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We are holidaying in a sub-tropical resort, lots of sunshine and balmy nights as we unwind from from our work commitments. We have been sunbathing naked every day and both have all over sun tans.Sex at least twice every day with lots of oral sex as foreplay - I really do love having my cunt lips teased and licked.
I am Sarah, of French descent, in my mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man Roger, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. My man and I both have a high sex drive, I am to please and be pleased sexually, and I love having sex with an audience.

I have a tacit agreement with my man (he is eight-inches and thick) that I can please and be pleased sexually by another man around once a month. We set some basic rules a while back, outer sex only, no intercourse, my man can watch and masturbate. If the second man wants to blow my man I love to watch. Occasionally we have another woman instead of a man to pleasure us both, same rules apply.

Something I insist on is the second man must be much younger than me, usually fifteen or twenty-years - and hung. We are very competitive and we enjoy competing to be the first to have the second man or woman, good foreplay. We do that by dressing, or undressing to impress for our third person.

“We are overdue for a third person in our sex life baby. I would love you to watch while a new person licks my cunt. And I would love to watch them sucking your cock. What shall we have, a male or female?,” I ask my man on day three as I sit on his face while he is licking my cunt lips with my arse cheeks in his hands.

“Let’s go to the bar tonight and see what we can attract,” he tells after I have a huge orgasm.”

“What shall I wear baby?” I ask as we prepare.

“Less is more,” he tells me as he watches me shower while I tease my cunt lips in anticipation of a new sexual experience. “Your tight silk slacks to highlight your arse, a blouse with lots of buttons undone and your killer heels. Or perhaps that very short one-piece white silk mini-dress to highlight your suntan?”

Less than two hours later I am in my element as I am now wearing nothing but my heels as I stand with my legs wide apart while a new lady is licking my cunt lips with my arse cheeks in her hands. At the same time her man is licking my nipples with my man watching and tongue kissing me. And I am very turned on holding both men’s erections in separate hands. Sexual pleasure from three people at the same time, a woman and two men.

Tony is around fifteen years younger than me and his lady Margo is the same age as me. Both of them are very attractive and exude sex appeal in spades.

We had only been in the bar for ten minutes when his lady approached us. “We are here on holidays just like you and I think we are all here in the bar for the same reason, two way sexual pleasure and sexual gratification. Your room our ours?”

By the third drink we had agreed on some basic rules, oral sex only, no kissing of each others man, though Margo and I could kiss. Margo was to pleasure me while the two men watched, then Margo and I would give each others man a blow job. “Anything special I can do for your pleasure Sarah,” Margo teased.

“I am multi-orgasmic, I love being licked and sexually pleasured by a woman with two men watching. When I am really turned on I love a series of small orgasms followed by a really huge one. And if it is just right I love to squirt with some extra special sexual stimulation,” I whispered to Margo.

As soon as we walked into their suite I was the centre of attention as Margo told the two men to get naked as they watched her undress me. I was eager to see Margo’s man Tony naked and as soon as I did I understood what his appeal was to her: he had a huge cock. My man Roger is eight-inches and thick. Tony must have been two inches longer, though not as thick. And size really is a visual turn on for me, especially in situations such as this.

“Tony is impressive isn’t he Sarah, so is your man, he has a very thick cock. I am looking forward to having him.

“We both want to sexually pleasure you and receive sexual pleasure from both of you,” Margo told me still fully clothed as she slowly undressed me with her hands all over my body. “Love your naked body and glorious arse in that tiny g-string really is something special. Would you like Tony to take it off for you and kiss your arse for you while your man and I watch?”

“Yes, how did you know I would,” I moan as I ogle his huge cock as he kisses my arse.

“Good, now I want your man to undress me while my man is kissing your arse.”

“Watch and enjoy baby, do you like watching another hung man kissing my arse? My turn on is your turn on, and I am so turned on right now,” I smile at my man in a very agitated voice with a hand on Tony’s head as I press it into my arse.

“I want you two men to sit down now and watch me fuck Sarah with my tongue,” Margo tells them as they sit back at forty-five degrees on the couch, close to each other, both obviously aware that their erections look awesome at that angle.

Margo seats me on a chair and kneels in front of me. “You are a very exciting woman Sarah and I am about to fuck you with my tongue while our two men watch,” she tells me as she tongue kisses me before she licks my nipples then licks her way up my inner thighs.

I love having my cunt lips licked with another person watching, whether it be male or female and watching their reaction. This time with two hung men watching and teasing their erections in anticipation of a promised blow job from a new woman is very exciting - sexual bliss for me and I am going to blow a new hung man shortly.

Margo’s tongue on my clit has me close to my first orgasm in less than a minute and when she runs her very wet tongue along the full length of my cunt lips I have a series of small orgasms.

Watching the two men teasing their erections while Margo is licking my cunt has me on the edge of a huge orgasm. My man Roger knows me well enough to understand when I am so close to a huge orgasm as he moans, “Do it for us baby, do it, don’t hold back.”

“That was awesome Sarah,” Margo tells me after she made my whole body shake and tremble as I had a huge and very noisy orgasm then squirted like never before.

“Love your big cock Tony, you must be ten-inches, love it.” I tell him as he flaunts it for me before I kneel in front of him and lick and kiss it. “Did you like watching your lady fucking me with her tongue? She was very good. Would you like to do that to me?”

Margo is kneeling alongside me as I watch her teasing my man’s erection with a fingertip and her tongue. “I love a cock ring on a thick cock Roger and you are thick, I am really going to enjoy you.”

I am determined to bring Tony off before Margo gets my man over the line so I can talk to him and tease him before he cums. Also I want to show Margo and Tony my blow job prowess with the biggest cock I have had in a long time.

I can’t remember the last time I blew a man with a lady alongside me blowing my man and it is a real buzz for me as I tease Tony’s balls with my tongue, then lick and kiss the sides and underside of his cock. As I slide my pursed lips along his erection I manipulate and flick my tongue on it with one hand grasping his balls.

“Your cock is bigger than my man’s, does that make you feel good? And I am much older than you. Does that turn you on? If it does masturbate for me, that will really turn me on.”

“You have pressed the right button for him Sarah, he loves to masturbate and flaunt his ten-inches,” Margo chimes in.

“Not yet, I am not finished with you,” I whisper to him as I have just the tip of his cock between my tightly pursed lips and a thumb tip and finger tip along the full length of his erection.

“Now, do it for me now, masturbate,” I tell him as I can feel him tensing and scratch his balls as an extra tease. And I did enjoy watching a fifteen years younger man stroking his ten-inch cock for me while I watched Margo blowing my man to his great delight.

“Why don’t we meet here again tomorrow afternoon at two Sarah?,” Margo asks in the afterglow. “Our men can pay their dues by licking us to orgasm with their tongues. Then perhaps our men could fuck us while we watch each other and we could hold hands. Would you like that Sarah?”

“Yes, I would very much,” I smile as Margo kisses me passionately.

Before we are out of bed the next morning I have Roger’s almost fully erect cock in my hand as I tease, “Did you like watching me suck Roger’s big cock, he is longer than you. And he is going to fuck me with his tongue later today. Would you like to watch? And Margo wants you to fuck her with your tongue. Would you like me to watch?”

Without saying a word he turns me on my side, grabs my arse cheeks and rams his now fully erect cock into me. “Yes,” to all your questions he moans as he slams into me.

When we arrive Margo lets us in and is very effusive as she kisses me passionately, then Roger. As I glance around the room Tony is standing with his hands on his hips wearing nothing but a shirt with all the buttons undone and his huge, semi-erect cock is awesome as I ogle it.

“He has done nothing but talk about you since yesterday Sarah. He wants you naked wearing just your heels so he can kiss your arse and masturbate while he watches your man fuck me with his tongue.”

“I really am flattered, double sexual pleasure for me, I do love watching a hung man masturbate and a much younger man kissing my arse at the same time. Let’s do it,” I whisper excited at the thought as Margo slowly undresses me while Tony oils his now full on erection.

“Now you Roger, get naked for me, I want you to fuck me with your tongue while I watch my man kiss your ladies arse and masturbate,” Margo tells him as she lets her simple shift drop to the floor and sits naked, legs apart on the sofa. As I watch Roger lick her thighs, Tony kneels and commences kissing my arse. Then as Roger’s tongue makes contact with Margo’s cunt lips Tony starts sliding a clenched hand along his oily ten-inch erection.

“That is awesome Tony, your cock is awesome in all the mirrors. Do you like watching my man licking your lady? I do and I want you to do that to me soon, very soon,” I tell him as I tease my nipples.

“Change positions, lie on your back on the carpet,” Margo tells Roger as she sits on his face facing me and slides her cunt lips along his extended tongue. Roger has a full on erection pointing to the ceiling and I am very aware of Tony ogling it as he masturbates slowly at first, then harder and faster, an extra turn on for me as his breathing becomes very laboured.

“Your man is very good Sarah,” Margo moans as Roger is obviously enjoying pleasuring her with me and her man watching.

“And so is your man, love him licking and kissing my arse while he masturbates with you watching.”

“Watch me cum, watch me cum,” he is almost screaming as he blows a huge load.

Almost immediately Tony has me standing against the wall with my legs wide apart as he feverishly licks my cunt with his hands clasping my arse while Margo watches as we hold each other’s gaze.

“He is eating you Sarah, not just licking.”

“Make it really good for me, then you can have Roger’s cock, isn’t that what you want? Really, really good,” I tease in anticipation as I fight to hold back a huge orgasm.

“Can I help make it really, really good for you?,” Margo teases as she kisses me passionately.

“Make me squirt. Tell Tony to lick me even harder, tell him to scratch my arse with his fingernails. Love it pleasure and pain, love it, love it, don’t stop,” I moan as my body shakes and I have a huge orgasm as I squirt.

Margo and I sit on the couch next to each other with our hands all over each other as Roger stands and he and Tony have eyes only for each other as the sexual tension between them builds without a word spoken. Margo and I watch fascinated as Tony has an ice block in each hand and rubs them on Roger’s nipples, then slowly along his torso, then along the full length of the underside of his erection as Roger soaks up the pleasure. Then Tony rubs his hands all over Roger’s hairy wet chest before he licks and kisses his nipples.

“That is awesome foreplay, I have never watched Tony with another man before Sarah, how about you, have you watched your man with another?”

“Yes I have, I love watching another man sucking his cock.”

“Enjoy baby, you have two women watching, make him work for it, your pleasure is our pleasure,” I tell Roger as I tongue kiss him as I stand behind him and press my naked body into his as Tony has his balls in one hand and his pursed lips wrapped around his cock.

“On the bed so I can join in,” Margo tells them as Roger lays on his back with a pillow under his arse. I am tongue kissing him and Margo is kissing and licking his nipples as Tony resumes sucking his cock.

Both men have impressive bodies and their erections look magnificent as one man is hell bent on blowing the other.

“Is he good baby? Your pleasure is my pleasure, what can I do to add to your pleasure?,” I ask knowing the answer I am going to receive.

“Sit on my face and watch.”

The sensation of him licking my cunt as I watch another man with a ten-inch erection blowing him is very exciting as Margo has Tony’s head in her hands and feeds his lips along the full length of Roger’s erection, then pulls his head back so that Roger’s erection escapes his lips before Margo pushes Tony’s lips back along the full length of Roger’s erection.

Tony is teasing with his hands at the same time, one hand cupping Roger’s balls and the other sliding along Roger’s very wet cock. I am hanging out for an orgasm but determined to wait for my man as Tony increases the pressure he is applying to Roger’s erection with his pursed lips. When he wraps his hand around Roger’s erection and slides his hand along it with just the tip of it between his lips, Roger is ready to blow as his breathing becomes very laboured.

“Cum with me, cum with me baby,” Roger is implying as I have a wonderful, full on orgasm.

“That really was something Sarah, why don’t we meet here again tomorrow afternoon at two?,” Margo asks in the afterglow. “Our men have paid their dues by licking us to orgasm with their tongues. We still haven’t had a real fuck, perhaps our men could fuck us while we watch each other and we could hold hands. Would you like that Sarah?”

Long before we met with them at two I was anticipating looking forward to Roger fucking me while Margo and Tony watched. And watching them fuck while we watched.

“I want you and I to do something kinky to each others man before we fuck as an extra turn on for all of us,” Margo told me on the phone mid-morning.

“You have really piqued my interest, any suggestions?,” I replied.

As soon as we arrived I took Tony’s hand and led him to the bathroom and asked Margo and Roger to come and watch. “I want you naked on your back on the floor. Now watch and enjoy,” I told him as I turned my back and let my simple dress fall to the floor leaving me totally naked apart from my heels.

“You really do have a glorious arse Sarah,” he moans as I turn around and stand with my legs apart over his groin as I tease my cunt lips with a fingertip.

“Count to three for me Tony, Margo told me she wanted me to do something kinky as a turn on for you before you fuck her while she and Roger watch. You know what I am going to do to you don’t you?,” I smile as he watches me tease my cunt lips.

“One, two, three, now do it for me. So good, so fucking good,” he moans as I stand with my hands on hips, start with a trickle, then a long generous release onto his very erect cock. (I had been drinking lots of water to make this happen.)

The three of us watch as he showers and teases his ten-inch erection as extra foreplay for us before Margo leads him to the bed and rests on her elbows and knees. “Show Sarah and Roger what a good fuck you are Tony,” she whispers as Tony grasps her arse cheeks and slowly slides his full ten-inches into her, then withdraws completely before he does the same again and again.

“That is awesome Margo, watching a ten-inch erection sliding into you is an absolute turn on for me,” I tell her as they get into rhythm. I had been wondering and anticipating what Margo would do to my man as ‘something kinky for a turn on’.

“I want to suck your cock while Tony is fucking me. Then I want to watch you fuck Sarah doggy style while Tony is fucking me,” she tells my man as he eagerly positions himself so Margo can suck him.

I always derive huge sexual pleasure from watching another couple fucking, this time watching the lady sucking my man’s erection while her man is fucking her with his ten-inches is a sexual benchmark.

“I want you now, right now,” I tell Roger as I rest on my elbows and knees on Margo’s huge bed as we face each other holding hands as our men grasp our arse cheeks and slide their full on erections into us. In a short while the men are fucking us in unison.

Both men are determined to demonstrate their sexual prowess and stamina as all four of us are watching and enjoying what the other couple are doing as Margo and I continue to kiss kiss passionately.

“Fuck me harder Tony, I am so close, harder,” Margo is moaning as Tony increases his tempo and Roger matches him to my intense pleasure.

“Fuck me harder Roger, I am so close, harder,” I whisper to my man as he slaps into my arse.

Both men are perspiring as they continue to demonstrate their sexual prowess and stamina as Margo and I kiss even more passionately.

“Now Tony now, you are a fucking sex machine, cum with me,” Margo is almost screaming as Tony is fucking her in a frenzy as Roger matches his tempo.

“Cum with me Sarah, so good, so fucking good,” Margo whispers as we orgasm together as the men slam into us in unison.

The noise the men made as they orgasmed inside us simultaneously was something I had never experienced before and very satisfying.

We never did see Margo and Tony again as we all had to leave for home the next day. Though Margo did tell me, “Just you and I together in bed for two days would be very exciting.”

“Yes, it could be very, very exciting,” I told her as we kissed goodbye.
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