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Jack had no idea that life would offer him a very special gift in a form of a beautiful young girl...
Jack had no idea that life would offer him a very special gift in a form of a beautiful young girl, who would offer him a special pleasure beyond his imagination. The girl was an exchange student from Pakistan. Her name was Bena Shari, and the moment Jack laid his eyes on her in class, he felt desire burn inside him.

Bena was very beautiful. She was slim, with graceful smooth neck, high cheekbones and raven hair that fell almost to her waist. Her skin was smooth, light brown and spicy. In short, Jack always got his mind wondering what he would do with Bena once he managed to somehow seduce her. Jack was lucky, because Bena liked him too.

They met in the park after class and Jack simply kissed her on impulse and she responded with passion that made him fly. Jack's tongue explored her mouth and she tasted of wild spices and honey. The next day, Bena seemed to hesitate about something. Jack told her boldly that he would like to make love to Bena. Eventually, after nearly an hour of silence, Bena cried a little, but then seemed to finally make up her mind.

Jack drove her to his brother's hunting lodge just outside the city and there, in total privacy, he took Bena's virginity. Before he penetrated her, they cuddled and kissed and Jack patiently showed her the art of pleasing a man with her mouth. Bena was a gentle and spectacular lover. She lovingly and smoothly brought Jack to heights of ecstasy, and Jack exploded in her mouth. Bena savored his seed and drank him dry, before lying down on the bed and spreading her legs obediently for him. Jack enjoyed her body again and again, until they both lay exhausted on the rumpled sheets. "Jack, "Bena said after she rested. I want to show you something. Something I never showed to anyone.”

“Really?" Jack said with a smile. "What is it Bena?”

“It might upset you a little, "Bena said reaching into her backpack and removing a thick manila envelope. She passed Jack a thick wad of photographs and Jack gasped in surprise at their content.

Nearly half of the photos showed hanged young women and girls, some fully clothed, others completely naked. Jack could see that pictures were taken in various locations, and that the victims were hanged using anything from metal wire to shoelaces, ropes, cords and metal cables. The other photos showed actual real life executions, mass and solo hangings and close ups of the dead women's faces and necks after their bodies were cut down.

Part of Jack wanted to shake with disgust, but greater part of him was clearly fascinated by what he had seen. The hanged were all women, and judging from Jack knew in his history lessons, women were indiscriminately executed primarily in the Middle East and parts of South East Asia.

“Holy shit," said Jack.

“Where did you get this?" Brought from my former country, "Bena replied with a sigh.

“In my country men are masters and its very important to keep family's honor. Transgression means certain death. These hanged girls were killed by their relatives, with the exceptions of executions. Its just the way it is Jack.”

“But why hang them?" Jack wondered.

“Hanging is very popular, " Bena explained.

“Its cheap, simple and it excites men. I saw several executions myself Jack. Woman's' death throes are considered almost as appealing as her climax. Hanging is used for adultery, murder and family dishonor. It must seem strange but I myself secretly find them fascinating. The anticipation, the rope around the neck, the hanging, the pain..."

"This girl here looks pretty calm," Jack said pointing at the photo of a young teen standing on the flatbed truck, with noose around her throat, with the other end of the thin rope being tied over the metal pole with a cross beam. The second photo showed the truck pulling away, and the third pictured the girl's grimacing face, as the rope went taut around her neck. Jack was amazed how such a thin neck could support the weight of her body. The rope was very thin and it dug deep into the girl's flesh.

"What's this?" he asked Bena, pointing at the puddle beneath the girl's kicking feet.

“Most of the hanged girls wet themselves as they strangle," Bena explained with a slight blush of her cheeks.

“This is incredible," Jack said shaking his head.

“Why do you keep these pictures?”

“Because they are very rare," Bena said.

“You never find anything like that. I know that some collectors would pay a lot of money to get them. I have decided to give them to you Jack, if you help me do something."

"What do you want me to do?" Jack asked, with interest.

“You see Jack, I can't go back to Pakistan. You took my virginity and It will mean certain death for me if my family finds out. I wanted to enjoy life in the west and I had a great time in the U.S. Now I want to end my life. I want to hang myself, so I die by my rules and not suffer the misery back home."

"Bena, this is crazy," Jack said with disbelief.

“Are you actually asking me to help you do it?”

“I will do everything," Bena said to him." You just help me to find a remote place to do it. Since you have been so nice to me, I will give you a parting gift Jack. Do you have a camcorder?”

“In the garage," Jack said not knowing what to think of all this.

“Good," Bena smiled, showing her perfect white teeth.

“You are going to tape my hanging and you are going to keep the tape for yourself. That way you will never forget me." Jack argued, but Bena was firm in her decision. Jack finally gave up, realizing that he had to help Bena and keep his mouth shut after Bena died.

Jack went with Bena into a garage, where they went through boxes of stuff, searching for a good rope. Bena told Jack that she didn't want a broken neck. She wanted to die by slow strangulation, experiencing every moment of it.. Finally, Jack found a length of rope about half inch in diameter and showed it to Bena.

“Perfect," Bena said.

“Take the spare in case it snaps."

They went into the nearby forest and found a tree with ten feet tall thick horizontal branch. While Bena made the noose, Jack made sure his camera was working. He found an old wooden box for Bena to use. Bena climbed on the box and tugged on the rope.

"Looks good," she said to Jack. Jack pointed his camera at Her and used the zoom lens to capture her in perfect detail.

“Ready?" Bena asked.

“Ready," Jack said and turned on the recording button. He saw Bena slowly and gracefully slip the noose around her neck, tightening it, positioning the slipknot on the side under her right ear and looked at Jack.

“I am Bena Shari," she said loudly.

“I have decided to hang myself for my own personal reasons. I dedicate this tape to the man who loved me and gave me pleasure."

Then she kicked away the box. The rope went taut and Bena's exotic dance of death began.

“Ack...ghurk!" Jack heard Bena's wet gurgle, as the rope dug into her smooth neck.

"HGHRHHHK...GHRAGHGHKKK...NGHHRKKK..." Bena's hands begun to clench into fists at her sides and her legs begun to tremble from the strain. She began to make loud gargling noises and her whole body went into powerful convulsions, as she fought the approaching death with all her might.

Bena's long feet begun to kick back and forth, and her neck begun to stretch slowly, showing her neck muscles spasming as she flailed in the noose like a fish caught on the line. Bena's eyes rolled in their sockets and saliva poured from the corner of her mouth.

“hhhrghhk... she gurgled weakly as her windpipe closed completely and he began to jerk as if she was struck by an electric current. Her lovely tongue wormed itself between her lips and her fingers curled and scratched against the fabric of her blue jeans. The rope bit deeply into the flesh of her soft neck, cutting off the blood supply to her brain.

Now Bena was beyond pain. Her stomach muscles spasmed, relaxed and spasmed again. Her feet begun to jerk uncontrollably and her head finally tilted to the side as more saliva drooled out of her mouth. Jack noticed the wet growing urine stain between Bena's long legs, and swallowed hard, continuing to tape her death.

Bena convulsed several times and suddenly gave a tremendous jerk, after which her hands hung by her sides, and Jack could smell the sharp odor of voided bowels. For a second he was afraid that the rope might snap, but the rope held and Bena continued to trash as she messed up her underwear and jeans.

It took another minute or so for Bena's death convulsions to stop. She hung still, silent and unmoving, still beautiful in her death. Jack taped her for another few minutes, then switched the camera off and walked up to the hanged Bena.

He picked up the box and climbed on it, so his face was on the same level as Bena's and kissed her mouth. Then he cut her down and slowly removed the rope from her neck.

“So beautiful," he said tracing the rope burn with his fingers.

Jack brought Bena's body back to the lodge and stripped her of her soiled clothes and burned them. Then, he washed her body thoroughly with sponge and shampoo and toweled her dry. Jack then wrapped her body in white sheet and buried her under the young apple tree.

Bena's disappearance remained an unsolved mystery forever, and Jack retained in his possession Bena's gift of photos, her suicide tape and the rope she used to end her life. On occasions, Jack played the tape in his private study, admiring the spirit and beauty of the young woman named Bena Shari. She gave him a pleasure he could never forget.
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