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I didn’t get a good look being she was kind of in the middle of the group but when she happened to stand up she was wearing a hot pink bikini. She looked to be very young and vey attractive too, and as she stood there briefly, I tried to check her out but still wasn’t able to get a good look.
It was the beginning of summer and I had decided to make a trip down to spend a week at my beach house. I just wanted to get away for a few days and just hang out on the beach for a little bit. On one of the days when I ventured over to sat at the beach, I took my yellow lab along. She’s a good dog, but I pretty much have to take her because she really can’t be trusted at the house. Any way, as I walked through the dune access, there happened to a family set up just off the beach entrance. As I walked past the family, I did, an older lady. She had stepped out of the easy up sun shade and as she got closer she remarked, “She looks like a good dog.” I simply acknowledged her and moved down past where they were to set up.

After I got my umbrella set up and a beach chair, I laid out a towel for my dog.

As I sat there, it was hard to not look over at the family, because they were very active. Later that morning, it was getting hot, but as I continued to watch this family, it seemed to be extended family, with lots kids, and adults of various ages. As I watched, I figured out they had rented the house that was right by the beach entrance, because every now and then someone either went up the house or came down from this house.

The house they rented is huge, a mansion, and it’s pretty much rented all summer. The boys in this group were very active, playing beach games and going swimming but suddenly as I was looking over, I caught a glimpse of an attractive young girl that had been hide as she lounged in the sun, and as she sat up, I tried desperately to get a good look. However, she was in the middle of the group, making it tough to get a good look, but when she happened to stand up, I could see she was tan, had dark hair, was wearing a hot pink bikini, looked to be very young and very attractive too. As she stood there briefly, I tried to check her out, but still wasn’t able to get a good look.

As I continued to gawk, she threw on a shirt and then headed back to the house they were renting. I continued to straining to look at her, and as she walked away, she looked to have a petite frame, a very cute figure, and I thought, “Why hadn’t I seen her earlier,” but she was gone now. I shrugged it off, wishing I had gotten a better look and with her gone, I became disappointed in a way.

Since it was getting hot and she was gone, I decided to pack up, but as I headed back to my house, I hoped I would see her as I went past the house they were renting, but she gone.

The next day when I went back to hang out at the beach, I of course brought my dog again and the family was there again too, and by god, the young girl was there too. I actually wasn’t even thinking that I would see her again, but just as I got set up she seemed to almost on cue stand up, and show off her body. This time, she was wearing a bikini the had a black top and red bottoms, and as I sat there looking that way, she stepped out from the crowd.

As she stepped out, I couldn’t get enough, continually trying to get a better look, then all of a sudden, as she stood there, her mom and maybe her aunt, moved to start walking down the beach, and they were going to go right past me. I tried to quickly adjust myself to get a better look as they past by, and at the same time I tried to be inconspicuous, not wanting to get caught staring at the young girl. As they approached where I was sitting the mother, very attractive in her own right, stopped to make ideal chit chat with me about my dog, telling me about how she used to have a golden retriever, and how good he was, blah, blah, blah. I really didn’t care what she was talking to me about and maybe in a way she was trying to flirt with me, but as she talked to me, it gave me time to check out her daughter.

The young girl was wearing these pink mirrored aviator, and now that she was closer, she really was pretty. She had dark shoulder length hair, a nice shape, and nice little firm boobs that were held in place by the skimpy black bikini top she was wearing. As her mom and aunt continued to talk to me, the young girl adjusted her top, which got my attention. She must have noticing me looking at her, because when our eyes met, she smiled. I had to be careful as her mom continued to talk to me, as I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as I checked out her daughter.

Eventually, they backed away and as they continued on their way down the beach, I continued to look at the young girl. She had a firm looking body, great thighs, and as I continued to watch her, it was hard to not look at her plump little ass as it hung out of her red bikini bottoms, because she let them ride up her ass, showing off her ass cheeks.

Th young girl must have felt me staring, because she looked back at me briefly, obviously wanting to see if I was still checking her out, and when I looked up at her, she was smiling. Shyly, she turned and then hurried to catch up with her mom and aunt. I couldn’t leave now, I had to wait for her to come back by, I wanted to see her again and fantasied about her as I sat there.

As I sat there, I continued to watch for them and eventually I could see they were coming back up the beach. I adjusted my chair in preparation, wanting to get a good look, and as they got closer, the mom smiled and again said, “What a good dog,” as they past. The mom was very attractive and as I smiled at her I thought, “My god she’s really attractive too,” no wonder the daughter was so good looking.

I continued to look at the young girl’s ass as they moved toward where they were set up, wanting more but knowing she was way to young to pursue. As I continued to try to check out the young girl, I could see the mother was looking my way too, but I wanted to see if the daughter might be looking my way as I continued to look there way.

Again, it was starting to get hot and I could see my dog was hot too, and so after a little while, I decided I should probably head back to my house. I felt I had to let the thought of pursuing the young girl go, but as I started to walk past the family, the mother approached me again, and introduced herself. As we shook hands she said, “My name is Kathy.” She was pretty and as I glanced at her, she was self-conscious about herself, wrapped up in a light throw to cover her body. She patted my dog on the head, and again remarked, “What a good dog.”

I told her my name and after a few pleasantries, she asked me if I wanted to come over to their beach house later for drinks. I hesitated but as I looked at the group and saw the daughter waiting impatiently, the mother asked me if I wanted to maybe come over for dinner too.

Again, I hesitated, but as I looked at the group, I quickly said, “Yea okay, that sounds good.” She smiled, patted my dog on the head again and suggested, “Why don’t you come by around 4.”

Looking over at the family under their easy up shade, I could seeing the young girl smiling, seemingly straining to hear. I agreed that I’d come over, and politely asked if I should bring anything.

“No, just come on over,” she said, “ and if you want to bring your dog, go ahead.”

I nodded and just as I headed down the beach access, I looked back to see the young girl beaming, and as she casually waved, I acknowledged her with a head bob as I turned to continue on my way home.

As the time approached to head over, I was nervous about to expect, but wanted to see the young girl and hoped to get to know her too. The door was open just a little and as I approached the door to knock, one of the boys stepped out. He said, “Go on in, they’re all around back”

Pausing for a second, I headed into the house and toward the back deck. The house was beautiful, very spacious, and as I opened the sliding glass door and stepped out on the back deck, the mother came up to me, took my hand and led me toward where the adults were standing around talking. The mother then asked if I wanted anything to drinking and seeing they were drinking Heineken, that’s what I asked for.

As we stood there talking, the young girl came up to the group. I figured it was a way to get my attention and as she asked her mom if she could have beer. As she turned to face me, her mom immediately introduced me to her daughter saying, “This is my daughter, Hannah.”

Hannah smiled at me and said, “It’s nice to meet you,” and after we shook hands, her mom handed her a beer. She was still wearing the black and red bikini from earlier, but she had a multi-colored wrap around her waist, not letting me see that ass of hers.

Hannah continued to smile, and as she moved away, I briefly watched her walk, eventually sitting on a deck chair a little ways away. We continued to make eye contact from across the back porch and it seemed to be she was trying to flirt with me, as I spoke to the adults.

Eventually, I moved over to where Hannah was sitting and as we started to talk, I deliberately blurted out, “You look really good in that swimsuit.” She seemed a little embarrassed at first but at the same time flattered, and after a second or two she smiled and said, “Thanks,” as she shifted in her seat to show off her legs.

We weren’t alone on the back porch but as we continued to talk, Hannah spread her legs a little, deliberately let her throw lay open, allowing me to see her red bikini bottoms.

I couldn’t help but stare and as I looked back up at her face she was smiling and quietly said, “What are you doing?”

I smiled at her embarrassed, but she then asked, “Now where were your eyes?”

She slyly cocked her head, and as I quickly looked around to see if anyone watching, I looked back at Hannah. She paused and then stood up saying, “I’ll be right back.”

I too stood up and as she went inside, I moved back over to where the adults where. Eventually, Hannah came back. She had changed into a white tube top and a tight white little skirt. As she sat back down in the chair where she was before, I moved back over to talk to her again. As I sat down, Hannah casually brought her feet up on the chair, which hiked up her skirt up just enough to where I could see her panties. I couldn’t stop staring at her pussy as it seemed to push out slightly. Catching myself, I returned my gaze to her face. Again, she was smiling and slyly asked, “What are you looking at,” as she too glanced down, pulling her skirt up slightly.

I was mesmerized until Hannah saw that her mom was coming over, which cause Hannah to drop her legs. As Hannah adjusted her skirt, her mom put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Dinner’s ready.”

Kathy took my hand, and I stood up, I could see Hannah smiling as her mom led me into the house, and into the dining area. Hannah’s mom had me sit by her and as I watched to see where Hannah was going to sit, I wanted to be able to see her. Hannah sat on the same side of table, just a few people away, which made it difficult to make eye contact with her, but as I leaned forward, I made sure she knew I was still interested by smiling at her.

At dinner, one of the relatives asked where my house was as as I explained where it was, Hannah seemed intrigued, wanting to know where it was, and as I continued to explain where my house was, the mom put her hand on my thigh and said, “You’re lucky to have a place down here.”

We soon finished dinner, and as we headed back out to the deck, I asked to use the bathroom. As I turned on the light and went in the bathroom, “Oh my god,” I thought, “the bathroom was awesome too.”

I couldn’t believe how nice this house was and as I left the bathroom, I wasn’t expecting anything. However, as I headed back out to the deck, Hannah was there waiting in the hallway. She kind of blocking me and as I simply said, “Hey,” and tried to get past her, she briefly looked me up and down, and as our eyes met, she smiled and eventually moved to let me pass.

I was enjoying myself being able to socialize with this family, especially fantasizing about Hannah. But, it got late, and I decided it was probably time to go. The mother made idle chit chat with me as I headed out, seemingly trying to get me to stay, and being a little drunk, I seriously thought about it. Kathy was very attractive in her own right, and I think she was wanting me to stay, hoping to get me alone, however it was her daughter I was wanting to be with.

Eventually, Kathy gave me a kiss on the cheek as I left, and after Hannah and looked at each other one last time, I gave her a simple nod as I headed toward the front door to leave. As I walked home, all I thought about Kathy and briefly considered going after her, but then my thoughts quickly shifted to Hannah, remember her as she sat on the deck, provocative getting my attention.

As I approached my house, suddenly someone came up from behind, just as I started up the driveway. It was Hannah; I couldn’t believe it, but out of breath she said, “Hi!”

She was still wearing the white tube top and short skirt from earlier up at her house, and as I asked, “What are you doing here?”

Hannah paused, seemingly searching for the right words, and then said, “I wanted to see your house.”

Smiling I hesitated but then said, “Okay, come on,” as I headed up the driveway.

As we reached the stairs, we paused and before heading up to the front door I asked, “Does your mom know where you are?”

Looking at me, she didn’t know what to say, but seemed to blow it off as she quickly remarked, “This is a nice house,” trying to change the subject.

Hannah moved to the steps now, partially blocking me. As she sat on one of the steps, I looked at her, and she was smiling. Hannah again deliberately let her skirt hiked up as she brought one of her legs up a step.

She was so sexy and as I tried to work my way past her, Hannah stood up and as she leaned forward, she almost seemed to offer me to look at her boobs. She had an inviting yet sneaky smile, which had me reach out wanting to feel her tits, but instead I simply took her hand and as I turned her,I led her up the stairs.

As we went through the front door and moved into the living room area, I asked if she wanted me to show her around the house. From the back porch she could see the house they were renting, but as we went back inside, I continued to show her around. We eventually went into the master bedroom, which was just off the living room, and as we went in and moved around, Hannah immediately jumped up on the bed. I smiled at her and as she laid back she said, “This is really nice.”

I gradually moved over until I was in between her legs slightly. This made her raise up on her elbows and as she looked at me nervously, she smiled. I was so excited she was there, I had wanted to be alone with her, but now I was curious why she was actually here. I was interested in her and as we looked at each other, I got the feeling she was interested in me too.

As I put my hand on her leg, Hannah looked down at my hand on her legs. As she looked back up at me there was a pause as we looked t each other, but then I told her, “Come on,” as I patted her thigh, and turned to head out on the bedroom.

She seemed a little confused, thinking I was going to take advantage of her right then, and yes, I thought about it, but I didn’t want it to be to obvious just how badly I wanted to be with her, and I really didn’t know her intentions. As we eventually left the bedroom, Hannah asked, “Where are we going?”

I wanted to make sure I show her the view from upstairs, and as I led us up there, she followed. As we reached the top of the stairs and she saw the view she remarked, “WOW!”

The view from the upstairs sitting room was amazing, and seeing her reaction I know she was in awe. As I continued to show her the bedrooms up there, I explained, “ This is mainly where I sleep,” as I went into the one bedroom.

She again jumped up on the bed and as she sat there, we smiled at each other and as I again moved between her legs, she quickly put her arms around my neck and said, “This is amazing,” and as I nodded my head, we looked at each other. There was an awkward pause, but as I put my hands on her thighs again, I leaned into her slightly, which made her lean up too and as she kiss me on the cheek. We smiled and as we looked at each other, I eventually kissed her on the lips.

It was nice to kiss her, and it left nothing to wonder as to why she was there. As I laid her back on the bed, I inched her up further and casually climbed on top of her, as we continued to kiss. Our tongues now explored each other’s mouths as we kissed, but all I could think about was that she was way too young, but still I wanted to be with her.

As I slowly moved my hand up to feel on her boobs, she gasped and moved her hand on top of mine. Hannah obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and I could tell her boobs were small and as I gradually tried to pull her top down, wanting to see her tits, she stopped me. Looking at each other, I slowly slid off the bed and as I stood there, Hannah rolled to her side, letting her skirt inch up.

Hannah rolled toward me more, showing off the ass a little, I asked, “How old are you?”

As she looked up at me for reassurance, she asked, “How old do you think I am?”

I looked at her curiously, not knowing what to say, but when I suggested, “Are you eighteen?”

Hannah sheepishly smiled and after a short pause she smiled and said, “Yea, I’m eighteen,” as she continued to smile.

I felt she had to be younger but as she looked down at my crotch, I stepped toward her. Hannah instinctively reached out and put her hand on my crotch. As she looked up at me again, I immediately started to unbuttoned them. I wanted to see her reaction and as Hannah now groped, feeling for my as my pants fell to the floor, I stepped against the bed. She continued to feel on my cock through my boxers and as Hannah leaned over more, she looked up at me, as she tried to pull them down. As I casually reached down, I tried to position my cock until it was peeking out the flap. As the head peered out, she looked up at me for reassurance, seemingly apprehensive.

I took a chance and as I again tried to take her top down, Hannah sat up and seductively rolled it down, showing me her boobs. As we looked at each other, I put my hands on them and as I gently squeezed them, I knew she had to be much younger than eighteen, but I decided to help her take her top off, and as she lifted her arm up, I pulled it over her head. Hannah put her arms against her sides in an attempt to make her boobs look bigger but I could see they were definitely underdeveloped. As we looked at each other, I again put my hands on them, and I leaning into her, we kissed.

As I leaned down to kiss her, she again reached out, taking hold of my cock as it peeked out the flap, and as I casually reached out my hand, I put it on her crotch. Hannah pull away slightly and as she looked up at me, she seemed nervous.

I tried to unzip her skirt and when I started to pull it down, she stopped me. I needed to get it down and as she let go, she rolled to her back as I gradually pulled her skirt down. Hannah was wearing lacy little panties and as she helped pull her skirt down, she cast her it off the bed.

I slowly climbed on the bed, and positioning myself between her legs, we kissed again. I wanted this and it didn’t seem she was going to stop me and so I lifted off her slightly, and started to pull my boxers down. Hannah watched intently, and when my cock flop, she immediately tried to reach for it as I worked my boxers the rest of the way down. Kicking them off, I laid on top of her again, making sure she could feel my cook pressing against her, and as we kissed, she awkwardly reached down trying to feel for my cock.

I wanted her to feel it, I wanted to fuck her, and as I moved to lay on my side next to her, it gave her a chance to reach for my cock more easily. It felt good as she stroked it but she seemed unsure of what to do. I wanted more, and as I reached down, I helped her and she seemed to understand. I rolled us over so she was on top of me now, which made her giggle as she straddled me. Hannah now sat up and as I felt on her boobs, we looked at her. Hannah leaned forward so we could kiss, and as she did, I reached behind her, grabbing her ass. Smiling as we kissed I said, “You’ve got a great butt?”

Hannah continued to smile as we kissed, but when I lifted her up slightly and had here roll of me, she seemed confused. I quickly had her turn to face away from me, and as I positioned myself right behind her, I kissed her neck and pressed my cock against her ass. Hannah immediately reached behind her, taking hold of my cock, and as she turned her head, we kissed.

I wanted to be in her but I still needed to get her panties off, and as I started to tug at then, trying tip get them down, she helped. I wanted to see it, but right now was not the time. Instead, I pulled her back toward me and as I sucked in her neck, I reached over her and put my hand in her pussy.

She didn’t have a lot of hair and as I dipped my finger in her slit, she looked back at me apprehensively, eventually putting her hand on mine. She was wet and as I pushed her on her stomach and sat up, I massaged her ass. Hannah giggled and asked, “What are you doing?”

I wanted to see her ass and I wanted to see her pussy too, and as I rubbed her ass cheek, I got a glimpse of her tight little hole and her pussy. I tried to finger her this way but it was awkward and so I lifted her up a little onto her knees, which gave me better access.

Hannah again nervously asked, “What are you doing.”

I kissed her ass and as I dipped my finger in her slit again, Hannah reached down stopping me. I didn’t want her to stop me and being she was in a vulnerable position with her ass up, I immediately moved behind her and spreading her ass, I put my face in her crack. As I pushed my tongue in her hole, Hannah tried to roll to her side. She eventually rolled all the way over onto her back and tried to cover your pussy with her hands.

I told her, “It’s okay,” as I moved her hands.

She seemed embarrassed and as I looked at her pussy,I spread her legs a little. She looked so tight and as I looked up at her eyes, I decided to lay next to her. As I kissed her, I told her not to worry. Hannah nodded and as she put her legs back together, I rolled her so she was facing away from me again. Kissing her on the neck again, I pressed my cock against her ass, she again reached back, taking hold of my cock.

It felt good and as I reached around to finger her pussy, she didn’t stop me. She was wet and felt so tight and as she turned to kiss me, I quit fingering her and as I took a hold of my cock, Hannah moved her hand away. I moved my cock in between her legs as we continued to kiss and when my cock pressed against her butt hole, Hannah quickly reached back stopping me. I moved my cock away from her ass and as I put my hands on her tits, I sucked her neck again and told her not to worry.

Hannah was smiling, but I wanted her to feel my cock pushing against her, I wanted to fuck her, and as I again tried to guide my cock in her pussy. As I took hold of my cock again, I bent her forward, and tried to push my cock against her slit. I could sense Hannah’s eyes getting big and as she nervously looked back at me, I kissed her and said, “Don’t worry.”

She nodded her head and as I gently pushed into her, trying to work my cock into her tight little pussy, but Hannah was so tight, I struggled. Hannah didn’t want to disappoint me and when she realized I was becoming frustrated, she lifted her leg trying to help me as I guided my cock into her pussy.

“Oh yea,” I thought, as my cock pressed into her and as I told her to relax, Hannah seemed to push back into me, letting my cock press into her.

It was so tight, and as my cock went in her a little, I reached up to hold her boobs. It felt so good to be in her, and when I accidentally pushed into her to hard, she pulled away. As my cock slipped out, she turned her head and said, “Sorry.”

I didn’t want it to hurt, I didn’t want her to stop me, and as I turned her head slightly, I kissed her and told her, “It’s okay.”

Kissing her again, eventually moving to suck her neck, I moved my hand down to feel on her ass again, and as I continued to feel on her ass cheeks, I pushed her to her stomach again, wanting to touch her tight little hole. As I did, she asked, “What are you doing,” but as I pressed my finger into her ass a little, she winched, but didn’t stop me. Taking my finger out of her ass she said, “Mmmmm, yea.”

It was obvious she liked me touching her butthole and it was turning me on too. As I massaged her ass cheeks, I wanted to try to fuck her ass, but how could I persuade her to let me try?

I knew she liked me fingering her ass and it was turning me on so much, and so I pressed my finger in her tight little hole again. She immediately tighten up, but then as she pushed back, letting me to finger her, I wanted to see if she’d let me fuck her ass. As I stopped fingering her ass, Hannah looked back at me as she felt me spreading her ass, and when she again asked, “What are you doing?”

Gently rubbing her back and her ass, I quickly said, “I want to try something.”

Hannah smiled, but as I blindly tried to push my cock against her tight little hole, she quickly reached back behind her and said, “No, don’t!”

I immediately stopped and as she tried to move away, I hugged her, trying to reassure her that it would be okay, but she was upset.

I wanted her to let me try and I think in a way she wanted to let me try, but she was scared. As I held her and tried to reassure her, I kissed her and said, “I want to try to put it in you this way.”

She was still hesitant, but as I dropped one hand and bent her forward, I again tried to hastily press the head of my cock against her hole. It was immediately obvious that it was hurting, but she didn’t stop me right way, but when I actually pushed into her ass, she suddenly pulled away. Hannah now reached back putting her hand in her crack and as she looked back at me she said, “I’ve never done this before.”

I knew she hadn’t and as I told her to relax, she nodded her head. I think Hannah want to try it, because as I again tried to push my cock in her, she reached around taking hold of my cock, and tried to help guide it in her ass. She was way to tight, but as she pushed back, trying to get my cock in her, I impatiently pushed into her, which caused her to again pull away saying, “It hurts.”

I quickly gave up the idea of trying to get my cock in her ass and as I pulled her toward me, hugging her again I said, “It’s okay.”

Hannah held my hands against her as I hugged her and smiling she looked back and said, “I’m sorry.”

I didn’t want her feel bad, I was the one that should have felt bad, and I did want to lose the opportunity to fuck her. Smiling, I acknowledged her by leaning into her and kissing her cheek. I wanted to be in her and after a quick kiss, I turned her to lay on her back. As I moved to be on top of her, I instead knelt in front of her. Hannah’s legs were spread slightly and as I looked at her smiling, all I could think was that she was so pretty. I wanted to fuck her, and as I put my hands on her thighs massaging them, I leaned forward. As I put my weight on her, we kissed. She was so pretty, and as I reached down, I immediately tried to push my cock in her. She was wet and as I leaned into trying to push my cock in, she seemed to become excited.

Taking a deep breath, I could see Hannah trying to relax as she closed her eyes. She did squirm a little as I pushed into her, and at one point, Hannah did look at me as she pushed on me she asked me to stop. As I pulled back a little, she again closed her eyes and moved her hands placing them on my side. Kissing her, I tried to push into her again. It felt so good as I got further into her and as she looked at me, she smiled as I gradually started moving my cock in and out of her. Hannah shifted a little and seeing her smile, leaning forward kissing her.

I deliberately started bucking my hips into her, wanting to cum and as we were soon both breathing hard she grabbed dug her fingers into my waist. Not wanting her to stop me, not now, I kissed her, which made her smile and as I said, “I’m going to cum,” she squirmed a little again and then asked me to stop. I tried to ignore her, I didn’t want her to stop me, and as I leaned forward to kiss her, I thrust my hips into her, which must have hurt, because she tried to pul away saying, “Stop!”

As I stopped, I tried to hold her as my cock started to jerk inside her as cum spilled deep in her. I asked her to stop moving and as she did, I could tell Hannah was scared. As I kissed her, I’m sure she could feel cum starting to seeping out as I tried to slowly move my cock in and out of her again.

It felt so good and as my cock went limp, eventually dropped out of her, cum immediately started to drain out, and Hannah could feel it. I was done and as she again pushed me off, I rolled to the side and as I laid next to her, Hannah immediately started fingering her pussy, as she felt cum seeping out.

Seeing she was a worried, I tried to roll toward her to hold her, and as I tried to kiss her, she pushed me away. As we looked at each other, she rolled off the bed, holding her pussy, not wanting cum to run out as she hurried into the bathroom. She was in there for awhile and when she finally came out, she said, “I think I need to get going,” as she grabbed her clothes off the floor.

Naked, I quickly got up and moving over to her and asked, “Are you okay?”

She didn’t say anything but suddenly said, “I’m not on birth control.”

I was shocked and started to worry too, but I continued to try to hold her telling her, “It’ll be okay,” but in all actuality I knew it wasn’t okay.

As she got dressed, I put on my shorts and as walked her out, she still seemed distraught. I asked if she wanted me to drive her home, but she simply shook her head and headed home. The rest of the night, I worried about her getting pregnant, wondering why I hadn’t used a condom, but it was to late for that now.

The next day, I walked over to the beach wanting to see her, hoping to see her, but as I approached the beach access, it appeared they were packing up to leave. I though about going up to the house, but decided it wasn’t appropriate, and as I took my regular morning walk down the beach, I went past the house! looking up at the porch, hoping to see her. Suddenly, there she was, I was surprised to see her and as she waved, I smiled and immediately waved back. It felt good to see her and I felt it was going to be okay. As she leaned over the rail watching me, I knew we would probably never see each other again. However, I felt there was a possibility, because I’m pretty sure that same family has rented that same house before. I’m hoping we’ll run into each other again when I’m down there, but for now I have the memory of the time we spent together.


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