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Being lonely and without an orgasm for a long time I decide to pleasure myself
I awoke early in the morning. Birdsong drifted in through the open window. Yawning I got up, stretched myself and made my way to the small kitchen. Coffee before shower, before getting fucked.

I had adapted to his schedule, developed a routine. In the mornings about nine he would come and get me. One of his dogs would fuck me and after a quick clean up I was free to do as I pleased. Around dawn he would get me for the second time. Sometimes a dog would be first, other times it was just him fucking me.

I still did not enjoy it. I could bear it. A deal was a deal after all.

Taking my coffee outside I sat down on the lawn in front of the bungalow. The grass was cool and wet with dew but I did not care. It was still cool but the sky promised a warm day. During the last two weeks – after having spent the first two only in the bungalow – I had taken to exploring the surrounding area. It was huge, it was beautiful. Some parts were tamed, flower beds and mowed lawn, other parts wild, wide open meadows or dense forests. I never ventured far, too afraid of what might happen when I wasn't back in time, but a different path each day. Walking helped me. So many questions I did not dare to ask.

He was a werewolf. He seemed to be rich. He had a pack of dogs. These things I knew for sure.

Why had he chosen me? Why did he never talk to me except for short orders? So many things I wasn't sure of. My meagre knowledge of werewolves didn't help at all. I had preferred other books and films. The books in the living room here did not deal with that topic and all the films I had watched on the streaming services I had access to had frightened me. The monsters in the films usually killed their prey.

What was I to him? Just a toy? Prey? Something else?

The coffee was hot and comforting. Did he drink coffee? Smiling I took another sip. One day I would work up the courage to ask him. Maybe.

I shivered and got up. A hot shower, another coffee. There was still plenty of time left until he would come.

The warm water felt hot on my chilled body. I waited until it felt comfortable and stepped under the shower. Shaving came first. Carefully I removed the stubble, felt with my hand if I had missed any. Sliding my hand over my wet, crotch I found a spot I had missed, one quick swipe with the razor. That felt better.

Using the luxury soap to lather my body I closed my eyes and raised my face towards the water. For a long time I just stood there, let the water wash away the soap. Then I reached for the shampoo, washed my long ginger hair.

The towels were soft and fluffy. Careful I dried myself, stood in front of the mirror. I had gained some weight. My body was nearly back to the shape it had been before I had been living on the streets. Long and slender legs, flat stomach and nice b cup tits. My ribs and hip bones weren't that prominent anymore. Bruises in various colours covered my tits. He was not too careful with his paws. But somehow I did not think he hurt me on purpose. Every time before I got fucked he made sure I was ready, wet. Tentatively I ran a hand from my tits over my stomach to my crotch.

I had been fucked at least twice every day but I had never had an orgasm.

I glanced at the clock. One hour left.

Shaking my head I went to fix myself another coffee. Should I? Would it make things easier for me?

Sipping the hot coffee I made my way to the living room, sat down on the couch. I couldn't let go of the thought. Would it be easier for me, if I prepared myself? Not having to face the fact that my body reacted by his touch, got aroused by him, even though I knew what was coming. I wasn't sure. And how would he react?

But I was free to do what I wanted in between. He had told me so. I finished my coffee quickly, set the mug aside. Slowly I started to rub my nipples. A soft touch, not as hard as he would do it. I closed my eyes, concentrated on the touch alone. I felt them react, harden. Grabbing the left tit with my hand I bowed my head, stuck out my tongue. The touch sent shivers down my spine. As I closed my lips around the nipple and started to suck I moaned. How I had missed this.

The other hand left my tit, reached for my crotch. Soft, freshly shaven skin under my fingertips. Without thinking I lay back and spread my legs. I let go of my other tit as well, placed both hands between my legs. Spreading my pussy lips with one hand I felt for my clit with the other, stroked it, circled it with one finger. That felt good, more than good. The more I touched myself the more I relaxed. Whatever would happen today, at least now I would feel good. It was no conscious thought, I felt a longing I had not felt in a long time.

I slid one finger in my cunt, pulled it out again and slid two fingers inside. The dogs and the werewolf had fucked me fast and hard. I did just the opposite. Slow but deep, soft but satisfying. Moaning I felt my juices on my fingers, the longing as I rubbed my clit gently. A third finger joined the two, faster now, harder. I gasped. My body tensed up. More, faster, harder, no coherent thought anymore, just the longing for relief. I gasped again as the orgasm washed over me. Panting I lay on the sofa, legs wide apart, my fingers still buried in my cunt. I felt the muscles contract, my heart beating fast.

“Damn, I needed that,” I murmured, opened my eyes again.

But the good feeling passed too soon, left a stale, empty feeling. I was lonely. Just as I was wondering if the two years would drive me insane I heard the door. He was coming to get me.

When he entered the living room he carried a box. Irritated I got up, looked at him. He put the box down on the table and smiled. “You might be needing this soon.” I glanced inside. Tampons and some packs that seemed to contain panties. Nodding I reached out for the panties to check the size. While on the streets my period had become more than irregular, sometimes I had gone months without bleeding. Now, with a healthier diet, it should be back to normal soon. I glanced at the pack and froze. There was a picture of a dog on the package. Panties for a bitch in heat.

Blushing with embarrassment I let it drop back in the box. “Thank you, Sir,” I murmured and looked down on my feet.

He laughed. “And don't try to fool me. I can smell if you are bleeding or not.”

I nodded, tried to suppress a shudder.

As usual he opened the trapdoor. As usual he led me down through the tunnel.

Suddenly he slowed down, turned around and looked at me. I could barely make out his silhouette but I was pretty sure he could see me alright. Sniffing he stepped towards me. Apparently I would find out now if I had unknowingly broken the rules.

“Come on”. Briskly he turned around and walked on. He opened a door to our right, held it open for me. “Wait there.”

The room was small, brightly lit and there was carpet on the floor. The only furniture was plenty of big bean bags an dog beds. I strolled around in the room, unsure what was to come. The routine was broken. Anything could happen. My heart beat fast, a touch of panic sent goose-flesh all over my body. As far as I could see there were no shackles or other means of restraint in this room.

The door opened again. My owner was accompanied by the first dog who had fucked me. The man closed the door and sat down on one of the dog beds. The dog moved on, came towards me, tail wagging and ears pricked. I held out my hand, let him sniff. After sniffing my fingers for a long time he licked them, moved forwards and started to sniff my crotch.

Unsure what was expected of me I stood still, looked to the man on the dog bed. His face was impassive, gave nothing away. For a long time I just stood there, frozen to the spot. The dog's breath was warm in my crotch. Did he want me to pet the dog? Did he want me to get down on my knees like a good bitch?

In the other room the dog would have fucked me by now, it might even have been over. Taking a step back the dog followed me. His member was out of it's sheath, he whimpered softly.

The man – werewolf- did not move. He just watched me. So I had to make a decision.

Slowly I got down on my knees, using one of the bean bags for support and spread my legs.

“Mount.” Instantaneous was that command and the dog obeyed.

He humped me furiously. Eventually he found the entrance to my wet cunt, buried himself inside me. His thrusts grew even more frantic.

My hands turned into fists, I buried the fingers deep in the cushion. This was the first time I wasn't restrained when a dog fucked me. It had been my free will to go down on my knees. I shuddered, a desperate moan escaped my throat. Humiliated I closed my eyes.

The dog's knot began to swell. I could feel it. There was still time to pull free. Save myself from being knotted by this dog. I moved my hips tentatively, the dog followed. Or was this part of the test? Was this a test? Did he want to test my obedience?

I let it happen. With one last deep push the dog shot his load and the knot filled me.


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I'm intrigued. Hopefully there will be more.

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