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Waiting for info from California. How to fill the time?
A couple days later Cindy heard from Sandy. She had obviously been avoiding us. With reason I guess. She showed up at our place around 7pm, apparently in a good mood. She came bopping up the stairs, "holy shiiit, nice ride out there someone has. In this neighborhood? Who blew who for that?"

"It's mine Sandy. And I haven't even told you all about our trip yet."

"Oh sorry. You have a new Camaro now? What kind of trip was this?"

"Long story. Tim, can you get us some wine?"

"Oh before you start. Big dumbass is off the hook. Amy started her period. No little Monroes on the way."

"Thank goodness. That would have been a disaster all around. Come in the bedroom first I want to show you my presents. Tim, we'll meet you inside in a few."

Walking back with the wine I noticed the bedroom door was left open. A sign Cindy didn't mind if I listened in.

"Wow those are hot. I'm no expert but this looks and feels expensive. Tim got you this?"

"No, his sister did. She and her boyfriend, I guess, Peter, they're rich. Spectacular house somewhere north of LA. They've been so nice to me. They bought that car for me. It just showed up the other day. They even got my color. Can you believe it?

"They just buy people cars?"

"The money out there in their crowd, it's just crazy. One guy spent, no wait, I'll get to that. Nikki sent us to her exclusive shop in Beverly Hills, just to get this lingerie. The guy Felipe kept his place open just for us. There was a private room where he measured and studied my body just to make these.

"He studied your body?"

"Gay, definitely. But yes. Measured EVERYthing. Held my butt, lifted my boobs. Sliding his hands up and down to get the lines. And if I seem to be getting a big head, well try standing in front of the lingerie artist for the stars and have him tell you how perfect you are. It was quite the experience. Here let me show you. First, this bra.

"Even that's your color. Jeez it's perfect. Look at you. I can even see your pasty nips showing through."

"Ha, Felipe had Nikki show me how to color them a little to make them show some more. POP, he said. Now the body suit, turn around a sec, you need the full effect."

Sandy turned back around when instructed, "Oh my god, like it's painted on. Turn. Oh wow. Look at your ass. Tim must love it."

"Of course he does. The other piece is hot too, but only Tim's seen me in it. I'm keeping it just between us."


OK let's go inside. We need to talk. I was sitting in my recliner. Sandy joined Cindy on the sofa. Cindy sat with her hands together between her knees and looked at her sister. "Sandy, promise, really promise, NO one else hears this. No one. Not even Johnny. Ever."

"Oh shit, wow, what happened." She glanced at me.

"Cindy's decision to tell you. I would have been fine keeping it between us. But I think she needs someone else, a female maybe to work through some of it. You'll understand. It's not bad, it's different."

"OK you two, I promise. Anything for my sister."

"Sandy, I just hope you don't think I'm a total slut when I'm done. Believe me, I didn't plan for it, but I decided to do it. Tim allowed me to follow my instincts. I feel most sorry for him"

Sandy seemed concerned now. "Just what the fuck happened?"

"It's a different place. Not like around here. Nikki and Peter know lots of very rich people. Men who run Hollywood production companies, advertising agencies, really really rich. They work long hours, negotiate multi-million dollar deals all week. Then they really let loose on weekends. Anything goes. A casual barbecue at a friend's ends up with nude swimming and fucking in the hot tub. And we didn't even see a drug party. It's like nothing you can imagine. I got caught up in it. Let my inhibitions down and joined in. Completely."

Now Sandy looked interested. Cindy explained our causal nude pool time with Nikki, and the hot tub with Peter. Then she told her details of the Bacchanalia. I've never seen Sandy speechless like this. Then she blinked and asked, "You fucked how many guys in a row?"

"Uh...", Cindy looked down, in a low voice, "5 or 6".

"Tim? What the fuck Tim."

"Don't dare blame him. I got myself into it. I went along with the show, with it all. Around here people would look down on Tim for being weak. But he was a rock standing there putting up with it all making sure I was safe."

"Sandy, as much as it sounds like a gangbang, it was more than that. It was a huge performance thing, a Roman orgy. If that makes a difference to you. And you should have seen your sister in the second half. Powerful businessmen? Shit, she took control. She owned the room. She did what she wanted, with who. And then, well you won't believe it."

"A big advertising executive paid 750 thousand dollars to charity, to fuck my ass."

"750 what, you're fucking with me. You have a nice ass, but no fucking way."

"She had them so worked up, the show was so spectacular. She looked so good. Yep 750, thousand. Others added more just because they were entertained. Peter's setting it up to benefit kids."

"Well shit, that almost makes it worth it. At least you're an expensive whore." Then she laughed. We knew it was Sandy being Sandy.

"Come here, let me hug you." And she pulled Cindy to her. "So what's the problem?"

"Sometimes, I have feelings, not so happy memories. I need someone to talk to. I don't want to force Tim to keep reliving it. So, I need you."

"Of course. Any time. Can I still call you freaks?" We all laughed. We finished the night talking more about Hollywood and California. When Sandy left, I entered the bedroom. Cindy was on the bed. In the body suit. On hands and knees.

"See any thing you like?"

My heart jumped. My cock swelled.

"Take me any way you like. But do it quickly. Please."

Decisions, decisions. I decided to reclaim another part of my wife. I dropped my shorts, grabbed the lube and stepped behind Cindy. From this angle I could see the suit forming to her back,

tight to the slim middle, then her ass, open to me. I lubricated my cock, then slid two slick fingers into Cindy. Grasping her hips I pulled her to me. My cock slid in and her ass gripped me. Still tight. Still a wonder to see. Reclaim my wife's ass I did. Over and over. I caressed her cheeks, no slapping for me. Caress, thrust, caress, thrust. Holding tight, thrusting, withdraw, thrusting. Then faster, harder. Finally my full hard cock. And release. Grunting, another thrust. To be sure. Panting from the effort. Mine. Every night. My cock fell from Cindy. I kissed her butt cheeks and used my shorts to collect the semen. She lay forward on the bed and I climbed alongside her. Having mentally reclaimed my space, I hugged her and said, "Love you Cindy. No matter what. Forever."

She sighed, and smiled. It took another week or more. Cindy got a call from Nikki. She was sending a package. Offers from various people. Some serious, some to read and throw away. Also some other notes from people we met. Cindy said she also talked about what's next.

"She would like us to read over everything. List any opinions and questions we have, then she'd like to meet with me, Tim. She plans to be in NY for meetings with some of their east coast reps. She will put aside an evening to go see her. For now the plan would be for Nikki to manage me. She handles the advertising side. Peter is more on the TV/Movie side. But Nikki would have overall control of my account. If we decide to go ahead and sign a contract they would take only the most minimal commission to handle costs. The rest we get. She told me to get an attorney and accountant."

"Why, we trust them."

"That's what I said. She said to trust nobody and suggested I contact Helen Bernsten for names. Seems the way it works our people makes sure they don't cheat us, and their people make sure our people don't cheat any of us. Something like that.

"Imagine getting into this without knowing anyone?"

We cleaned up after dinner and Cindy asked if I was interested in some play time. Don't have to twist my arm.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Hmm, maybe....Uh maybe I feel like being dominated. Toss me around a little, be rough, TAKE me?"

I wondered if she was still working through things.

"Interesting. The word is banana. Put on some old clothes and go sit on the sofa."

I went to the kitchen for a drink and thought about what to do. I had to be careful. I didn't want to hurt her of course, or say the wrong things. But she wanted something different. When I heard her settle in the living room I went storming down the hallway.

"There you are, stupid bitch. Always sitting on your ass, dressed like shit." I grabbed the top of the t shirt and pulled ripping it partly away. "Fucking lazy skank. No dinner when I get home and you can't even make yourself look good."

"Please, I'll try."

"Try what, you lay there and do nothing. You don't even fuck right. Now I'm going to show you how to fuck. I pulled the rest of the shirt off her leaving just her breasts showing. Look at you skank, not even a bra. Those titties will be on your knees soon. Here try this." I pulled out my cock and grabbed her by the hair pulling Cindy's face to my crotch. I slapped her face three or four times with my cock.

"Be good for something, suck my cock you dumb bitch."

"No please, you know I don't like to. Noo. OW."

I'd grabbed her head and pushed my cock between her lips. Holding her head in place I started fucking her face. With Cindy's skills this actually wasn't a real problem but I made sure not to push too hard.

"Take it all of it. Learn cunt."

She looked up at me and I almost believed she was in fear. Pulling out of her face, I lifted her and carried her to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed I yanked down her old PJ bottoms, slapped her ass (lightly) then grabbed her panties and ripped them off in one pull.

"I'm going to show you how to satisfy me. I'll tell you when we're done."

"Please, anything. Don't hurt me."

I grabbed a belt, and tied her hands together, then tied them to the headboard.

"Your cunt is mine. Beg, plead all you want but it's mine." I took each ankle and using long scarves, tied each out to the end of the bed. Now spread before me she was helpless. I groped and squeezed her breasts. I pinched her nipples. Pretty hard, harder than normal until I thought tears may be coming to her eyes. I had to be careful here, with Cindy I could probably hurt her before she'd use the stop word.

"No, please. You're hurting me. I'll listen. I'll get some better clothes. I'll try."

Shut up you lazy cunt. You like laying there, then just take it bitch. I climbed on her and forced my cock into her, thrusting hard. I reached up and held her by the throat. "Just be quiet bitch. Don't say a word." Squeezed just a little. Fucking her hard. I have to say, weird as it was for us, I was kind of turned on. Time to go for more. She can always call banana.

"You don't like to clean? Here's a mess for you to clean." Then I pulled out of Cindy and stroked my cock. I aimed for her and shot my load over her face, her breasts, in her hair. When i was done I wiped my cock on her stomach to clean it off and got up to leave the room. "Rest up. I'll be back when I want more." I left, leaving Cindy tied up and covered in cum. Now it was a battle of wills. She wasn't going to give in. I got a drink and read the paper. Would she call banana? No, not Cindy. She tried crying.

"Oh please, let me go. I'll be good. I'll take care of you."

I waited. When I thought I'd be able to get it up again I casually entered the bedroom.

"Oh looked at the skank covered in cum. Would you like more? You want this one up your dirty cunt?" She gave me a wide eyed look, when I walked to her closet. "Or maybe you want this one?", showing her the purple dildo from the strap on. I got on the bed next to her, rubbed the dildo up and down her slit. Then pushed it in. Biting her nipple I pushed the purple cock deeper into Cindy. "You like that you little bitch? I oughta split you right open."

After giving it to her good with the dildo, I yanked it from her, replacing it with my now hard cock. Despite herself Cindy moaned when I enter her. I went fast and hard for a good long time. Finally I felt that Cindy was tensing and her body getting off from the movements. She came suddenly and lay there panting. I soon followed. When I was done I leaned down and and kissed her. "Was that ok.?" I started untying her.

"Oh Tim. That's what I needed. For some reason. Yes you were good. Once or twice you kinda scared me."

"I didn't hurt you at all did I?"

"My nipples may be sore tomorrow. But I'm good. Thanks."

I lay with her as she rubbed her wrists. Holding her to me I asked if she needed to talk about anything.

"No, but I may call Sandy tomorrow, if that's ok"
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