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When I was home alone with Lisa, our mutual teasing escalated into much more than step siblings should do.The contents of this story are a combination of fiction and reality. Some parts have been added or changed to keep anonymity. This is my first story, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions, enjoy reading!
I was quite you young when my parents divorced and like most kids, I didn't really care about what happened around me. At least not until my mother decided to move in with her boyfriend a year later. Suddenly I had to live together with people I had only seen a handful of times, strangers basically.

One of these strangers was a girl named Lisa, who was a few years younger than me. I never really paid attention to my new step sister, not until we went on a holiday to Italy some years later. Now being a horny adolescent, my interest in girls had certainly grown over the years.

I'm not sure why it happened then exactly, but the first time at the beach I couldn't help but notice how much Lisa's body had changed over the years. She had grown up to be a beautiful young woman, about 1m65 tall, with long brown hair and vibrant green eyes. Her bikini made no effort to hide her perky boobs or firm, round ass. I couldn’t believe what I had just discovered. The girl I had been living with all these years was actually kind of hot? During the remainder of our trip I took every chance to stare at her developing body, noticing new details each time. Her lips looked soft and red like cherries, while her legs were long and smooth, as if made from silk.

From then on out, I put a lot more effort into getting closer to Lisa, both literally and figuratively speaking. We would spend time at my room sitting on the couch, talking about school, friends and anything else that came to mind. When we watched movies, sometimes with my brother and stepbrother present as well, I always tried to sit next to her. Every time I did, she seemed to move closer to me until our bodies were touching. The feeling of her warmth drove me crazy, to the point where I can't recall the plot of most of these movies. Sometimes, she would start rubbing my leg with her foot. I had no idea why she would do this, but when I looked at her, trying to get an explanation, I would only get a cheeky smile back.

This continued on for about a year. I took every opportunity to check her out. Her practicing yoga in small shorts or coming back from dance classes in tight leggings were golden moments for me. To get to my room, I had to walk past her door. When I was lucky, I could catch a glimpse of her hanging out in just a loose shirt and panties. She caught me looking numerous times, but didn't seem to mind as she just started a conversation or just smiled back at me. I also grabbed every chance to feel her body. When we had to cross each other in tight spaces like the stairs or a hallway, I would let my hand brush against her ass “accidentally”. When she was teasing me, I would poke or tickle her as revenge. This went both ways, there were at least a few times where her hand brushed up against my crotch and seemed to linger for longer than it would have, had it been accidental.

One afternoon I was minding my own business watching videos on my phone, when Lisa entered. She explained to me that she was bored, so I asked her what I could do to solve her problem. She told me that she needed somebody to compete against on her new Nintendo Switch and that I was the only one home. I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to spend some quality time with her, so naturally I agreed.

On the way to her room I got a nice view of her perfect butt. It was the height of summer, so she was wearing shorts. These ones were borderline big enough, they sat tight around her ass and part of her cheeks popped out the bottom. She had her room set up in such way that you had to sit on her small, twin-sized bed in order to see the TV. I sat down while she crawled across her bed to turn the console on. As she was sitting on her hand and knees, setting everything up, the Switch wasn't the only thing getting turned on.

“I'm sure you'll win like this, great tactic”, I joked.


“I can’t see the screen, your fat ass is in the way”.

She gave it a teasing shake to respond to my comment.

“I’ll slap it out of my way if I have to, better watch out”, I said.

“Oh noooo”, she exclaimed while she sat back down against me.

She handed me one of the controllers and started the game. A few rounds of mario kart later, we arrived at the final lap of the tournament. I was just about to win, when she sprung back into her earlier position, blocking my view. Not being one to break a promise, I put down the controller and hit her firm on the ass. The sound she made was somewhere in between a scream and a moan, but definitely leaning towards the latter. She seemed to have surprised herself with that outcry, because she immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

“I can’t believe you slapped my ass”, she squealed.

“Well you were clearly asking for it, waving your butt in my face after I warned you”.

“That’s not true at all!”, she said while she launched an attack. She attempted to poke me below the ribs, but my dodge made her hand touch my, now rock hard, dick. While she processed what she just felt, I launched a counter attack, trying to tickle her. This emerged into a wrestling match, where I of course had the upper hand. I ended up on top of her, between her open legs, with my erection pressing against her crotch. I had her hands pinned on the mattress above her head.

She was breathing heavily while our faces were so close together that I could feel the hot air on my lips. Fueled by hormones and a year worth of teasing, I went down for a kiss as her wide eyes stared into mine. She parted her mouth slightly, so our lips could intertwine. During our slow kiss, I released her arms. After what felt like hours, but surely couldn't have been more than 5 seconds I pulled back, fearing her reaction. Instead of speaking, she pulled my head back down. This time I was met with her tongue as well. I could tell she was inexperienced but eager by the way her tongue twirled around in our joined mouths. Our saliva mixed and I got a taste of the apple she was eating earlier during our gaming session.

Though having my tong inside her mouth while her covered pussy pressed against my raging boner was further than I could've ever dreamt of going with her, I needed more. For years I had been trying to see and feel her body as much I could and I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip. My right arm moved down while my left one kept my weight off her tender body. As we were still passionately making out, my hand found it's way under her shirt, slowly moving up while my fingers traced her figure.

I expected to encounter a bra, but instead my fingers touched the edge of a bare breast. I let my hand linger for a moment to await any protest from her, but luckily for me she was way too obsessed with exploring my mouth. I cupped her C-sized breast and gave it a soft squeeze, which made her pause and gasp.

“This is so fucked up”, she said.

“Don’t pretend you're not enjoying yourself”.

“I didn't say that”.

She winked and put her hand on top if mine, squeezing her boob with my hand. I took it as a sign of her wanting more. Having the same on my mind, I moved my arm under her and rolled us over, so she was now on top. This gave me the opportunity to grab the hem of her shirt and lift it over her head. Her perky mounds bounced as they fell out of the loose fabric. I couldn't believe I finally saw my stepsisters tits, the ones I'd been fantasizing about for over a year.

“I can’t believe YOU are the first one to see me nude”.

“Yeah, me neither”, I smiled.

We were sitting upright with her on my lap, so her puffy nipples were right by my face. This time I grabbed her left boob, while I took her free nipple in my mouth. She exhaled sharply when I first made contact and let out soft moans as my tongue made it's way around. She grabbed my hair to hold my head against her chest, meanwhile, she was grinding on my rock hard member.

After a while she took my t-shirt off. We kissed while her breasts pressed against my bare chest. Fearing I might cum from her grinding, I moved her off me. With the most lustful, yet innocent eyes I’ve ever seen in a girl, she asked if she could see my dick. I grinned and got out the bed to pull my shorts and underwear down. I could see her eyes widening as my dick sprung out. I'm not far above average in size, but it was certainly big enough to surprise someone who had never seen one before.

I stepped back onto the bed, positioning myself on my knees in front of her so she could get a good look. While she was inspecting it, I grabbed her hand and placed it on my shaft. I moaned as she started jerking me off. After a few strokes, some precum oozed out.

“Oh my god, did you just cum?”, she asked surprised.

“Haha no, guys get wet too, you know”.

She looked puzzled because of this sudden revelation.

“Why don't you see how it tastes?”, I asked.

She looked up and said: “Are you suggesting I blow you?”

“Well yeah, we've come so far, might as well go all the way, right?”

“I don't know, I'm afraid I'll do something wrong”.

“There almost no way to mess it up”, I said “Just go slow and see how it goes. If you’re uncomfortable you can always stop”

Apparently, my attempt to convince her worked, because she hesitantly moved her head down. She opened her mouth and took about a third of my dick inside, her tongue resting against the tip.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed after she first made contact.

Over the next few minutes, she slowly took more of me in her mouth as her head bobbed up and down. Her soft lips slid across my shaft while her tongue lapped the tip. By now I was breathing heavily, sometimes letting out a moan. Eventually, she pulled back, creating a popping sound while a mix of saliva and precum formed a string between her mouth and my member.

“Was that good?’, she asked excited.

“It felt so fucking amazing, I was almost going to cum! No way this is your first time doing this”.

“Well it is! Do you want me to continue so you can cum?”.

“Are you sure? Not everyone likes cum in their mouth”, I stupidly asked.

“Guess I won't know until I’ve tried, right?”, she smiled.

Turns out Lisa was naughtier than I expected, it felt like I had won the jackpot. This time I laid down on my back, a more relaxed position to enjoy what was about to happen. She kneeled down at my side and took about two thirds of my dick in her mouth, sucking as if her life depended on it. She grabbed the base of my rod with her hand, stroking in sync with the rhythm of her lips.

This position gave me a great view of her swinging tits, but I suddenly remembered there was more to her little body. The only time I really touched her butt, besides the occasional brush, was the slap from earlier. Realizing she was in the perfect position, I slid my hand across the back of her leg, into her shorts. Her ass felt as firm as it looked round. I gave it a strong squeeze as she pressed back against my hand.

“Damn, all of that yoga and dancing really paid off, huh?”, I panted.

With her mouth too occupied, she responded by arching her back, giving me an even better view of her rear. My hand wandered back down her loose shorts, towards the inner top of her thigh. The closer my fingers got to her virginal mound, the hotter and damper it felt. When I finally slid a fingertip across the tender flesh next to her opening, she lifted her head to breathe deeply. As she did, I pulled my hand back as well.

“Do... don’t stop... please”, she begged while looking back at me.

I winked at her while saying: “I won’t, if you won’t”.

She eagerly went back to sucking my dick. I chose to slide my hand up her other leg this time, so now my thumb was closest to her hole. I caressed the tender flesh once again, moving closer and closer until encountered the edge of what must be a string. I pushed my thumb under and reached her moist folds. I caressed her sex for a few minutes, rubbing across her lubricated pussy lips, but teasingly avoiding her hole.

The sight and feeling of my half naked stepsister devouring my cock eventually became too much.

“I’m going to cum!”, I warned.

This seemed to encourage her even more, speeding up and going deeper than she’s managed to before. I felt my balls contracting. As I shot the first string of cum in her mouth, I pressed my thumb fully inside her wet hole. Her outcry was somewhat muffled by my dick, but it became clear she hadn’t anticipated the sudden penetration.

I came more than I ever had in my life. How she managed to keep it all in her mouth, I don’t know. After I recovered from my orgasm, I looked at Lisa to see how she was doing. She was smiling back at me proudly, like a puppy who had just performed a trick. Her cheeks were slightly puffed from the load in her mouth and she, probably realizing she had no other choice, swallowed it whole.

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had, I can’t believe how good that felt! So how was it for you?”, I asked.

“Scary at first, but when I saw you were enjoying it, it started to like it too. Cum isn’t all that bad either!”, she laughed.

“Now it’s your turn”, I suggested.

“My turn?” She looked surprised.

“Duhh, don’t you want to cum too?”

“Very funny, but I’m not stupid. Seeing what it did to you, I wish I could though”.

“Holy shit, you’re not joking, are you? You’ve never had an orgasm!”, I exclaimed.

“Quit the shit already, I’m not falling for that”.

“You’ll have to trust me on this one Lisa, lay down on your back and just relax.”

She looked doubtful, but still obeyed my order. I stared at her flattened out breasts as I positioned myself between her legs.

“Now lift up your butt”.

When she did what asked, with much less protest this time, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, being careful to leave her string in place. She covered her face with her hands, seemingly embarrassed to show what no one had seen before. As I got a first view of her covered crotch, I could make out a large spot where her wetness had seeped through the thin fabric. I was eager to taste her, but knew I had to contain myself just a little longer.

I started off by caressing the insides of her thighs. Higher and higher until I hit the edge of her underwear. As before I let my finger slide under, being careful to stay away from her pussy itself. My touches made her breath quicken. I moved my head over to her neck, which caused my dick to grind against her covered pussy. I nibbled her, occasionally sucking but being careful not to leave any mark.

Moving down, I traced the edges of her breasts with my tongue, eventually taking one of her nipples in my mouths. While my tongue lapped her hard top, I took her other one between my thumb and index finger and gently pinched. At first contact she gasped, to later let out small moans. After a while my mouth switched sides, with my hands soon following.

When both breasts received equal treatment, much to Lisa’s enjoyment, I moved my head how towards her belly and started giving kisses. I alternated with small licks on the soft flesh. Slowly, I travelled over to one of her subtle V-lines, giving it a sudden lick across its entire length. Lisa let out a little moan as I did.

Since her underwear was blocking my further plans, and because I was dying to finally see her pussy, I hooked my thumbs in the string. She always had been a good learner, which was demonstrated by her immediately lifting herself from the bed, allowing me to slide off her final piece of clothing. I threw the string to the side and couldn’t help but admire the glistering pussy before my eyes. She had small, smooth labia that joined at a puffy clitoris. Due to her position and arousal, she was parted slightly, giving me a sneak peak of her pink insides.

I returned to my earlier position and continued my downwards journey, now unhindered by any fabric. My tongue followed the crease where her leg joined her body, guiding me straight towards her crotch. I licked right next to her opening, missing the most sensitive parts. I then moved my mouth right over her pussy and exhaled slowly. My hot breath on her wanting cunt was enough to send a shiver down her spine. I too was wanting, desperate for a taste of her grool.

I forcefully held her legs down and licked all the way across her slit in one quick movement. This made her scream and buckle, but my grip gave her nowhere to go. The sweet taste and smell of her wetness made me hope this moment would never end. I decided to focus my attention on her clit, sucking it in my mouth and flicking over it with the tip of my tongue. I then continued my exploration of her folds, giving each part attention as her moans grew stronger and more frequent.

Deciding to up my game, I positioned two fingers at her tight hole. I gently pushed them in, never having stopped licking. I felt her muscles contract and screams of pleasure, accompanied by sharp breathing, filled the room. I wanted to give her the first orgasm of her life, so I tried to hit her G-spot while putting more pressure on her clit. I pushed my fingers against the walls of her vagina as my tongue swept rapidly against her sensitive knob.

She grabbed my hair and pushed my head tighter against her body, tilting her hips up in the process. She was buckling wildly under me, but still hindered by my grip. I knew my technique was good, because juices were rapidly flowing into my mouth. Despite my efforts to collect every last bit, some drops had managed to flow onto her pink asshole.

A little while later she exploded under me. Shaking violently while screaming out the pleasure she felt. Her pussy was pulsating rapidly, squeezing my fingers so hard they almost couldn’t move. I had no intention of stopping and tried to keep my mouth on her clit while her hips jerked around. The orgasm seemed to last forever. I looked up to see her face of pleasure in between two mounds with rock hard nipples.

Eventually she calmed down and release my hair. She was still breathing heavily.

“Oh.. oh my g-god. That was the.. the best feeling ever”, she stammered.

“I told you to trust me”, I said, proud of my achievement.

I climbed towards her and laid down next to her. I took her arm and pulled it, so her body rolled over and rested against mine. I felt her tits pressing against my side, her head leaning on my shoulder. She moved her top leg on top of me, her knee resting against my hard shaft. As she did, I could feel her hot opening slide against my leg, transferring some of her wetness. I looked down at her cute face, she looked back and moved up for a kiss. We made out for a while, during which I was kneading her soft butt. Eventually, we fell asleep, our bodies entangled and exhausted.

I don’t know how much time passed, but we were abruptly woken by the sound of the front door. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had to get out of Lisa’s room before anyone saw us. I stood up and grabbed my clothes. After looking at my little stepsister's nude body one last time, I disappeared out the door.


2020-06-20 00:34:52
I agree with Wilderness Cry
Very good first story.
Very good distribution of the text in paragraphs and lines of dialogue
(that's where many beginners "screw up")
but it would be better if the separation between these elements was not so excessive. . .
I hope to see your future writings soon . . .


2020-06-19 01:40:34
Mr or Ms Pony well written story. I have written down similar kind of real life story of a Virgin boy from delhi. Ohhh !!! Boy that dumbass is my friend Its his first sex experience is a must read for all the avid readers. Its his diary entry and he is a fantastic writer. ==> must check man you won't regret.


2020-06-13 02:08:20
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2020-06-13 00:15:29
This story is saying its only a few hours old however that isn't true as I have read it already!


2020-06-10 16:02:28
Enjoyed your writing, well done. Story is good length with enough de***********ive narrative to excite the reader. Congratulations, keep writing, I look forward to a sequel.

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