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After committing incest a second time, brother and sister decide to get their story out there.
The Things We Do at Home - part 5

An original true story by starrynight.

"You're up late today." Laura said to her son as he walked into the kitchen looking sleepy. It was early afternoon, and he only just came down for his late breakfast. "What were you doing up all night?" she asked.

"Nothing," Chris said blushing, "you know, just playing video games with friends." He said, trying to keep cool.

"I hope you didn’t make a lot of noise and keep your sister up." Laura said.

"No, Jessica was okay with it." Chris said and bit down a smirk. His mother nodded and he sat down with a plate and some food. "Is she up?" he asked.

"Who, your sister?" Laura asked and Chris nodded with a mouthful. "Yes, of course." She said, surprised by the question. Chris nodded blushing and continued to eat in silence.

A nervous knot built in Chris's stomach as he climbed the stairs after eating. It wasn't the disgusted, horrified nervousness he had after having sex with his sister for the first time, but it was still a feeling of uneasiness. He stopped in front of her bedroom door, took a long breath, then knocked.

"Yes." Jessica said, looking up from her bed as she heard the knock. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans, a pink tank top, and her hair was still damp from the shower.

"Hey." Chris said sheepishly, smiling as he entered his sister's room and closed the door behind him.

"You really slept in today, didn't you?" Jessica said with a grin.

"Yes, how did you not?" he asked lightly but Jessica just shrugged.

"So, what's up?" Jessica asked, sitting up on her bed, and put her phone down.

"You know, the usual." Chris said with a joking smile and chuckled. "I thought we could do what we discussed last night." Chris said in a hushed tone.

"Oh?" Jessica asked innocently. "You're talking to me the day after, and you want to talk about things from last night? You've come a long way little brother." She said in a condescending tone, smirking.

"Shut up." Chris said lightly, embarrassed, shaking his head. "So, you want to send a message to the author…writer…person?" Chris asked, his expression turning serious.

"Yes, let's do it." Jessica said and moved to the edge of her bed. She stood up and took a seat on the chair next to her desk, opening her laptop while her brother stepped over. She watched her computer screen boot up while Chris leaned on her desk, half sitting on it. When the computer was finally running, she entered the relevant site and logged in.

"You have a user?" Chris asked surprised.

"Yes, why?" Jessica asked, blushing.

"No reason." Chris said casually and watched as his sister started scrolling around.

"Okay, so the writer's name, the one we talked about, is Starrynight." Jessica said, showing her brother the page.

"You think it's a guy or a girl?" Chris asked.

"Huh, I always figured it was a guy but I'm not sure." Jessica admitted. "Does it matter?" she asked her brother.

"No, not really." Chris said and watched his sister as she clicked around until she managed to pull up a new message page addressed to the author. "What should we write?" He asked his sister, excited.

Jessica thought it over, looking at her brother, then turned to the screen and started typing. "How about this?" she asked, showing him. Chris jumped off the desk, crouching on the floor and read it. He changed a few things then showed it back to her:

Dear Starrynight,

First, I wanted to say that I love your stories.

I am reaching out to you because of something that happened between me and my brother while in quarantine. I think it would make a very good story and, seeing how I'm not much of a writer, I was wondering if you would be interested in writing it.

"How should we sign it?" Jessica asked her brother after he finished editing it and she went over it. "Should I use my name?"

"Hell no." Chris said decisively. "We can't use our real names in the story too."

"Why not? We have pretty common names." She said.

"Yeah, but using both our real names, then mom's, if someone who knows us happens to read it, they could figure it out." Chris said.

"Yeah, okay." Jessica said. At first, she thought her brother was being a little paranoid, but what he said made sense. "So, should we like, come up with new names?" she asked, the idea exciting her.

"Yes, we can choose our names, that would be cool." Chris said, also excited.

"Awesome, let's start with a name for me." Jessica said, amused by the situation. "What do you think about…Sarah?" she asked.

"Nah, you don't look like a Sarah." Chris said.

"Jennifer?" she tried again. She always liked that name.

"You're not hot enough to be a Jennifer." Chris said, smiling teasingly.

"Screw you!" Jessica said laughing.

"How about Mandy?" Chris suggested and Jessica frowned, shaking her head.

"How about…Jessica?" she asked, and her brother thought about it, not dismissing immediately.

"That could work." Chris said, looking at her. "You do kind of look like a Jessica." He said and she giggled.

"Cool, I'm Jessica then, Jess for short I guess." She said smiling and shrugged. "Let's do you now." She said excited and looked at her brother as he straightened up, stretching.

"John." He snapped without thinking.

"How original, did you come up with it all by yourself?" Jessica said sarcastically. "How about Tommy?" she offered.

"Too nerdy. What about…Jason?" he asked.

"No way you're cool enough to pull off a Jason." She said giggling and her brother shook his head.

"What about Chris?" Jessica said, and her brother looked at her intrigued.

"Why Chris?" he asked her.

"I don't know. It's a generic jock's name and you pretty much fit the de***********ion." She told her brother.

"I can live with Chris." He said nodding, trying to think of himself as a Chris. "So, Chris and Jessica?" he asked, and his sister nodded. "Now mom." He said.

"I don't think mom's name really matters that much, just say whatever name pops into your head when you picture mom." Jessica said, looking at her brother.

"L…au…r…a?" Chris asked, saying each letter as he thought about it.

"Laura? Fine, mom is Laura." Jessica said, not really caring. "And uncle…Ben?" she asked.

"Really, uncle Ben?" Chris said cracking up. "Why not uncle Sam?" he teased her, still laughing.

"Okay smartass, you choose a name." Jessica said.

"How about uncle…Shawn?" Chris tried.

"That's actually pretty good." Jessica admitted, nodding approvingly, how did you come up with that?" She asked.

"I saw this movie the other day where one of the character's name was Shawn and he reminded me of him." Chris said. "What about dad?" Chris asked, already thinking of a name.

"Why do we need a name for dad? He wasn't here for any of it." Jess said.

"Still, it doesn't feel right to leave him out." He said, shrugging.

"Whatever…" Jessica said, rolling her eyes. She ignored her brother and looked back at the screen. "So, I should sign it Jessica?" she asked her brother who nodded enthusiastically. She wrote it out, getting used to her new name, and clicked send.

"How long do you think it will take him to reply?" Chris asked.

"No idea," Jessica said shrugging, "not even sure it's a him and that he or she will reply. Let's just wait and see."

"Okay, cool." Chris said, looking down at his sister. "Hey, should we start like writing some of it down?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Write down how it started and what happened in general." Jessica agreed. "Let's do it later tonight. We don't want anyone accidently overhearing us." She said and her brother agreed, nodding.

"Later then." Chris said, giving her a mock salute, then turned around and left, the whole idea of it excitedly buzzing through his mind.

It was funny for Chris and Jessica to think of themselves with those names for the rest of the day. They called each other by those names as they came down for dinner, laughing, then looked at their mother and uncle, amused to be thinking of them with their new names. Laura and Shawn didn't understand what all the kids' giggling was about during dinner but were glad they were in a good mood.

"Did you get a reply?" Chris asked as he entered his sister's room later that night, wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a plain navy-blue t-shirt.

"No, but it has only been a few hours." She said assuring. She was wearing the same clothes from earlier and gestured for her brother to join her on the bed before she grabbed her laptop and opened it on her lap. "Ready?" she asked her brother as he got comfortable next to her. He nodded and watched as she pulled up a blank document.

"So, how do we start?" Chris asked.

"Well, it all started with the Corona Virus breakout, right?" She asked, writing along as her brother nodded. She continued with a few short sentences about how school was out, then turned to her brother. "What was the first thing that happened between us?" she asked her brother.

"I think it started that night when you came into my room while I was trying to…watch porn." Chris said nervously.

"Oh yeah." Jessica said, remembering. It seemed to her like ages ago.

"Why did you come into my room that night anyway?" Chris asked.

"I think I was just bored. It was like, after a week of being stuck here, and I was starting to go crazy." She admitted.

"Okay, but why did you want to watch porn with me?" Chris said.

"I don't know, I guess I thought it was better than doing nothing. I also thought it would be fun to see you all embarrassed and squirming." Jessica said with a grin.

"Bitch!" Chris said chuckling. "It was awkward. You remember you started talking about the video, asking me why I thought she was hot and stuff?"

"Yeah, I also remember you got hard and how embarrassed you looked." Jessica said giggling. She looked at the screen and started typing. "What was the next thing that happened?" Jessica asked after she finished writing.

"I think it was the following night, or maybe two night after. You came to me and asked if I wanted to watch porn with you again." Chris said.

"That's right. It was late, I was bored again, and I had fun watching the video with you, so I thought I'd try it again. Which video was it that we watched that night?" She asked.

"It was the one with the hot couple on the sofa." Chris said, thinking back to it.

"That was a good one. It was really sexy and the woman in it was gorgeous." Jessica said, typing it down.

"You started touching yourself next to me that night. It kind of freaked me out." Chris said.

"Yeah, I was really horny and hoped you wouldn't notice." Jessica said apologetically almost. "Wasn't that the night that you also…you know…in your pants?" she asked, noting how her brother started blushing. "Mind if I ask what was that all about?" she asked.

"You really want to know?" Chris asked shyly and his sister nodded. "So, when I watch…porn, I kind of like…touching myself…while I'm watching, but not enough to… to get off. I usually watch it to the end, get myself really excited then…finish off." He stuttered, blushing. He looked at his sister, but she didn’t make fun of him, just listened with a serious expression on her face. "When I get too…um…excited, I slow down or stop. Sometimes, while doing it, I don't pay enough attention and catch myself just before…going off. What happened that night doesn’t usually happen to me. I kind of got to this point where I'm…too…excited, and just can't stop in time." Chris finished, blushing, and glanced sideways at his sister who was listening intently.

"So, that's what it was. Now I get why you were all grumpy and being a jerk afterwards." Jessica said. She was surprised that he shared something so intimate with her and decided to do the same. "I hooked up with this guy once, he played with himself while I was getting naked, then, just as he was putting his…penis inside me, he went off. He was a real dick about it and started getting mad at me." Jessica told him, hoping to lessen his embarrassment.

"Yeah, he was probably really embarrassed about it and just lashed out, I was too after that. I was horrified that I…went off in my pants with you there watching. Sorry if I was a jerk afterwards." Chris said sincerely.

"Don't worry about it." Jessica said smiling and started typing.

"You're writing that down?" Chris asked surprised.

"Yeah, I think it's kind of hot. Don't worry, no one will know it was you." She assured him.

"Fine. What happened next then?" Chris asked, "Was it the truth or dare?"

"Yes. The internet was out, and I remember you were a jerk when I came to ask you about it." Jessica said. "How exactly did we end up playing truth or dare?" she asked.

"It was your idea. The internet was out, and we had nothing to do so you suggested we play." Chris reminded her. "I think that was when things got out of hand between us."

"Hey, you were the one you dared me to show you my…um…bush." Jessica said defensively, mostly joking.

"Don't blame it on me, you were the one who started with all the crazy sex questions." Chris snapped back.

"Yeah, but you didn't shy away, and you asked me some pretty nasty questions yourself." She reminded him, a playful smile on her face.

"You also dared me to get hard next to you, and how was I supposed to know your…bush would be so…hai…um…full. I thought you would just have like a little patch or triangle or something on top, and you would just pull your panties down a little and show. I didn't mean for you to show me your…vagina." Chris explained, turning red.

"Why did you dare me to show it to you anyway?" Jessica asked.

"Because you dared me to get hard. I didn't really care about seeing it, I just wanted to get you back." He said and Jessica nodded understandingly. "You remember you asked me after that if seeing it turned me on?" Chris asked chuckling. "That was a cheap shot." He added and his sister laughed, writing it all down.

"After I showed you my huha and asked if it turned you on, did I dare you to get naked?" Jessica asked.

"I think I asked you first how many people you slept with, then you dared me to get naked." Chris recalled.

"Right. By the way, that was also a cheap shot." Jessica told her brother with a grin. "Now, tell me if I have the rest right: I dared you to get naked, you didn't agree at first, said it wasn’t fair, but after I reminded you that you just saw my…um…vagina, you got naked. After that it was my turn, I chose dare and you dared me to get naked too, which I knew you would. When we were both naked, which was really strange by the way, I dared you to jerk off to me. Right?" Jessica asked, blushing as she recalled it out loud, typing some of it down.

"That’s right. It was fucking crazy. How the hell did you have the nerve to dare me to do that?" Chris asked.

"I have to admit I wasn't really thinking straight. I was just really horny and wanted to get off, so I figured I would make it into a dare." She admitted blushing, then wrote it down.

Jessica and Chris were both getting turned on as they recalled everything that happened between them. Chris was slowly building up an erection which was beginning to show, and Jessica was getting wet.

"This is going to make one hell of a story. I'm sort of getting turned on just writing it down." Jessica said and slid a hand down, rubbing her pussy through her shorts.

"Yeah, I guess it's pretty hot." Chris admitted, squeezing his boner through his shorts.

"Hey, you want to maybe…get naked before we continue?" Jessica asked. "It might help us get in the mood?" she added with a deviant smile.

"I know we did it twice, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this to be a normal thing, that we can just have casual sex whenever, it's still messed up." Chris said in a low steady voice, his expression serious.

"Who said anything about sex? I was talking about getting in the mood for writing." Jessica said amused and Chris turned a bright red. "But maybe we can do something else? We can still have some fun if you're cool with it, even just watching each other." She offered.

"I guess I'm down with that." Chris said, not even having to think it over. He was horny, and they had seen each other naked and masturbated together enough times for him not to be apprehensive.

Chris grabbed the laptop from Jessica and placed it next to him. He slowly got on his knees and turned to face her. They both had a guilty yet excited look on their faces as they stripped. They were not timid or shy as they removed their clothes. Chris pulled his shirt off and shimmied out of his pants in a few seconds, tossing them aside on the bed as he faced his sister in just his tented boxers. Jessica removed her top, revealing a conservative white bra, then slid off her shorts, revealing a pair of light-blue cotton panties. They had an amused look on their faces, just a hint of shyness that would probably never disappear completely, then they removed the last of the clothes. Chris pulled down his boxers, his hard cock springing free, and wrapped his palm around it as his sister removed her bra. He stroked it gently to his sister's eyes, watching her mouthwatering boobs bounce out of the bra, nipples hardening, then looked at her nimble fingers sliding her panties down her legs, exposing her tight little muff, her pubic mound covered with the same prickly layer of hair he remembered from the previous night.

Jessica looked at her brother's hard cock as he played with it, not quite masturbating, and traced a finger along her left breast, gently squeezing her pink nipple. She sighed in content, the warm air feeling amazing on her naked body, then slid her other hand between her legs. She ran her thumb down her prickly bush, along her moist slit, then pulled her hands away and leaned back, grabbing her laptop.

"Let's keep going?" Jessica asked, her voice serious. She grabbed the laptop, and placed it back on her bare thighs, the warmth of it strange on her naked skin.

"Yeah, okay." Chris agreed and let go of his manhood. He jumped back next to his sister, looking down at the screen and what she wrote so far. "What happened after?" he asked.

"After playing truth or dare, I think was the night we saw the brother and sister video, the one with them at the pool." Jessica said, blushing at the thought of what happened that night.

"That was when you had me…" Chris started asking and Jessica nodded, blushing even more. "So no, wait, I think that was when things really got out of control between us." He said.

"You might be right." Jessica admitted shyly. "I remember we started watching the video, then one of us asked if we should get naked."

"It was you who asked," Chris cut her off. "and that's when I first saw you shaved." He added.

"Right, that was the day I shaved. I suggested we get naked because I wanted you to see it." She admitted. "Then we kept watching, and you asked me if I was okay with you jerking off." Jessica continued, typing.

"That video was so fucking hot I couldn't help it." Chris said apologetically.

"You don't have to tell me." Jessica said suggestively, typing quickly. "So, you jerked off and I was also touching myself as we watched it. I think it was just before the end that you…came." She said and Chris nodded. "Then we kept watching, I think I also had a little orgasm, and then the video ended. That's when I asked you to…" Jessica continued nervously.

"Now, I have to ask. What were you thinking when you asked me to…go down on you?" Chris managed nervously.

"I'm not sure. I remember feeling really, and I mean really, horny, like I was about to go crazy if I didn't get off, and my fingers just weren't doing the trick." She said, talking slow, nervously, her face flustered. "When the video was over, I caught myself looking at your…penis, just obsessed with getting off, and once I saw it wasn't hard, I just asked you the only other thing I could think of."

"To eat you out?" Chris asked and Jessica nodded. "Wait, you mean that if I was…hard, you would've asked me to…to…put it in you?" he asked, his eyes going wide.

"Honestly, I have no idea what I would have asked, but yes, I might have asked you to…enter me." She admitted shyly. She typed into the computer a few more lines, then put the laptop aside, sliding a hand between her legs. "God, I'm so turned on right now." She admitted with frustration, tracing a finger over her clit with her brother next to her. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to go down on me again?" Jessica said half joking and spread her legs wider, trying to get rid of that itch between her legs.

"Um…I don't mind." Chris said softly, nervously, the sight of his sister's pink snatch making his hard cock twitch even harder.

"Really?" Jessica asked surprised, her eyes gleaming as she studied her brother.

"Yes, really." Chris assured her with a shrug, then a nod.

"Yeah, okay." Jessica managed to say, surprised, she was instantly excited and picked up her computer, setting it on the desk, before her brother would change his mind. She slid down her bed and placed two large pillows behind her back, then leaned back on them, spreading her legs. She watched, still uncertain, as her brother moved around, his dick swinging. He moved on all fours, his dick rubbing along her knee as he climbed over her, then took his place between her legs. He looked into her eyes as she spread her legs further apart, giving him space, then he slid down. He gave his sister another look, placing his hands on her soft thighs, then leaned in, moving his mouth between her legs. Jessica held her breath in anticipation, her entire body tensing as she felt her brother's warm breath on her vulva. He caressed her thighs, squeezing them, then stuck his tongue out. He pushed himself in, and just like that, her brother was eating her pussy.

"Mmmm…wow." Jessica moaned as her brother's tongue met her delicate folds. He ran the tip of it along her slit, tasting her wetness, then slid it up to taste her clit. Jessica gasped as her brother licked her clit, teasing it so naughtily, so perversely, then slid his tongue back down and continued exploring her vulva. He licked her thoroughly, not just her slit, but munched on every inch of her pink seductive labia.

His sister's pussy tasted delicious as Chris began devouring it. The wetness was now seeping out of her and he lapped it up hungrily. He studied her intimate region with his tongue, every wrinkle and crevice of it fascinating and turning him on. She moaned, adorable delicate little moans, as he kissed her, planting his lips all over her vulva, on her prickly mound, her naughty clit, her seductive lips and along her inner thighs. He was painfully aware of his actions, aware that it was his older sister's pussy he was licking, and aware of how much he was enjoying it. It still made him uneasy, the fact that he was eating his own sister's pussy, but he managed to ignore that feeling and focus on the forbidden excitement of it. Although he might've preferred otherwise, Chris could not deny that he enjoyed eating his sister out, loving every second of exploring her forbidden hole. As Chris's tongue slyly assaulted Jessica, her moans grew, and so did his desire to pleasure her. He kissed and licked her thighs, teasing her, building up the sexual tension, before using his thumbs to spread her pinks twat open. He gazed deep into her gaping flower, then penetrated her with his tongue, getting an overpowering surge of her taste before pulling it out and advancing on her clit.

"Oh my god!" Jessica whimpered, clutching the covers as she squirmed. Her brother just slipped his tongue into her pussy and was now sucking on her clit, eating her out sensually. "Fuck, just like that!" she moaned as his tongue dipped back into her, exploring her tight hole, running along her sensitive skin. She groaned, her body reacting to the extreme pleasure as it built up inside and closed her eyes. Her brother pulled his tongue out of her, long enough to playfully bite on her lips, then moved back up to her clit, making her call out again. He teased her with it, making her moan as he licked and sucked on her clit, and just when she reached the point she could not take it any longer, he pressed his tongue to her clit and slid a finger inside her cunt, making her climax explosive.

Jessica groaned as the pleasure shot through her naked body. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, her entire body tensing, then opened them wide, her mouth opening, as the pleasure engulfed her. Her body began to writhe, her pussy convulsed and thighs trembled as the agonizing pleasure erupted. Her brother continued eating her out, fingering her as he licked the juices flowing out of her, and it made her orgasm all the better. She babbled incoherently as the surges of pleasure continued, her body trembling with it, and rode it out, the waves gradually weakening until it was over, leaving her red and panting on her bed, her heart racing.

Chris extracted himself from between his sister's legs and sat on his knees, smiling. He watched her laying there, breathing heavily, a satisfied expression on her face. He wiped her wetness from his mouth with the back of his hand, watching her perfect boobs rise and fall with her breathing, then looked down at her pussy, her pink vulva glistening. He was aroused almost to the level of pain and closed his hand around his throbbing member as he stared at his naked sister.

"Give me a sec and I'll help you with that." Jessica told her brother, her breathing rasped. She gestured towards his penis and he stopped stroking it, watching it twitch as it begged for him to continue. Jessica grunted as she slowly sat up, breathing deeply, and got on her hands and knees. She took a few deep breathes, her breathing leveling, then grabbed her brother erection.

Chris moaned as his sister began stroking his dick, slowly, sensually, making sure to move along the entire length. She twisted her hand as she stroked him, moving on her knees until she was facing him, then leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

"Oh, fuck Jess!" Chris whispered, closing his eyes at the pleasure and opening them a moment later. He watched his sister grasping his dick, the head inside her mouth, and moaned as she sucked on it before pulling off with a distinct pop. She raised her eyes to his, a naughty smile barely noticeable on them, and stuck her tongue out, licking the head of his cock like a lollypop.

"You really do have a nice cock." Jessica said with a shy little smile and took it back in her mouth. She listened to his moans as she sucked on the head once more, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth, then started taking it in deeper.

"Ugh god!" Chris moaned as his sister's lips slid lower down his shaft, taking more of him into her mouth. She moved her hand down and started playing with his balls while she began bobbing her head up and down his erection. "Fuck, that feels amazing!" Chris groaned, watching his sister's lips going up and down his shaft. She wasn't taking much of him into her mouth, less than half his cock, but Chris didn't care, the depraved pleasure of his older sister giving him head was still amazing. "Jess, I'm almost there." Chris said, wincing, as the pleasure was growing dangerously high. She moved her hand back to the base of his shaft, squeezing it, and kept her eyes on her brother's, still slurping loudly on his dick. "Fuck, Jess I'm gonna cum!" Chris said again, more urgency in his voice and grimaced, doing his best to keep himself from going off.

Jessica quickly pulled her mouth off her brother's cock, a string of saliva forming between her lip and the tip. His shaft was slick with her spit, and she slid her hand up, coating it as she began to stroke him. She started with a single slow stroke, then quickly moved faster. Chris let out a whimpering moan as she jerked him, the nauseatingly arousing sound of a wet dick being stroked filling the room. He moaned as she tugged on him, going faster and faster, his meat throbbing in her hand until he went off.

"Ugh fuck Jess, I'm cumming!" Chris called out, pleasure erupting deep inside him. His sister sat with her feet folded to the side and brought her full breasts just below his cock. She pumped him at full speed, her hand moving quickly on his slick member, and watched as he began ejaculating. "Fuck!" Chris cursed as his cock twitched and his first load shot out at full force. It hit Jessica's chest, just above her breasts with a loud splat, and was quickly followed by another one. Chris moaned again, the pleasure almost unbearable and watched amazed as his cum continued to squirt. His sister positioned it lower down, and they both watched with perverse fascination as he covered her boobs with his incestuous sperm. Chris continued moaning as his sister continued stroking, more and more loads landing on her tits. They continued, Jessica eagerly milking every drop out of her brother's penis even after he finished cumming, making him grunt before finally releasing his manhood.

Chris and Jessica looked at each other, brother and sister, both naked, both flustered, brother's cum covering sister's rack. Jessica stared at her brother's cock, coated in her saliva, then down at her boobs. Her brother's cum was all over her and she carefully moved to the edge of the bed and reached for the box of tissues on the nightstand. She wiped Chris's cum off, surprised by the amount of it, then moved back to the bed, laying back dazed.

"Well, that was definitely…" Chris started.

"Something to write about?" Jessica offered with a teasing smile and Chris nodded. He never had any girl make him cum on her tits, and having his own sister do it, covering her perky mounds with his batter, was one of the hottest things he ever experienced.

"That was incredible." Chris said, still looking dazed.

"Yeah well, you deserved it. You were pretty good yourself." Jessica said with a shy little grin.

"You know, I think reading all those sex stories made me better at eating pussy." Chris said ponderingly.

"What?" Jessica said giggling. Her brother sounded like he was high.

"I'm serious, some of the stories are really de***********ive, and when I read about a guy going down on a girl, I'm like, yeah, I should totally remember to do that." he explained.

"Really, like what?" Jessica asked.

"Like sticking my finger in, I never really did that while going down on a girl, but it sounded so hot I wanted to try it." He said.

"Damn, maybe all guys should have mandatory sex stories reading as part of school." Jessica said laughing. It wasn't such a bad idea.

"Don't laugh, I made you cum, didn’t I?" he said, making his point, and his sister nodded. "Anyway, I guess we'll pick it up tomorrow?" Chris asked and his sister nodded in agreement. "I meant the writing." Chris quickly added as he climbed off the bed and grabbed his clothes. He looked at his limp wet cock then over at his sister. "I think I need a shower. Good night then." He said and with that walked out, quietly closing the door behind him.


When Jessica woke up the following morning, the first thing she did was grab her phone to check if they received a reply. She was disappointed when she didn't, and she pulled the covers off. She was surprised to find herself nude, forgetting she did not put anything on after her brother left. She slowly climbed out of bed, stretching her lithe frame, and pulled her panties back on. She did not feel like wearing a bra, and just put on a white tube top, and the same cutoff jeans from the previous day.

"Any reply?" Chris asked her as they sat around the kitchen table eating breakfast. She shook her head, and Chris frowned. "Should we wait until tonight to keep writing?" Chris asked, eager to keep going.

"Yeah, probably." Jessica said with a hushed tone and looked at her brother who nodded understandingly. She noticed he was looking at her breasts and smiled to herself, deciding to tease him a little. "What are you looking at?" she asked, feigning ignorance.

"Nothing." Chris said defensively and looked down.

"Were you looking at my boobs?" Jessica asked with a devious grin, trying to sound appalled. She knew he could see the outline of her nipples, and maybe even a hint of pink, through her white top.

"Maybe." Chris said with a guilty smile, realizing that after everything that happened between them there really was no pointing in hiding them. He looked his sister in the eyes and noticed a dangerous smirk.

Jessica looked left and right, making sure no one was around then faced her brother, sitting up straight. She placed her fork down, moved both hands to the front of her top and took a breath. She glanced around once more, then quickly pulled her top down making her breasts wiggle and bounce as her brother's jaw dropped. "Enjoy little brother." She said with a teasing smile as he gawked. She giggled at his reaction until she heard footsteps coming and quickly tucked her tits away.

"Good morning." Laura said sweetly as she entered the kitchen where her kids were eating breakfast. Jessica just finished adjusting her top as her mother appeared, and her face was red. Chris shook his head in amusement, stifling a chuckle, and returned to eating his food.

After breakfast, Jessica and Chris returned to their rooms. Jessica found herself checking once again if they received a reply, and Chris, disgustingly turned on by his sister flashing him, returned to his light sexual reading.

"Chris." Jessica called while knocking on her brother's door.

"What?" Chris asked, opening the door on his way down to eat dinner.

"We got a reply." She told him enthusiastically, a big smile on her face.

"Really?" Chris asked excited, his eyes bright, and his sister nodded. "What did it say?" he asked.

"I'll show you after dinner." She said and headed downstairs, her brother following. They ate dinner with their mother and uncle, Chris excitedly tapping his foot on the floor. As soon as dinner was over, he practically ran upstairs, waiting outside his sister's room as she leisurely followed him up the stairs.

"Are you coming?" Chris urged her as she walked over to her room, deliberately slowing down to annoy him.

"Relax." Jessica said with an amused giggle. Her brother was acting like a dog who was eager to go out on a walk. She opened her bedroom door, turned on the light, and ushered her brother in, shutting the door behind him. She took a seat on her chair, opening her computer as her brother came to stand next to her, and logged into her account. She went to the messages section, opening the reply and turned it towards her brother.

Dear Jessica,

Thank you for reaching out. I must say I am quite intrigued by what you sent and would be glad if you could give me a little more detail. If what happened between you and you brother is what I'm assuming, I might very well be interested in making it into a story with your help. You can send your reply directly to my mail, but please do not share it.



"Shit, does that mean he'll do it?" Chris asked cheerfully after reading it over twice.

"We'll have to send some more details first, but it sounds like he's into it." Jessica said, trying to contain her enthusiasm.

"He even gave us his personal mail. It has to mean he's serious about it." Chris said, a smile on his face. "Come on, let's send him." He said.

"Now?" Jessica asked her brother, alarmed.

"Yes now." Chris answered.

"What if mom or uncle Shawn come up?" She asked.

"All they'll see is us writing a mail. Come on." Chris said, eager to get the ball rolling.

"Fine." Jessica agreed and opened a new tab. She clicked on her mail, and the page opened. "Wait, shouldn't I use a different mail?" she asked her brother.

"That's probably a good idea." Chris said nodding. "Here, let me." He said taking over, and within a few clicks brought up a signup page and let Jessica fill it in.

"What should my email be?" she asked her brother, trying to think.

"Something with Jessica, Jess, birthday, year. Try Jess2001." He said and watched his sister typing. The name was taken, and she frowned. She tried Jess01, Jessica2001, Jessica01, they were all taken. "Try Jessfucksbro." He offered, laughing, but Jessica sternly disagreed. She finally tried hotjess2001, her brother snickering, and when the message appeared that it was available, she wrapped up the signup process.

"Cool, we have a mail, now what?" she asked her brother, opening a blank email page.

"He asked for more details, let's give him some more then." Chris said, and walked around his sister, taking a seat at the edge of her bed.

Jessica looked at her brother, turned back to the computer screen, then started typing. Her brother watched her fingers quickly moving along the keyboard, lines forming on the screen, until she was done and let her brother read, blushing.

Chris read his sister's word, telling how she and her brother started hanging out during their nights in quarantine. She wrote they started playing around one night, ended up masturbating together a few nights after. She explained how a few more naughty things happened between them, until one night they actually had sex with each other. She didn't go into detail, and it was only a few lines, but it was enough to get their message across and make Chris blush as he read.

"What do you think?" Jessica asked shyly after her brother finished reading.

"I think it's enough to understand that he has a story here." Chris said, feeling hot suddenly.

"Should I send it?" she asked, and Chris nodded, clicking on the send button with a gulp.

"I guess now we wait." Chris said as he stood up straight, staring at the empty inbox.

"Do you want to continue writing down what happened later?" Jessica asked.

"Uh hu." Chris said nodding, the thought of going over everything they did together with his sister made him both nervous and horny. "I'll come by later." He said and Jess nodded, watching him as he left her room.

Jessica watched some stupid show on her computer, waiting for her mother and uncle to go to bed so her brother would come. She was excited by the notion of continuing their erotic journal and kept glancing at her clock. She kept watching the same show as it got late, waiting for her brother to show up, and when it ended and there was still no sign of him, she decided to go to him.

Jessica knocked on her brother's door but received no response. She knocked again, harder, and when there was no response again, she figured he was wearing earphones and opened the door. Jessica smiled to herself in amusement at the sight of her brother. He was laying on his bed, his phone resting on his stomach, sleeping. She gave him another glance, hearing his deep slumberous breathing, then turned off the lights and quietly closed the door behind her.

"Morning." Chris said the following morning as he met his sister on her way to wash up. He woke up early and finished eating breakfast before his sister even got out of bed.

"Good morning." Jessica said sleepily and yawned. She was wearing an old large t-shirt, reaching down to her thigh and concealing her panties. "I waited up for you last night." Jessica said.

"Yeah, sorry, I fell asleep." Chris explained.

"I know. After you didn’t show up, I went to your room to get you and saw you sleeping." She told him.

"So that's why the light was out. I was wondering about that.' He said with a goofy smile. "We'll continue writing tonight then?" Chris asked and his sister nodded. "By the way, did he respond yet?" Chris asked after they passed each other and turned around.

"I don't know. I'll check in a bit." She told her brother who nodded, then disappeared into his room.


"Chris, Chris!" Jessica called, knocking on her brother's door an hour later.

"Yeah, what?" Chris called and his sister opened his door.

"He answered!" She said excited as she walked into his room, waving her phone around. She was wearing a crème-colored crop tank top, showing off amble cleavage, and tiny blue yoga shorts, beautifully cupping her ass.

"Wow, really? When? What did he say?" Chris asked, quickly sitting up in bed. He moved to the edge of the bed and his sister took a seat next to him.

"He replied last night, just a few hours after we sent the mail." She told her brother. "He says he's into it and is really looking forward to hearing the full story. He's asking if we could write out everything that happened in as much details as possible and not to worry about the grammar and spelling and stuff, just to make sure that what happened is clear. He's also asking to make sure I send him a very detailed de***********ion of me and you, and he also suggests that after we write it all down and send him everything, we can schedule a chat to go over everything in more details." Jessica said, reading along, then looked up at her brother.

"Shit, he really wants to do this." Chris said, surprised and excited. "We need to finish writing what happened between us down." He added and Jessica nodded.

"Tonight. Come over and we'll work on it until we finish." Jessica said, and her brother nodded. "In the meantime, try getting everything straight in your head." She added.

"Yeah, good idea." Chris said and looked at his sister as she got to her feet. He looked at her sexy butt in the tight shorts and watched it as she walked out of his room.


Late that night, Chris knocked on his sister's bedroom door, opening without waiting for a response. He was wearing a dark sports jersey, the number 10 in bright orange on the back, and a pair of loose green shorts. His sister was wearing the same clothes from earlier, her phone in hand, and looked up at him.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up." Jessica said with a smile and put her phone down. She slowly climbed out of bed and sat at the chair next to her desk while her brother came over and sat on her bed.

"I figured mom and uncle Shawn are already in bed." Chris shrugged and watched his sister open her computer and click on document where they started writing everything down. "Where did we stop last time?" he asked as his sister glanced over the file, reading over it.

"I wrote down everything that happened until the night you…em…went down on me." Jessica said shyly, clearing her throat and typing a few more things into the document. Without telling her brother, she quickly wrote down more of what happened that night. "That night ended on a really awkward note." She said, writing it down, then turned to her brother. "What happened after?" she asked and watched her brother thinking it over.

"Oh shit, I think that was when uncle Shawn overheard us." He said, in retrospective it was amusing.

"Right, we we're acting weird because…well you know, and he came to check up on us." Jessica said, typing away. "I told you about it that night and said we needed to play it cool. Things were still awkward between us for a few more days." She said, talking out loud as she wrote everything down. "That's when I got into reading sex stories." She told her brother who nodded understandingly.

"Okay, yeah, so there were a few days after, that we didn't see each other much. Then suddenly you showed up in my room wanting to watch more porn together, right?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, that's right. I was so horny from reading all the sex stories and I really needed to see a real life…penis." She explained embarrassed and blushed. "Also, reading the stories kind of made me feel less bad about what happened." She admitted.

"So that's why you came over that night." Chris said, understanding. "I agreed to watch porn together again but keep our clothes on and keep our distance." He recollected.

"What video was it we watched that time?" she asked.

"It was the one with the women being DPed." Chris said.

"Dped?" Jessica asked quizzically.

"Double penetrated." Chris said, giving his sister a surprised look.

"You are such a perv. I can't believe you know what it's called." She said giggling and wrote it down. "So, we started watching with our clothes on, then when you got hard, I asked you if you wanted to take your clothes off. You didn't, but you said I could, and I did. I masturbated next to you and I think I even got off a little, right?" Jessica asked.

"Huh, a little?" Chris snickered. "You came like crazy right there next to me, started shaking and everything. I didn't say anything, but it was really hot." He admitted. "After seeing you cum, I just had to jerk off, so I pulled my pants down next to you and did it too."

"I remember," Jessica said nodding "you really went off. I've never seen someone cum that much." She said and looked at her brother. He blushed, and she turned back to the screen. "The next time something happened I think was when we watched the teacher video." Jessica continued.

"Yeah, I came over to your room that time." Chris recalled.

"Yeah, I was a little surprised you did." Jessica admitted.

"I was horny, and I knew it was wrong, but I wanted you to talk me into watching porn again." Chris admitted blushing.

"You weren't very hard to convince." Jessica said giggling and Chris shrugged. "I even convinced you to get naked." She said, remembering, and wrote it down. "So, we started watching the movie…"

"And you kept talking through it." Chris interrupted. "I told you about my fantasy with Mrs. Williams and you told me about your professor." He reminded his sister.

"Right. You also asked me that night what I thought about your…penis. It was really awkward." She told her brother who blushed slightly.

"I figured if I was ever going to get an honest answer, that would be the time." He said weakly, trying to justify himself.

"We watched the video, and I have to admit I didn’t really get into it. Neither did you if I remember correctly. By the time it was over, neither one of us managed to…get off." Jessica said slowly, typing as she spoke.

"That's when you suggested we masturbate to each other." Chris said and Jessica nodded.

"I must admit I didn't think you would agree to it that easily." Jessica said.

"I was really horny." Chris disclosed, shrugging.

"It was hot." Jessica said, thinking back to it and wrote it all down. "After that time was the night it happened, right?" Jessica asked, her tone growing ominous. Her brother nodded and she felt her face grow warm. "You were really eager to watch porn again that night, what happened?" Jessica asked.

"I trimmed that day and wanted you to see." Chris explained.

"Oh yeah, that's right. That's why you practically started getting naked when you walked in." Jessica said with a teasing smile.

"Yeah, I really wanted you to see it. I even remember considering pulling my pants down during dinner to show you." Chris admitted chuckling.

"Good thing you didn't, mom would freak." She said laughing and wrote it down also. "After we both got naked, we started watching the brother and sister video, the one in the hotel." Jessica said, trying to think back.

"That video was messed up, I'm still not completely sure they weren't related." Chris said. "You also asked me while we watched it if I thought incest was really that bad, but I told you I get why you asked it now." Chris added.

"So, once the video ended that's when things really started getting messed up." Jessica said shyly.

"That's an understatement. One second I'm just staring at the screen, trying to take it all in, next thing I know your mouth is on my cock." Chris said with an incredulous tone.

"I won't claim to completely remember what happened, but I was looking at your…boner, and we just finished seeing the video, which you gotta admit was disturbingly hot, and I just felt it was what I needed to do." She admitted embarrassed, blushing.

"It was crazy. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. One part of me was like, fuck, this blowjob feels so good, and another part was like, oh god, I can't believe she's doing this." Chris said.

"I kind of lost myself in it. It felt kind of good to have a…penis in my mouth. I'm not sure I completely realized what I was doing. Then you said something, and hearing your voice snapped me out of it." Jessica explained, looking at her brother awkwardly, then turned back and wrote it all down. "After that it was you who made the next move, you climbed on top of me and…" Jessica recalled, trailing off, her voice trembling even now.

"I still can't believe I did that. It's just seeing you giving me a blowjob, then watching you lay back next to me naked, I couldn't help it. I was so horny, and you were right there. I wasn't thinking clearly, the video also fucked with my head a little, and suddenly I'm on top of you, pushing into you." Chris croaked, his throat dry and voice going raw.

"I watched you getting on top of me and I knew I should stop you, but I couldn't move. It was like I was frozen and watching it all happen in slow motion until you…put it in me, then everything sped up and suddenly you were inside of me." Jessica told her brother, recalling that life altering night. "No offense Chris, but that was the most awkward and embarrassing sex I've ever had." She told her brother nervously, trying to find polite words to describe it.

"No, you're right, it was terrible and fucked up." He said, shaking his head.

"I mean, it was so awkward, knowing my little brother was…having sex with me, feeling you inside of me, your body pressed into me. It was awful." She said.

"I won't lie, it still felt good, at least for me, and I was kind of in denial about it being you. I just tried concentrating on your body and how good your pus…it feels." He admitted awkwardly. "Then when I was about to cum you started yelling at me to pull out. That's when it hit me." He reminded her.

"When I felt you were about to…finish and you said it, it hit me that you weren't wearing a condom. I was so scared you were going to cum inside of me and it got me even more freaked out." She explained to her brother.

"You practically shoved me out, but it was lucky you did because I came a second later." Chris said. "After that I think we were both in shock at first, then we realized what we did." Chris said guiltily.

"It was rough after that and I felt really bad about it. I cried myself to sleep thinking about it after you left." Jessica admitted with a painful expression on her face.

"I know what you mean. It was really hard on me too. I actually felt sick for the next few days, almost like I was about to throw up." He confided in his sister and she nodded understandingly. Jessica and Chris both turned quiet at that point, like they were paying their respects with a moment of silence in memory of the night they committed the unspeakable act of incest for the first time. They took a deep breath, even the memory of that night disturbing them, then looked at each other.

"Can we keep going?" Jessica asked.

"You want to take a little break?" Chris suggested.

"Sure." Jessica agreed sweetly.

"I don’t know about you but talking about all of it is getting me pretty horny." Chris admitted blushing and Jessica looked between his legs, noticing his erection for the first time.

"We really should finish writing everything down tonight." Jessica said in a serious tone. "We can do something afterwards if you're up for it." She added with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"How about we just relax for a few minutes, maybe get naked. We can take a short break then continue until we finish?" Chris offered.

"Okay, sounds good." Jessica agreed and pushed her chair back, getting to her feet. "Just can't stop looking at me, can you?" Jessica said with a teasing little smile and easily pulled the loose top over her head.

"What can I say, my sister looks good." Chris said casually as he pulled the jersey off, exposing his chest while still sited on his sister's bed.

"Thanks, little bro, you're not too bad yourself." She said with the same teasing smile and released her bra, pulling it off then hanging it on the chair.

"You know it sounds really…kinky when you call me little bro?" Chris said looking at his sister's bare tits before standing up and inserting his fingers into the waistband of his shorts.

"I know, that's why I do it." She said giggling sweetly as she slipped her fingers into her pants. She watched her brother pull his shorts and underwear off in a single motion, his erect manhood displayed to her, and smiled to herself. She hooked her panties under her thumbs, then sensually shimmied out of her small yoga shorts, shaking her hips from side to side as she exposed her young vulva to her brother, pulling her clothes down her smooth legs and stepping out of them.

"Fuck, I know it's wrong to say, but I never noticed how hot you are before all this happened." Chris said shyly as he stared at her lovely firm C cups, her flat stomach, and her pink little cunt.

"I don't mind you saying." Jessica said with a pout, then giggled. She leaned down to pick up her shorts, then placed them on the chair and moved next to her brother.

"And do you mind me touching?" Chris asked with a devious grin when his sister was standing next to him.

"Hmm, let me see." Jessica said, reaching, and grabbing her brother's shaft. She tugged on it a few times, getting it fully erect, then let go. "I guess not." She said and started giggling guiltily.

"You really know how to tease guy." Chris said lightly, then took a seat at the edge of the bed, his sister right next to him. He looked down at his erect member, then back at Jessica, and reached for one of her breasts, grabbing it.

"Mmm, naughty boy." Jessica said then stuck her chest out, giving her brother better access. He quickly grabbed her other breast also and started kneading them to his growing arousal. He looked up into his sister's eyes as he played with her tits, gently squeezing them and ran his fingers along her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. Jessica moaned, watching her brother as he leaned down slowly and latched his mouth around her hard nipple, sucking on it. It sent a jolt of pleasure all the way to her pussy, and she closed her eyes as he sucked harder, moving between her delectable nips.

"I really like your bush like this." Chris told his sister as he slid his left hand down her body, gliding it along her stomach until reaching her prickly pubic mound, her dark stubble growing fuller each day.

"You don’t want me to shave it?" Jessica asked as she spread her legs, giving her brother permission to her intimate folds.

"No. Maybe trim it when it gets too wild, but it looks really sexy like that." Chris said as he caressed it. He continued playing with her nipple in one hand, while the other kept sliding down. His sister let out a stifled little moan as he ran his thumb along her clit, and watched his fingers, tracing along her wet slit, using two fingers to rub along her pink folds. Chris pulled his fingers away, licking his sister's wetness off them, then moved them back down and gently inserted his middle finger into her tight wet snatch.

"Mmm, fuck!" Jessica whimpered quietly, closing her eyes as her brother's finger dug into her. Chris leaned in and took her nipple back into his mouth, sucking on it. Jessica let out another cute little moan as he began playing with her clit, using his thumb, his middle finger still inside her. "Chris, we should really get back to writing." Jessica said in an obliged tone, the pleasure she was feeling audible.

"You don't want to get off first?" Chris asked deviously, pressing harder on her clit.

"Oh god! Yeah! Okay." She moaned, and surrendered her body to her brother, to do with it as he pleases. She was already far along, and just relaxed as her brother had his way with her. He continued licking and sucking her nipples, playing with her clit, and fingering her wet womanhood. Her breathing became quicker and more strained as her brother fingered her faster, not leaving her clit for a second. "Ugh yes!" she moaned whimpering, her voice small and high, as he slipped a second finger into her. She was tight, his two fingers enough to stretch her, and after fingering her for a few seconds, he shoved them deep into her and began shaking them inside her, while pressing his thumb to her clit. He saw this done in porn videos and decided to try it out on his sister.

Jessica let out a shaking shriek as she climaxed. Her brother's fingers on her clit, inside of her, and his lips sucking on her hard nipples, were all too much. She closed her eyes as the searing pleasure engulfed her, her pussy convulsing around her brother's fingers and her thighs trembling. She groaned as she orgasmed, a deep guttural sound of female pleasure she let out as it surged through her. As her climax weakened, slowly fading away, her brother slowed down his assault. He pulled his mouth off, looking into her dazed gaze, then pulled his fingers out of her. The bed was wet from her leaking juices, and Chris licked his fingers clean, his sister's musky taste making his already throbbing dick twitch even more.

"Oh my god, that was so good." Jessica said, eyeing her brother's rock-hard member as she caught her breath. "For future reference though, try to be gentler with a girl's pussy, don't thrash your fingers that hard. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it, but it was a little rough and I'm not sure every girl would enjoy it." She said in a sweet caring tone. "How about I take care of you before we continue?" Jessica asked, and grabbed her brother's cock as he nodded eagerly. "Wow, were you this hard before too?" Jessica asked as she squeezed the firm shaft.

"I don’t know, maybe not. Seeing you cum really turns me on." He admitted shyly and moaned as she began stroking him.

"Can you get me the box of tissues?" Jessica asked her brother while continuing to stroke him. He reached for the nightstand, grabbed them, and handed his sister. "Thanks." She said, placing it on the bed next to her and brought her mouth over her brother's cock. "Let me know when you're close." She told him, then stuck her tongue out and let saliva dribble over the head of Chris's dick. His breathing quickened as she used her hand to coat his shaft with it, making it slick, then began tugging on it faster.

"Fuck, Jess, that feels amazing." Chris let out, moaning, and watched her nimble hand sliding up and down his cock. He glanced sideways at her gorgeous boobs, then returned to look at his cock. He moaned as his sister masturbated him masterfully. She slid and twisted her hand along his shaft, stroking it from head to base in endless pleasure.

"You know you're really fun to jerk off." Jessica said with a giggling little laugh as she ran her hand along his cock.

"Thanks, I guess." Chris said awkwardly, then moaned as his sister started stroking him faster. She moved her left hand to his balls, the right one still stroking his shaft, and started jerking him off faster. He gasped as he watched his sister move, her naked legs touching his, her breasts right there, and her hands bringing him so much pleasure. "Jess, I'm gonna cum." He whispered as the pleasure was becoming dangerous. He watched his sister slow down, delaying his impending orgasm, then she pulled her left hand away and reached for the box of tissues. She grabbed two, cupping them in her hand, and moved it over her brother's penis as she resumed stroking him quickly.

"So you won't make a mess." Jessica told her brother with a little smile and listened to his groans grow.

"Ugh god Jess, ugh fuck!" Chris said with a grimace as his pleasure was almost at its peak. "Almost there, fuck Jess, fuck, I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming!" He called out, his face contorting in pleasure as he started shooting his load. His sister continued stroking his shaft at full speed as it began to squirt. Chris groaned, the divine pleasure rushing through him as he ejaculated in his big sister's capable hand. She caught his cum with the tissues in the other hand, lowering it down as his squirts weakened, and made him shoot every bit of cum into it. She continued stroking her brother's dick as he groaned and squirted until he was done, and she pulled away, throwing the tissues in the trash. "Jess, that was awesome." Chris said, his body still tingling from it.

"Thanks," Jessica said with a laughing smile, "you deserved it." She added. "You ready to get back to it?" she asked, and her brother nodded. "Cool, let me just go wash my hands really quick." She said, her hands slick with spit and cum. Chris stared at her sexy ass as she left and sat there dazed until she came back. Once she was back, Jessica took a seat on the chair, tossing her clothes on the bed.

"So, where were we?" Chris asked playfully, moving on the bed until he was next to her.

"We wrote about our first time…having sex, and how disgusted we were afterward. After that, we kind of ignored each other and tried to act like the other didn’t exist for a few days, right?" Jessica asked, looking up at her brother, then kept writing. "And after a few days, with things still really weird between us, I showed you the incest stories." Jessica recalled, writing it all down.

"You know, it looked like what happened between us didn't bother you as much as it did me." Chris stated as he thought about it. "But I might be wrong." He added shrugging.

"Maybe, I'm not sure," Jessica said, "or at least, I started getting over it sooner. Hey, I was also really like disturbed and disgusted by what happened, but I think that maybe, reading all those incest stories, gave me a wider perspective about it." Jessica suggested.

"And that's why you showed them to me?" Chris stated rhetorically and Jessica nodded. "Okay, so, I told you this, but after you showed me the stories, I was really confused, then I started going over them and saw all the incest and was really grossed out, but I was also curious, and I had to read one." Chris told his sister.

"And after you started you just couldn’t stop." Jessica said with a knowing smirk and her brother nodded. "Did you think of what we did when you read the stories?" She asked.

"I tried not to, but I couldn’t completely block it out, especially when I got to reading brother and sister stories." Chris said and Jessica nodded, writing it down.

"When you started reading the stories, you also started looking more…composed I guess." Jessica continued. "We still kept our distance for a few more days, then you came to me and wanted to talk." She said, typing, then looked over at her brother.

"That's right. Reading those stories, after what happened between us was really messing with my mind. I needed to talk about them." Chris explained.

"Then you came to me and we sort of aired things out, right?" She asked and her brother nodded. "You told me you understood why I asked you if incest is so bad, and we talked a little about the stories and decided we're okay, or at least as okay as possible." Jessica recalled.

"Then after, that night, you came into my room and we ended up doing it again." Chris said, blushing. "What exactly happened?" he asked, curious.

"Well, I read quite a few stories after we talked, and I got really horny." Jessica started. "I thought you might be okay with us masturbating together again or something like that. That's why I came over." She said, blushing. "But, when I walked into your room, seeing you like that, with no shirt on and a boner in your shorts, I kind of lost it. I was still thinking about the stories I was reading, and about what happened between us, and just went for it." She explained nervously, turning to write it down.

"Yeah, it was really weird for me. I was confused and didn't know what to do. You just barged into my room in the middle of the night, and started taking your clothes off, then you come over and start pulling my pants down. I thought I was hallucinating at first and before I realized what was going on, you started blowing me." Chris remembered.

"You were still…struggling at the beginning, remember?" Jessica asked.

"Sure I was, my own sister was giving me a blowjob and wanted to fuck me, why wouldn't I be… conflicted?" Chris said. "You kept telling me not to worry, that it was okay, but we both knew it wasn't." he added, and his sister flashed him a guilty smirk.

"What made you finally…em…go along?" Jessica asked, interested.

"It was something you said." Chris admitted shyly. "You told me that it wasn't like we've never done it before. That's what really got to me." Chris said blushing.

"I did?" Jessica asked unsure. "I don't even remember." She added and her brother nodded assuring. "But it was true, it wasn't something we hadn't done before." She said.

"After you said that and it sunk in, I realized that as wrong as it was, we already did it once, and doing it twice wouldn't be that much worse, if at all. I also really wanted to." Chris admitted blushing. They stared at each other, Jessica on the chair and Chris on the bed, looking into each other's eyes and taking in everything that happened between them yet again.

"It was so different that time." Jessica said in a thin voice, breaking the silent pause. "I knew what I was doing, I'm guessing you did too, and we did it anyway." She said, pausing again. "I think there wasn't as much shame in what we were doing that time, it was just…lust maybe?" She said, looking at her brother quizzically.

"I don’t know what it was, but it was crazy." Chris said in a hushed tone. "After you finished sucking me, you climbed on top and started grinding your vagina on my hardon. I remember thinking to myself that there is no way this is real, that my big sis is naked on top of me, grinding her pussy on my cock." He said blushing.

"That’s right, I rubbed myself onto you first, I almost forgot about that part. I love doing that to a guy…um…when I'm…comfortable with him." She added shyly. "I rub my clit against him, then when we start doing it, it's really easy for me to get off." Jessica confided in her brother nervously.

"That's why you came so fast." Chris understood. "It was so fucked up, watching you as it happened, seeing you slide the condom on me, the way you just climbed on top of me, and slipped my dick into you. You started rocking your hips with me inside you, like it was no big deal, like you weren't just fucking your brother, then when you came on top of me, feeling your…pussy like…convulsing while I was inside you. It was absolutely insane." Chris said flustered.

"Yeah, it was weird, getting off on top of you like that." Jessica admitted shyly, looking at her brother. "But It felt so good, and I knew that even if we didn't do it that night, nothing would be different, it wouldn’t change the fact that we had sex." She said and her brother nodded heavily, acknowledging how right she was.

"You want to write all that down?" Chris asked awkwardly. He felt a tension grow between them.

"Yeah." Jessica croaked weakly, feeling her eyes tear up. She brushed her finger over her eyelid, then turned to the computer and wrote everything they talked about down. "We kept going at it pretty soon after I got off. You were still hard and very eager for me to continue." Jessica recalled, writing it down.

"Yeah, you switched positions also. You stopped rocking yourself and started like bouncing on top of me, that was so hot." Chris said.

"I figured you'd like it." Jess said with a naughty little smile. "I started riding you, really like jumping up and down your cock, and that's when you shoved yourself into me. I know I told you before, but don't do that. It hurt." She added, looking at him sternly.

"I know, I'm sorry. I got carried away. It wasn't on purpose." He said sincerely. "Do you have to write it down?" he asked shyly.

"Don't worry, no one will know it was you." Jessica assured him yet again.

"I know, but still…" Chris said fidgeting.

"Don't feel bad about it, I think it’s important we write it down. It shows what real sex is like between you know…siblings." Jessica said lowering her tone, almost whispering as she blushed. "It's not some fairytale where the sister has five orgasms in row and the brother cums inside her and just stays hard." Jessica said with an amused little smile and her brother chuckled. "Also, if I wasn't your…sister." Jessica said turning red and gulped. "I might have not said anything and just sucked it up." She added guiltily.

"I get what you're saying." Chris said awkwardly, watching his sister type. "Moving past that awkward moment, we kept going, you started going even harder, practically like pounding yourself on my cock and I came inside you." Chris added blushing.

"Lucky thing you had a condom." Jessica said smiling, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah." Chris said with a weak chuckle. "What would you have done if I didn't have one?" Chris asked intrigued.

"I have condoms here." Jessica said casually and giggled at her brother's surprised expression. "Let's keep going, we're almost done. So, after you came inside me, I was exhausted. I just rolled off and we lay there for a while."

"I was still in shock when it ended." Chris told his sister. "I knew it happened, but I still had to process it I guess."

"Yeah, me too." Jessica nodded. "It was freaky how relaxed I felt afterward, laying naked with you, touching you. After a while you started mumbling that you couldn't believe we had sex again and you felt bad about it."

"And you told me I was full of shit." Chris reminded her.

"I'm pretty sure those are not the words I used." She said defensively.

"No, but you were right. You said that if it was just once, we could maybe pass it off as a freak accident, but twice, you said two people don't have sex twice without wanting to and meaning for it to happen." Chris recalled.

"I am wise beyond my years." Jessica said with a condescending grin and Chris shook his head, chuckling. "When we were laying together, that's when we agreed it might be cool to right it all down and get it out there." She added, writing it down. "Neither one of us are that good at writing so we decided to try and reach out to someone who was." She said, typing as she spoke. "Though I must admit," Jessica said looking at her brother "I'm not as bad at writing as I thought. I think I got it down pretty good."

"Let me see." Chris said and pulled the laptop towards him, scanning over it. "You wrote down too instead of to, twice, and you wrote were instead of we're. And that just in those paragraphs." He added, amused.

"Yeah, I get, shut up!" Jessica said jokingly. "But you might have a point there." She said, laughing. "Should we send it?" Jessica asked.

"That's it?" Chris asked surprised.

"Pretty much, what else happened?" She asked.

"Don't you want to right about what happened the other night, when we started writing it down?" He asked.

"What, that we went down on each other? Yeah, I guess we could." She said and wrote down a few more sentences.

"Also, what happened just now." Chris added.

"Let's send this, get the ball rolling and then we can send anything else that happens between us." Jessica said.

"Why, are you planning for more things to happen?" Chris asked suggestively.

"I don't know about you, but I'm really turned on after writing it all down." Jessica said brazenly. "Oh wait, actually, I do know." She added with a naughty giggle, looking down at her brother's hardening member.

"What did you have in mind?" Chris asked as his manhood continued to harden.

"Let's send this first?" Jessica asked and Chris nodded. "Here goes nothing." She said nervously and clicked on send. "Now, where were we?" she asked with a devious grin.

"You were about to suggest something." Chris said.

"I heard third time's the charm." Jessica said with a nasty smile, watching her brother's eyes grow wide.

"Sex?" Chris asked, his voice chocked. Even after doing it twice, it was still difficult for him to think about fucking his sister. Somehow, even though it was also considered very wrong, touching and going down on her didn't bother Chris that much anymore, not like doing the deed itself.

"It's not like it would be our first time." Jessica said with an enticing grin, "Or second time for that matter." She added, giggling.

"You are so bad; how can you be so casual about it?" Chris asked.

"Like I said, it's nothing new." She said shrugging. "Now come on, I'll let you choose the position." She said seductively and got to her feet facing her brother, her vulva leveled with his eyes.

Chris looked up and down his naked sister and knew it was pointless to resist. Every part of him wanted to be with her in that way again, to make forbidden, disgusting, shameful love to her. To taste her once again like no brother ever should. "Fuck it, fine." Chris said getting to his feet, his hard cock touching her smooth stomach. "You said you have condoms here, right?" he asked, and a smile formed on his sister's face as she nodded.

"I'll get them." Jessica said excited, the wetness growing between her feet. She turned around and walked over to her bag, grabbing the shiny wrapper from inside and handing it to her brother. "So, how do you want me little brother?" she asked with a kinky defiant tone, turning her on as much as it did her brother.

"I want you on all fours on the bed." Chris said, trying to keep his voice leveled as the desire burned within him. His sister smiled seductively, her arousal lighting her entire body on fire. She felt a drop leak out of her pussy and run down her thigh, then climbed onto the bed, on all fours, her body trembling with forbidden desire. "You have such a great ass." Chris said as he climbed into bed, a condom in hand and moved behind his naked sister.

"You don't think it's a little flabby?" Jessica asked, feeling vulnerable as she stood there waiting for her brother to mount her.

"Maybe getting in some squats wouldn't hurt." Chris said, squeezing her butt sensually. "But it's still sexy as hell." He said and ripped open the condom.

"You really think it's smart to tell a girl she could use some squats before doing what you're about to?" Jessica asked, knowing he was right.

"No chance I would've said that if you weren't my sister." Chris said, letting out a nervous chuckle. He looked at his sister's naked body, just waiting there for him, looking so incredibly hot, and slid the condom on. He gave his covered cock a stroke or two, then moved into place.

There was no pretense of who they were or what they were doing as brother and sister committed incest for the third time together. It was disgusting and wrong, and they wanted it badly. Chris squeezed his sister's ass and moved in. He spread her cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole, her pink slit seductively peeking beneath it, and guided his cock to it. His sister's skin was soft and warm to the touch, and his own body felt like it was on fire. His heart was pounding in his chest, every part of him aware and in control as he moved closer. He pressed his cock to her entrance, nestling it to his own sister's sacred hole, then slowly pushed in.

Jessica gasped, her own heart racing too, and held her breath. Her brother breached her, the head of his cock slipping into her vagina, and knowing it was him only made her wetter. She closed her eyes as he paused, her vaginal lips closing around his shaft just under the head and inhaled deeply. She moaned, breathing through her nose as her brother slid his hands to her waist and held her tight. She could hear him behind her, his breathing ragged, like a wild dog, and a moment later she could feel him entering her. She groaned as his dick slid in, inch after inch of it, her own flesh and blood stretching her snatch, penetrating her, until he was deep inside her. She exhaled at the taboo pleasure, her eyes still closed, and listened to her brother's breathing. He stopped moving once he was inside, his crotch pressed to her butt, and took another deep breath before he started moving.

On a warm night in April, in the middle of the worldwide Corona Virus crises, quarantined at home, brother and sister finally accepted their perverse and forbidden relationship as they made love to one another. Chris started moving his hips, sliding his shaft in and out of his sister's wet cunt while they both moaned and groaned from the pleasure of it. Her tight pussy hugged his cock, making the pleasure of their incestuous act that much better, while they built up a steady rhythm. They fucked with a fierce passion, their pace growing along with their moans, as sister and brother continued eagerly pleasuring each other. Jessica's wet pussy began accepting her brother's dick into it more easily, stretching divinely around it. She stifled a moan, clenching her teeth at the pleasure as her brother fucked her harder, pounding her pussy from behind and going so deliciously deep inside her.

The room grew even warmer, the slapping of their naked bodies echoing off the walls as Chris thrust himself repeatedly into his sister, smacking himself into her luscious ass with each stroke. "Flip me over." Jessica called as their pleasure grew. "I want to see you entering me." She said and Chris quickly obliged. He pulled out of her and in a blink of an eye, Jessica was on her back under him, her legs spread. She looked into her brother's eyes, lust and defiance in them, and moaned as he sank his shaft into her pink muff again. She raised her legs, guiding her brother into resting them on his shoulders and moaned as he eagerly continued defiling her, pressing her legs into her as her young body folded in half.

"Fuck, Jess, you feel even tighter like this." Chris groaned; his body alive with the disgustingly divine sensation of his own sister's womanhood. Their bodies fell into rhythm once more, Chris's balls slapping against his sister's ass as he pounded himself into her twat.

"Play with my clit!" Jessica ordered her brother but with a begging tone, knowing that despite how turned on she was, it would be hard for her to get off from just his cock. She watched his right hand move deliberately to between her legs, then felt a familiar, yet endlessly satisfying jolt of pleasure as he began rubbing her clit with his thumb.

They continued their incestuous love making, their young bodies burning with a scorching passion, merging to a divine plain of existing while breaking an unspeakable taboo. Neither one of them cared about right or wrong though, they were way past that, and all that mattered was the physical pleasure of their uniting bodies. They moaned and groaned in euphoria as brother entered his sister, thrusting his throbbing manhood into her tight pink vagina, getting to know her in the most intimate of ways.

"Ugh yes Chris, just like that!" Jessica screamed at her brother as the feeling surged through her, his rod filling her up with pleasure. "I'm almost there, yeah, keep going!" She urged him, her voice growing whiny, the urgency clear in it. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum, ugh god! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Jessica shrieked, whimpering as the agonizing pleasure of the female orgasm hit her.

Chris pounded his cock into his sister's pussy, hammering their naked bodies together while he played with her engorged clit. She could take no more of him rubbing her little nib, doing it just right while his cock continued to penetrate her relentlessly, and finally exploded. She tightly shut her eyes as her body began burning and surrendered herself to the feeling. Jessica moaned as her body began to shudder, giving up control over herself to the orgasm that took over. She writhed and squirmed on the bed, under her brother weight, and embraced the mind-blowing pleasure of it all. Her pussy convulsed around her brother's cock, still entering her mercilessly, and was quickly followed by the rest of her body. Her thighs and stomach trembled and her tone muscles spasmed as the pleasure continued. She opened her eyes, her hands also trembling and looked up at her brother. He was still rubbing her clit with his thumb, prolonging the intense orgasm, and her back arched as she burst into another orgasmic convulsion.

Jessica's orgasm seamed to last forever. With her brother rubbing her clit through it, she wasn't even sure it was one single orgasm, but maybe several consecutive orgasms. Still, it didn't matter to Jessica, who was in a world of divine pleasure. Her moans and groans began growing weak as she continued to cum, her young body tensing and releasing uncontrollably. Her body continued spasming violently, and only as her brother ceased the assault on her clit did her orgasm began to fade. When it was finally over Jessica was left dazed and panting, her entire body red and covered with sweat.

Chris slowed down as his sister's intense climax came to an end. Watching her explode like that was so incredibly arousing, he had to keep himself from going off inside of her. He took a deep breath, calming his body down, and continued sliding his dick in and out of his sister's cunt, feeling her convulsions stop and her body relax. He switched to slow rhythmic thrusts, watching his sister's boobs bounce to the rhythm, and listened to her sexy little moans, barely audible anymore. Her legs were still on his shoulders, making her pussy even tighter, and he stopped moving as he changed positions. He grabbed her legs, gently placing them to the side, and moved closer for a better position. His sister, though she looked exhausted, was watching him intently, and let out a deep grunt as pushed himself back into her.

Jessica's body was twisted on her bed, her legs to the side, knees folded, and back still on the mattress, looking up at her younger brother. "Ugh god Chris, you’re still fucking me!" Jessica said in a raw voice, snarling, her mouth twisted in disgusting pleasure, and moaned as he shoved himself back into her snatch.

"God Jess, I still can't believe were fucking. Your pussy feels so fucking tight." He told her in the throes of passion, sickeningly enjoying her pink tightness like no brother should. He sped up, thrusting into her with quick shallow strokes, then slowed down, switching to long deep strokes as he felt his orgasm closing in.

Chris let out a deep groan as the pleasure reached its peak. He clenched his teeth, holding on just a bit longer, then began whimpering as he exploded with full force. He moaned as his cock began twitching wildly inside his sister's tight box, electrifying waves of ecstasy flowing through him as he began to shoot his load. He closed his eyes, blocking the vision of his naked sister under him, his cock inside her, then opened them again, his cock squirting another load inside of her, and the image of his naked sister making it feel even better. He shoved his cock into her one last time, moaning as he held it inside of her, pressing it in as deep as he could, and rode his orgasm to its finish. He looked down at his naked sister under him, her eyes staring up at him, and pulled his rubber clad cock out. He gave her another look, both looking slightly shocked, then slid down next to her, placing his hand over her as he spooned her, pressing his chest to her bare back.

Chris and Jessica's panting filled the room as they recovered from the sexual ordeal. They said nothing, letting their pressed bodies regain their strength. Their bodies were heavy and hot, but their minds were buzzing with what had just happened between them. They continued laying there in silence, until Jessica managed to catch her breath, and rolled over to face her brother from an inch away. She looked into his eyes timidly, studying him, and placed her hand on his shoulder in assurance.

"Are you okay?" Jessica asked carefully, keeping her gaze on her brother. Her voice was soft and sweet, almost cuddling.

"Yeah, I guess. That was…intense." Chris said dazed, looking at his sister.

"You really brought it this time, huh?" Jessica asked with a small teasing smile.

"Three times Jess, we had sex three times! We're so going to hell for this." Chris said lightly and let out a grim chuckle.

"No, we aren’t." Jessica said brushing it off. "But if we were, we could just keep fucking in hell. Hey, I bet there are huge sibling orgies there. We would fit right in." Jessica said teasing and giggled.

"You are so twisted." Chris said and started laughing at her words. He looked at his sister's grinning face, then glanced down at her naked breast, almost pressed into him. It was still hard for him to believe that he and Jessica had sex, not mention three times.

Jessica and Chris slowly sat up, their heads spinning, and looked at each other. Chris slowly got to his feet and pulled the condom from his limp cock. He grabbed a tissue in his free hand, wiping the cum from his member, then walked over to the trash.

"Chris, don't." Jessica called to her brother.

"What?" Chris asked alarmed, turning around.

"Could you maybe through it in your trash?" Jessica asked, her voice still a little raw.

"What? Why?" Chris asked confused.

"In case mom or uncle Shawn take out the trash and see it or something. I'm not sure how I could explain why I have a used condom in my trash." She explained blushing.

"Yeah, okay. But what if they see it my trash?" Chris asked, blinking.

"They would probably think you just used it to jerk of." Jessica said blushing and shrugged.

"Smart." Chris said with an amused smile and tied the condom, wrapping it in a tissue and placing it on the desk. He walked back and took a seat on the edge of Jessica bed.

"Are we still cool?" Jessica asked, pulling herself over next to her brother. She folded one leg in front of her and wrapped a hand around it.

"Yeah, of course." Chris told his sister with a tired, yet reassuring smile and she returned a shy smile while slowly getting to her feet.

"What do you say, should we write what happened down while it's still fresh?" Jessica asked her brother as she took a seat on the chair, naked, and turned to the computer. She folded one of her legs under her, and moved the mouse, waiting for the screen to come on. "Chris, he replied." Jessica called out in excitement as her mailbox came into view.

"Really, so soon?" Chris asked excited and quickly jumped to his feet, coming for a closer look. "What does it say?" he asked as he moved next to his sister who already started going over it.

"He says he's really excited, that what happened between us sounds amazing, and he sent back a bunch of questions." Jessica told her brother excitedly.

"That's awesome. You think there a chance after it's published someone will make it into a movie?" Chris asked, buzzing with excitement.

"You mean a porn movie?" Jessica said teasingly and shook her head. "Come on, let’s go over the questions." Jessica said and looked at her naked brother as he took a seat on the bed next to her while she started reading them out loud.


As their life events began transforming into a story, emails and messages were constantly exchanged to get the best possible insight into what really happened. Every moment of their life in quarantine was pried into, from their mutual encounter's, however miniscule, to encounters with their other family members. They were asked what they did in their private time, naked or clothed, what they wore, and who they talked to. They were asked about how and when they masturbated, what they pictured and what they felt. They were asked about every insignificant sexual fantasy, every erotic story they read and the name and content of each pornographic video they watched together. While they were both somewhat apprehensive at first to disclose every detail, they gradually opened up in their messages, revealing their dirtiest secrets and thoughts from those few weeks, to the author and to each other, until every last page of their story was written.

Over the following weeks, writing everything down, going over it all and trying to remember every detail of what happened, Jessica and Chris continued dabbling with incest. It was always late at night, after their mother and uncle were in bed. They would fall victim to the tempting pleasures of the flesh. Brother and sister would devour each other, Chris shamelessly enjoying his older sister's body, touching, squeezing, kissing, licking and sucking every naked inch of her, from her elegant neck, her gorgeous breasts, her curvy hips, to her womanly thighs, juicy ass and sweet tight pussy. Jessica would in turn pounce on her brother, throwing him onto to the bed while she rubbed her naked body onto his, licking and kissing his chest, arms, and abs, and sucking hungrily on his nice cock.

They spent nights having sex, fucking, and other nights making love, brother and sister merging their naked bodies in the unholiest of ways. Jessica would ride her brother's thick shaft, making him whimper while she moaned in perverse delight, and Chris would mount his big sister, making her squeal with pleasure as he penetrated her tight pink vagina.

As the nights continued to pass and the condom worn, every tiny residue of their mutual inhibitions faded away. They knew they were fucking each other, Jessica knowing with all her heart that it was her brother's penis inside her cunt, and Chris fully aware that it was his sister's tight snatch wrapped around his cock. And as disgusting and perverse at it was, it barely bothered them anymore.

When one morning, a few weeks after, they heard on the news that the quarantine was coming to an end, and things were gradually going to return to normal, they were both thrilled, but there was also a hint of disappointment. They talked that night and agreed that they wouldn’t continue their incestuous acts once everything was back to normal, and if possible, never mention it again.

On their last few days in lockdown, Jessica and Chris had sex every night, shamelessly fucking as they awaited another chapter of their life to be published for all to see. They ran out of condoms by then, but continued carefully going at it, Chris making sure to pull out each time. As much as it made Jessica anxious, she loved the sensation of her brother's bare shaft sliding in and out of her, just as Chris enjoyed sliding his unprotected dick into his sister's tight pussy.

On their last night together, the night before the lockdown was lifted and their life allegedly would return to normal, Jessica treated her brother to something special. The following day their father was coming home, their uncle was leaving, and they were both returning to school in two days. Knowing it was their last time, Jessica told her brother that he could cum inside her and she would take the morning after pill. They were both excited, even more than usual, as they began their incestual love making, their hearts pounding with the thought of what they were doing for the last time.

A guttural groan left Chris's lips as he pressed himself deep into his sister and ejaculated inside her unprotected vagina for the first time. He looked into her eyes lovingly, his twitching cock squirting wildly inside of her tight twat. She moaned as he thrust his spouting cock inside her, pressing his pubic bone into her clit just like she liked. She looked up at her brother, feeling his warm seed filling her up, breeding her, and the thought scared her. Chris could see it in his sister's eyes, the alarm and uncertainty brought on by him cumming inside of her. He moved his hand along her naked body, up to her pretty face, and held her. His cock shot his last few squirts deep inside of her, and as their naked bodies pressed together, Chris did something they never did before. He leaned down, a final spasm of pleasure rushing through him, then pressed his lips to his sister's, giving her a deep passionate kiss goodbye.

The End


First and foremost, I would like to thank Jessica and Chris for getting in touch with me and telling me their story. I know what many of you think that this is made up, just someone who had an idea for a good story and wanted my help to put it into writing. I also thought so at the beginning, but with every new mail and message I received, after every small and often insignificant detail I learned, I started doubting it. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read the story, rate it, and especially those who commented. I had an interesting time hearing everything that happened, and though it was difficult at times, overall, I enjoyed turning it all into a story. whether this story is true or not, I will let you, the readers, judge for yourselves.

Final unedited words from Jessica:

No, I'm not some pervert. I never fantasized about my brother, never so much as gave a thought about his looks, and never in all my years did any sexual thought regarding him cross my mind. It just happened. When we saw each other naked for the first time I was very surprised that it turned me on, he was too. I guess seeing a young naked guy will turn you on no matter who they are, even if it's your brother.

Yes, I really had sex with my little brother. I'm not proud of it, and honestly, if I could take it back, you know what, I probably would. Don't believe everything you read. Incest is not as sexy and glamorous as it sounds in erotic stories. There is a reason it's considered taboo, and wrong and disgusting, I felt all those things firsthand. For those of you who experienced incest, and I mean real incest, with a sibling, a parent, or a child, though I can't even begin to imagine the other two, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you haven’t, trust me, you're lucky. If some of you do find yourselves in a similar situation to my own, I suggest you think long and hard before you take that step. It might be fun to see your sister naked, even masturbate together, but once you do it, once you have sex with a family member, there is no taking it back. No matter if you never do it again you will always know it happened, always know what it's like. When future partners will want to know everyone you had sex with, you will always need to leave out one name.

I won't lie to you, sex feels good, and except for our first time, sex with my brother felt good. Yes, as disgusting as it sounds it felt good to have him go down on me, it felt good when he touched me, and it felt good when he was inside of me. Still, is the pleasure worth it, worth the shame and disgust you will likely carry with you for the rest of your life? I don't think it is, but I guess that's for each person to decide on their own.

A few last things I would like to clarify: First, as much as I hate to admit it, I don't think I'm really as hot as I sound in the story. Yeah, I guess my de***********ion was correct, and I'm not saying I'm ugly, some guys might even say I'm cute, but come on, I sound like a fucking supermodel here. Second, the sexual tensions between me and my uncle wasn't as strong as it seemed in the story. He did see me in my bra and panties, I did see him in just his boxers, and maybe I even though I caught him looking at me once or twice, but nothing really sexual happened. Finally, no, my brother did not get me pregnant. For all you perverts out there that were getting off thinking about it, I'm not sorry to disappoint. As disgusting and perverted as I am for having sex with my brother, that's just fucking sick. I agree it was a stupid decision to let my brother cum inside of me, but hey, as you understand I haven't exactly been making the smartest decisions these past weeks.

That's it I guess, that's what happened. Thank you so much to Starry for all his hard work in writing it down for us (He's a guy by the way, at least that's what he claims, and I believe him even though he didn't send me the dick pic I asked for). I know we weren't easy, and you had to change things at the last moment because of things we forgot to tell you more than once, but we really appreciate it. For all the rest, I don't know, I guess thanks for reading. I don't care if you liked it or not, I just wanted what happened out there.


2020-05-24 03:54:17
I can't rate this chapter as a negative because it is still well written but I may be in the minority in saying it was kind of boring compared to the previous four installments. I like long form stories but this just seemed long and drawn out.


2020-05-24 03:54:13
I can't rate this chapter as a negative because it is still well written but I may be in the minority in saying it was kind of boring compared to the previous four installments. I like long form stories but this just seemed long and drawn out.


2020-05-24 03:53:00
I can't rate this chapter as a negative because it is still well written but I may be in the minority in saying it was kind of boring compared to the previous four installments. I like long form stories but this just seemed long and drawn out.


2020-05-23 23:15:39
Great job recounting their story Starry. To the real Jessica & Chris, our phycological makeup is what makes us feel disgusted at having sex with family members. It's nature's way of keeping our gene pools diverse. I personally know a brother and sister that live as man and wife, but they grew up apart. So the inclination to stay away wasn't in them, they just fell in love, and couldn't help themselves. There truly is no shame in it, and after some time, you will accept that what happened was just sex. Keep loving one another as brother and sister, with just a special bond most don't have. We all have secrets we take to the grave. Best of luck to you!


2020-05-23 18:59:24
If this story is true , they will be fucking again real soon .

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