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Andromeda and Matthew, first date!
This is the story of Andromeda and Matthew, two people who belong together. Andromeda is a brunette with dark and deep eyes, plump lips and 38DD cup tits, soft and round ass dry physique. He loves to dominate and be dominated in turn by Matthew, a tall boy with blue eyes, who is also dark, he has become muscular to fuck Andromeda stronger, lift her off the ground and hold her for long periods.

It was a day like any other, Andromeda was at the pc, on a forum of breastfeeding fetishists and that's where he met Matthew. They talked for months exchanging messages every day, hot photos and chat orgasms. They understood and compensated each other, neither judged the other's perversion. In the end they decided to meet and this is where this series of stories begins, about their adventures of sex.


I arrive on time in front of the cafeteria, excited and afraid at the same time. I feel the humidity forming in my pussy, fortunately I decided to put one of the slutty outfits I bought, otherwise there was a risk that my juices would run down my leg. For the appointment I put on a short and low-cut dress, shoes with a not too high heel and a light but elegant make-up. I look at the phone and see a message from Matthew: "I'm waiting for you inside, I'm the one with the blue shirt." I go in and look around, I notice a raised hand and Matt's smile smiles at me and I go to sit at the table. He is a handsome man, well-groomed and elegant, sexy and has a hot look. After a first embarrassment the situation begins to melt, we eat and drink, kindly pay the bill and leave the cafeteria. On leaving he puts a hand behind my back and brushes my ass, horny as I am already I want to fuck her. We walk for a while towards my apartment, since we are both milk fetishists it is about a month since I started taking various supplements and finally from a week breastfeeding, usually at this hour I am attached to the breast pump but it has been two days since I don't attack him, I wanted to have full tits for this meeting. As soon as I explain the situation to Matthew I notice his erection and ask him if he wants to accompany me home for the lactation session. With the work I have I can afford a penthouse in the center, the city skyline shows a breathtaking view of the sea, I have a glass wall that gives on a long balcony, which takes a whole side of the house, many times I have fantasized a fuck leaning against those windows….

We are both excited, he feels in the air .. I tell him to get comfortable while I take the breast pump ... I get close to him and ask him if he wants to help me. She looks at me with shining eyes, gets up and takes me by the hand. "That won't serve you as long as I'm here, now undress, I want to look at what kind of slut underwear you wore to meet me." A burst of excitement crosses my body, I start to undress, remaining with a balconette bra too small for my boobs that leaves half the nipple uncovered, a lace garter belt and a coordinated thong.

- "My beautiful bitch, now come here." He makes me sit on his lap, I feel the cock pressing from under his pants, I turn to the side and he takes my breast and brings it to my mouth, passes it with my tongue making me shiver and then pounces on the nipple. He starts to suck hard and greedily, I feel the pressure decrease, he continues to drink and bite with his nipple. I am going to have an orgasm when he stops I try to protest but he makes me turn on the opposite side and throws himself greedily on the other breast but this time I hold it close to his mouth, with his free hand he touches my pussy. Drenched like never before, he starts playing with the clitoris by quickly passing two fingers over it, fast fast up and down, I tremble so hard and as soon as he bites my nipple orgasm arrives, with sketches that start from the pussy. My screams are muffled by his tongue that creeps into my mouth. When the other gloomy is emptied, it makes me get up and starts to undress. Free the 11-inch beast and I know that now I have no escape. I get rid of the few things I have left. He takes me in his arms, I wrap his legs around his torso and he makes me go down slowly on the cock, fortunately I trained my pussy with various medium-sized sex toys but still I am out of breath when I feel it all inside. He starts to fuck me hard, up and down, impaled on that huge and thick cock, I offer his tits and he accepts them with pleasure, sucks her nipples and bites them. He asks me where I want to do it and I point out the French door. Laughing and still impaled on him, we approach the French window, he drops me and puts me at 90, my crushed tits let out streams of milk dripping along the glass, I feel the cock coming in again and starts hammering hard. When I least expect it the first spanking arrives, then but second. Now I enjoy and orgasm continuously, suddenly I feel his thumb enter the hole of my ass, it is the end that is approaching. We get there together, it fills my pussy with hope, it is so much that it runs out. He reaches out and takes some of it from her pussy and makes me turn. He hands it to me and I lick and suck his fingers. Continue like this until he has removed all the excess and finally I kneel to lick that earth. After this sex session we go to take a shower, and then we go to bed to rest, rigorously with his cock inside my pussy.

The sound of an incoming call wakes me up, I realize I'm alone in bed. I pick up the phone and I see that the call is from Matthew: “good morning sweetie, will you open me? I went to get things from the hotel. "

As soon as he goes up he gives me a kiss on the lips with a lot of tongue. We sit in the kitchen for a coffee, turn around and look at me innocently: "I usually get it stained" I understand where he wants to go, so I take off my nightgown and start spraying milk in his coffee. I see the bulge in my pants, but before tasting this wonderful man again, we need to clarify a few things.

- "So Andromeda, how do you think this meeting went? "

- "Much better than I expected, I think you and I could satisfy our darkest desires"

- “That's what I thought this morning when I woke up, so will you accept my offer? Just a yes and I will be ready to move here if this is still what you want "

The offer in question was to give oneself completely to the other, to be a slave and, if necessary, master, to explore every aspect of pleasure and sex. Matthew had the option to move his workplace near his home so there would be no problem.

- "Yes, I accept your offer".

I did not have time to finish the sentence that pounced on my lips took me in my arms and carried me to the bedroom. We fucked all morning and breastfed him between breaks. It will be the most beautiful change in my life.

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