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How my husband learned to be dominated.
My name is Petra and I am married to Malcolm. I am 25 and Mal is 30 and we have been together for 5 years. I knew Mal was into kinky stuff. As soon as we got together he had me dressing up in sexy lingerie and when we went out he insisted I leave my underwear at home. It was fun and I enjoyed how horny it made him. But I soon became aware he had another fetish. One day I saw him watching videos and when I came into the room he quickly shut down the computer, even pretending he didn’t know I was there.

I was suspicious about what he was up to so the next day he went out to meet a couple of mates for golf. I knew he would be gone for hours so I loaded up the computer and checked the history. Luckily he hadn’t deleted it. I found he had been looking at porn. Not just porn but porn involving men being dominated by women. I was shocked as he had always been telling me what to wear and deciding where we would go. I guess I was submissive and it appeared what he really wanted was to be dominated. Unfortunately I had no idea how to do that.

As I watched the videos he had watched I became excited. There were women wearing leather or latex clothes with either boots of shoes. It was turning me on and I ended up masturbating as I watched men submitting to these women. I realised that I wanted to try it but how to start and how to do it so my husband didn’t realise I was checking on him behind his back. I obviously needed help. I recalled a friend at work saying how she had found her boyfriend on a personal contact website so I decided to check it out. I found one and it had a domination section. I scrolled through and looked at a couple of profiles when I heard hubby come home. I quickly deleted the entry.

A couple of nights later Mal rang to say he was working late. I grabbed the opportunity to look at that site again. I found a profile for this woman, Mona, who was into domination and even had a phone number. On a whim I rang her and we talked. I told her about my husband’s strange viewing habits. She said she understood and that some men liked a woman to take control sometimes. She had a plan. I should tell hubby that I had found an old school friend and she wanted us to come for dinner on Saturday night. I told her that was a good idea. She said she would show me how to satisfy my husband’s desire to be dominated.

I told Mal about this friend I had found and she wanted us to come to dinner. He fell for the trap and agreed. Of course he wanted me to dress sexy and I readily agreed. I decided on a revealing top and short skirt. No bra but I insisted on panties. He finally agreed. We arrived at the address she had given me and we were met at the door by a guy I assumed was her husband. He said his name was Carl. We went into the lounge and Mona and I hugged like old friends. We had drinks and dinner and while we sat in the lounge Mona said she would be back in a minute.

Actually it was about 10 minutes before she reappeared and what an entrance. Mona was already about 5’ 8” tall so the 7” heels she had on made her very tall. She wore a corset, suspender and stocking and was holding what she called a flogger. “Malcolm” she said loudly “your wife says you boss her around so tonight I am giving the orders”. I looked at Mal and he was sitting there, mouth agape. “Stand up” she demanded “strip”. As if hypnotised he did what she said. I looked on stunned as he stripped naked.

“On your knees bitch” she cried and down he went. I was thinking about those videos he watched and I was getting horny watching her tower over him. She hit him with the flogger and he yelped. She hit him again. I could see he had an erection. It was turned him on. She put down the flogger and picked up handcuffs and locked his hands behind him. Then she turned to Carl. “You strip too my little bitch” she said and he too stripped naked. I gasped as his cock was larger than Mal. “Stand up” she said to Mal and then told Carl to get on his knees. “Suck his cock” she ordered Carl. Mal looked horrified as Carl crawled over to him.

“No way” shouted Mal and Mona had picked up the flogger again and hit Mal with it. “Don’t argue” she yelled “do it Carl. Again Mal objected and again he was hit. I saw him surrender and Carl started to suck my husband’s cock. I saw his expression change from defiance to lust. It was obvious Carl had done this before. Soon Mal was moaning as Carl took his cock deep in his mouth. I felt my pussy tingling and I looked at Mona and smiled. She smiled back “he is enjoying that. I can’t wait to see him suck Carl’s cock”. Just then Mal gave a groan and I recognised that. He had cum and Carl was swallowing it. “Very good Carl. Now Malcolm is going to suck you off”.

Mal looked horrified and he got the flogger again. I realised he was enjoying it. After an orgasm his cock would go limp but this time he stayed hard. Without complaining he got on his knees and Carl stood up and Mal began to return the favor. I stood there amazed as I watched my husband giving oral sex to a complete stranger. I hadn’t noticed Mona leave the room and looked up as she re-entered. I was shocked to see her wearing a strap-on dildo. I smiled and looked at Mal. “I am not sure he will go for that” she said laughing. “Oh this isn’t for your husband sweetheart, it is for you”.

My shock was replaced by a mixture of fear and desire. The dildo was at least 10” long and thick. Now my pussy was twitching. “Mona honey, this was about my husband” I said. She laughed “I know you want some fun too. Tell me you want me to fuck you or do I have to get a flogger and start hitting you. Now be a good little bitch and strip for me”. I looked at Mal but he was busy sucking Carl’s large cock. He would be no help. I looked at Mona and began to get undressed. As I took off my knickers I heard Carl grunt and Mal gag. My husband had made Carl cum in his mouth.

Standing there naked Mona told me to kneel on the couch and she came up behind me and ran her fingers between my legs. “Oh my sweety you are so wet” she said and started to slide her “cock” into my soaked pussy. It didn’t take much for me to take the whole thing and soon I was moaning loudly and pushing back as she pushed forward. “Rub your clit sweety” she said and as she fucked me ferociously I came twice before Mona pulled out. Then she turned and ordered Mal and Carl to take turns licking my pussy and bum hole. It was the most wonderful experience and I came again before they were finished.

The three of us got dressed and Mona changed back into her clothes. We had a couple of drinks and Malcolm and I said goodnight. On the way home Mal questioned me. “How did you know?” he asked so I ‘fessed up about the porn videos. He stopped the car and kissed me. “You sneaky bitch” he said “I love you so much”. We got home and had wild sex. The following weekend we went shopping for fetish gear. Now I hold the flogger and I like it when he sucks my strap-on before I peg him with it. Oh, and yes, we still see Carl and Mona at least once a month. Mal is very compliant now and I love Mona’s 10” thrill device.
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