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Mom helped me to vercome my problem with fucking Janeane during her pregnancy
I had graduated from college, started my working life and soon married my high school sweet-heart, Janeane. We had pretty much the kind of life that a middle class couple in New York would have. I kept in touch with Mom. Whenever she visited us we would have sex when Janeane was not around. I had not felt the need to tell Janeane about my sexual relationship with Mom. Mom had widen her circle of friends when she went into business with Nikki and Graig. She had since collected a lot of incest stories from her friends, especially from Nikki whose patients included many who practised incest. Some of these stories I had posted on this website. Very often Mom's narration of these stories was part of the stimulation that accentuated our love making. They also provided pointers which helped us to diversify and improve our fucking.

The story of this post began when my wife got pregnant with our first child. I found, to my dismay, that Janeane was getting less and less sexually attractive as her pregnancy got along. In fact around the third month of her pregnancy the very idea of having sex with her was repulsive to me. I can't say much about other man but I am a sensitive kind of guy and have very fix idea about what is sexy about a woman. Pregnancy is right at the top of the list of unsexiness. Things sort of came to a head on the fifth month of her pregnancy. I had not touched her for the last two months. Janeane became irritable, cold and sometimes outright abrasive. At first, I thought it was probably due to the dicomfort of her pregnancy. Maybe she was undergoing some kind of hormonal changes which affected her mood. Janeane finally confronted me with her complaint. She wanted to know why I would not have sex with her. I told her my problem with her pregnancy and suggested to her my idea of a solution. I came right out and told her about my sexual relation with my Mom and hinted at how my Mom might be able to help solve the problem.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You could fuck your very own Mom and you can't fuck your pregnant wife?"

"I am sorry. I can't explain it. I guessed it is because in my mind my Mom is also a sexy woman I love to fuck. But you have a fucking foetus/baby inches from my fucking cock. I can't get hard for that. By the way, I might as well let you know that nothing will make me join you in the delivery room to watch the baby come out of your vagina. My friend, Earnie had done that, and that left a mental scar in him. The last time we met he told me that he could not fuck his wife for three months already. I don't know if he had overcome this psychological impairment."

My wife was shocked and disgusted by my revelation and just walked away. I decided that I should let the matter rest for a while and wait to see what might develop from there. Janeane was my second sexual partner and I was her first. Axcept for thi incest issue we had trusted each other with the truth about ourselves and our relationship and this was our first serious fight. For the next few days she refused even to look at me let alone allowing me to bring up the subject. Of course I spent the nights on the sofa and masturbating to the porn on the internet. On the fourth day, for reasons only benown to herself, she decided to talk to me again.

"I hope you are not as crazy as you are perverted. How the hell can your Mom make you want to fuck me in my present condition?"

"I don't really know. I felt it is OK just to try. We just move one step at a time and you can call a halt anytime you want."

"What do you suggest we do? You, mother fucker."

"Well, for a start we could let Mom stay with us. She could be our nanny? In the meantime you might actually like her enough to consider sharing your husband sexually with her?"

Since our marriage Mom and Janeane got along quite well as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. They were both career women and I would say, liberal minded about most thing. But because of their age difference they were not "friends" in the usual sense of the word. Janeane gave me the knod after about one day and I made a call to Mom, sharing with her my problem and some details about what might happen among the three of us. She unhesitantly agreed to help and even "teased" me about how this could be a great experience for her. I could almost see her "wink, wink" in my mind's eyes. I picked Mom up at the airport and was glad to see that she had dressed modestly and had very little make-up on. She is a smart girl, to say the least. She knew she was on a "Mission Possible" to help us and the last thing she wanted was to become a sexual competitor in Janeane's eyes. This sensitive realisation on Mom's and my part would become the guiding principle in our threesome relationship.

On the first night, after doing some work on her computor Janeane went to bed at around eleven. About half an hour later Mom and I left the television and the light on in the living room while we continued with our sexual foreplay. It was all part of our plan. I knew Janeane was a light sleeper and would be awaken by our love-making. And if she was game she would at least take a peek at our sex scene. Later, as we went along the reflection in the kithen mirror showed that she was in deed peeking at us from the bedroom. Next, without letting her know that we knew she was watching, Mom and I moved from the couch to the metel spring bed in the kitchen where Janeane could have a ring-side view of the match. The fucking was fast and furious with Mom moaning and begging for more. It was over in ten minutes.

"You appeared pretty desperate Mom. Didn't Craig give you enough rogering with his monster cock?"

"Actually Craig had left us and moved in with his new girlfriend who is also his new employer. Nikki and I only had some "girl on girl" sex when we got really desperate."

Mom wanted me to give her another orgasm but I told her that we should save our sexual potency for our threesome with Janeane. When I returned to our bedroom half an hour later Janeane seem to have fallen asleep. I fell asleep soon enough but was awaken by Janeane. She was finger fucking herself and was moaning. Yes, obviously she was sexed up by the mother and son sex she had witnessed earlier on. She had overcome her natural aversion to incestuous sex.

The next day after we were well rested by our afternoon nap I suggested to Janeane that we could try out my cure for my sexual problem. We went to the king size bed. Mom and I stripped naked but I told Janeane to leave everything else on except her pantie. I really could not stand to see her pregnant belly. Janeane laid on her left side facing Mom who was on her back. Mom's gorgeous public hair had grown to cover her pussy completely. On seeing this my cock was quickly and totally harden. As Janeane's eyes were glued to us I started licking and kissing my Mom's face and neck, then followed by the sucking of her nipples and the squeezing of her tits. When I moved down to part her curtain of pubic hair Mom was already moaning and her lovely camel toe was leaking "honey dew". I pushed my cock in and slowly stroke her pussy. Janeane had two fingers in her pussy playing with her labias and exploring her fuck-hole. I suggested that she kiss Mom and play with Mom's tits. Janeane did that for a bit but soon stopped. She did not get any pleasure from doing that. She had not got the taste for bisexual sex yet. After about five minutes I pulled my glistening wet cock out of Mom and asked Janeane, who was already on her left side, to pull her right leg up towards her chest for as far as it could go. I lifted her skirt over her hip enough to expose her pussy and part of her thighs, keeping her bloated tummy well hidden. I was surprised that I could push my slippery hard cock without any difficulty into her pussy. I was glad that I did not lose any stiffness in my cock. And I did not feel that my cock had come up against any barrier, like maybe, her cervic. I had a long enough cock. I started fucking her slowly, trying not to think of the foetus. I told my Mom to do her lesbian things on Janeane. Mom kissed and fondled Janeane's breasts, suck her nipples and even played her arsehole with a finger. I successfully brought Janeane to her first orgasm in two months. I indicated to Mom to bend over the edge of the bed for a doggy-style finish. As janeane watched I furiously banged Mon to her second orgasm in less than twenty-four hours. I exploded into dear Mom like never before. As my jizz was pushed out of Mom's lovely camel toe pussy I scooped it up and smeared it on Mom"s arse.

We found out that Janeane did not like any of the lesbian stuff but she would tolerate the incest fun that Mom and I had. That is to say there would be no second time threesome. On the next few occasions she would let me know that she wanted sex and then waited for me to get hard with Mom. All it took was five or six minutes but still she would not want to watch us do it. I know the whole thing sounded wierld alright. At the later part of the pregnancy period we could not even manage pussy fucking. I suggested anal sex and Janeane gave me a definite NO. She just had to settle for the good old vibrator and spooning from me. In the meantime Mom and I was still enjoying ourselves all through the rest of the pregnancy period, and even months into Janeane's post natal recovery. As always Mom and I knew enough not to be obtrusive about it, which meant I fuck Mom in a rented room in the vicinity of our apartment. Mom on her part was determined to pay Janeane back for her "graciousness and hospitality" by doing a good job as a nanny and a mother-in-law. (ps. I did not join Janeane in the delivery room, and our sex life had since returned to normal. It is good to know that Janeane just love my cock.)
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