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Young child grows up alone and bullied, finds success, betrayal, pain

and ultimately comes to deal with his life.


This is my first story in quite some time, several years to be exact. After my first two stories

“My Sister in Law Beth” and “Game of Inches” were published, I began working on my third story.

During that time, I suffered back to back brain aneurysms almost simultaneously. I had three brain

surgeries in eleven days and after the third I had lost the ability to recognize family members or even

recall my name. After six weeks in the hospital something clicked and my memory began to come back.

After two months in the hospital and almost a year of rehab learning to walk and talk , I returned to


My speech therapist suggested that I continue writing although I omitted what type of stories I wrote. So

I once again opened the laptop and starting writing “Hobo”. I will admit it was a struggle and the words

didn’t flow as they did before. It took a while to write this story but by the end I felt I had made decent

progress. I have already started writing another story as I feel motivated at this moment.

My original post was rejected due to underage material which I still am not clear why. I rewrote the first

chapter with the main character Tim Williams only reminiscing about his childhood. I hope that will be

acceptable to the moderators as there is no underaged sex involved.

If you want to read a short story and receive instant gratification my stories are not for you. There are

many great short stories on this site that will fill your need. I don’t write sex stories, I write stories with

explicit sex in them. I have been accused of being old fashioned (true) and a bit long winded (true).

Trust me this story starts out slow but if you give it time there are many sexual encounters to enjoy. I’m

sure they are grammatical errors although I tried to fix most. If you find a mistake or two please overlook

It and don’t let it ruin the story. I am not a professional write but do enjoy writing for the members of I am on my ninth year and have talked to many nice people by email that I have met

in my nine years here.

To all of you who read my first two stories and graciously kept me in the all time favorite stories list.

thank you so very much. I hope you will enjoy this story and the one I am working on now.

Keep yourself safe in these uncertain times.



When I stepped off the bus at the University of Texas in Austin and heard the door of the bus close, I immediately thought that sound and the significant importance it played in my life. I was approaching my nineteenth birthday and the first eighteen years of my life had closed just as the bus door had.

To understand my story, I simply must inform you of my years growing up. My father left home when I was very young and the only recollections of life was the constant fighting between my mother and father. I do not remember what year my father left but from that point on I became my mother’s useless male. My duties including cleaning bathrooms, washing and drying dishes and mopping the entire house. My mother applied for social benefits and along with my father’s child support she managed to lay on the sofa all day and drink herself into a stupor.

I was severely bullied at school because of the way I dressed when I went to school. I did not have much clothing, so my three pair of jeans and two t-shirts were my constant apparel. My tennis shoes were patched with duct tape to hold the soles on. It earned me the nickname “Hobo” which would follow me until I left town at eighteen years of age.

We only had one television in my house and it was in the living area where my mom was always laying on the sofa. So being able to watch anything on tv was out of the question. I had a few toys left over from when my dad was around, but I had outgrown them.

Since I was always being picked on at school or in a few instances beat up my grades did not matter much although I always managed C & B’s. I am not sure when or what grade I was in when everything turned around academically for me. Being stuck in your bedroom for extended periods of time left me with little do to other then sleep or read. I chose the latter and soon had read every one of my textbooks cover to cover.

I then started checking out book from the library especially about history which I really enjoyed. I learned about the Roman Empire, Kenghis Kahn, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. By reading my textbooks carefully from cover to cover my grades immediately moved up to the better grades in the class.

My principle at my school wanted me to skip a grade but my mother refused. I mean after all I was cheap labor. I left John Milton with a 4.12 GPA, the highest in the school. My principal at Roosevelt High, Mr. Peterson was waiting for me on the first day of school. I met with him right after home room and he was waiting with my file on his desk.

I remember him being the first adult who exactly seemed as though he was seriously interested in me. He mentioned that he was going to monitor my progress and meet with me from time to time. He acknowledged that I could possibly have a bright future ahead of me which was the first time anyone had told me that. Up until that comment, I always thought that I would struggle for the rest of my life.

That first year, I met Miss Thompson who would be my English/Literature teacher. She gave us a list of books we would have to read that year and issued the first paperback on opening day, Animal House. I finished the book in three days but since I was still vague about the meaning of the book, I reread it gain. I then went to the library and talked to Mr. Tooley, the head librarian. He filled in the blanks for me basically making me understand that the book was about the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Communism. Once he described the characters to me, I reread the book again and everything made sense.

By the end of the year Miss Thompson had me read Great Expectations, Hound of the Baskervilles, Lord of the Flies, Old Man and the Sea, Jane Eyre, Last of the Mohicans and several short stories from Edgar Allen Poe.

I ended the year with a 4.21 GPA, the highest in the school. I was still being laughed at on a daily basis and had been punched several times that year. There was not much I could do about it other than report it which I only thought would make it worse. Since I was doing so well, Mr. Peterson suggested I skip a grade and become a junior immediately. I doubted my mother would agree but I caught her really drunk one night and lied saying it was just a permission slip and she signed it immediately.

It took me a few weeks to acclimate to junior class, but I caught up quickly. If I remember correctly the abuse became even worse because Hobo was a year younger and showing up the junior class. Again, I tried best to avoid everyone even skipping lunch most days where I would hide out in the gym and read or study.

Mr. Peterson asked me that year to start a tutoring program in the library after school for students who needed help. I agreed and soon there were two seniors and myself all helping anyone who showed up after school. I still remember Dillion Harper, the most beautiful girl in our school show up one evening when I was the only tutor then. She was woefully behind in Math and on the verge on failing. She dated Brad Parker who was Mr. Wonderful on campus and the quarterback of the foot ball team.

After finding out that Hobo was hanging out with his girlfriend my life got even worst. They would follow me around school, throw things at me and jump me in the bathroom whenever possible.

That year, a new couple moved in next door to my house. It was a younger couple as I would later learn were Walter And Sara McAllister. On our first introduction, I learned that Mrs. McAllister was a nurse and Mr. McAllister was a certified public account. When Mr. McAllister asked me about my schoolwork, I explained what had happened to me as of now. He seemed impressed that I had skipped a grade and told me if I was that could at math, he could use some help.

True to his word later that year he asked me to help him double check simple math and check spreadsheets for clients. I was super careful always striving to be correct and more than one occasion I would find an error which always made me feel great. Not that someone had made a mistake but that I could find it.

Toward the end of that year, I was in the library helping Dillion Harper take a practice test when her boyfriend walked in. He immediately accused me of sitting too close to his girlfriend. Dillion came to my defense saying I was the only reason that she would pass and become a senior. But since he had two buddies with him, I guess he felt he had to prove a point. Out of nowhere his fist met the side of my face knocking me to the ground. I remember laying on the ground for quite awhile and once I got up the library was empty. By the time I came back to school my left eye was swollen shut and most of the left side of my face was black and blue. I remember being sent to Mr. Peterson’s office from homeroom for an incident report. On the walk, I remember thinking telling the truth would be disastrous for me. So when he asked me what had happened, I lied and told him a boy in my neighborhood did it. I don’t think he bought it but there was not much he could do at this point.

I got out of that year without much more trouble in part because I did not snitch Brad Parker out. On the other hand, knowing I kept my much shut gave them carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to do to me. I still had two more years of school left and tried to make the best of them.

Once again, I kept to myself at school and worked with Mr. McAllister as much as I could. I had saved some money which was tucked under the carpet in my bedroom. If my mother ever found out she would drink it up in no time. In the middle of that year, Mr. Peterson called me into the office and asked me about where I attended to go to college.

I explained to him that my family had no money and my mother’s situation. Between study for school, working for Mr. McAllister and cleaning my house I had very little time for anything else. I explained that my mother constantly drank and did not have a job. He seemed quite shocked but listened carefully to my story.

When I ended, it was easy to see he was deeply moved. He informed me that he could help me to apply for several scholarships due to my stellar academic record. He asked me if I have given any thought on what I would like to do after graduating and I mentioned that I enjoyed the work I was doing with McAllister and might consider that.

At the end of the year, Mr. Peterson told me even though I was in twelve grade I would not graduate. We had one class in school that took nothing but pre-college courses. Since there would only be seven students in this class, I was given textbooks to take home and look over during the summer.

During that summer, I started going to the library quite a bit. I started the with most basic books about banking and how they operated. By the end of the summer, I was reading books on investing and the stock market. I would also get on their computers and read about anything I found interesting. By the time I stared my last year of high school, I began to see the world in an entire new way.

From what I gathered the ability to make money and keep it was what kept the earth spinning on its axis. Not that money was everything but the lack of it was much worse. During the summer with my new found outlook, I knew I wanted to take accounting in college.

When I returned to school and met Mr. Peterson, I informed him that accounting was my choice. He nodded and told me he would get right to work on it. I started my last year of school with a vengeance studying and reading everything I could. I would spend all day of Saturday in the library reading anything I could about economics, money, investing and brokering.

The most ironic thing about that last year in school was that Brad Parker had failed the previous year. His girl friend Dillion had graduated and went on to college out of state. Brad was now under the gun to get a 2.50 GPA in his first nine weeks so he could remain on the football team. It was hard to believe that in less then a year my life could possibly changed forever. But I was going to need a lot of help and I did not have many people in my corner.

My mother had gotten to the point where she was drinking a fifth or more of vodka every day. She would drink anything, but vodka was her drink of choice. Only a few times a week would I even see her awake and even then, we had nothing to say to each other. I was still keeping the house clean just to keep the peace.

I was meeting with Mr. Peterson about once every two weeks as he helped me fill out scholarship forms. He had everyone of my teachers write glowing letters of recommendation for me to accompany the applications.

The running joke during my last year in school would be “Hobo didn’t graduate last year because he’s homeless and has no where to go”. Or another common one was I slept at the library every night. I guess I could have been referred to as book smart back then but there were many things I did not understand.

Not once in all may years in school had I ever made fun of anyone. I never stole anything from anyone and even tried to help anyone to needed help. I hardly ever talked to girls so I could not be accused of trying to steal anyone’s girlfriend. I just could not for the life of me figure out why I was so disliked. Even the people described as nerds by the others would not have anything to do with me.

Even though the courses I was taking were pre-college they presented no problem at all. By mid-term, I had a 4.18 grade point average, the highest in the class. I was just about six months was leaving this place forever if everything fell into place.

As I would lay in bed at night those last few months, I could help but think how ironic it would be if I would be denied scholarship money and would have to stay here and work. Maybe sometimes, you were just dealt a bad hand in life. Maybe no matter what you did, life was predetermined and you could not change it.

I guess as fate had it, I was jumped one last time in the bathroom because I attempted to walk past Brad Harper completely ignoring him. I took a decent beating but compared to some of the others it was not as bad. I guess a few of the times, I could have fought back but when it’s five or six to one it’s not worth it. Maybe I was a coward, but I was only a month away from leaving this place forever, one way or the other.

I walked through the University of Austin for the first time in awe of the campus. Throughout all the ordeals, Hobo was in college. Since I was close to two hours early for the meeting with my counselor, I took a seat on a large park bench. Once again, I reminisced about the few days in my home time. I leaned back against the bench and closed my eyes and I could still hear Mr. Peterson’s speech almost word for word. I had declined the valedictorian honor several times in no way wanting to get on stage and speak to the same people to had tormented me most of my young life. After everyone had spoke and Mr. Peterson had given out all the awards and scholarship, he flipped to the last page in his stack of papers. I still remembered the words.

“The awards I will present to this last student will make me the proudest. In all my years of teaching, I must say I have never been this impressed by a student’s work. But I will let the awards speak for themselves. First, graduating with a 4.21 GPA, the highest ever recorded at Roosevelt High. He is also awarded the Student Service Award for his countless hours of tutoring students in the library.” he started.

“But what I hold here will change this student’s life forever. First a twenty thousand dollar scholarship from the Colonial Bank Scholarship Program, a fifteen thousand dollar scholarship from the VFW Post 110 and a ten thousand dollar scholarship from the Regional Scholarship Program of Louisiana. But this one, this is the big one.”, he said, holding the paper above his head.

“This is from the University of Texas in Austin. This is a full scholarship in the amount of two hundred and sixty five thousand dollars covering tuition, room, meals and books. Please help me acknowledge, Mr. Timothy Williams.”, he concluded.

I remember the student next to me pushing me towards the isle and the thundering ovation from most of the gym. But what I remembered most were the tears in Mr. Peterson’s eyes as he handed me all the awards. This would not be possible except for the hard work he had put in obtaining these awards for me. Then he whispered in my ear something I do not think I had ever heard.

“I love you Tim.”, he whispered in my ear.

I went home that night to find my mother passed out of the sofa with another empty vodka bottle on the floor. I had talked to her several times about leaving and going to school but how much she actually comprehended, I did not know.

I took a few dollars from what I had saved working for Mr. McAllister and bought several pairs of jeans, some shirts and new underwear. I also bought a new pair of tennis shoes and some socks.

Several month’s later I was sitting in my bedroom on a Sunday evening thinking this would be the last night I slept under this roof. I got up and walked to the corner store that I had been to so many times in my life. Mr. Pete owned the store and worked it twelve hours a day.

I remember telling Mr. Pete that I was leaving home and heading to college the following day. I told him I wanted to leave my mother a present of sorts. I asked him for the five bottles of Tito’s Vodka he had on the shelf behind him. Since I had turned eighteen, I had purchased a bottle for my mother here and there. He bagged the five bottles with a sad look on his face but everyone in this neighborhood knew my situation at home.

I walked home and went straight to bed but had a hard time falling asleep. I woke up early the next morning and put all five bottles of vodka on the kitchen table and left a simple note for my mother.

{Mom, I left this morning for college and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever return. Thank you for what you did for me. I left you a present on the kitchen table.}

{ Tim }

I walked out the front door for what I hoped would be the last time in my life. It wasn’t that I hated my mom, I didn’t. She was struggling with her own demons and in my heart, I felt she would lose that fight. I stopped worrying about her years ago, but I always did whatever she asked me to do. She missed my entire life and I regretted that. Most days she was not sober long enough to realize what I was able to accomplish.

In took me close to an hour to walk to the Greyhound Bus station with my two large duffel bags. The bus pulled out at nine o’clock and between all the stops we would make it would be a long trip. As my home town faded in the rear of the bus, I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes.

I was now an adult and I was responsible for my own life. There would be no one to blame and no one to blame my mistakes on. Hobo was on his own.


Because of my unique circumstances, I was allowed to be on campus for a full month before classes started. Within a two-week span, I was housed, issued my books, got my Visa Meal Card and enrolled in the gym. I’m not sure if my mother even comprehended of and why I was leaving home. She pretty much drank until she passed out every day. When she would come to, she would begin to drink again. I was glad to be out of the house although strangely I felt guilty leaving her.

The first year started and I had classes in Economics, Auditing, College Algebra, Business Statistics and Advanced Financial Accounting. Against my guidance counselor’s wishes I added two electives as well. My idea was to try and complete college in three years rather than four. Even though I loved school the idea of getting a job and working was my ultimate goal.

It didn’t take me long to realize several critical things about the college life. First and foremost, no one really cared whether you went to class or not. No one cared if you did your homework or not. No one cared if you studied or not. Succeeding or failing was up to you and no one else. Don’t get me wrong, if you needed help it was available, but you had to seek it out.

Second, there was a large number of people here that partied more than they studied. Dorm rooms were packed full of people partying seven days a week. On weekends, it was worst. It was kept in check by security, but it wasn’t hard to find an alternative to studying if you wanted it.

Third, the girls were amazing and very plentiful. No matter where you looked gorgeous girls were milling around in skimpy clothing that left little to the imagination. The year went by quickly and I decided to take two summer classes that would last six weeks. I finished the year with a 3.88 GPA, but knew I could do better.

Since, I was legally a sophomore by class schedule not by age, I had to move to another dorm. I was all set up three weeks prior to classes starting and was working out at the health club twice a day. I had started my freshman year at six foot one and about one hundred fifty-eight pounds. I started my sophomore year at one hundred seventy pounds with the same height.

Three days prior to class starting I was in my dorm room when the door burst open. I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to have a roommate looking back now, I would never be ready for my new boarder, Mike Collins.

Mike Collin’s was short in statute and had long hair halfway down his back. He was the type of guy that before he even spoke you knew he was trouble in one form or other.

“What’s up roomie ?”, he shouted, throwing several bags on the unoccupied side of the room.

He quickly left and returned several minutes later with was apparently the rest of the belongings he had brought with him. He started unpacking and stuffed all of his clothes in the large dresser at the foot of his bed. The rest he tossed at the bottom of the closet of his side of the room.

In the next ninety minutes, I learned Mike’s entire life story. He hated school but loved the ladies. The only reason he was here is because his father insisted on it. Mike’s goal was to string his college experience out for as long as possible making sure he had the time of his life. This is not the roommate I needed or wanted.

Within the first sixty days I had noticed two things. First, I never saw Mike crack a book once. In fact, I know he skipped several classes. Second, he had already had three different girls in our room all with whom he had made out with, maybe more.

Since there were usually several different people in our room at night, I began using the library to study. I’m sure Mike regarded me a geek although he never once said it. A few weeks before mid-term exams would be given, I returned to my room on a Friday night. Surprisingly, it was empty, so I took a shower and laid on the bed to study for another hour or so. At eleven, I turned off the light and fell fast asleep.

I opened my eyes slowly to hear voices talking in whispered muffles. Once my eyes grew accustomed to the dark, I could see Mike and a female figure on his bed with their arms around each other. I stayed motionless not to give away the fact that I was awake. Every now and then, the girl would look in my direction to see if perhaps I had awakened.

After maybe ten or fifteen minutes, witnessing what looked like two orgasms from the girl and one by Mike, they both got dressed and he walked her to the door. I don’t think there was any doubt in Mike’s mind that I was awake, but he climbed back into bed and rolled over going fast asleep.

That situation repeated itself many times that year thus being the reason Mike barely passed. Once again, during the summer break, I took two more classes pushing me closer to my diploma. I was really pushing myself at the gym as well and was a little over one hundred ninety pounds. I was working a little with a female trainer at the gym who was showing me little tricks to help me along.

The summer went smoothly and somehow Mike was my roommate again for my junior year. Probably due to the fact that I stayed in the room all summer, but I wasn’t looking forward to another wild year. In my junior year the advanced accounting classes covered accounting operations and patterns, merger of public holding companies, foreign currency exchange and local currencies. At this rate, I would still have to take a fourth year, but I could elect courses that would expand what I had already taken.

Halfway thru my junior year I had gotten to two hundred nine pounds and Addison, or Addy as she preferred to be called, told me she wanted to change my routine. Instead of lifting as much weight as I possibly could she wanted to increase my repetitions with much lighter weight. This as she claimed, would give my body more definition and shape. Then, if need be and I was not happy with the end result, I could go back and pound the weight back on. I have to say, the new routine she put me on was strenuous and left me exhausted when I left the club. But it was quickly showing its result as my body began to chisel itself under the lighter weight. We were approaching mid-terms again when Addy approached me for the first time about schoolwork. She was majoring in corporate management and right after mid-terms she had to start on her final in her advanced accounting class. She needed to form her own company, achieve financing, staff it, get zoning requirements done, and do a financial audit. She admitted she found this daunting and asked if there were any way I could point her in the right direction. I answered I could, I had done this assignment the year before. We agreed to finish mid-terms then revisit the subject right after.

After mid-terms in my junior year I had once again achieved a 4.0 GPA and was ranked third in my class, which was not bad for a twenty year old kid. Right after the exams, I approached Addy about the project she had due for the end of the year. We agreed to train in the evening, shower then go to the library and begin work on her project. This would also give Mike, exclusive use to the room till about ten at night.

I have to say, that last half of my junior year was quite challenging. Between my class work, training at the gym and then helping Addy out in the library I kept extremely busy. I had already loaded my senior year with graduate classes. By going to summer classes during my senior year and taking one semester the following year, I could graduate with my master’s in a year and a half. I needed 150 credits and pass the CPA Exam to be able to achieve my goal. I would be only twenty-one years of age and have The Master of Accountancy Degree, no small feat.

Using Addy’s method of training had really paid off for me. I was getting looks from girls all over campus. Not even really looks but mostly stares. My weight had dropped to one hundred eighty-five pounds, but I also had a twenty eight inch waist. We finished all the research for Addy’s project and now it was time to put the project together then bind it. Since we had a long weekend ahead of us, we brainstormed on where to work at. Addy told me her roommate was going out of town for the weekend so using her room would not be a problem. We agreed to meet in the cafeteria for breakfast Saturday morning then go back to Addy’s room and begin work.

Addy was not a girl that most men would consider beautiful on first glance. She always wore her black hair in a ponytail pulled back tight. She wore no makeup what so ever and always had baggy, athletic clothes on. Now, I had seen Addy in spandex, so I knew she had an incredible body under those baggy clothes. She was very soft spoken and use only enough words to convey what she wanted to say. She was levelheaded and very sure of everything she did.

We ate breakfast then walked across campus back to her room. As we stopped at the door of her dorm room for her to open the door, a girl was walking down the hallway.

“Ooh la la, Addy. Bringing a boy back to your room ? You go girl.”, the young woman giggled.

Addy made no remark simply opening the door and stepping in. I followed her in and she closed the door behind me. Addy’s room was similar to mine just laid out different. She did have a small table with two chairs in the corner which would be perfect to sit and work at.

We worked for close to nine straight hours making sure everything was in the right order for the presentation. I had received a ninety-seven on mine and I honestly felt this one was better. We finally took a break at about six thirty when Addy suggested we order a pizza since we didn’t have any lunch. I agreed and she called the pizza place on campus and they told us it would be delivered by seven.

The pizza came as promised and we ate taking a break and just talking for a bit which was odd for Addy. We went back to work around eight and finished up about ten-thirty. I had been sitting on a hard wooden chair all day so when I got up it showed. Or at least Addy immediately noticed.

“Tim, lay down right over there on the rug face down.”, she instructed.

“I’m ok Addy… I am going to go back….”, I started.

“Hush, Tim. Please lay down.”, she asked sternly.

I moved across the room and slowly went down to my knees first, then laid down completely. Soon I felt Addy’s body right above me as she straddled my lower back. She rested her weight on my lower back and the top of my butt, leaning forward slightly. Seconds later, I felt her firm, smooth hands touch my shoulders.

She began to slowly rub my shoulders with slight pressure kneading the muscles between her fingers. Within minutes, she had me so relaxed I probably could have fallen asleep right there on the floor. She moved down my body so that she was now sitting on my lower thighs as her strong hands worked my lower back. She got up on her knees and ordered me to roll over. I did so and she sat back down on my lower thighs and began rub my large upper thigh muscles.

Instantly, I could feel my dick beginning to swell inside my shorts as her thumbs stroked the insides of my thighs. She slowly moved her hands up a bit further until her fingers were softly rubbing my hard dick. I opened my eyes to look up at Addy who was now unbuttoning the top button of my jeans.

“Uh Addy, I have……….”, I started to protest.

“Tim, I want you to know that this is for stress relief only, nothing more.”, she whispered.

She unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and slowly slid the zipper down never taking her eyes off mine. She slowly reached inside my shorts and pulled my cock out quickly. She slowly began to stroke me up and down her eyes fixated on my shaft. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt or the sensation she was giving me. No one had ever touched me before and it felt amazing. After a minute or so, she stood up and lowered her hand to me. She grasped my extended arm and pulled me up to my feet. She pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down. I moved over allowing her room to get in not quite sure what was going to happen at this point. She untied the strings on the waistband of her sweatpants and pushed them down her legs. She had a small shaved patch of very fine hair above her pussy in the shape of a triangle. She sat up on the bed next to me immediately lowering her right hand between her legs. She began to rub herself in circular motion then nodding at me to do the same. I felt a little embarrassed at first, but I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and began to stroke myself as I had done many times before.

After a few seconds all my inhibitions faded as I watched Addy masterbate in front of me. Addy was staring at my cock as I had a steady pace, jerking it up and down. Addy leaned back on her left arm giving me a better view of her glistening pussy.

“Want to feel it ?”, she smiled.

I simply nodded yes and extended my left arm until my fingers were touching hers. I extended one finger and slowly eased it inside of her as she quickened her pace with her right hand. After a few seconds she asked me to cum with her, that she was ready. I leaned back much like she had done a few minutes ago and squeeze my cock firmly as I stroked it up and down. I knew I was not going to last very long.

Suddenly, Addy moaned softly and her entire body became rigid and she furiously rubbed herself back and forth. She remained motionless for a few seconds then leaned forward burying her right hand between her legs. I felt the cum race up my shaft and explode from the head of my cock. The first deposit landed on Addy’s thigh and wave after wave of hot cum erupted from my shaft coating my stomach and hand with my fluids.

Addy reached across and pushed my hand away then began to stroke my still hard cock in her hand rubbing the underside of my shaft. My cum had lubricated my shaft and her right hand glided effortlessly up and down on my erection. She continued to stroke me until I had begun to soften in her capable hand. She got up and went to the bathroom and returned with a warm towel and handed it to me.

“Thanks Tim, I needed that.”, she giggled.

“Uh anytime….”, I laughed.

Chapter Three

I was glad to see in the following weeks that nothing changed between Addy and myself. At first, I was worried that she might be embarrassed after what we had shared but after seeing her a few times, I saw no evidence of that. I had told her that I wanted my weight to stay at about two hundred ten pounds or so. She immediately put me on a diet of high protein which was unbelievable. I was eating probably five times a day and working out four days hard then take one day off. I repeated this cycle for close to four months and had pushed my weight up to two hundred and fifteen pounds. I decided to continue to work out during the summer and then go back to Addy’s original defining workout after.

Addy had finished the project that we worked on and had gotten a score of ninety-nine on it. She was really pleased and thanked me for helping her. She was returning home for the summer but would be back the middle of August for her senior year. I would as well be a senior next year but knew I still had another half year or so with my master’s degree.

By the end of July, I was right at two hundred twenty-one pounds so decided to continue for one more month. That way Addy would be back when I changed routines. I pushed hard through August until Addy came back on the twenty-first of that month. I happen to have been in the gym when she walked in.

“Damn Tim, you have been hitting it hard huh ?”, she stated, hugging me firmly.

“Been trying Addy. Honestly, I was waiting on you before switching back to the other routine.”, I replied.

“Well finish out the month and we will start the first or so of September.”, she suggested.

I scheduled a rough year finishing my senior courses and taking four courses toward my master’s degree. By the middle of my senior year, I was thriving both in the classroom and the gym. I had worked my way up to almost two hundred thirty pounds before switching routines. I had now dropped almost fifteen pounds but as Addy stated, I had bumps all over.

Addy, had decided to stay at school and work on a master’s degree as well which basically would keep her here for another two years. I was hoping to be out of school around the beginning of the following year leaving me with about six months to go. My scholarship was intact due to my finishing up early then I was supposed to.

By the time the year ended, I was once again at the top of the class with a 4.12 GPA. During the summer, I only took one advanced class leaving me with four to take the following year. We had the end of the week where perspective employers would set up in the auditorium and interview graduating students for positions with their companies. Since, I still had at least six to possibly twelve months to go, I disregarded it. That evening my guidance counselor dropped by the dorm and informed me that a company wanted to interview me on Friday at one o’clock in the afternoon. I mentioned that I was definitely coming back in the fall. He informed me that they knew that, but they still wanted to interview me. I took the card he handed me and closed the door. The card was from a law firm in Dallas by the name of Butler, Land and Reyes. I did an internet search of them and to their credit they were ranked as the second best law firm in the city of Dallas and number four in the state of Texas.

I had a brutal workout at the gym that morning then went and took a shower in the men’s locker. I bought a high protein drink from the gym bar and hung out in the library for a few hours. It was amazing the attention I was getting from the girls now. When I first arrived at school no one gave me more than a glance. Now after the transformation in the gym the attention was unbelievable. Sometimes they would just come up and say hello for no reason.

I left the library a little after twelve-thirty and walked directly to the auditorium. I wanted to be a few minutes early, at least. Being late for a job interview was not the way to start a relationship with a perspective employer. I arrived at twenty minutes to one and there were quite a few interview tables set up. Each table had a placard that gave the company name. I walked through the aisle and saw the placard that said Butler, Land and Reyes. The table had two women behind it, brief cases open on the table looking over folders they had in their hands. One lady appeared to be mid-thirties at best, dressed in business attire. The second women looked much younger, maybe mid-twenties and drop dead gorgeous. She had on a white silk blouse and a very short black skirt with black heels. I walked up to the table and took a seat in one of the folding chairs across from them.

“Hi, I’m Tim Williams, you wanted to see me ?”, I asked.

“Yes, we did Mr. Williams. I’m Amanda Peat. I’m in personnel and the HR director for Butler, Land and Reyes.”, she said, shaking my hand.

“Hi Tim, I’m Robin Woods. I’m the special projects director at Butler, Land and Reyes.”, she stated, shaking my hand as well.

Robin Woods had the softest hands I had ever felt and she made direct eye contact with me. She was a beautiful, young women who exuded confidence in herself. I was broken from my trance as Amanda Peat brought me back to reality.

“Tim, we appreciate you taking the time to meet with us considering the course load you carry. I’m not sure if I ever interviewed someone with this kind of background. Since, you gave us permission to interview you the school gave us all of your high school and subsequent records here at the university. I have to say, I’m very impressed.”, she stated.

“Thank you, ma’am.”, I replied.

“You are going to take the CPA exam, am I correct.”, she asked.

“Yes ma’am. Hopefully within the year.”, I answered.

“Great, that’s what we were hoping. Let me get right to the point. Mr. Richard Butler is our firm’s manager and senior partner. He wants to hire an inhouse CPA to handle all of the firm’s expenses and from time to time work on cases that we will be trying. Second, he wants someone young, very motived that he can mold into a valuable company resource. We have been searching for a while and when your records were brought to our attention, he sent us here immediately.”, she said, pausing.

“Thank you, but you do know that I’m staying here for to pursue my master’s.”, I inquired.

“Yes, we know that. In fact, once hired we plan on sending you to take several legal course’s we think would be beneficial to you. Of course, we would house and pay for all expenses while you’re enrolled. You would work in the office part time and go to school. Then, take the CPA exam and join the firm full time. So, what do you think, so far ?”, she asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I had never thought about a job. My main goal was to get my master’s and then take the CPA test.”, I answered.

“Tim, let me be truthful with you. We are not interviewing anyone else here for this job. If either you or we’re back to the drawing board. I can promise……”, she began before Robin Woods interrupted.

“Tim, I was in your seat a few years ago and probably felt as overwhelmed as you do now. Richard Butler recruited me right out of Baylor. I was blown away by the offer that he made but sitting here today, so grateful I was wise enough to take it. Mr. Butler is one of the best men I have ever known. You work hard for him and it will pay off, I promise you. And if you agree, you can further your education and study for the CPA while you’re working for us. Don’t think you’re going to find many offers like that.”, she said, softly.

“No, you’re probably right.”, I admitted.

“Tim, how about we may you an offer. Look it over and then get back to us. I can mail the offer here to you.”, Amanda asked.

“That sounds great Ms. Peat. I promise, I will get back to you.”, I replied.

She quickly packed her briefcase and left the table heading for the exit. Robin Woods finished and walked out next to me.

“Tim, are you an athlete ?”, Robin asked.

“No, I have never played sports.”, I admitted.

“So, you just workout at the gym ?”, she asked, somewhat shocked.

“Yes, that’s about it.”, I replied.

At the start of the next semester, I took all four courses which I knew would be tough. All I did for the next two months was study and workout. I tried to help Addy out as much as I could but my time was limited. Just about that time, a large envelope arrived for me from Butler, Land and Reyes.

It was an employment package from Amanda Peat with two business cards. One from her and the other from Robin Woods. I would start at twelve hundred and fifty dollars a week which would amount to sixty-five thousand annually. In addition, company bonuses were available along with a 401K plan and health insurance. This package also included rent for an apartment in Dallas and use of a company car until I started full time with the firm.

I thought on the matter for about a week but honestly, I had no other offers. I would have to work somewhere while studying for the CPA test and with this offer, everything was covered. I picked up my cell phone and called Butler, Land and Reyes the following morning. I asked for Amanda Peat but was told that she was out of the office for the week. I then asked for Robin Woods, the operator transferred me immediately.

“Robin Woods, how many I help you “, she stated picking up the phone.

“Ms. Woods, this is Tim Williams.”, I stated.

“Oh, hi. How are you Tim ?”, she asked.

“I’m fine, thank you. I received the offer that you sent me and looked it over. I should graduate in a few months with my masters. At that time, I would like to come to work for you.”, I offered.

“Oh, that’s great. Mr. Butler asked me earlier today if I had heard from you. He will be pleased to hear you accepted the offer. Look, call me when you think you will be ready to leave school. I will make sure Amanda has your apartment ready and the car. Once we get you started, she will tell you what courses they want you to take.”, she explained.

“Sure, that will work.”, I answered.

“Mr. Williams, welcome to Butler, Land and Reyes.”, she announced.

“Thank you.”, I replied.

As my final exams got closer, I began to research the CPA test and what was involved. I had looked it over two years ago but wanted to refresh myself with the process. The test was comprised of four tests lasting four hours each. The four sections were Auditing and Attestation, Business Environment and Concepts, Financial Accounting and Reporting and Regulation. All four sections had to be completed in eighteen months and the minimum test score was seventy-five on each section. I still had quite a sum in my educational scholarship fund. I called and asked if some of money could be used for the CPA study guide. I was informed it could and they arrange to purchase the Surgent CPA Review Ultimate Pass package for around twenty-five hundred dollars.

Within two weeks, I received the study guide which was huge and began studying somewhat for the Auditing and Attestation section or part one of the test. On a Friday evening, I was working out at the gym when Addy walked in. It was the first time I had seen her in close to a week. She was hitting the books hard as well making sure she didn’t fall behind.

“Hey stranger, how have you been ?”, she asked, hugging me.

“I’m good Addy, how about you ?”, I replied.

“Good, I think I finally got a handle on everything. Anyway, come by my room tonight. My roommate is out of town again. Don’t bring any books this time.”, she answered, giggling.

“Oh, ummm…are you sure.”, I asked, gingerly.

“Oh, I’m very sure.”, she replied, winking at me.

I showered at the gym for quite a while making sure I was squeaky clean. I had no idea what Addy had in mind but I’m sure it was of a sexual nature. I arrived at her dorm about seven o’clock and made my way up to the third floor. The dorm was in full swing with doors open and people everywhere. I was close to Addy’s room when an attractive blonde stopped in the hallway. She was with two other girls and they already seemed half drunk.

“I’m not sure who you’re looking for baby, but you can climb on top of me at any time.”, she stated, causing an uproar in the hallway.

“I will keep that in mine.”, I laughed, pushing past her.

I got to Addy’s door and knocked softly a few times. She opened the door quickly standing behind it so I could only see her head.

“Come in.”, she giggled.

I stepped in and she shut the door behind me and immediately knew why she was behind the door. All she had on was a pink tank top with a pink set of panties on. She looked very good and I quickly followed her to the bed where she jumped in.

“Get some of those clothes off and join me.”, she smiled.

Addy was definitely a no nonsense person who always told you exactly what was on her mind. In a way, she was very refreshing because she was always honest with you. I stripped down to boxers only and climbed in the bed next to her.

“I really need this bad.”, Addy commented, looking into my eyes.

She reached over inside my shorts and wrapped her hand around my hardening cock. Using my right hand, I reached into the waistband of her panties and lowered my hand until I felt her very, wet pussy. She closed her eyes for a moment when she felt my touch.

“I already started getting it ready for you.”, Addy giggled.

I moved up slightly with my fingers and started to rub her in small circles like I had saw her do in our previous encounter. She reached down with her left hand and lifted mine up slightly to the right position.

“Right there sweetie, right there.”, she moaned.

I began to try to simulate what she had done to herself and within a minute or so she began breathing heavily. She quickly surprised me by leaning over and pressing her soft lips to mine. We had never kissed before, so we were in new territory here. She quickly pushed her tongue into my mouth and found mine. That was all it took as Addy had a massive orgasm on my hand.

“Holy fuck, I’m cumming.”, she moaned.

She kissed me passionately for close to thirty seconds as she slowly came down from her orgasm. I was still softly rubbing her clit which I could tell she was enjoying. She pulled her lips from mine and opened her eyes.

“Damn, that was good. I really needed that. Only this time, we’re going to try for more then one.”, she admitted.

She got up and pushed my shorts down my leg and threw them on the floor next to the bed. She straddled my thighs and placed my rock, hard cock between her legs. She lowered her right hand and began to jerk me off in a rapid fashion that felt amazing. She was looking down into my eyes with a smile on her face.

“Cum on baby, blow that load for me.”, she said, encouraging me.

That was all it took as the cum shot from my cock high in the air and landed on my chest and stomach. She expertly milked my dick squeezing every drop of white, hot cum from it. The feeling was incredible as she continued to stroke me softly smearing my cock with the cum coating her hand. She finally stopped and reached over to the nightstand getting a wipe and cleaning me off. She then laid down next to me putting her arm over my waist.

“You know Tim, I’m going to miss you. You have become the best friend I have ever had. You’re the nicest guy I have ever met and have helped me in so many ways.”, she stated.

“Addy, you have helped me too….everything in the gym. I couldn’t have done that without you.”, I replied.

We laid there for a while before either of us spoke again. Addy was a good friend and I was going to miss her. Without warning she slid down my body and took my soft cock into her mouth. Again, this was a first for me and I had no words for the feeling she began to give me. It was not long before my cock was hard under the soft feeling of her wet mouth. Thankfully, I had already cum once and I could really enjoy the pleasure she was giving me. After a few minutes, I decided to turn the tables on Addy. I got up and rolled her on her back and immediately put my head between her legs. I covered her wet pussy with my mouth and pushed my tongue between her lips causing her to moan loudly.

“Oh my god.”, she said, her face a picture of pleasure.

This was all new to me, so I was trying to watch her face to see how she reacted to the movement of my mouth. As I moved up her pussy and placed my tongue directly on her clit, she began squirming under me. I slowly licked the hard nub protruding from her hood as softly as I could. She reached down with her right hand and placed it on the back of my head urging me on.

“Your pussy tastes really good, Addy.”, I whispered.

“I’m glad you think so…….god, your tongue feels really good.”, she moaned.

I began to flick her clit rapidly with my tongue and I instantly knew I was going to send her over the edge again. I pushed my right index finger deep inside of her flicking her clit as fast as I could. I could feel her juice running from her pussy and down my throat only it became a little thicker. Then without warning she lifted her hips of and bed and had her second orgasm within the hour. She trembled under my mouth and I sucked hard on her clit as she came down off her orgasm. She finally reached down and pushed my forehead causing me to take my mouth off her.

“Jesus Tim, oh my God….let me breath for a minute.”, she laughed.

Several minutes later, she took me into her mouth again and brought me to another orgasm several minutes later. We repeated the encounter about an hour later before we gave up.

“My god Tim, how am I going to get thru another year and a half without you ?”, she giggled.


2022-11-24 13:29:38
you really write well.... keep it up please. If you ever need a copy checker for misspellings or grammar, I am great at it. I do my wife's medical article spell and grammar checks.


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you really write well.... keep it up please.


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for someone to have thru what you have been thru & come out the other side is pretty awesome. the few hiccups in your writing are to be expected. the story so far is really great. i do like your stories. it is good to have you writing again


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So glad to see you back writing again, I loved the Game of Inches series and excited to read more of this. Off to a very good start, hooked again already

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