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It is so true that a kiss is not just about the lips or the face. It is about getting every part of your body and mind involved in it, to experience the feeling of togetherness. These different types of Kisses signify different meanings depending on whom you kiss, where is it placed and the purpose behind it.

This articles further details about 23 Kinds of Kisses on Different Parts of Body during Sexual Union and Their Meanings
Like a bee that settles on the fragrant pistils of a flower, and sips in the nectar for honey, so should you sip in the nectar from between the lips of your love.” The Art of Kissing: A 1936 Guide for Lovers by Hugh Morris

In Part 2 you have read about 7 Types of primary love Kisses.

This part further details about Kinds of Kisses on Different Parts of Body during Sexual Union and Their Meanings in an attempt to provide information about kissiing at one place for kissing lovers


23 Kinds of Kisses on Different Parts of Body during Sexual Union and Their Meanings

The lips are not the only part of the mouth and body which should be joined in kissing. Every lover is a glutton. He wants everything that is part of his sweetheart, everything. He doesn’t want to miss a single iota of her ‘million-pleasured joys’ as Keats once wrote of them. That is why, when kissing, there should be as many contacts, bodily contacts, as is possible. Snuggle up closely together. Feel the warm touch of each other’s bodies. Be so close that the rise and fall of each other’s bosoms is felt by one another.

A. Kissing with Eyes :

How To Kiss with Eyes-

The eyelash kiss is one of the most intimate and adorable forms of kissing. To do this, simply replace your lips with your eyelashes. First, place your cheeks on the person’s cheek and bat your eyelids. The up and down strokes of the hair can stimulate their feelings.

This kiss suggests that you love someone dearly, but not yet ready to make physical contact. It can also happen after the game, as a gesture of love.

You can categorize this kiss under passion or romance

B. Kiss on Eyes

Eye kiss is also known as the angel kiss. This kiss is done by gently kissing on the eyelids of the other person for a few seconds. This can be followed by gentle stroking of the head to show your love.

This type of kiss shows a kind of fondness or pure love. Therefore, it is used when saying goodbye to someone or even waking up to the one you love as well.

This type of kiss falls under the affection category

C. Forehead Kiss

How To Someone’s Forehead-

Forehead kiss is a sweet gesture, to indicate your affection and love for a person. To do this, move your face towards their face and place your arms around the neck. Now kiss on the forehead and you can even finish it with a hug.

The forehead kiss can give the meaning of “I care for you” or “You mean a lot to me”. It is also used as an action of protection or care and is usually taken place between closely related people.

This falls under the Caring or affection category

D. Eskimo Kiss:

How to Make Eskimo Kiss-

This kiss is also known as nose rub, where one person presses one’s tip of the nose against the other’s nose. Kissing on the nose can be seen as a relationship, greeting. Sometimes lovers also try this type of kiss in their romance scene.

This kiss means that both of the parties feel that each other is very cute and beautiful. There is not much attraction or affection in this case, between the two parties, just a friendly gesture.

This kiss can be easily categorized as a friendship kiss.

E. Earlobe Kiss:

How to Do Earlobe Kiss-

Ears are also sensitive to kisses just like lips, neck and mouth. First, place your lips on the ears of your partner and gently move your tongue inside the earlobe. Use gentle teeth movements to give “love bites” to the person and make sure they don’t hurt.

This Kiss gives a feeling of turning on the mood for some sexual fun. It is usually between two partners who are ready to jump into a physical relationship.

The earlobe kiss can be categorized under a passionate kiss.

F. Cheek Kiss:

How to Kiss on the Cheek-

Simply place your lips on the cheek of the person and kiss them tight. If it is on your partner, then you can go the extra mile by sucking their cheeks with your mouth.

A Cheek kiss indicates platonic love, which is usually not romantic. It can be used to tell someone that you like them, whether it is a person of the opposite gender or the same.

This is generally known as the friendship or affectionate kiss.

G. Wrist Kiss:

Kiss on the Wrist Mean-

Kissing the inside of the wrist can give a cute beginning to a relationship. Just draw the inner side of your hand towards you and place a gentle, warm kiss with your lips. Don’t suck or go overboard.

This kind of kiss indicates that the person has inner feelings for you, but is not yet comfortable to reveal them. So, if someone kissed you this way, you know what they mean!

This is a type of Romantic kiss.

H. Elbow Kiss:

How to Kiss on Elbow-

The elbow kiss could very well be the starting step for an intense relationship. To do this, grab the hand of your partner gently and place a kiss on the inner elbow. Slowly make your advancements to suit the mood.

This kiss symbolizes passion and love for the other person. It can also be plain admiration for someone or their arms, in case of women elbow kissing men.

You can categorize this kiss under passion or romance.

I. Hand Kiss:

How To Someone’s Hand-

A hand-kiss is usually performed as a gesture of admiration or respect for the person. To do this, first, bow down and request the hand of your partner. Draw it near your mouth and gently place a kiss on the back of the palm.

Hand kissing is an upper-class tradition, which symbolizes a feeling of devotion or polite greeting to the opposite person.

It falls under the gesture category.

further details about other kisses out of 23 Kinds of Kisses on Different Parts of Body during Sexual Union and Their Meanings will continue

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