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With Adrian away Linda is drawn to a new method of satisfaction.
I hook up with Adrian and all is fine. He will be away so we get a dog. My friend Monica visits and I am shocked at her admission of dog sex.

I couldn’t get Monica’s comments out of my head. How on earth could a dog have sex with a human? It just was so far outside my experience. But each night Tigger would sit there looking at me. I got on the internet and typed in “bestiality”. What popped up blew me away. There were hundreds of videos with women mating with dogs and performing oral sex, receiving and even giving it. I was both shocked and excited. I saved the site and checked it each night. By Friday night I was hooked. Not sucking a dog, that was gross, but the women seemed to enjoy being licked.

I was watching on Friday night, sitting at the dining room table when I slipped of my knickers and began to rub myself. I guess Trigger must have smelled me or something as he came up and pushed his nose between my legs. The videos had me so horny I just spread my legs and he zeroed in on me. The shock of his tongue sliding against my pussy had me squealing. “This is so wrong” I kept thinking but I couldn’t force myself to stop him. I leaned back in the chair, closed my eyes and moaned uncontrollably. Monica had been right. A dog’s tongue is 100 times better than a human tongue. Broad and rough and so damn fantastic. I had cum twice before begging him to stop.

I went to bed that night shaking with lust. I masturbated but somehow it didn’t seem the same, not as strong. I needed Trigger and got out of bed and I sat on the couch looking at him lying there. “Come on Trigger. Come and get some pussy” I said but he just looked at me. I was frustrated and then remembered that Monica had said that I had to use key words. I realised that I needed to train him properly if I wanted the satisfaction I sought. I went back to bed and came again before going to sleep. Saturday would be the day we started training.

Getting up early I had breakfast and feed Trigger. I looked at him and smiled. “You don’t even realise how much I enjoyed your tongue last night do you boy” I said and he looked at me not knowing what I was talking about. I had on a night dress and robe. Sitting on the couch I opening the robe and pulling up the night dress then I called him over. He padded over to me and I spread my legs. “Tigger lick” I said. No reaction. “Trigger lick” I said again. No reaction. Then I began to rub myself and he watched intently. Interested now I tried again “Trigger lick” and he moved forward, nose between my thighs and did as ordered. I think my orgasm was even stronger than last night.

I came down from my high and resisted the temptation for more. “Trigger stop” I said and pushed him away. He kept licking. “Trigger stop” I said again and again pushed him away. This time he stood back and looked at me. “Good boy” I said and patted him. He went and lay down in his usual spot but still looked at me. I went and got dressed but went sans knickers. Throughout the day I repeated the exercise. I would request he lick me saying “Trigger lick” and then have him stop by saying “Trigger stop”. He was getting the hang of it by dinner time I think. After dinner I sat down and called “Trigger lick” but I didn’t say “Trigger stop” until I had cum three times. I don’t know about Trigger but I was certainly worn out.

Sunday morning I tried him again and it worked. I was so pleased with myself. I rang Monica and told her the news and thanked her for her advice. She seemed as excited as me and an hour later she was sitting on my couch. “Trigger lick” she said. Trigger looked at me and realised I hadn’t said it. He hesitated and Monica said it again. He padded over to her and did her bidding. I watched as he pushed into her crotch and saw her gasp and then begin to moan. It was just about the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I imagined that had been my reaction. Eyes closed, mouth open and moans and squeals as orgasms washed over.

I have no idea how many times she came. It seemed like it was just one long one. Finally, almost out of breath she cried “Trigger stop”. I was so proud then he did. After Monica had regained her composure she told me Trigger was so much better that Tyson. “Do you want to swap” she said and we laughed. There was no way on earth I was going to give away my doggy lover. We had wine, she had another session with Trigger and went home very happy. “You have a very smart dog” she said as she left “it took me a full week before Tyson cottoned on. Good luck with the second part”.

I sat thinking about what she had said. Second part. Being licked by my Trigger was one thing but letting him mate with me? Oh wow that was a totally different kettle of fish. I tuned into those videos again and imagined it was me under those dogs. It was so freaky but I couldn’t deny it turned me on. I guess fear was my main worry. Fear of pain, fear of being tied to him but mainly fear of being discovered. What would people think if they somehow found out? Maybe it was safer to stick to being licked and just watch the rest on the internet. Then again, how long could that last before lust won out.

Answers were likely to act out when Monica invited me over. “Bring Trigger with you honey she said but make sure he is on a lead”. I wasn’t too sure why insisted on that but I didn’t question her. I arrived and had dinner with her. Tyson kept looking at me and at Trigger. He would snare every now and then as if to say “who this dog in my house”. I had Trigger tied to a chair by his lead. I now understood why Monica had insisted on it. Otherwise it was possible the dogs would have attacked each other. As long as Trigger was tied up Tyson just pranced around his “kingdom”.

After dinner we sat in the lounge with wine and Tyson came sniffing Monica. I realised, when she pulled her shirt up, that she wasn’t wearing knickers. “Tyson lick” she said and he duly moved in between her spread legs and began. Monica gave a little moan as his tongue hit home. She turned to and smiled with lust in her eyes. “Bring Trigger in here” she said “and let him watch”. I could see she was getting very turned on and she moaned again and closed her eyes. I fetched Trigger and he was showing distinct interest in proceedings. “Tie him up on the coffee table” she said, barely whispering. I tied him up and watched Tyson and Monica enjoying each other. Monica squealed as she came and Tyson lapped up her juices.

“I can’t wait any longer” she declared. “Tyson stop” she commanded and he sat back. She quickly knelt down with her body resting on the couch. “Tyson mount” she yelled. Immediately he rose up and mounted her as ordered. She reached between her legs and guided his growing cock to her pussy. He felt her warm and wetness and began thrusting. I watched open mouthed as my friend was being pounded furiously by her dog. Trigger was also watching, his tail wagging wildly. Too afraid to untie him I plunged my right hand into my knickers and began to rub and finger myself. About the same time as I came the first time Monica yelped as Tyson knotted with her. She was cumming too and let me know it. I came twice more as I watched Tyson fill her with his seed. Finally he was able to pull away, his cum dripping from Monica’s swollen pussy.

“My God Monica” I gasped “that was amazing”. She gave me one of those satisfied smiled. “I hope Trigger watched and knows what do when you get home”. She went and cleaned herself, we finished the wine and we kissed goodnight. To be honest I was having thoughts about her I had never felt before but I bit my tongue and went home instead. I put Trigger outside in the backyard, showered and lay on the bed masturbating while I thought about what I had seen. I came twice while wondering “could I do it”.
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