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This is potentially disturbing and probably not for everyone. If anyone actually wants to do body modification, please go to a reputable professional. Thanks for reading!
Part III

I awoke with the sense that a lot of time had passed. A strong light convinced me to keep my eyes closed.

My back was on a hard surface, I realized as my senses began to fully come back to me. It was covered with cloth, but much harder than a bed or even a hospital exam table. Probably a floor, I decided. I was naked, but that didn’t bother me; however, my wrists and ankles were immobilized, bound by padded cuffs, in a position that had me spread-eagle.

My pussy was still sewn up and the stitches pulled a little due to my curious positioning. Someone had inserted a catheter. That was likely what had awakened me. I relaxed a little as I felt the sensation of someone sucking the tube, drinking my piss as it came out of me.

I could hear muffled voices. People were speaking in low tones not that far away from me. I tried to count, but my brain was still too foggy for that. I had the feeling that my body was on display and felt a thrill of sexual excitement at the thought.

The person drinking me finished and slid the catheter out. A lick cleaned me. A second lick felt like a thank-you. I moaned softly.

“She’s waking up,” said a feminine voice near my cunt.

The light overhead dimmed slightly.

I risked opening my eyes and found myself looking up into a distant spotlight high above me. It dimmed further and I could see what looked like the interior of a warehouse.

Maybe I should have been afraid, but I felt curious and a little excited. I had expected to wake up in a hospital room, possibly with tubes in my arm and who-knows-what happening to my new pussy. I felt instinctively that whatever this was, it was going to be better for me.

As my eyes adjusted to the changing light, I looked down to see who had just licked my seam. A woman with red hair, maybe four or five years older than me, was crouched between my thighs. As she stood, I realized she was naked too. My heart skipped a beat as I saw her cunt. Two thin lines of scar tissue marked where her labia had been. Her unhooded and headless clit appeared to be erect and below that, she had a piss hole that looked almost big enough to fuck, but her vagina was gone. Only the barest hint of a scar remained.

“Where am I?” I asked, continuing to stare at her modified genitals.

“You’re safe. Think of this as a playground.”


“A place where those of us who have been changed come to play and enjoy ourselves and each other.”

My eyes had finally adjusted enough for me to look past her. The room was full of people. All of them were naked. More of them appeared to be men than women, but it was difficult to tell since there wasn’t a single cock to be seen.

“This is your initiation. You can say no, of course, but if you do, you can’t join us.”

I nodded that I understood.

“What do I do?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Each of us, according to his or her own ability and appetite, is going to fuck you. When we’re done, you’ll be one of us.”

“And then?”

“Whenever we gather to play you’ll be invited as an equal.”

That sounded very appealing.

“Okay. I’m up for it.”

“Then let’s begin,” she said with a devious look. “Newest goes first.”

I remembered that the cutter had taken two cocks and one other clit recently, so I wasn’t shocked when a young guy emerged from the crowd with a fairly raw wound where his cock and balls should have been. I squirmed with anticipation as he came closer and the red-head faded into the crowd.

He was closer to eighteen than me, barely an adult. The cutter had sculpted the base of his cock into a rounded mass of scar tissue with an oversized hole in the center. The hole looked to have come from use of the diamond drill bit. It would be interesting, once it healed fully, I decided.

He was clumsy as he knelt between my legs and maybe a little shy. He didn’t look me in the eye as he touched my cunt, not until he got to where my clit had been. Then he looked at me and smiled softly.

“Perfectly smooth.”

I nodded.

He straddled my hips and began rubbing the stump of his cock against the top of my seam. He palmed my breasts and used them for leverage, making his strokes against my sewn cunt very forceful. I moaned and realized that he was dribbling pre-cum. We were going to have a very wet fuck.

“I like it rough,” I assured him as my hips synched with his thrusts.

“I was a virgin till the night he cut me,” my partner panted, sliding against me.

He stiffened, and I thought he was going to cum, but instead, he slid off of me and went to my right hand. He grabbed my index finger and shoved it into his hole. He bounced up and down on my finger until at last cum exploded out of him, filling my hand.

He stayed on my finger for long moments, enjoying the cum. I moved my fingertip a little to stimulate him.

“Oh, yes…” he gasped.

We worked together to milk his orgasm for all it was worth, but when it finally subsided, he grinned and pulled off my finger.

“That was amazing,” he said, leaning down and kissing me.

Then he stood and stepped a few feet away from me.

“Cleanup!” he called.

Two people, a man old enough to be his father and a girl about my age, broke from the crowd and went to him. Dropping to their knees, they began licking his stump clean. He moaned with pleasure and stroked their hair as they took their time and took turns sticking their tongues in his hole.

“How many can you take at once?” asked the red-head.

“I’ve never had more than one…but I’d like to find out.”

“That’s the spirit!”

She stepped back into the crowd, seeming to *********** people at random. At her touch on their parts, they began making their way toward me through the throng of people, many of whom were self-stimulating or playing with their neighbors as they watched.

My heart started pounding as I realized that five people were walking toward me – three men and two women, although given the similarity of what they had between their legs, I wondered how much it mattered.

One woman was open, but I could see that she didn’t have a clit or inner labia. Her gaping pussy was visibly leaking. The other woman was infibulated like me, but her stitches were no longer visible. She had closed fully and was very smooth.

Two of the men were traditional nullos and clean shaven. They walked with the confidence of twenty-somethings. One had a deeper slit than the other. It would have made a beautiful pussy for a teenage girl. Both still had nipples.

The third man was older, probably close to fifty, and much more unusual. He had neither cock nor balls, but somehow he had retained his foreskin. I couldn’t begin to imagine the process he had undergone to remove his entire penis and still leave that attached. My arousal heightened as he grabbed the skin and squeezed pre-cum out of it. I found myself desperately wanting to suck it and to hear his story.

When they reached me, I was already beginning to leak pussy juice from the tiny hole in my cunt.

The two women immediately knelt and encouraged me to stimulate them, one on each hand. The nullo with the deep slit positioned himself over my face. The other two went to my cunt and began sucking and licking me, exploring my seam with their tongues. A thick finger entered my asshole.

“Do you drink piss?” the guy above me asked as I struggled to get my tongue into his slit.

He parted the lips and I began licking his moist hole.

I nodded and suctioned my lips to his hole. Piss slowly began to fill my mouth. I savored it as I swallowed.

The woman with the open hole encouraged me to feed fingers into her hungry, clitless cunt. The infibulated woman rubbed her pussy on my hand, stopping to let me squeeze it. I don’t know if she was received any pleasure from it.

A second finger entered my asshole. The two mouths on my cunt grew bolder and more insistent, biting the outside of my labia and sucking hard on the place my clit had been. I squirmed with pleasure.

I sucked the last of the nullo’s piss out of him and began licking his hole. He let go of the folds, letting me completely bury my face in him. Unlike the nurse, I felt no remaining erectile tissue and knew that he almost certainly couldn’t cum.

“Switch,” said the older man.

Some of his companions groaned, but they all changed positions on command.

I felt empty as his fingers left my ass, but that was replaced by a thrill of excitement as his foreskin rubbed across my cheek. He was to have my mouth now.

I felt the infibulated cunt against my wet one. She was going to frot with me. I jolted with surprise as I felt the other woman settle her leaking hole on my right foot. She was fucking herself on my toes, possibly intending to take my entire foot inside of her gape.

The other nullos soon found my hands. I enjoyed squeezing them and rubbing between their folds as they got progressively wetter. The deeper one adjusted my hand so that my thumb rubbed his hole.

“Open up,” the guy above instructed.

He put his foreskin in my mouth and gently closed it for me, fingers under my chin. My body was rocking from the frottage, and almost all of my foot was inside the wettest cunt I had ever imagined. I was mindless with lust and need. I moaned around his long foreskin as it filled my mouth.

“Good,” he said softly. “Suck me, and I’ll fill you with cum.”

I moaned again and started sucking him. He encouraged me softly and began to pant as I developed a rhythm. The empty skin felt strange in my mouth, but his pre-cum tasted wonderful.

The girl on my foot cried out and ejaculated, but I couldn’t tell if she orgasmed. She continued fucking herself with my foot. I could feel the nullo with the shallow slit getting close too. His pre-cum mixed with the newbie’s cum to slick my hand perfectly.

I slipped my tongue inside his foreskin as I sucked, reaping a gush of pre-ejaculate.

“Almost there,” he gasped. “You’re doing great.”

Hot cum filled my mouth and I swallowed eagerly. I was surprised by the amount, but didn’t waste any.

At the same time, the nullo came in my hand with a grunt.

“Can you take another piss?” asked the older man.

I nodded and pulled my tongue out of his foreskin. Piss flowed slowly into my mouth, mixing with the cum. If I could have orgasmed, I would have then. He stroked my chin and neck as I drank him.

“Good girl, drink it all…”

I felt her hole spasm around my foot as she came. Fluid gushed out of her. I moaned and tried not to choke on the last of his piss.

They all gradually stilled, sated, or as near to it as they could be.

“Cleanup,” the older man called as he pulled out of my mouth.

People rushed forward from the crowd to begin sucking and licking sexual fluids from their skin as they stepped away from me. I watched with envy until two young guys – one with an erect one-inch stump, the other with nothing but scar tissue between his legs – came to me as well.

I wriggled with absurd pleasure as the bigger guy began licking my foot clean. The scarred youth grinned as he lay down on top of me and began licking my face. His tongue found my mouth, and soon he was sucking my tongue, getting all of the leftover cum and piss out of me.

As he finished and pulled away, he whispered in my ear, “That was my dad. I just ate my dad’s cum and piss out of your mouth.”

I moaned at how hot that was.

He slid down my body to lick my pussy clean while his companion sucked cum from my fingers. His eyes were full of mischief as he licked my stitches clean. I hoped we would spend more time together. I wanted a better look at what had been done to him. Judging by the glimpse I’d had, he was likely completely anorgasmic, unless he could cum for being fucked in the ass.

Someone clapped to move the people engaged in cleaning along.

The boy at my cunt spoke into my skin, “More later. I’m giving you my piss too.”

It was almost as if he could read my mind.

The two guys melted back into the crowd while the red-head ***********ed more people to fuck me. I watched her making ***********ions, and it was obvious that she had a method, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

This time, three women and a man emerged from the crowd. The women were uniformly infibulated and very smooth. They were all in their late thirties. They were small chested and carried their nipple-less breasts high. As they drew closer, I noticed a light discoloration where their clits had been, like a brand or faint tattoo.

The man was probably in his mid-forties. He was a very hot daddy with a shaved head and curiously athletic for a guy who had no testicles. His penis was gone as well, but he lacked the fold that most nullified men had. Instead, his skin was taut, exposing his pee hole, around which was a similar tattoo – or was it a brand? – to what the women had.

Was the red-head choosing groups of close friends?

I had little time to wonder as they began their work on me. Two of the women lay down beside me, one on each side and began kissing me and rubbing my breasts, careful of my severed and burned nipples. The other began rubbing and occasionally licking my feet. The man knelt between my thighs and began stroking my seam with careful, reverent fingers, quickly getting my juices flowing with touches born of experience and raw devotion. He clearly knew and loved sewn cunts.

I writhed and moaned into the women’s mouths. I had never been into girls, but my transformation had opened me up to possibilities never seriously considered before. I responded with more moans to their deep sensual kisses and their hands on my breasts. They pressed their sealed cunts to my thighs, rubbing them against me in reminder of what we shared.

At my pussy, he used my ample juices to lubricate me and began sensuously rubbing his hole along my wet stitches. He smiled at me warmly as our eyes met and stroked the spot where my clit had been. It was like recognition of kinship. I thrust against his hand to acknowledge him.

I was aroused, but so incredibly comfortable with them, as though we had fucked every day of our lives in another life.

“I want your piss,” he said in a low baritone voice.

“Catheter…” I managed, pulling my tongue out of one of the women’s mouths.

He teased the gap I used with a fingertip. I closed my eyes to savor the sensations I was experiencing. Moments later, I felt a slight sting as he inserted a catheter into me. I gasped as I felt fluid coming out of me and the familiar sensation of someone drinking my piss. I shuddered with near-orgasmic pleasure, flexing my feet into the hands of the woman rubbing them.

“Oh, yes…” I heard her say, as if almost cumming herself.

The women deepened their kisses and ran their hands over my breasts and stomach. A few touches lightly caressed my mound and inner thighs.

I felt my cunt spasm inside and was overcome by a feeling of bliss that was not an orgasm exactly, but was an unearthly sort of pleasure perhaps experienced once or twice in a lifetime. My hips jerked and I cried out softly in pleasure.

The crowd cheered.

“Good girl,” said the man with kindness and pride in his dark eyes as he removed the catheter. He kissed my hole clean and rested his cheek against my seam.

The women cuddled against me, and the woman at my feet squeezed them.

We stayed like that until the crowd fully quieted. I felt sadness as they disentangled themselves after a moment.

“Cleanup!” he called, and maybe I heard something rueful in his tone.

They required no cleaning, but accepted it nonetheless as though it were part of formal ceremony.

I had a little pussy juice trickling out of me. Two young men rushed forward and licked it off of me. Both were full nullos below the waist, but still had nipples. One looked as though his nipples had been pierced. I noticed that they also had markings where the base of the cocks had been.

They made use of a break in the action to explore my body with their hands. They were oddly gentle compared to most guys my age.

A few loud claps jerked them back to attention and they helped each other. They walked back into the crowd with a vaguely wistful…or perhaps rueful look.

I watched the red-head make her way through the crowd again. I saw the nurse from the hospital hold up his hands and deny her access to his slit. She furrowed her brow and continued in her ***********ion. I knew the people she chose were somehow connected, but I didn’t know how.

She only ***********ed three this time.

Two women. One was older than most of the gathered crowd. Not only was she infibulated and nipple-less, her torso should signs of old wounds and her cunt had been ravaged. She carried herself with pride, as though she had no idea how scarred she was. A younger woman with a shaved head, perhaps twenty or so, accompanied her. Interestingly, she was not infibulated, but I could see marks along her labia where she appeared to have been sewn closed once and then violently opened. I could tell that she had forfeited her clitoris.

The man was quite different from most of those I had seen up close so far. He had an inch of cock, but instead of a stump, he cock had been split into four parts with a large hole in the center. Essentially, an internal inch of his cock was exposed, red and slightly shiny, for all to see. His face was grim, and he carried something in his right hand.

I swallowed hard. He was carrying a well-used leather belt. He slapped it meaningfully against his thigh. For an instant, a phantom clit pulsed between my legs, remembering the belt the cutter had used to prepare me for surgery.

What happened next was like a fever dream. The women grabbed me by the thighs and pulled my legs even farther apart, never looking me in the face, only looking up at him. He knelt between my thighs and ran an ungentle finger down my seam. I flinched from the touch. He slapped the inside of my right thigh. Then he ran his finger down me again. I stayed still this time, but my heart was hammering in my chest.

Curiously, I was also getting very wet. I squirmed slightly as he continued run a single finger down my cunt. He stopped at the bottom and thrust his finger into my asshole. Instinctively, I opened up for him. He smiled slightly.

“I’m going to remind you what your cunt is for,” he said quietly.

The women moaned. I could see that the defibulated girl was leaking from her hole. She was squirming a little too. Clearly what I was about to get was something she desperately wanted.

He pulled his finger out of my ass.

He ran the belt over my cunt, stroking me with the worn leather. If I hadn’t been so scared, I think I would have enjoyed it.

“Play with her tits,” he ordered the women.

One hand each still held my thighs open, but the other instantly went to my burned areoles. They pinched them between thumb and forefinger and began lightly pulling and twisting them. The discomfort was bearable, but I found myself responding too.

I was awash with sexual fluids as he continued to caress my seam with the belt. I could see it getting slick and shiny with my pussy juice.

“Ready,” he said, and it wasn’t a question.

He snapped the belt across my pussy. I cried out in a mix of pain and surprise. The room seemed to close in a little. Pressure increased on my burned areoles.

He caressed me with a finger, no doubt feeling my wetness.

Then another snap of leather against my tight, exposed cunt. Then another strike directly over where my clit had been. I gasped and moaned and shook with the pain. Nails dug into my thighs.

A steady rain of crisscrossed belt strikes followed, falling up and down my sewn up cunt. I writhed and tried not to scream. One lash lined up perfectly along my seam. I ejaculated…and I felt something. Not quite an orgasm, but like the first spark.

“More…” I begged as my body shook.

He laughed and said, “Just let go. Just give yourself over.”

A rapid succession of blows landed just to the left, the right, and directly on my seam.

And with that last strike of leather, I ejaculated and…and I came. It went through my body like lightning, fast and hard, lifting my hips from the floor and spraying a fine mist of blood and cum onto his splayed cock and thighs.

He whooped with triumph as I writhed on the floor on front of him. The women let go and began rubbing my cunt hard, extending the pain-driven orgasm for me. Tiny orgasmic aftershocks continued for several minutes. He watched me, never taking his eyes from mine, as I continued to experience waves of pleasure from having my pussy beaten with a belt.

He stood up and turned to show the crowd the fruits of his labor – my blood and cum. I looked down at my red and bloody cunt and wondered how he had managed it.

Then I glanced at the two women’s ruined pussies and knew how. They had accepted pain and torture to have clitless orgasms.


I relaxed as the women let go of me and joined him to be cleaned.

“Hey…” said the nurse as he dropped to his knees between my thighs.

“Hey yourself,” I mumbled a little groggily.

His brow was furrowed with concern as he examined my pussy.

The tips of his fingers were cold against the heat of my skin. After a moment, he smiled slightly and leaned forward to clean me with his tongue. I had a lot of cum still trickling from my hole. He sucked it out gently.

“What’s next?”

“Anyone who hasn’t had you gets a chance.”


“Technically, I’ve had you…a few times. I’ve forfeited doing it for spectacle.”

“You don’t like when people watch?”

“A conversation for another time,” he said, licking my seam.

“You have the best hole,” I informed him as the red-head clapped.

“Right back at you.”

This time she didn’t make a ***********ion. She just gestured toward me.

“I’ll have a little time with her. Then she’s available to anyone who hasn’t enjoyed her yet.”

I expected her to go straight for my cunt. Instead, she walked around me a couple times, pulling on her headless clit to get it hard again.

“You want to suck me?”


She put her knees on either side of my head and rubbed her clit against my lips. I opened my mouth and pulled it inside, sucking it and exploring the tip with my tongue. Why had he let her keep it? Did she go to him for something else? Did the alternations keep her from cumming?

“A little teeth,” she instructed.

I nibbled her shaft and continued sucking. Her clit got a little bigger and firmer.

“Tongue fuck my hole,” she instructed, pulling out of my mouth.

I slipped my tongue into her piss hole and lapped the inside. She threw her head back and moaned. I loved the slippery feeling and worked my tongue as far into her as I could. She shuddered and moved her hips a little.

I don’t think she was able to cum, but after a few moments, she pulled back. Her clit was visibly throbbing, but she couldn’t get there.

“Cleanup!” she called, climbing off my face.

The man with the belt and another guy, smaller and less intense, took care of her. The smaller guy yielded to the other as he sucked her clit with ferocious intensity, not just cleaning her, but trying to get her off. I saw her knees quiver as she came. He slapped her clit as he stood up, smirking.

That seemed to have signaled to everyone that her turn was over and I was now community property for a while.

A dizzying array of people licked, sucked, and nibbled my cunt and let me mouth what they had between their legs. I lost count of how many people had some form of sex with me, but I knew it was easily fifty people from start to finish. My arousal ebbed and flowed, but I enjoyed the contact and the interest they showed in pleasuring me and being pleasured by me.

The young guy with the scar tissue between his legs was the last to mount my face to enjoy my mouth.

“You haven’t pissed in a while,” he observed. “Drink mine, then I’ll drink yours?”

“Sounds agreeable.”

“I have no sensation down here,” he said, touching his groin. “I can’t even feel pressure properly or hot or cold, but I do enjoy a good piss.”

“Your hole?”

“Sounding isn’t bad, but I don’t crave it.”

“Your…other hole?”

“I like being fucked, but even that doesn’t get a cum out of me.”


“I went to the cutter two days after I turned eighteen. I wanted to lose my virginity and my junk in the same night, but I wasn’t ready for it. I…took the easy way out and passed out. While I was out…he cut everything, including the layers of skin. Destroyed every nerve ending he could find.”

I shivered. I had come close to taking the out as well.

“Drink me now?”

I nodded and pressed my lips to his hole. I assumed it had been surgically relocated lower to help him piss normally. It was at a very convenient spot for pissing into someone’s mouth if they were on their back. He moaned softly as he began to urinate in my mouth. His fingers wandered over his scar tissue as though seeking some form of sensation.

I moaned in appreciation. He smiled.

“I’m not sad, you know. I get a lot of attention for this.”

I licked his hole clean after he had finished. He clearly liked watching me do it.

He slipped effortlessly between my thighs and called, “Catheter.”

One was brought to him immediately. I marveled that nearly everyone here could handle one, regardless of the condition of their own genitals.

“I love this,” he breathed, stroking my tiny opening and gently inserting the tube.

This was likely the closest to penetrative intercourse he would ever get without surgical reconstruction or using prosthetics.

He hands trembled with anticipation as the tube glided into my wet hole. It didn’t burn or sting this time. I relaxed and let the piss flow naturally through the tube.

He put the end in his mouth. He locked eyes with me and slowly drank my piss. He was clearly enjoying it. I made a small satisfied sound as he continued drinking. His eyes warmed.

“So good…” I murmured, watching him.

When I was done, he eased the catheter out and licked the errant drops from my seam and taint.

“I like having my ass eaten sometimes.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I assured him.

“You…like pain?”


“I don’t think I’d ever be able to do anything more than, you know, be playful.”

He stood up and walked away before I could think of how to respond.

The red-head and the nurse came to me and began unfastening my bonds. I had never been incredibly uncomfortable, but I had been restrained for a very long time. He squeezed my hands and feet and manipulated my joints before helping me to my feet. I was a little light-headed, but he didn’t seem to mind it when I leaned against him.

“That was an exemplary initiation. You did well,” she said to me.

“Thank you.”

“You may have guessed that our family is composed of several tribes – three houses to be exact.”


“Switch, Slave, and Pain,” the nurse supplied.

“Which houses are you?” I asked as I processed that information.

“He is Pain. I am Switch.”

“Switch is the largest house,” he said with a hint of discomfort.

“Everyone from Slave and Pain was here for your ceremony.”

“The man who used the belt…Pain?”

“The one who made you cum is their leader,” confirmed the red-head.

“The ones who…kissed me…rubbed my feet?”

“Slave, of course.”

“The boy with the scars is…?”

“Switch, and a wonderful playmate.”

All of that made perfect sense.

“You are expected to join a House,” the nurse told me gently.

I frowned.

“We’re trying to build a culture of our own, away from the sexual norms of a repressive and mundane society. We need structure, though, to hold us together and mold who we become as individuals and as a community,” he explained.

“I have to decide now?”

“No, you need rest and for your endorphins to normalize, for good decision-making.”

I agreed whole-heartedly. Everything had been enjoyable, but I desperately needed rest.

“House Slave has offered to take you in for the night and provide you with comfort, ease, and a good night’s sleep. You will be well in their care.”

I looked at the nurse, knowing I would rather have been in his care, but not wanting to risk spending the night with House Pain. I did not feel ready for that.

“They will not try to influence you,” he added, sensing my hesitation, but not its source.


“I’ll take her to them,” said the nurse, placing a guiding arm around my waist.

She nodded and wished me a good night.

As we walked away, the nurse leaned toward me and whispered, “Do not join Pain. Your cunt will be torn open. Infibulation bores him. He will want access to the parts of you that can be used to truly make you scream.”
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