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A bully slowly takes over a family.
It’s been a little while since I last attempted to write a story. By no means has my spell checking and proofing skills increased, however I think have become better at wording sentences. I’ve found myself reading a significant amount of stories including some sort of bully and a family. I’ve come across some very well done and lengthy hentai comics( I’d be happy to share the names if anyone is curious). However I’ve found few personally intriguing bully text stories. Here is my attempt, hope you all enjoy it. Starts off a bit slow. I plan on switching perspectives of characters throughout the story, so whenever you see a lone name in the top left, that is whose perspective the story is taking part from.



I won’t ever forget the day my life started changing. It was a wednesday afternoon, the bell for last class had just rung, as per usual I went straight to the varsity locker room to get ready for track practice. There were only 3 distance runners on the team, the other 2 were females. My school for some unbeknownst reason has always had a beef with cross country and us distance track runners. A good reason for it was we were one of the fastest sprinting highschool teams in the country, however we sucked at distance.

I was never very talented at running. I only joined the team because my parents had encouraged me to try an activity to meet people. For once they had actually ended up being right, the same year as I joined the team as a walk on distance runner another girl joined as a walk on distance runner as well. Her name was Ashley. A lot like me, her parents had encouraged her to join a sport to stay active.

She was not hot, but she was nowhere near ugly, the best way to describe her is simply average. She was an inch taller than me at 5’9 and weighed about the same as me, as she was slightly curvy and I am quite skinny. Blond hair, with some lingering acne thanks to the lasting effects of puberty. She was a newcomer to our school in her Junior year, throughout the season we had become good friends, due to our knack of not being great runners on a good team.

After finishing the season and continuing to stay in touch, I finally built up the courage to ask her out. Fast-forward to our senior year and things with Ashley are going very well. She was the first girl I had ever dated, so she had introduced me to a lot of things. However, she had always made it very clear that she would not have sex unti marriage. She gave me a handjob every now and then and on super occasions she would give me a blowjob. However, what she liked the most was having me eat her out. From the start I never minded it, I liked giving her pleasure with my tongue, and doing it more just made me like it more. Sometimes she would have me finger her, but she preferred my tongue.

After changing into my running clothes, the team met outside by the track. We were all doing our warmups when coach Davis arrived followed by someone I had never seen.

“Everybody listen up!” He yelled.

“I would like to introduce the newest sprinter to our team. This is Blake from down in Florida. We spent the summer in contact and I finally managed to convince him to move out here and join our team. He’s got a very good chance at getting into some D1 schools next year and I think this is the best school to help him achieve his goals. Josh would you like to introduce yourself?” Davis finished.

“Thanks coach. I’m very excited to be joining you guys, I’ve followed this team since my freshman year. I cannot tell you guys how excited I am to be joining this team, I cannot wait to get to know you guys, even you distance runners” He said, causing the whole team to laugh. Practice went on like usual, warmups, drills, then the distance runners were just sent to run until practice was over. Nothing out of the usual.

Following practice, I was changing back into my normal clothes, still sweaty. I never showered in the locker room, I was by far the smallest guy on the team and everyone else looked so intimidating. Just as I was closing up my locker, Blake came around the corner from the showers, his lower half wrapped around his body. He stopped and briefly gave me a look up and down. He then slightly smirked to himself, took his hand and itched his balls using the towel.

“Hey bitch boy why don’t you take my towel and get it cleaned” He said, loosening his towel and tossing it in my direction. I tried to move out of the way, but the towel hit me right in the face and covered me. I could smell his masculine musk the second it touched my face. As fast as I could I took it off, quite pissed off, but Blake had already walked away.

I had done my best to forget the afternoons event out of my head, but even as I ate dinner with my family I could not forget that smell.

“There was a new kid in my Physics class today named Blake. He’s just moved here from Florida for running. Did you meet him Jake?” My twin sister Jessie inquired.

“Yea he was at practice. Didn’t really talk to him” I replied. Embarrassed by my interaction with him.

“Did he move here with his family?” My mom asked, while handing Jessie the rice.

“From what I understood, just briefly chatting with him, he’s here alone. His parents let him move since he’s 18” My sister replied.

“We should have him over for dinner!” My mom piping up like a lightbulb turning on.

“That's a great idea” My sister added.

“Why not” my dad shrugged. Finally opening his mouth for the first time this meal.

“Jake, why don’t you ask him to come over for dinner tomorrow night after practice? You could invite Ashley too, give him some new friends in the school” My mom asked.

“Umm, sure I guess” I replied, still too shy to speak up.

Later that night, in my room I decided to jack off. Going to my typical bdsm, master/slave stories and videos I wanked my 4 inch dick. But as I felt the climax building up I could not get that smell out of my head and as I came I had stopped reading the story and was simply trying to imagine the smell. I wiped the minimal amount of cum up, texted Ashley goodnight and got ready to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be another interesting day.

Part 2

I dreaded the end of practice for the first time. It meant I had to speak with Blake again. This time I decided to hide in the bathroom and change to avoid him coming out of the shower. I would talk to him after he’s changed.

I waited a few extra minutes after I was done changing then headed out. Nearly everyone was out of the changeroom but I assumed he would take his time. I came around the corner and he was sitting by his locker on his phone.

“Umm, your Black right?” I blurted out.

He didn't look up right away. He kept on typing, sending a text or something. After about 5 seconds he looked up.

“Yea, fuck do you want?” he finally responded.

“Umm, I think you met my sister yesterday in physics class. She, uhh, mentioned you were new to the town to my family and they wanted to invite you to dinner”

“Your sister's name is Jessie yeah?” He asked. I nodded my head.

“Yea she’s real hot, dresses like a complete slut. Can’t wait to hit that” He said. My face started getting red.

“Hey that’s not fucking funny” I replied, making a terrible mistake and taking a step towards him.

“What the fuck do you think your doing?” He smirked. I crept back a little.

“This is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna come to your house for dinner, and i’m gonna make your sister blow me. But before I do that” He stopped. I didn't even have time to move before he had dashed at him and pinned me the locker.

“I’m gonna do this” He swung and punched me right in the gut. I doubled over as he let me go and walked away. I lay there for a minute trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes I am okay to leave. I am scared for the night.

Night comes…

We are just finishing supper. Blake has been extremely charming to my mother and sister all night. Complementing their looks and outfits. He’s even made some comments to Ashley who has blushed at them. My dad from the get go was quiet and very shy around him. He seemed very intimidated by him. He controlled the dialogue masterfully.

“Hey Jake, why don’t you start doing the dishes” He asked, placing his utensils on his plate. No one questioned it at all. They all continued to listen to him tell a story. With my head hung low I gather the dishes and began cleaning.

After finishing all the dishes and throwing out the garbage, I returned to the dining room just as Blake and Jessie were standing up.

“Jessie is going to show Blake around the neighbourhood. He does not live that far away” My mom said.

“Dad are you sure?” I asked.

“Absolutely” He replied.

Jake followed my sister out of the room and gave me a wink as he walked by me. This was insane, I could not believe this was actually happening.

Ashley had gotten a text and said she had to leave and go home, which was okay I was not really in the mood to have her around. The second she left.

“Mom I’m not sure Blake is the type of guy that should be around our family. He has not been the nicest guy to me” I said.

“What are you talking about, he’s been an absolute delight. He was very nice to you during dinner as well. Maybe you just need to open up a little and try and be nicer to him” She suggested.

I left and went to my room. This had been an absolutely terrible day. Who knows what Jessie was doing right now, maybe she's smart enough.

I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed when my phone dinged. I have not been getting texts from Ashley the last few evenings so I was not sure who it could be. I don’t get a lot of texts otherwise. I turned my screen on and it was an attachment from a number I didn’t have saved. I tapped to open it and I could not believe what I was seeing.

It was a video. A girl was on her knees, on dirt. Her face was pushed up against his hips, all the way down. There was a hand on the back of her head. From the top, it was obvious, it was Jessie. She blew like it was definitely not her first time. There was spit falling all over, and you could hear gagging sounds from her throat.

“I’m cumming baby” He said, pushing her all the way down his black shaft. Then the video ended.

Marcus had sent me that. I froze, looked down. My dick was hard. I couldn’t help myself and reach down and started rubbing myself. Before I knew it I was playing the video again and jerking off to it. I felt so humiliated, but I couldn’t help myself. As Marcus claimed he was coming for only the third time in a row, I climaxed. Cumming a little more than usual onto my tee shirt. The humiliation did not go away. It took a long time to finally fall asleep, I could not stop thinking about what was to come next.
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