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A story of the last night of a poor Asian girl...
"Here is another one for you," the man said pushing the young girl into the room.

“Another urchin from the street, totally useless, but will bring us something.”

“Maybe," said man with sunglasses.

“She is very young.”

“The younger the better," said the man with a smile.

“I bet she is a virgin Hong Chao. Our clients like virgins too." The man by the name of Hong Chao looked the girl over. She was young, thirteen or fourteen, small well formed breasts, black shoulder length hair and skinny body. Her clothes consisted of an old T shirt and canvas trousers. on her feet she wore old leather sandals.

“What's your name?" asked Hong Chao.

“Milena," the girl answered.

“Well Milena, you belong to us now. Our organization has use for you and your natural talents of pleasing men. You are here to entertain very important people who pay very good money for what we sell them.”

“We will be making a movie with you Milena," Hong Chao's partner said placing his hands on girl's shoulders.

“You will do exactly as you are told. If you refuse we will kill you understand?”

“Yes," Milena answered softly.

“Just don't hurt me.”

“We won't if you cooperate," Hong Chao said taking off his sunglasses.

“Now get undressed and let us take a look at you." Milena nodded and removed her T shirt, pants and underwear. The two men looked at her with lust. Nice," Hong Chao said as he walked up to her and stroked her face.

“Very nice.." Milena felt him explore her breasts and closed her eyes as another pair of hands slid between her legs, gently grubbing her most sacred place.

“Ahh," she moaned softly.


“Wonderful," said Hong Chao.

“Get the camera ready Tong." Milena was brought into the large room, in the middle of which lay a wide mattress and several pillows. There was also a camera mounted on the tripod, a low table with various lengths of rope and four big, muscular masked men.

“We must tie your hands now," Tong said to Milena. The young girl nodded and waited as Tong tied her hands behind her back securely with nylon rope.

"Now let's begin," he said turning on the camera. Hong Chao gave a nod to one of the masked men , who approached Milena and told her to get on her knees. He removed his under shorts and the girl gasped as his glistening hard member stared right in her face. She felt a strong hand take hold of her hair and pull her toward the member. Milena felt his flesh press against her lips, instinctively realizing what he wanted her to do. She opened her mouth and felt him slide inside.

“Suck him," Hong Chao said. Milena obeyed, and soon felt the man pulling her head up and down his shaft, wincing as something warm and thick begun to fill her mouth.

“Swallow it," Hong Chao told her.

“Do it now." Milena begun to drink, feeling more of the liquid being pumped in her mouth.

Another five strong bursts and the man withdrew with a satisfied groan. Melina rolled the man's seed in her mouth with her tongue and looked at Hong Chao.

“Show me," Hong Chao said. Milena opened her mouth, revealing her pink tongue thickly coated with male sperm.

“Tastes good?" Hong Chao asked.

“Salty," Melina said after swallowing.

“That's what you were born to do," Hong Chao said with a smile.

“Now lay on the mattress and spread your legs. Tonight you will become a woman." The second man penetrated her, causing her to moan loudly, then the third man lowered himself over Milena's face, pushing himself in her mouth. Milena gagged, then felt his engorged flesh enter her throat after she learned to pull her head backward to accommodate his length. Her throat bulged, and she moaned as the second man continued to thrust himself inside her.

“Ah...ah....ah, mmmfhgff..." moaned Milena, feeling the second man shudder and growl deeply, his hot seed spurting in her belly like a hot jet stream. The third masked man pulled out of her mouth and she felt hot sticky droplets fall over her face.

“Magnificent," Hong Chao said clapping his hands.

“You definitely know how to please the men. Now Milena, its time for the final scene of the movie.

“We decided to call it the Final Night in your honor." He gestured for two masked men who took hold of Milena and escorted her into another room, which had bare walls shower heads and drainage holes. It also had metal hooks on the ceiling, and each hook had a wire noose attached to them. Tong and one of the masked men brought the camera inside.

“Some of our clients like hangings," Hong Chao explained.

“Mass hangings of young girls are very popular, but they are very expensive. He turned to the two masked men, who forced Milena to her knees. The fourth masked man put on a pair of leather gloves and produced a length of thin cord. Milena lowered her head, realizing what was about to happen. Tears rolled from her eyes as she felt the cord being wrapped around her soft, slim neck. Hong Chao nodded to the masked man, who pulled slowly at the ends of the cord, strangling the girl slowly, trying to make her death a memorable experience. Milena jerked, gargled, wheezed and trashed from side to side, her face turning blue, then purple. And as she died, the two other masked men jerked off in her face, coating her features with their seed one more time. Milena begun to piss, thin streams of urine flowing across the stone floor into the drainage holes. When finally girl's body went limp, the masked man removed the cord from her neck and pulled her head back to show his boss a deep purple bruise from the garrote cord on girl's slender neck.

“Good work," Hong Chao said, looking between the girl's legs.

“She is still pissing. Must have had a lot to drink." His colleagues laughed and waited until Milena's bladder was empty.

“Now let's clean her up," Hong Chao said to them.

“I have got a Middle Eastern prince who wants to do her after death. Make sure you take care of the body after he finishes with her." The men nodded and washed the Melina's body as their boss requested. The Arab prince arrived exactly on schedule and gave Hong Chao an attaché-case full of cash, before proceeding to the room where Milena's dead body awaited him.

“A work of art," the prince said as he kissed the girl's dead lips. One week later, four Asian girls were hanged by the neck in Hong's basement. Life went on with all its misery and unpredictability of the human condition. Who said life is fair? But then again, fairness is a matter of purely individual opinion.
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