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This is my first story so please leave any comments or criticism you might have and I hope you enjoy :)
My heart was racing as I anxiously glanced at my clock to see how much time I had left. The small clock read 6:40, okay 20 more minutes I told myself, it was almost time for the party. If my parents knew what I was actually planning on doing tonight they would have never allowed it. Both of my parents were raised in pretty conservative houses and while they had done their best to allow me and my brother to have some freedom to do what we wanted, there were some things they would never agree to and me going to this party was definitely one of them.

I had told my parents that I was spending the night with my best friend Hailey, my parents did trust me and happily told me that I could spend the night with Hailey. In reality Hailey was hosting a massive party that was going to be filled with all my classmates having a good time and spending the night drinking until we passed out. I hated lying to my parents about what was happening, our family was very close and we were always open and honest about our lives with each other. My parents both worked day jobs to support me and my brother but they did not let those jobs come in the way of us all spending a lot of time together going on trips or just watching a movie together in the living room. But I loved going to these parties and unfortunately that required me to lie to my family constantly.

I figured that I should probably start getting ready for the party, so I opened my closet and began to look through my clothes. I was hoping to find some clothes that would attract the eyes of all the drunk and horny boys that the party would be filled with. I sifted through my bras trying to figure out what one would look the best on my perky tits and drive the boys wild. I eventually found one of my older bras with a cute heart pattern that was too small for me right now and would barely cover my much larger breasts but it would leave little to the imagination of the boys at the party, exactly what I wanted.

I have been told that I am one of the better looking girls in my class, based off of the amount of boys that have tried to get me to send them nude pictures of myself or tried to make a move on me I figured that it was true. I have long brown hair with some blond streaks that I added last year and have had ever since. My hair complimented my ocean blue eyes and tanned complexion that I had. I was a member of the volleyball team and I care a lot about personal fitness and staying active and I often spend my afternoons going for runs or hikes. These runs translated into me having a slim body that accented my curvy body. Whenever I wore any tight clothing to school I could see the longing looks of the boys in the hallway as they would shift and try to cover the obvious boners that they were sporting as they stared at me and daydreamed about what I looked like without my clothes on, a sight that only a few lucky boys get to see.

Most of those boys would kill to be in the room with me right now. I thought as I looked in the mirror, I slid my shirt off and unclasped my bra baring my perky breasts to my empty room. It was about this time last year that I had first lost my virginity at another one of Hailey’s parties. I didn’t know much about sex at that time and after we had finished I was kind of dissapointed as the boy only really cared about using me and getting himself off. This was a consistent theme of these parties, the boys only cared about themselves and making sure they were feeling good and not considering me and making sure that I was enjoying the sex. Every time I went to one of Hailey’s parties I hoped that I would meet the perfect guy who would actually care about and love me instead of just trying to get me naked and leave as soon as he cummed. I had a good feeling about tonight’s party, I was going to find a guy who wanted to pleasure me tonight, this party was going to be different I told myself; I was actually going to experience everything sex had to offer and not just be a tool for some drunk and horny guy.

I thought about what this boy was going to be like and how he would make me feel. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, imagining that he was touching and exploring my body. I began to gently play with my bare tits imagining what the boy that was going to see me like this tonight would do to my young body. I lay on my bed and slid my hands into my tight jeans and began to gently rub my pussy that I had just shaved earlier today in preparation for the party. I imagined that it wasn’t my hands making me feel like this but rather the hard cock of a loving boy. I began to softly moan as I imagined being with one of the sexy boys at Hailey’s party and how he would make me feel, I thought of him gently kissing and suckling my exposed breasts as we embraced each other naked in one of the rooms at Hailey’s house. I checked the time as I continued to finger my wet and eager pussy that desperately wanted a young and loving cock inside of it. Twelve more minutes and I would be at the party and I could find a boy that would make me hopefully feel even better than I was feeling right now.

“Katelyn! Could you please come downstairs!” My mom yelled from the downstairs kitchen.

“Shit!” I said as I was quickly broke out of the euphoria I was in. “One minute mom!” I called back.

I grabbed the bra that I was planning to wear and quickly put it on, it held my breasts really tightly and it was not comfortable, but if it had the effect that I was hoping it would have the discomfort would be worth it. I quickly ran to my closet and quickly grabbed a cute white shirt that hugged by body tightly and would drive the boys absolutely wild.

I closed my door and ran down the stairs to my parents who were waiting in the kitchen. “Hey! What is going on?” I asked still breathing heavily from touching myself in my room, but hopefully they thought I was out of breath from running downstairs.

My mom saw the outfit I was wearing and gave me a curious look, for a second my heart stopped, did they know about what was really happening at Hailey’s?

“Hey Katelyn,” my dad said to me breaking the tension between my mom and I. “Your uncle Ken broke his leg so he and Aunt Laura had to go to the hospital.”

I felt bad to be relieved at this news, but at least they still didn’t know the truth.

“Your mother and I have to go and look after your cousins while Ken and Laura are at the hospital.” My dad continued. “We called Wyatt’s usual babysitter but it was too last minute for her, so we need you to look after him.”

My heart dropped when he said that, Wyatt could handle himself I thought. As far as younger brothers go Wyatt was not bad at all. We were both pretty close and while we did have classic sibling arguments that was not enough to break our bond. Any other night and I would have been happy to look after Wyatt but not tonight, tonight was supposed to be my first actual time with a boy who loved me, not a boring evening spent with my younger brother….

“I am sorry, I know you were looking forwards to going to Hailey’s but we really need your help.” My mom said pulling me into a sympathetic hug.

“I know mom, it is okay.” I said with an obvious tone of disappointment in my voice.

I could not believe that this was happening, I had spent the entire last week looking forwards to tonight and what I was going to experience but just like that all my hopes for tonight collapsed.

My parents hugged and kissed me in a flurry of information and apologies. “Please do not hesitate to call us if anything goes wrong okay?!” My mom said while quickly looking for the keys to our car. “Your neighbors know that it is just you and Wyatt here so if there is an emergency go to them.” My dad said as they exited the house.

“I know, don’t worry we will be fine.” I said while saying goodbye with a fake smile on my face to convince them that everything was okay and that I was excited to spend the night with Wyatt.

As soon as the car left our parking lot I slowly walked over to our couch, and sat down, letting out a huge sigh. My excitement and anticipation for tonight had evaporated and all that I had left was disappointment. At least I can get out of this uncomfortable outfit I thought to myself allowing me to at least get a slight chuckle out of the situation.

I took out my phone and messaged Hailey to tell her that I was not going to make it her party tonight. Hailey responded a couple of seconds later stating that the boys at the party would be very dissapointed and would have so settle for some other girls. I rolled my eyes when I read that and smiled, Hailey always did have a pretty good sense of humor.

“Hey Katie…I’m um sorry that you can’t go to Hailey’s tonight and that you are stuck with me.” I looked up from my phone to see my younger brother standing at the base of the stairs.

“It’s okay.” I say smiling at Wyatt.

“If you want to still go to her house you can, I won’t tell mom or dad.” Wyatt said while walking over to me.

I smiled at his suggestion, Most of my friends complain about how annoying their younger siblings are and that they are complete asses, but I have never had to deal with that. Wyatt and I have always had a really close relationship with each other, while our parents would work we would often spend a lot of time together, he would join me on runs or hikes and I would play some of his favorite video games with him.

“It is okay.” I say in response to Wyatt’s offer. “I can always go to her house another time, tonight you and I can hangout!” I say smiling at my younger brother and thinking how cool it was that he would be willing to still let me sneak out tonight. I did want to go but I did not want to leave Wyatt at home alone, if something were to happen to him I would never forgive myself.

“Okay!” Wyatt said with one of his trademark beaming smiles.

I had never thought of my younger brother as cute or attractive but he was growing into quite a good looking guy. His hair was the same color of mine but it was short and quite curly. His blue eyes were the color of the sky on a calm sunny day. He had several freckles on his tanned face that added to his boyish good looks. He stood about two inches taller than me, which was something he would playfully tease me about all the time. Wyatt was a part of his schools track and field team and was one of the top runners on his team. This translated into him having a very fit and toned body, he often would run laps in the back of his school after his classes ended. He usually ran without a shirt on claiming that ‘It got too hot’ but part of me wonders if he does it to impress the audience of young girls that form to go outside to watch my shirtless brother run and stare at his well developed abs and pecs. It was undeniable that Wyatt was really good looking and was likely the subject of quite a few school crushes, but to me he had always been my younger brother and even though I cannot deny how good looking he is I have never thought about him in any way other than my innocent younger brother.

Wyatt was wearing a washed out blue t-shirt that looked to big for him and a pair of grey joggers that held his legs tightly.

“Well it looks like this is our house for tonight!” I say rising from the couch and walking to the kitchen.

“We can do whatever we want!” Wyatt said cheerfully as we both walked to the kitchen to prepare something for us to eat.

We settled on reheating some leftover pizza. As I was putting the pizza in the microwave I noticed that Wyatt was looking over my body and checking out my tits that were clearly outlined in my tight shirt, looks like my outfit was having the effect that I wanted, however I definitely was not intending for it to have that effect on my brother. I just figured he was a classic hormonal guy and couldn’t help himself. After we eat I am for sure going to change out of this tight outfit into something more comfortable I thought to myself as I pulled the pizza out of the microwave and Wyatt looked down to pretend he was on his phone the whole time.

As we ate we both laughed and caught each other up on the funny stories that had happened since we had last spent time together and talked. Wyatt and I have always had an open relationship and would be honest about what was going on in each of our lives so I put on my inquisitive older sister half and began to grill Wyatt on the happenings of his life.

“Alright Wyatt…” I asked him while leaning forwards and making sure I was looking straight into his sky blue eyes. “Tell me about the girls in your class…I’ve seen the way that some of them look at you.”

Wyatt leaned back with a shocked look on his face “Wh…what are you talking about??” Wyatt said acting confused.

I lean in further “Oh come on dude, I have seen the way that you talk to Mikayla and Tate, they are always in that group that watches you run.”

“Katie I promise you that I don’t like them, they flirt with all the boys in my class, they have umm…you know done it with at least three of my friends.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise, I knew that Wyatt had grown a lot in the past year but I have still always thought of him as my innocent younger brother that I have known my whole life. I knew this was probably going to turn into an awkward conversation but I felt like it was my responsibility to talk to him about this kind of stuff since he felt safe being open with me.

“Sooo…have you um, done it?” I ask Wyatt.

Wyatt shot back into his chair and his face practically went pale “What! No! I-I wouldn’t do that!! I promise!” He says looking at me really worried.

I chuckle at seeing how much he panicked, most of the boys at Hailey’s parties would proudly stand up and list of all the girls they’ve fucked, but Wyatt is definitely different that those guys.

“It’s okay Wyatt, you’re the age that a lot of boys are when they have sex for the first time.”

Wyatt awkwardly shifts and avoids eye contact with me, his pale face has now turned into a beet red of embarrassment.. He looks up at me while still trying to avoid making eye contact. “I mean it’s not like I don’t want to um…have sex, there are some girls that have tried to get me um, to go to their houses with just the two of us, but I don’t know, I think I am just too scared.”

He looks up to me with a pair of wide eyes that made him look somehow even cuter.

I smile at him and nod reassuringly. “Don’t worry! I would be shocked if you didn’t feel that way about the girls in your class.”

Wyatt perks up and looks at me with a slight smile “Really?”

“Yeah sex is something that everyone thinks about at your age whether or not they’re a boy or a girl.” I say in an effort to calm him down and make him comfortable to open up to me.

“I guess that I’m kinda just scared to you know, um, do it wrong. I want it to be something that the girl I am with also enjoys.” Wyatt says slowly becoming more and more comfortable to talk to me about this subject.

I always knew that Wyatt was an amazing guy but hearing his answer surprised me, I wished that the boys that I had been with had the same attitude as him.

“That is really sweet of you Wyatt, I promise that if you have that attitude with a girl it will make her feel really special.”

Wyatt smiled, “Really?”

I could not help but look at my brother in a new way, he was a cute boy who wanted to actually love the girl he was with and not just use her, which was exactly what I desperately wanted. I stopped and realized what I was doing, I was still a bit horny from touching myself in my room and Wyatt was my younger brother, I could not think of him this way. I could not try and get what I desired from him…

I stood up and grabbed my plate to bring it to the sink, I had to change the subject before I did or said something that I would regret. “So…um, what should we do tonight?” I ask him while grabbing his dishes.

“Could we um, like, actually talk a bit about what we have been talking about, you know, like sex and stuff.” Wyatt said still trying to avoid eye contact. I could have sworn that I had seen that outline of his hard penis in his pants but I didn’t want to stare.

“Please Katie.” Wyatt said breaking me out of my thoughts, I turned and saw that he was looking me once again with a pair of wide eyes, practically begging me to talk, how could I say no to him…It was going to probably be an awkward conversation and I had to have some self-control, but I did want to talk to Wyatt about this kind of stuff.

“Let’s go to the living room.” I say leaving the dirty dishes in the sink. Wyatt sat in his chair until I left the kitchen, confirming to me that he probably did have an erection and needed to adjust it before joining me.

The thought of my brother having an erection right now continued to make me horny. Was it from what we had been talking about? Or was he looking at me in my tight clothes and thinking about me? That thought continued to excite me I had no idea why I was feeling this way about Wyatt but I had to snap myself out of it before I crossed the line of no return.

Wyatt walked into the room and sat on the couch next to me, he grabbed a pillow and put it over his crotch and put his elbows on it leaning towards me.

My heart was racing as we both sat next to each other, was he thinking of me in the same way I have been thinking about him?

“I am sorry if this is a weird thing to talk about, but I am scared to talk to mom and dad about it…” Wyatt said with his bottom lip practically quivering

“You can talk to me about anything? Okay that’s a promise.” I say to Wyatt hopefully calming his nerves and embarrassment a bit.

Wyatt seemed to relax a bit hearing that and smiled at me. “Thanks Katie, I love you.” He said leaning over to rest his head on my shoulder.

I wrap my arm around him and gently massage his shoulder, for a couple of seconds the room is silent. All that I can hear is my heartbeat and Wyatt’s soft breathing on my neck.

Finally Wyatt broke the silence, it seemed as if he had been quietly building up the confidence to ask me something and was finally ready. “So…um, have you ever had um, you know sex?” Wyatt said looking up at me with his adorable wide eyes.

I take a deep breathe. It would be so easy to lie to him, but he had been honest with me so far so I felt like I owed him. “Yes, I have a couple of times. To be honest…I wa going to a party at Hailey’s tonight and I was planning to have sex there.”

Wyatt lifted his head off of my shoulder and looked over my body. He didn’t look shocked or appalled at me, instead he smiled kindly “Is that why you look so pretty tonight?”

This time it was my turn to blush, did he really just call me pretty? “Yes, I was wondering if you had noticed that I looked different tonight.”

“Wow.” Wyatt said once again awkwardly shifting the pillow on his lap. “Those boys are so lucky that they are able to have sex with someone as beautiful as you Katie.”

Every part of my rational brain was screaming at me to leave, but I was still so horny from touching myself earlier and hearing Wyatt refer to me as beautiful caused me to begin to lose control of my rational brain.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” I ask Wyatt.

“Yes, you always look amazing. You don’t need to wear clothes like that to prove it.” Wyatt said once again staring over my body.

Overcome by emotions towards Wyatt I lean in and gently kiss his forehead, Wyatt gasps as I kiss him softly but doesn’t fight it.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Wyatt asks me as I continue to kiss him on his forehead.

I finally break away and look into his eyes, he looks different to me now. All I see is a handsome boy that I desperately want, my brain fights to regain control but I cannot stop myself from being overcome with lust for Wyatt.

I lean in and this time kiss him softly on the lips. Wyatt freezes and doesn’t know what to do. After a couple of seconds he begins to kiss me back. I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer as our kiss becomes more passionate and intimate

Wyatt’s body seems to jolt as he breaks our kiss and looks at me with a panicked expression. “I-we can’t do this.” He says breathing heavily.

“I have been looking for a boy who wants to love me and not just use me for sex for so long, please Wyatt, I can teach you how to how to make a girl feel really good and loved so you will be ready for when you find a girl you really love.” I say looking over his young sexy body.

“You mean…like teach me, and, um, do sex stuff…together?” Wyatt says in a state of shock at what he is hearing me say.

I place my hand on the pillow that Wyatt has on his lap, pushing it down a bit. He gasps a bit and looks at me with a bright red face “M-maybe, I um, think I would like that Katie…If you wanted to of course….”

“I would love to teach you how to make a girl feel good.” I say before leaning over and crawling over him. I wrap my arms around him and pull him tightly against me and begin to once again kiss his soft lips. This time Wyatt eagerly kisses me back with a lot more confidence. His inexperience shows but his passion and love more than made up for it in my books.

As we kiss I feel Wyatt’s hands reach in between us and begin to gently rub and massage my breasts through my shirt. He pauses and stops as if waiting for my permission to continue. I moan hoping that encourages him to continue. Sure enough Wyatt continues to explore through my shirt but he is unable to make much progress while I still have my clothing on.

I sit up, applying pressure on the pillow that Wyatt had on his lap and gently begin to grind against it and though I can’t feel his member through the pillow judging by Wyatt’s moans it was having the effect on him that I wanted. I begin to move my shirt up as Wyatt stares at me with his eyes practically popping out of his face, refusing to blink because he doesn’t want to miss a thing. Soon my shirt slides past my breasts and off my body showing Wyatt the tight bra that held my tits and left little to the imagination.

“Oh my god…Katie you are amazing” Is all Wyatt can say as his virgin eyes stare at my exposed body.

I reach behind me and unclasp my bra and teasingly hold it up against me, the only thing stopping Wyatt from seeing my young breasts is a small bra that I am holding against myself.

Wyatt looks at me practically drooling in anticipation. Finally I put the poor boy out of his misery throwing my bra to the side of the room and exposing my bare breasts to my brother.

“Wow Katie, you are perfect.” Wyatt says looking at my breasts in a state of shock. “Can I um..?”

I don’t let Wyatt finish as I grab his warm hands and put them up against my breasts “Of course you can baby.” I say smiling at him.

Wyatt sits up and gently lays me down on the couch while still gripping my breasts. He uses his thumbs to softly play with my erect nipples as the rest of his hand lovingly massages and explore the first pair of breasts he had ever seen.

Wyatt gently leans forwards and starts to kiss my neck. His warm breath on my neck sends shivers down my spine. That paired with his hands massaging and stimulating my nipples made my pussy so wet, I couldn’t believe that it was my little brother making me feel better than any boy ever has.

Wyatt continued to kiss down my neck, gently kissing around my collar bone and moving down my chest. Soon he was at my breasts, he looked up to me as if he was seeking validation or permission. All I can do is nod which seems to be what he was looking for as he gives me a big giddy smile and gently kisses my sensitive breasts. I writhe and moan as he suckles and kisses me all over my breasts. His gentle kisses and warm breaths in between continue to drive my young body crazy. How has this boy never been with a girl before? I wished that every boy I had been with was as tender and loving as Wyatt.

His kisses continue as he moves between my breasts. Wyatt seems satisfied to just spend the evening with his face right against my breasts but I wanted more, I needed more. My pussy was soaking wet and desperately craving the affection that he was giving my breasts.

I figured that it was not fair to just lay back and have Wyatt do all the pleasuring, He deserved to feel the same way that he was making me feel right now. I had to see with my own eyes what his sexy body looked like.

I slowly pulled him away from me, separating his face from my breasts. He looks at me with a look of disappointment to be separated from my breasts but just as fast a smile of youthful excitement quickly filled his face at the thought of what could possibly come next.

I gently slide his loose shirt off of his tanned body. “D-did I do it right?” Wyatt asked me in between heavy breaths as I placed my hands on his smooth body.

“Let me return the favor.” Is all I say in response as I look over his sexy body. Damn he has a hot body is all I can think as I look over his well developed pecs and place my hands over his youthful abs. I start to kiss all over his chest and spend a significant amount of time exploring his hairless chest and torso through my soft kisses. Wyatt just leans back and closes his eyes, savoring all of the new feelings and pleasures that I am making him experience.

My hands moved down his body to his hips and I placed my fingers in the waistband of his pants and boxers and start to slide them down, Wyatt gasps and is practically shaking with excitement as his pants come off, leaving him completely naked in front of me.

I look up and get my first look at Wyatt’s hard cock. I audibly gasp at the sight of it. It looks to be just under 6 inches, a lot bigger than I thought it would be considering his age, hell it was bigger than some of the guys my age. He was circumcised and the head of his cock was a light pink. His cock pointed straight up and didn’t have any curve in it, it looked really thick as well. Both of his testicles were pressed tightly against his cock, they looked about the size of plums. His cock twitched with his heartbeat and the head of his cock was wet in clear precum. He had a handful of pubes at the base but other than that his lower body was totally hairless.

“Who knew my brother had such a big secret!” I say as I gently poke it which causes it to sway back and forth for a couple seconds.

Wyatt moaned loudly and let out a slight chuckle. “Thanks…”

I begin to kiss my way up his smooth milky thighs trying to drive him crazy with anticipation. His muscular young body had tasted delicious but it was only an appetizer for what I was about to taste. As my lips got closer to Wyatt’s hard member all I could hear was my own heartbeat echoing through my head. I was so wet, but I did not want to rush it I wanted to enjoy the taste of this boy and savor every moment.

I eventually make my way up to his balls and gently start to kiss them and suck on them, trying to be gentle and make sure that Wyatt was experiencing nothing but pleasure. After I finished sucking one of his testicles I moved to the next one. At this point Wyatt’s muttering incoherently overwhelmed by the new sensations he was experiencing.

I pull away from him and look up to see his face. He is once again bright red and his head is just shaking back and forth. I lick my way up his shaft, it twitches and pulsates in response to my tongue, once I reach the top I use my finger to spread his precum around the head of his cock, soon it is shining with the light reflecting off of it.

Wyatt opens his eyes as he feels my hot breath go up against the head of his cock. “Oh my god…Katie…” He says as he realizes what is about to happen. He watches me open my mouth and slowly descend onto his cock. His body shakes and he lets out a massive moan as my mouth engulfs the head.

I have always loved the taste of cock, but something about Wyatt’s made it so much more delicious than any other cock that I have sucked. Hearing Wyatt’s quick breathing and loud moans encouraged me to continue. My mouth made its way further and further down the cock until my nose hit the base off his cock.

At that point I started to bob up and down applying suction and pressure on the head of his cock. Wyatt starts to slowly move his hips up and down and instinctively thrust his member into my mouth. I do my best not to gag and take his cock as deep as I can into my mouth.

Wyatt runs his hands through my hair as he continues to thrust his boyhood into my wet and hungry mouth “I-I can’t believe you’re doing this Katie…I love you so much.” Wyatt said in between breaths.

I continued to suck him, free of guilt or shame, the only thing I wanted was Wyatt and he felt the same about me. His cock began to leak more precum which I happily swallowed and licked up.

“Hey, um, Katie I’m getting um close to cumming.” Wyatt said trying to warn me. All that did was motivate me to go faster, Wyatt wrapped his arms around the back of my head and began thrusting into my wet mouth as fast as he could.

“Oh my God don’t stop! Don’t stop.” Wyatt yelled as he arched his body back and writhed in pleasure on the couch.

Wyatt’s mouth opened as he let out a deep moan. I kept sucking and I felt his cock grow bigger in my mouth. Wyatt’s body began to shake and spasm as his cries echoed through the empty house. Soon a spurt of warm cum hit the back of my throat I continued to suck as Wyatt shot more and more ropes which I eagerly swallowed up. I wanted to get every bit of his juices out and enjoy him, even as his orgasm subsided I continued to suck and push the last of his cum out of his tired cock.

I slowly slid his cock out my mouth. Wyatt had tasted better than I had ever imagined his cum still coated my mouth and tasted delicious. His bright red and throbbing cock flopped down on his body with a loud slap. Wyatt laid back in the couch breathing heavily in disbelief at what had just happened.

I lean in and gently kiss his member once again. “You tasted really good.”

Wyatt smiled widely “That was amazing Katie, can I, um make you feel as good as you made me?”

That caught me off guard, most of the boys would leave after I sucked them off but as I had already learned Wyatt was different than those other boys

He reached over to me and began to unbutton my jeans, this time it was my turn to lay back on the couch as Wyatt got up off of the couch and knelt in front of me. I helped him to slide my jeans off until I was in front of him wearing just a pair of soaking pair of panties. He outlined my panties in kisses causing me to moan as I thought about what was going to happen. I wanted to rip my panties off and shove his face into my wet and waiting pussy but I let him continue to drive me crazy with pleasure as his kisses got closer and closer.

Wyatt’s excitement could not be contained as he kissed all around my body, soon his shaking hand slid my panties off and he got his first look at my shaved and wet pussy.

“You are so beautiful.” Is all that Wyatt could say as he stared at my pussy. He was practically drooling. He reached in and began to explore my pussy lips, curious to explore and feel every area of my sex. His fingers began to go inside of me, god it felt so good. I moaned hoping to encourage further exploration and soon enough he put three fingers into my pussy and began to thrust them in and out.

I lay back on the couch and moaned as his fingers went deeper and deeper into my pussy. How was my virgin brother so good at this!? I closed my eyes and massaged my breasts enjoying the sensation of this fingers thrust into my wet pussy

Soon I felt Wyatt’s fingers leave my wet pussy, for a couple of second I lay there with my eyes closed, had Wyatt gotten scared? Was he just done? All of my doubts vanished instantly though as I felt his breath against my pussy and I felt him gently kiss the lips of my pussy. He paused as if he was double checking and making sure he was doing it right, soon his lips returned, this time more confident and excited to taste my wet sex.

He kissed his way around and began to lick and kiss into my pussy eagerly drinking up all of my juices. I moaned and started breathing faster. His tongue was so much better than anything I had ever felt. I wrapped my legs around his head and pushed his face deeper into my wet pussy.

He did not stop kissing and licking me the only thing that he cared about was making sure I felt the way that I made him feel and damn it was working. “Wyatt please do not stop, god I have never felt this good.” I moan. Wyatt took that as encouragement and ate me out even faster. My entire body was shaking and writhing from his tongue. “Fuck don’t stop baby!!” I say shrieking as I felt the best feeling I had ever felt. My back arched and I shuddered as Wyatt brought me to my orgasm.

He continued to slurp up all of my juices as I shook and moaned his name. As I began to fade out of my bliss I took my legs off of the back of Wyatt’s head and soon his head exited from in between my legs “That was pretty awesome! Did you, um enjoy it?” He said sounding genuinely concerned that he might have messed it up

“You made me feel so good, thank you.” I say smiling at him. Wyatt perks up and his face bursts into a massive smile happy that he made me feel good.

I lean forwards and pull his naked body up against mine and I kiss him on the lips “Thank you Wyatt.” I say as our warm bodies press up against each other.

Wyatt giggles and looks at me “Thank you for showing me how to make a girl feel really good, I would love to have another lesson maybe later tonight?” Wyatt says. I feel his cock start to stir and grow hard against my stomach.

“I would love that.” I say pulling him into a hug, I wanted to savor this moment, there was no need to rush. I was content to spend the night just like this and for now there was no place I would rather be than in Wyatt’s loving embrace.


2023-06-13 20:15:30
Very hoy and I enjoyed the story. very well done


2021-08-09 19:13:37
Loved the first chapter! Can't wait to read the next chapter to see where these two siblings go from here!
Good things said, I too noted that you jump back and forth between past and present tense, I noticed because I have that habit also. Just concentrate on one or the other in your next story


2021-06-03 21:03:00
really hot, my brother surprised me when we explored each other, he made love to me just as you explained it in your story, got my panties all wet...keep up with this story..


2021-05-10 22:47:00
To echo working212, this story jumps between past and present tense. You need to choose to tell the story as it IS happening or as it DID happen. I would also suggest using a grammar checker (Grammarly is an excellent choice and is free) to help with spelling and punctuation. It was a good story, just needs a little work.


2021-05-10 22:46:21
To echo working212, this story jumps between past and present tense. You need to choose to tell the story as it IS happening or as it DID happen. I would also suggest using a grammar checker (Grammarly is an excellent choice and is free) to help with spelling and punctuation. It was a good story, just needs a little work.

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