would play in the next game, to which she answered she was unsure. He said that it was going to be a special event, one that the lounge had not seen before, and that it would be one she should not miss. She looked at him curiously, feeling his hand move up her shirt and to touch the bottom of her breast lightly.

“What do you mean by special event? Will there be any new mice?” She asked, her eyes catching on one of the monitors a 2nd mouse caught by a Blue member. He dragged her to a claiming pedestal by her hair and forced her to her knees. He stood with his hands on her head, forcing her mouth to take his whole member. Her gags were picked up by the cameras and once again the Voyeurs cheered as he burst deep inside her throat. Misty swallowed hard and felt herself getting excited. Mr. Redd answered “Well, you see, the lady of the lounge will be participating.”

Red 25: Blue 30

3 v 3

5 mice remain

Misty’s eyes widened a bit and wondered at what that could mean as another mouse was captured by a Red. This red threw her over his shoulder and walked off towards the Red base, followed by many boos from the Voyeur box. 4 mice remain. Red has 30 points with 3 mice and Blue has 30 points with 2 mice.

Mr. Redd told her that after the end of this game there would be a break for any Minotaur and Mice who wish to participate in the next game. He tapped her shoulder and pointed to a lower quadrant where there was not once mouse but two with a Minotaur. A Red had been walking with his prize to be claimed when a second mouse ran up behind him and shoved him forward. She attacked him as the other fled quickly. Once the mouse felt it was safe, she launched off of him and ran off in a different direction. Suddenly a mark appeared over her head and along the ground there were several lighted pathways that led to her, she looked down at them and then shifted her position towards where there was no light, running as fast as she could. The assaulted Red stood, spit, and ran after her. The lights faded quickly, but not quick enough for a howl of laughter was heard through the maze.

“That you see there is a heroic mouse, Misty. She’s worth double the points to whoever catches her.” A moment later the heroic mouse cried out as she falls into a hidden ditch. Another mouse runs to her and helps her out of the ditch and straight into the arms of a waiting Blue. The heroic mouse fought against him until he struck her across the face. The mouse was stunned as he drug her to one of the pedestals, slapping her ass all the way up the incline. He forced her to the ground and used her juices to coat his pulsing member. He lined up with her ass and she begged him not to as he pushed into her until his balls rested on her lower lips. That painful intrusion was intensified as he piled into her over and over again, her arms shaking to support both of their weights.

Red: 30 Blue: 60

3 hunters remain 2 hunters remain

4 mice remain

The Red team grows desperate as the numbers flash above them, their pace quickens trying to find more mice. They had a lead for a while but the numbers show them that they are slacking.

Two mice have been running together and have been lucky as to not get caught. They were about to run into the woods when they skidded to a stop as a wall moved up to block the woods off, they looked at each other and knew what that meant. Half the hunters were left.

The pair ran off, intending to pass the pedestal and disappear into one of the tunnels just as two Reds showed up. They quickly parted ways and ran in opposite directions, the reds taking chase.

One quickly caught up to the first mouse after she tripped over her own feet, she spun onto her back and kicked out at the Minotaur, who caught her feet and ripped her legs opened. He paused for a moment, looking down at her oyster and he licked his lips. He held her legs together tightly and by her feet dragged her to the pedestal and up the incline.

Once on top, he dropped her on the ground and spread her legs wide. She moaned, her hands twisting into his dark hair as he lapped at her bud, teasing it and making a shiver run up her spine. She moaned, bucking her bony hips up towards his face as he licked deeper into her rich red slit. The Voyeur crowd cheered at the change in pace, and her pleasure peaked with the roar of the crowd. He mounted her, his shaft slipping easily and quickly into her flower. His teeth found her hard, brown nipple and bit it, increasing both their pleasures. She bucked as she came again, whining at the pain his teeth caused.

The other mouse ran straight into the arms of a Blue, one of the last of his team. He smiled and hugged her tight despite her struggles. He covered her mouth and hid inside a groove in the wall as the Red passed by quickly, looking for her. The Blue let his other hand wander to her breast which he pinched hard before running his hard member on her leg. Misty barely heard from the screen that he whispered what he would do to claim her. She struggled against him to no avail, and was taken up to the pedestal.

Red: 45 Blue: 75

2 hunters 1 hunter

Misty watched the final two mice run, one continuing through the maze and the other ran into a large clearing. The Blue Minotaur rounded the corner to the clearing and smiled at the frightened mouse. He took off after her, headed for where she disappeared into the maze again. The other mouse had been caught and dragged to a pedestal that had seen much tonight. First he entered her slit and then demanding her suck him off. She wrapped her thin, delicate lips around his hard shaft and sucked, licking him when he let her. His hands rested on her shoulders as she wrapped her slick tongue around his head in tight circles. He came hard and dragged her off the pedestal to his base.

Red: 60 Blue: 75

It had come down to the last two hunters, one red one blue. Red needed one more pedestal to win, Blue simply had to deny them the satisfaction of victory. The final mouse knew she was the last one by the slowly increasing music that emanated from the walls around her. She was breathing hard, her legs were wet with excitement as she saw more walls closing before her. It was time. The closing walls forced her to the clearing where the last two Minotaurs faced off. They stalked toward her at first, just as the final wall closed, encasing her inside the clearing with these two hungry predators.

Misty stood and walked to the glass, staring at her and watching the mouse shake with fear and try to dart this way or that to get around them. The two hunters broke into a sprint for her and she ran between them, just barely avoiding their grasping hands.

The Red Minotaur slipped while trying to turn while his adversary was lucky enough to have good footing. He turned quickly and corralled her closer and closer to the pedestal. She could feel his steps through her own quick ones and she cried out as he tackled her to the ground, her body landing on the base of the incline.

The last mouse screamed and thrashed trying to free herself as she heard the Red approach, but that no longer mattered. The Blue grasped her shoulders and put her in a crawling position. Slowly, he jabbed at her with his member as she crawled up the plateau until he commanded her to lie on her back. He put her feet on his shoulders and inserted himself inside her slowly, parting her dripping rose, pushing himself deeper feeling his victory stiffen himself more. He took his time with her and just as she came he pulled out of her slit and edged himself into her ass. He fucked her hard and she cried out, her cries syncing up with his moans as he exploded inside her, filling her with his seed.

Mr. Redd stood and clapped as the final Blue blew his load. “What a show! Misty, you will have to have taken some pointers from that last mouse, she knows how to put on a show!”


Misty licked her lips, not realizing where her hand had wandered to. Mr. Redd had noticed right away and his grin widened. “If only I was able to hunt something like you..” She turned and he winked. She thanked him for his kindness and quickly left downstairs to the lobby where she could see some of the participants.

Up close, they were very large. Most were taller than her by at least a foot, the others broad in stature. She spied one of the mice who had been caught early and she rushed up to her.

The mouse was washing herself (in the view of everyone) of dirt. She noticed Misty looking, and she circled one of her nipples teasingly with a finger. Misty could see some light bruising around her hips and she commented on it. The mouse smiled and told her that it’s all part of the game. She shared her status card with Misty:

3 claims: 73 minutes: Class E

“Class E?”

“Your class shows you how many viewers follow you when you play. I’m working my way up slowly. Your card will also show you if you are sponsored or not. Currently I don’t have a sponsor but that doesn’t stop me from running!”

Misty did not see the woman approach her, she only became aware of her when the mouse gasped. She turned to see a red haired woman whose skin seemed to glisten and glitter in the light from some lotion. She held out a card to Misty.

“You are quite lucky your first game is a special event. Usually, Maze virgins are targeted quite quickly.”

Misty looked at her and realized who she was from Mr. Redd’s de***********ion “You are the lady of the lounge, are you not?”

She smiled and nodded, “This will be my first run in my own maze. I was not present when this one was constructed so I have no more advantage than you do. I am actually at a disadvantage, I know there are several Minotaur who would love to take me down.” She looked at MIsty’s shirt “That will have to go. You can put it in your temporary room and if you stay with a Minotaur it will be switched to that room.” She flashed a smile again and was off, eyes trailing behind her.

As Misty took off her shirt she realized just how many Voyeurs there were within the building, several taking interest and whispering to each other. She was surprised that there were women Voyeurs amidst the men, some wearing scarves or robes of brilliant colors, others as bare as the participants themselves. She felt herself blush as she looked down at one of the Minotaurs who was quite obviously pleased at her figure. The mouse she was talking to shooed the Minotaur off and she quickly averted her gaze to her status card.

0 Claims: 0 Minutes: Class F: Mr. Redd

She shivered seeing that he was her sponsor, hoping that it did not mean that she would have to be with him. The monitors around the lounge were abuzz with noise, chatter, and bets. It seemed that much money was to be made here, you could bet on the overall score of a Minotaur, the longevity of a mouse, and pretty much any aspect you could think of.

The Lady moved around, greeting grander looking Voyeurs as well as new ones, dazzling them with her body and her smile. She turned to the mouse and Misty, touching each of their arms once, “It’s time.”

An announcer came on, this time it was a man. He asked participants to place their status cards in the door before entering the Preview. Each participating Minotaur and Mouse walked into the Preview room, where a thin sheet of glass separated the two of them. Misty did not feel comforted by the separation, she felt like she was being examined on all sides, her status floating above her head via the glass wall. Many Minotaur licked their lips and pointed at her, their pleasure showing rather well. They looked bigger than her first encounter with them, she felt very very small.

The announcer blared that this round would be a Free for All, no holds barred. Those Minotaur who were not excited yet grew at as the words boomed around them, each sizing up every single mouse. Then she walked in. The Lady was the last to appear. She walked to the center of the mice, one hand on her hip as she examined the Minotaur. She could feel herself getting more excited as she examined each Minotaur individually, her eyes resting on a certain one.

11 Claims: 15 Rounds: Class B: Ms. Drezza.

His stats were impressive, the Lady only recalling seeing him in Free For All games. FFA games run the most risk of walking away empty handed. She looked him over once again, seeing the faintest scarring on his neck and the greenest of eyes matched hers. Her eyes rested on him too long, for the other Minotaur seemed to bristle at her attention on him, so she moved on.

Misty saw the agitation and looked around, there were still a few eyes on her. She jumped as the heavy door slid open to reveal the maze. It was curiously dark, the walls were lined with the slightest amount of light. The mice began with a brisk pace, the Lady lingering back a bit. Misty moved quickly too, sticking near the mouse she had spoken to earlier. Most of the other mice had disappeared from sight by now, into the darkness.

With 15 Minotaur, there were 10 Mice let loose, two higher than usual because of Misty and the Lady’s participation. Misty rounded a corner and left her companion behind, she ran into something large, seeing it was a bed. She moved around it and continued walking, the light increasing with each step until she stood before one of the pedestals; her heart skipped a beat.

The siren went off, causing her to jump again and shriek a bit, in choir with some other mice. The game had begun.

Misty right away hated how blind she was. She could hear steps quickening behind her and she hid quickly in some vines. She heard a man’s heavy breathing and could see in the dim light a well built Minotaur pausing to look at the vines. He moved on.

Just as she started moving out of the vines her foot was grabbed by someone, it was the Minotaur with the scarred neck, his eyes glinting in the darkness. She screamed as he pulled her towards him. She was completely under him when she felt his heat against her bottom, she screeched again knowing what was to happen…

He bent low over her, letting her feel his weight encompass her small frame, his mouth wandered to the back of her neck and he bit down and kissed it, his hands wandering to her pinned breasts. He picked her up just a bit, enough to cuff them and give them a good squeeze. He kissed her neck again and told her “Run little virgin mouse”.

As soon as he was off of her she scrambled to her feet and bolted. The green eyed Minotaur watched her scurry off, he had bigger fish to catch.

Despite the maze being dark, Voyeurs had the luxury of a unique technology that allowed anyone looking from the top down to see as if it was daylight. The cameras stayed on the participants and two cameras became one shot as the first catch of the round was accompanied by a scream.

The lucky Minotaur had seen a mouse crouching low peering down one of the tunnels. He crept up on her and wrapped his arms around her mouth and chest, silencing her surprised scream. He squeezed her tight until her struggles ceased. He picked her up in a fireman’s carry and walked her to the nearest Pedestal, each step up the incline triggered splashes of red light.

He placed her down, the quivering mouse looking up at him in fear. He stroked her hair and laid down next to her, telling her to ride him. The mouse obliged, mounting him and giving him the ride of his life. As he came inside her he grasped her throat and pushed her to the ground and ramming himself in her.

9 Mice remain.

The Lady being inside her own game had brought a plethora of viewers inside the lounge itself and on air, Calypso’s Bounty being featured this game on Sex.Tv. She had seen some other mice running about but had not encountered a Minotaur yet. She slowed her pace and walked briskly, looking around. As a wall shifted she ran straight into Misty, who looked fear stricken.

“You are still in game huh? That’s good sweety.” The Lady smiled into the dark “You look terrified”

“Yea-ah I am, this is intense. Um Lady? I have to ask you something,” she breathed, looking around, feeling vulnerable every second she stood still. She jumped a bit when she heard a shriek behind her, she turned to see a Minotaur pin another mouse- the one who she had been talking to- to a wall. He lifted her up a bit and eased himself into her, holding her up against the wall and claiming her on the spot. Her moans reached Misty and her lips parted watching him disappear inside her and reappear. She turned to speak to the Lady but she was gone. The Minotaur looked over at her and watched her oogle at him fucking his prize on the wall.

Her moans of pleasure and his mixed as they came together. He eased her down and arm in arm they followed a dim blinking light towards the exit of the maze. Misty watched and the hairs on the back of her neck rose as she felt someone breathing on her. She shakily turned to look up into deep green eyes and she yelped as she realized it was the Minotaur from before.

He cupped her cheek and stroked it with his thumb. His hand moved back and he yanked on her hair hard “Didn’t I say run?” His other hand moved to encase her as she backed away quickly-- bumping into the Lady again.

The Minotaur’s demeanor changed instantly. Even in the dim light her skin shined and her hair distinguished her from everyone else. She locked eyes with him and there was static in the air. Misty looked between the two and she ran off in the direction the Lady had come from.

He lunged for her and she used his force against him, grabbing his arms and flinging him past her. He fell to the ground and she took off down a different tunnel.

There was a third scream as Misty was caught once more, but not by the scarred Minotaur. No, this one was bulkier and he was rougher. He gripped her arm tight and she winced, hitting his hand hard, occasionally hurting herself. He snarled and threw her to the ground.

Another mouse jumped onto his back and put him in a chokehold- Misty couldn’t see who it was but she remembered what Mr. Redd had said about heroic mice as the paths below them lighted up. She saw a dark tunnel and ran through it, silently thanking the heroic mouse with her tears.

Suddenly she was in a clearing, this one different from the one she had seen before. There was water surrounding one of the pedestals. She saw a mouse dive into it as she was being chased by two hunters. They both dove in after her and started swimming. She was faster in the water and was able to put enough distance between herself and the hunters-- Enough to put Misty in their line of sight.

She hurriedly slipped into a close pool of water, hoping she hadn’t been seen. She kept her head low, hearing them move off and arguing with each other. She heard the heroic mouse scream as she was overpowered and watched her be dragged to the nearest pedestal to be claimed.

7 mice to go. Misty and the Lady were still in play.

The walls of the maze shuttered and shifted a bit, closing off some outer laying tunnels. As they shifted, there was a siren that went off and the lights came on instantly- blinding everyone within the maze.

She did not know what was happening but the Lady knew the siren well- a hunter had gotten too rough with one of the mice and she had used the safe word. The emergency lights had flashed on to aid the extraction team, the set being separated and removed quickly. The Lady was thinking of which hunter that could have been. Nevermind that, she will deal with him personally later.

11 hunters remain, 6 mice.

The Lady had lost sight of the Minotaur she had thrown. The game had been on for at least half an hour and the heightened levels of fear the Maze produced made time slow to a crawl. As the lights dimmed she saw him standing there at the end of one of the tunnels. As soon as the buzzer went off she ran.

She ran, taking this turn and that trying to be as random as possible, not looking back to see if he was there. She ran past Misty climbing out of one of the pools and was shocked that the girl was still open. Before she knew what had happened she was tackled to the ground from the side.

A Minotaur had sideswiped her and her head hit the ground hard. Dazed, she felt herself being spread apart by him and she tried to push him off. From out of nowhere he was ripped off of her. The Lady looked over and saw that Misty had tackled him to the ground “Run!” she screamed as the enraged Minotaur held her down by her throat.

The glowing lights illuminated Misty as the Minotaur picked her up by her throat and held her up for a moment before throwing her over her shoulder. She hit his back hard and he slapped her ass as he carried her to the pedestal- the first one she had laid eyes upon.

His hands were firm on her as he laid her down on her back. He ran them over her body and she shivered, unable to believe that she had made it as far as she had. She examined the Minotaur that was to claim her- he had black hair with icy grey eyes- she was jolted from her thoughts as he inserted his fingers inside her. He smiled, feeling her tightness as he lined his head up and pushed inside her. She gasped and shook as he moved his hips in sync with hers. For as rough as he was with her before he was being gentle, almost loving now. Misty missed the cameras circle them as he claimed her. She groaned and pulled him inside her further with her legs, thinking that she would spend more time with him in his base.

Fuck. The Lady had run into a wall, she looked around and cursed herself. Dead end. She doubled back and skidded to a halt... There he was. They stared each other down before he slowly walked towards her, forcing her backwards to the wall. She hit the wall and watched as he closed the space between them.

His face was mere inches from her and she held his gaze, her heart about to burst from her chest. One hand moved to her chest, feeling her heartbeat and his grin widened, “I never thought I’d see you in here, little mouse..” His hand brushed her neck and he felt her skin respond in little goosebumps. A scream from a tunnel away made her jump and yelp a bit, making him smirk more “That scream wasn’t anywhere near what is going to come out of you when I’m done with you” his hand went down to her throat and he gave it a quick squeeze before stepping aside.

She looked at him confused at first, then he started counting down from 10. She didn’t need more of a hint than that, the Lady took off running.

4 mice remain, one being the Lady.

9 hunters, one being the green eyed hunter.

The walls shifted further inward still, the maze now a third the size that it was when it had started out. The Lady ran into the clearing with the pools and watched as one of the remaining mice was being fought over by two hunters, one tugging her arms and the other holding her waist. Without realizing what she had done the mouse kicked out and hit the one on her arms with her legs, knocking him backwards into the pool. The one holding her waist looked quite smug as as he carried her onto the pedestal. He ignored her cries as he forced himself into her ass and fucked her raw. The water droplets illuminated her skin, mixing in with sweat and passion. Her dark skin contrasted with the white cold floor of the pedestal while his hands found her breasts, tearing at them hungrily like an animal. She gripped the pedestal and cried, her tears making money for the lounge as they fell onto the ground.

3 mice. 8 hunters. The game had been going on for an hour now, all participants running on solely adrenaline.

The Lady ran to a copse of trees and hid low. She watched as one of the other mice was surrounded by 3 remaining hunters, they argued and two moved forward to grab her, the other stalking off. They dragged her to the top of the pedestal together and forced her to her knees. One presented his throbbing member to her mouth while the other guided himself inside her wettened hole. Her lips engulfed the staff and she tried to keep some air in her lungs, but it was forced out as the Minotaur behind her shoved it out with each thrust. The mouse gagged as she was skewered at both ends, from outside the maze cheers could be heard in the Voyeur Box.

2 mice. 6 hunters.

She leaned against one of the trees and closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. She kept her breath low as she tried to steady her beating heart. She could hear the other mouse squeak nearby and some hunters whooping and chasing her. It wouldn’t be long now.

She heard the mouse crying and begging for them to go easy on her. The Lady peered through the trees to see her surrounded by 4 hunters. None of which wanted to share her. She was the blonde from the first round. One of the hunters moved forward to take her and another put his hand on his shoulder “Not today, runt”. Two of the Minotaur grunted and walked off, knowing that they would not be successful here. They walked back to their bases.

The last two looked over the cowering mouse and Lady held her breath just as the trees shook and started to lower in the floor. She cursed as her cover began to fade. One of the other hunters turned to see her through the trees and smiled, leaving the blonde for the other.

The Lady jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She twisted and slapped the hand away, there he was, again. She pushed him away and tried to run toward one of the remaining tunnels.

She could hear the blonde cry out as she was claimed roughly on the spot, the Minotaur not caring for the pedestal. The blonde was sprawled out on the ground, on her stomach with her legs folded backwards. The Minotaur jabbed her with his shaft, again and again, bruising her pink lips. Specks of blood found their home in her little golden hairs as he used a hand to harshly finger fuck her clit.

The Lady's heart raced as she ran and found herself at another dead end. She turned and saw him. The scarred Minotaur smirked and walked towards here. This was it, this was where he’d have her. His gaze soaked her in, from her supple breasts down the curve of her body to the trove between her trembling legs.

His gaze was like a drug to her, her fear growing into something else. Excitement. This is why the mice flock to the games. This growing anticipation that threatened to burst her heart out of her chest, or the heat to melt her from below. Whichever came first.

The scarred Minotaur was mere feet away from her, and she could hardly wait for him. Her focus had been so solely on him, and his growing pleasure, that she didn’t hear the noise above her. All at once, both were shocked to the core as two Minotaur fell upon the scarred one, pinning him down by his arms. The noise that erupted from him seemed to shake the arena as it dawned upon him what was happening.

Three more Minotaur fell from the sky- having climbed the walls to find their most treasured prize. The Lady stared at her Minotaur in disbelief. He struggled against the two, but their combined force kept him down.

One of the three turned to the scarred Minotaur, a big grin on his face. “You’ve been after her this whole time mate. Looks like you were oh so close.” He looks up to the multiple cameras hovering just over the dead end, covering every angle. The Minotaur turned to the Lady and walked up to her. Her body still quivered, but the anticipation turned to pure terror as to what might happen to her.

The lead Minotaur brought a rough hand up to her breast, squeezing, then another to her throat, digging his nails in, slicing her pristine skin. He lifted her head up, cutting off her air and pulling her towards him, away from the wall.

She shivered, feeling his thickness against her leg. That would hurt. She nearly jumped out of her skin as a second pair of hands sharply groped her round ass. His nails dug into her tender flesh, making her whimper in fear. The first Minotaur was now forcing his tongue down her throat, past her lush pink lips, and as the second’s mouth found the nape of her neck she looked down to see the scarred Minotaur’s fury. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the third Mino stroking himself, watching silently.

Reality was ripped back into perspective as her cheeks were widened painfully, making her gasp into the lead Mino’s mouth. Her tight hole was exposed to the air moments before a tongue forced its way into her. She tried moving forward, but was held firmly in place. The hands spreading her open stayed firm, stretching her hole uncomfortable and she tried squirming but the assault on her starfish from his tongue was relentless.

The first Mino’s hands wander down her breasts and to her hips. Her flower ached for attention. His hands stopped on her wide hips, where he hoisted her up into his lap-- and straight down onto his spear, all the way to the hilt. She screamed.

The Voyeur box could barely be heard above her shrill scream, the crowd losing it over the collective claim.

Her screaming ended in tears. It felt like he had split her in two, his width far too wide for her. The tongue hadn’t resumed it’s rear assault and she focused on keeping herself together, holding his shoulders as he plowed into her.

Then her arms were forced behind her, tightly held against her spine. Being off balance like that almost sent her backwards, until she fell against the second Minotaur. One of his hands held hers together, and the other bumped against her sore ass. She looked down at her Minotaur, his anger still fresh, and a look of worry on his face.

That was her only warning before she was screaming again, in worse pain than before. The second Minotaur had found his mark, and as the first slid out of her, he forced his way into her rear. The tounging she had had before was not enough to prepare her for this.

They had their way with her, seasawing her between them. Now she truly thought she would be torn in half. Her juices were flowing, and when she looked between her legs, she saw red. A lot of red. A fresh pound made her groan and lean her head back, when the second Minotaur dug his teeth into her neck. She cried out in pained pleasure, writhing between them.

The third Minotaur who had been on the sidelines interrupted the assault. He picked her up, both shafts leaving her. She felt empty, raw. When he set her down her legs barely could keep her up. No that that mattered.

He laid down on the ground, in view of the scarred Minotaur. He not so kindly dragged the Lady to him by her red hair, which was matted and sticking to her from sweat. Shoving her head down onto his member, she gagged and choked, groaning. Tears instantly poured from her green eyes, her lungs begging for air but he would not let her up.

He held her there until the others got into position. Her rear was picked up and placed on top of the second Minotaur, while the first stood behind her exposed and bleeding hole. Her ass was painted red with blood and pain. She begged and pleaded around his mass for them to stop, but she felt the first Minotaur’s girth at her starfish. The blood helped lube the second entry, and in fact made it faster and harder. She screamed louder than before as she felt blood in her mouth form from the pain. The 3rd Minotaur’s cock throbbed deep in her throat and her scream made him moan aloud, bobbing her head up and down his length.

The two behind her synced up, pounding both of her wounded treasures one after another. Her body screamed in agony from the onslaught. The Lady saw a camera just above the 3rd Mino’s head, her face as red as her hair, streaked with tears. Her eyes portrayed fear and pleasure, despite herself. She couldn’t think anymore. She could only feel.

She was choked and stuffed, sore and so very alive. Her puffy eyes met with her Minotaur again, his expression unreadable. The two holding him haven’t let up, but they very much were invested in the scene before them.

The groans of the Minotaur inside her brought a hazy thought that the end was near. Did she want it to end? What damage had been done to her? They pulled out of her, one by one. The air rushing into her stung, and made fresh tears fall onto her reddened cheeks. Her hands trembled, as did her whole body. One of the Minotaur drags her to her knees, where she whimpered in great pain from her lower half.

They were still touching themselves, all of them. The First Minotaur approached her, gripping her hair and forcing her mouth open. He shoved himself down her throat and spewed his load. His cock tasted of blood and filth. She gagged on the hot liquid, trying not to get sick, and as she tried to swallow he removed himself and was quickly replaced by the second Minotaur. He also dug deep into her throat, his hand gripping her throat from the outside and almost jerking himself off through her skin. She cried, and the white froth spilled out of her lips. The third Mino could barely contain himself anymore, and he opted to coat her face in his seed. It stuck to her hair, eyebrows and cheeks. Then her three attackers moved back, and the two onlookers came forward. Both their members were hard, and they hadn’t once touched her, but she felt beyond dirty in their presence.

“A shame we didn’t get to stick you, but this will be so worth it” The first says, shoving his hot cock into her overflowing mouth. His hands reach down to her hanging breasts, and he pulls her nipples hard, twisting them and using them as leverage as he skullfucks her. Still choking, she is so thankful that it’s almost over. Then hands are on her rear again, pulling her cheeks apart. The other Minotaur didn’t agree with a simple ending.

She screamed, her voice as raw and injured as her ass as he forced his way into her bruised starfish. He fucked her harder and faster than the others. There was no rhythm, rhyme or reason for his thrusts. At one point he slipped out and slammed into her oyster, at such an angle that she felt her flesh tear and her body almost went limp from the pain, but she was held up by both of them. The pain from her breasts distracted her from it for only a moment as his nails sliced one open. The one in her mouth came first, and as he did he pulled out, and showered her face and chest with cum, aiming at her bloodied nipple. The salt in the seed stung, causing her to groan and try to protect it. The second gave a loud, low groan which matched the Lady’s as he shoved himself into her ass one more time and exploded inside her. The cum was hot on her ripped insides and she groaned, all but collapsing onto the ground.

The group stood and left her, discarded. The scarred Minotaur still remained on the ground, looking at her. The roar from the crowd was deafening, and yet all they heard was silence, and the occasional whimper from the Lady. Her face was covered, sticky and dripping. One green eye was closed from being shot, the other was red and puffy, and she laid there in the dirt, her trembling hands trying to hold her body together. She could taste the bile rising in her throat, mixing with cum, blood, tears, pussy juice and God knows what else. Dirt.

The lights of the Maze illuminated the scene, everything. They left the lights on for a while longer, and then the cameras left, giving them privacy. She cried. Attendants came with blankets for her, gently taking her out of the Maze. She couldn't walk straight and had to lean on her attendants. The look she exchanged with the Minotaur said a million words when there were none to be said. He stood there, in silence, in the sand and blood, for a while longer, before moving off into the dark.

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