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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


Money, Part 3 (Mf, 1st, cons, inc, oral, impreg?)

by Krosis of the Collective


After Trissa left, Mike asked his stepdaughter. "Hey, did she say when her last period was?"

"It's due in a few days; she's safe."

"Phew!" Mike responded, relieved, as he headed to the living room.

Janey watched him go. In truth, Trissa's period had actually started a couple of weeks ago, so she was right in the middle of the wrong time of the month to get spermed, but Janey didn't want to worry her father; he had enough stress from work and his failing marriage.

But as she thought about her stepdad's sperm secretly invading her best friend's womb she felt her pussy twitch a little in pleasure at the naughty secret she was keeping. She didn't feel bad, though...she knew that people had sex all the time during that time of the month and didn't get pregnant -- her mom had told her that it had taken years before Janey was conceived during her first marriage, and they had really been trying -- and her stepdad had only cum inside Trissa a little, so Janey figured that nothing would actually happen.

Her pussy still thrumming with the memory of watching her dad shoot his cum inside her best friend's unprotected pussy, she headed to her room to diddle her clit some more.


Trissa kept asking Janey when she might sleep over again but Janey kept giving her excuses. Janey knew that if Trissa came over she'd try to fuck her dad again, and he would naturally ask about her period and Janey's lie would be revealed. Maybe after a while he'd lose track of when Trissa's supposed period was. Not everyone was on a perfect monthly cycle anyway...she figured she'd invite Trissa over after another few weeks.


Janey didn't approach her dad about blowjobs for the week-and-a-bit of her super-long period this month because the cramps were too much so she didn't feel sexy at all. Even when she started sucking him off again a week later, she insisted on being paid and not letting him go down on her, as she always still felt icky down there for a few days afterward.


Mike was watching TV when Janey once again sat on the arm of the couch. He turned to her and...

...she was naked!


She lay back on the arm of the couch, trying to strike as seductive a pose as she could. "I need $100...right now."

Mike's attention splintered. He looked at those small but firm-looking breasts that he had longed to see. He looked at her creamy white thighs leading to her trimmed pussy. He struggled to retain his language skills enough to ask...

"Why $100?"

"Troy St. Peter is doing a ninja gig tomorrow at the youth center...$89.99 plus taxes. Tickets went up tonight and are going fast. Trissa already has her ticket. Use your credit card to buy me one and I'm yours for the night." She spread her legs and he noticed a glistening between her pussy lips.

He quickly pulled a credit card out of his wallet and handed it to her. She gave him a delighted smile and dashed from the room.

Later, she joined him in his bedroom, still naked. "I've never done this..." she admitted, obviously nervous.

Mike patted the bed beside him. "I'll be gentle."

She lay down on her back and cocked her eyes toward him. Unlike earlier, she wasn't trying to be seductive. She looked scared.

He rolled toward her and propped himself up on an elbow. "Kiss me," he told her.

"That's...kinda weird..."

"You said you were mine for the night..."

"Oh, yeah..." She turned toward him, paused a moment, then closed her eyes and moved her face forward.

Mike took her face in his hand and directed her lips to his.

Janey had kissed boys before, and even Trissa once. Kissing someone who had some experience with it was on a completely different level! Her stepdad's lips pressed forcefully against hers, but not painfully. His tongue snaked between her lips, searching for hers. Their tongues danced and she gasped at the heat of his passion.

Mike broke the kiss. "Gonna go down on you..." he said as he slipped down between her legs.

"Ahh..." she moaned as she felt his lips upon her sex. She had missed this!

Under his masterful skill she quickly reached orgasm, shoving her pussy into his face as she gasped and groaned.

Then she looked down at his eyes looking back at hers from between her legs. She knew it was time. She gulped.

He moved up her body, his hips coming between her thighs as his mouth found hers again. As they continued the kiss she felt the head of his cock nestle itself into the entrance of her very wet vagina.

He pulled his face back. "Okay?" he asked, pushing his cock forward slightly.

She felt a pleasant pressure down there, similar to when he had put a couple of fingers into her, but bigger. His penis was entering her! His dick, his cock, his thing, his babymaker...



He paused. "Oh, shit, I was gonna ask you to tell Trissa to bring some next time. I didn't think you and I would be doing this. Shit..."

She was breathing heavily. "I can give you a rain check...?"

"No loans!" he said, pushing his hips forward and driving a couple of inches of his bare cock into her unprotected virgin hole.

That felt incredible to her! But... "Dad, please..."

He paused and looked into her eyes. "I promise I'll pull out."

"Like you did with Trissa?" Then she realized that she was being unfair. "No, that was her fault. You were gonna pull out, weren't you?"

"Yeeessss..." Mike hissed as he pulled back a little and then pushed back in, gaining ground.

"Ohhh..." Janey moaned. There had been a quick, uncomfortable snapping sensation down there but it hadn't actually been painful. In fact, with half of his cock inside her now, she felt even better than before. She was no longer a virgin!

He was now thrusting with only half of his length. There was still some discomfort, but her pleasure was ramping up and soon that was all she felt. He pushed a little more on one thrust and another inch went in. Then another. Then she gasped as she felt his scratchy pubic hair rubbing on her pussy lips as he bottomed out inside her.

She came hard with her stepfather's cock buried all the way inside her previously virginal pussy. It felt different, being all full of cock as her insides spasmed in pleasure around it...different good!

Mike felt Janey's pussy grip his cock hard and he had to stop thrusting or he'd break his promise not to cum inside her. As it was, he felt his cock twitch once in pleasure, no doubt dribbling some pre-cum inside his daughter's unprotected vagina. He felt a little guilty at that, but it was just pre-cum...

After she came down from her orgasmic high she started to thrust her hips up at Mike. He responded by renewing his movements, though he was going slower than before, trying to maintain control.

He decided to bend forward and take one of Janey's puffy pink nipples into his mouth. She gasped at the warmth of his mouth surrounding her nipple and areola, and then he was licking and sucking at it.

"Shiiittt..." she grunted, cumming again, this time from her sensitive nips.

When he felt her pussy squeezing his cock again he knew he had to pull out fast. He began to withdraw.

"Noo..." she whimpered, trying to use her legs to keep him in place, to keep his cock inside her while she finished her orgasm, but he slipped out too quickly. Then he moved up next to her and shoved his penis into her mouth.

She tasted herself on his cock, noting the slightly salty, almost metallic pussy flavor before her mouth was inundated with his even more salty cum. By this point she was an expert at swallowing it, and she gulped down his spend so that none escaped.

He pulled out of her mouth. "Oh, shit, Janey, that was amazing." Then he laid down next to her, draped his arm over her heaving body, and quickly fell asleep.

"Huh..." she commented, and then turned away, moving into the little spoon position.

To Be Continued...


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So fantastic ❤️


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Great chapter.

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