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I would like to thank everyone for their support. I was blown away by the rating and viewcount my previous, and first, story received. I put a lot of effort into writing these for you, so if you enjoyed it, please take the time to give a rating, no account needed. If you have feedback or suggestions, I absolutely welcome comments! Enjoy reading.
It had been two days since my little stepsister Lisa and I shared a passionate exchange, fueled by a year worth of teasing. I couldn’t get her naked image out of my mind, nor could I forget how her young pussy tasted. I longed for more, desperate to be released by her soft lips once again. However, in the back of my mind, I knew what we were doing was wrong and I wondered how Lisa felt about it. Did she regret getting carried away? Or was she also thinking about me, about how I tasted?

The morning after our first sexual encounter, Lisa went to visit her friend Hailey, who lived in the next town over. She stayed the night, hence we hadn’t talked very much apart from a goodbye when she left. Trying not to alert any of our family members, she tried to act normal. I could tell she didn’t know how to behave around me though. She seemed afraid to look me in the eye, but had a shy smile on her face anyways.

It was starting to get dark when she returned, going straight to the bathroom for a shower. I was hanging out in the living room with my brother and stepbrother, playing games on my phone. Our parents announced they were going to sleep, right as my stepsister entered the living room. She was wearing a colorful sundress, one she only wore at home since it became slightly too small. Her hips stood out, as did her breasts. The all-round skimpy dress did little to conceal her cleavage or long, smooth legs. She spotted me checking her out and returned a sly smile. No one would notice anything strange about it, but I knew it was more than a friendly greeting. As I gazed into her eyes, my brother suggested we watch a movie on the now available TV.

Over the years, we had established fixed spots on the couch for everyone to sit at, habits are a powerful thing. I was very glad this meant I could always sit next to Lisa, who was positioned at the edge of couch. We browsed for a suitable movie, eventually settling on a typical horror. I suggested we dim the light to heighten the effect and all agreed. As I stood up to flip the switch, Lisa asked to bring her a blanket. I guess she underestimated the power of the AC-unit, which was blasting cold air onto her bare legs.

I sat down and draped the soft fabric of the blanket over her, covering my left side in the process. During the first part, I was actually watching the movie very carefully. My focus was broken, however, when I felt a soft touch on my left arm. I had it laid down next to me on the couch, covered by the blanked under which Lisa sat too. After that initial touch, there was a pause, as if she was awaiting my reaction. Not wanting to raise any alarms, I continued watching, but pretended to shift around to get a little closer to my stepsister.

A second touch soon followed, when Lisa caressed my forearm lightly. She played around and eventually arrived at my hand, which interlocked with hers. We squeezed and felt each other's hand for a while, with the blanket keeping us hidden from the sight of ours brother. Since she clearly wasn’t looking for me to touch just her arm, I decided to take it a step further. I released my grip of her hand and slowly moved mine over towards her. My fingers made contact with the soft flesh of her upper leg. I traced the curvature until my hand laid completely on her and my fingertips reached the inside of her thigh.

I slowly caressed her while everyone was watching the movie. It could have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I felt a warmth coming from between her legs as I moved my hand higher and higher. My presumption turned out to be correct, which I noticed when my fingers finally touched the damp fabric of her panties. I traced up along her slit, eventually rubbing over her little bump. The sudden touch of her sensitive knob, albeit with a thin barrier in between, made her gasp for air. Three heads turned to see what was going on. Our brothers’ looks were more curious, while I had a condemning look on my face.

“I thought I saw the monster”, she explained.

The attention shifted back to the television screen, where the movie crossed the halfway mark. During the next thirty minutes, I occasionally rubbed her pussy through her panties, but I mostly kept still so Lisa could keep quiet. Nearing the end of the film though, loud, suspenseful music was almost constantly playing. With more background noise, I dared to take things a little further. I slipped my hand under the waistband of her panties, trailing between her inner and outer pussy lips with my index and middle finger. Lisa’s breath quickened, but I hoped they would think it’s because of the horror playing.

I love being a tease, so I pushed my middle finger into her little wet hole, but only up to the first knuckle. Once I penetrated her slightly, I stopped moving and focused on the movie. Frustrated, Lisa gently tilted her hips, trying to get me deeper inside. When her plan failed, she tried pushing on my hand through the blanket, but to no avail. I knew exactly what she wanted, namely my fingers plunging deep inside her wanting pussy, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her. I wiggled my finger a little after the second failed attempt, trying to make her crazy.

When the movie ended, I subtly moved my hand out of her underwear and from under the blanket. My fingertip glistered from her juices. With our brothers occupied by their phones, I was able to lick the grool off my finger without anyone, except Lisa, noticing. I could see the desire in her eyes and tried to think of a plan for tonight. My thought process was interrupted by my mother coming down for a glass of water. She told us all to go to sleep and watched as we entered our separate rooms. I went to bed disappointed and with blue balls, thinking about how tight Lisa felt around my finger.

I had difficulty falling asleep that night. I wished I could be alone with my stepsister again, but with everyone home for summer holiday, that could take a while. I laid in my bed in the dark room, trying to shift my attention to another subject. As I was drifting asleep, the sound of my doorknob twisting suddenly caught my attention. I opened one eye and saw a feminine silhouette appear from behind the slowly opening door. The figure cautiously stepped inside and closed the door just as quietly as it was opened.

“Hey”, a familiar voice whispered.

“Hi”, I answered softly

“Can I come in?”

“You already have, but yes, you can stay”.

Lisa walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. I could see her outline in the dim moonlight that was able to pass through the curtains. My heart was racing. What was she doing here? Did she regret what we did and come to talk about it? I saw her rub her arms, crossing them over her loose shirt. She was probably cold due to the frigid air coming in through the open window.

“You should get under the blanket before you get a cold”, I said while lifting it up for her.

She crawled over and laid down on her side, facing towards me. Heat radiated from her body as I moved my arm under her head, pushing on her back to move her closer. Her face nuzzled into my neck and she draped one leg over mine, the same position we had been in last time. I noticed her breast pressing through her shirt onto my side and she mustn't have been wearing pants, since I could feel the bare flesh of her thighs touch me. Her hand was caressing my chest slowly.

“Sooo, what brings you here?”, I asked slightly nervous.

“I need you to do to me what you did last time”, she said.

“What do you mean?”

I knew damn well, but I wanted to hear it from her.

“You know what I’m talking about. I’ve been trying all evening but I can’t get it to feel the same. I need to cum again.”

I turned my head towards her and pressed my lips against hers. Our mouths opened and our tongues met again, dancing around each other. As we were passionately making out, I lifted my body up and over hers. I was now on top, between her eagerly opened legs. My arousal from earlier returned, heighten by the current situation. My throbbing erection was uncomfortably contained by my tight shorts, so I moved one hand between us and slid my underwear down to my knees. Continuing to make out, I ground my hard dick against her covered pussy.

After a while, Lisa broke the kiss. She grabbed my head and pulled my ear towards her mouth. “Lick me”, she whispered, before pushing me down. I obliged and disappeared under the blanket. Not wasting any time, I pulled her panties down her smooth legs until her bottom was completely nude. I licked up across her inner thigh, eventually arriving at her crotch. I hovered for a while, before planting a soft kiss on her mound, my tongue pushing between her folds. She let out a little moan and pushed back against my mouth, making my tongue penetrate her deeper.

I started licking along her slit, collecting her wetness in my mouth. She tasted as good as I remembered from two days ago. I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue, flicking rapidly over her clit. I alternated with soft kisses around her hot mound, occasionally sucking her sensitive knob into my mouth. At first, Lisa was moaning softly, accompanied by quick breaths. As my stimulation continued, she got louder, making me fear we could get discovered. I knew she was close to orgasm, but recalling how loud she was last time, decided I had to silence her. I took my mouth off her and moved to her side.

“Do.. Don’t stop, I’m close”, she protested, trying to press me down.


I moved next to her, sliding my left arm under her head again. I pressed my left hand over her mouth and moved my right one across her little V-line. I slid two fingers across her slit, making them wet and slick. Using her own lubrication, I started rubbing circles around her clit. She moaned into my hand, buckling against me. I moved my fingers down, putting the tips at her soft entrance. I wiggled them inside and felt the hotness of her ribbed walls.

I started pushing my fingers into her, pressing on her clit with the palm of my hand. Her outcries became more frequent and louder, but were luckily silenced by my tight grip. She took ahold of my hard dick, making me gasp too. Lisa tried to jerk me off, but soon got distracted by her nearing orgasm. Squirming under me, she moved with the rhythm of my fingers. It wasn’t long before she exploded, screaming into my hand.

As she calmed down, I released my grip and turned her onto her side. She was breathing heavily while I spooned her soft body, which was still recovering from the orgasm. My erect dick nestled between her asscheeks and I couldn't stop myself from grinding lightly. I moved one arm over her and under her shirt. My hand found her soft breasts and took ahold of one. I was waiting for my turn to receive a sweet release, but before I knew it, Lisa was vast asleep. I played with her nipple and continued thrusting against her softly while I, too, fell asleep.

I woke up in the dark room with Lisa's fingers wrapped around my growing shaft, still in a spooning position. My hand had stayed in her shirt and was slightly brushing her boob. Curious to see what she would do, I pretended to still be asleep. She was also laying on her side, with her back pressed against my chest, but she had moved upwards a little. With one leg lifted up, she was able to stroke my dick with her arm between her legs. When I was fully erect, which didn't take long, she pushed her ass back and closed her legs again.

My dick now rested in her thigh gap and my full length was pressed against her slit. Even though we had been naked around each other before, this was the first time my cock touched her pussy. She started grinding up and down, her wet lips slightly grabbing me as she slid along. At first, her movements were tiny, making my tip caress her clit. I almost came right then, but forced myself to hold on for a little longer.

She moved her hand down and pressed my dick harder against her mound. The increased pressure made her go from panting to softly moaning. As her speed increased, so did the distance she moved along. Soon, the tip of my dick started sliding between her folds, making me feel even more of the warmth and wetness. It was hard for me to stay quiet, and I’m not sure if she knew I was awake.

It wasn’t long before she went too far up and my dick sprung into her little hole when she moved back. Surprised by what happened, she froze like a deer in headlights. My tip was pressing ever so slightly into her and I could feel the tight walls of her virgin pussy wrap around it. I had to fight the urge to thrust deep into her and decide to abandon my sleepy façade. My hand moved over her soft breast while I kissed her neck. The shock made her jump, moving me a little deeper into her.

“I.. I didn't mean to”, she stammered, still not daring to move.

“It’s ok, I want you so bad right now”, I whispered, “But we need a condom”.

“I’m on birth control”, she panted.

The thought of fucking my stepsister raw nearly made me cum into her entrance. I moved my hand over to her hip to steady her. My other arm was still under her, and I reached to hold her quivering hands. She was breathing heavily and her body was trembling in anticipation and fear.

“Are you sure you’re ready?”, I asked, shaking just as much.

“Yes”, she whispered.

I moved my hips forward, pressing harder into her virgin pussy. My tip was now fully inside my stepsister's tight hole. When I tried to go deeper, I felt the resistance of her virginity push back.

“This could hurt”, I said.

She nodded in response, clenching my hand with hers. I grabbed ahold of her hip and pushed into her. A warmth engulfed my dick as I slid deeper into my young stepsister’s virgin pussy. Lisa cried out in pain, making me fear somebody would wake up, but I couldn't stop. With her hymen penetrated, I was able to slide my full length into her. It was incredible how tight and warm she felt around me while I held still for a moment. I hugged her tightly and started kissing from her neck to her ear.

“Are you ok?”, I whispered.

“Mmhmm, it hurt a lot but it's getting better”. Her breath was calming down.

“Do you want to go on top to set the pace?”

“Maybe”, she replied.

She seemed to think for a while, but eventually moved away from me slowly. I felt her slick walls move against my dick as she slid off me. When I was still barely in, she paused, then moved back quickly. Her motion impaled herself onto me once again and I moaned at the unexpected thrust. I started fucking her slowly, being careful not to hurt her too much. Laying there against each other while our bodies were joined was one of the best feelings I'd had in my short life.

Lisa eventually started moving her hips at the same rhythm, pushing back against my thrusts. I was now sliding out halfway each time and picking up the pace. Her pussy felt so tight around me, and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I desperately wanted to fill her up, but wasn't sure if she would be ok with that.

“I’m almost going to cum”, I warned.

She replied by speeding up her pace, which I took as a “go ahead”. Each thrust my dick now almost fully exited her little hole before forcing it's way back in. Our moans got louder and we could have easily been busted, but I wasn’t thinking with my brain anymore. It didn’t take long for me to tense up and thrust in her one last time. My dick twitching as it filled my stepsister with my load.

We laid still for what felt like ages while I recovered from my orgasm. When I started pulling out, Lisa grabbed my hip and stopped me.

“Please stay in me, it feels nice”, she begged.

I liked the idea of hugging her so intimately so I obliged, pushing back into her. I nuzzled my face into the back of her neck to give little kisses and wrapped my arm around her so I could press her against me. Our feet rubbed together and I slowly caressed her body all over.

Eventually, my erection faded and my dick was pushed out by her tight pussy. Lisa turned around to face me and draped one leg over me, so half her body was on top of mine. I felt cum ooze out of her onto my thigh as she grabbed my head and turned it towards her for a kiss. I opened my mouth and invited her tongue inside. The inexperience I noticed during our first make out sessions was starting to vanish, but her passion certainly wasn’t.

I pulled Lisa on top of me so I could fondle her breasts while we tongued. This position placed her slit back onto my dick, which was slowly getting hard again. She must have noticed, because she started sliding along my length. I'm not sure if it was due to the grinding or because I was twisting and pinching her nipples, but Lisa started to moan into my mouth.

We continued for a while, during which my member was getting coated with a mix of cum and grool. Eventually, Lisa lifted her hips up and reached between our bodies to grab ahold of my dick. She stroked a few times before pointing it up, positioning the tip at her entrance. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto me. In the dim light of the moon I could see her silhouette moving down until I was fully inside her again.

She kissed me on the lips and started moving up and down. We moaned as I caressed all over her body, tracing from her hips, along her sides and arriving at her perky mounds. I squeezed her ass and grabbed it, guiding her movements, but she had trouble finding a rhythm. A little while later she moved too enthusiastically and I slid out of her.

I grabbed my dick and pointed it back up. This time she leaned backwards as my cock entered her, supporting herself by resting her hands on my legs. Instead of going up and down, she was now rotating her hips, grinding her clit on my pubic bone. Her moans grew stronger and I wanted her to orgasm while riding me.

I placed my hand flat above her pussy and rested my thumb on her clit. Following her pace, I traced small circles around her sensitive knob, making her moan faster. She grabbed my wrist to make sure my hand couldn’t move away. I knew she was getting close by the sounds she was making and sped up. She soon followed the increase in speed and was now buckling wildly on top of me.

I gave her a smack on her ass, which sent her over the edge. She let out a long groan and scratched my chest as she started to orgasm. I felt her tight pussy contract and grab my dick as the waves of pleasure hit her. Combined with her wild movements this made me cum too. I grabbed her hips and pushed deep into her as I filled her up for the second time. Lisa collapsed and fell onto me. We laid still for a while, panting and trying to catch our breath.

A few minutes later she gave me a quick kiss and moved off me. Cum dripped out onto my leg and sheets as she climbed out of bed.

“Where are you going?”, I protested.

“I can’t stay here, what if someone enters in the morning”, she said.

“You’re right”, I said, “I love you Lisa”.

“I love you too”, she replied, as she pulled her panties up.

She opened the door just as quietly as she did the first time and soon disappeared into the dark hallway.


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