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It had been a crazy week for Stephanie Francine Garrett. Overcommitted as always, she would rise at the crack of dawn to hit the gym and reinforce the muscles in her ripped arms and harden the abs in her perfect tummy. A shower later, she would be her gorgeous self and be heading into the office before 7am to start the international calls. Before she even came up for air, it would be lunchtime and she would have 5 meetings and 100 emails under her belt. Lunch at her desk was the norm followed by more meetings, more calls, class prep for her side-gig as university professor, volunteer activities and more. She could have taken it easy and been a model, body builder, or MMA fighter. Not this goddess…her brain has too much to offer.

With all the usual chaos, Steph did skip one activity this week – piano practice. She worked in quarterly recital intervals – 3 months to learn a piece and be ready to present amongst a small group of her peers. It was an interesting class – designed for the overscheduled, super-skilled and super intense – 3 men and 3 women, all with similar brains, brawn and mindset. She hated showing up to class without being ready. It made her anxious. Few things did. Perhaps it was the utter brilliance of her piano teacher, Marco Pancetti. Marco fit the bill perfectly – Stanford educated, Julliard mastered, handsome, well-groomed, slight accent, and as fit as any of his pupils. 100% intimidating. Marco also had little tolerance for mediocrity. His mentality was simple – reward those who have earned it, discipline those who have not. As Steph drove to practice, her anxiety grew to a level of odd anticipation of the disciplinary action inevitably ahead of her.

The practice room was laid out as it always was. Slick and shiny, the satin ebony 2003 Steinway Model D Concert Grand mesmerized in the center of the room. Nearly nine feet in length and reaching over six feet tall while open, it was a sight to be seen. Seven chairs were laid out in a perfect line for the observing pupils while the other would take his or her turn at the instrument worthy of only the finest players. The additional chairs on each end were for our regular non-playing audience members, Ivory and Onyx. Ivory and Onyx were beautiful, big, fluffy, pompous Persian cats who would stay seated on their respective ends throughout the class. Duet Leather was the bench of choice today where one-by-one, the pupils would take their turns with their respective pieces. Today’s practice sessions were a bit up and down and Marco, in his usual perfectly tailored open collar black suit, had already started the afternoon with a bit of an edge. By the time he got to Steph, his last practitioner of the day, he was a bit irritated. He decided he needed to take training up a notch. He went to a cabinet and retrieved an old case and brought it over. He laid it on top and opened it to retrieve his 1914 London silver mounted and ebonized conductor’s baton. The class had never seen this beauty before. 14.2 inches of history that had instructed masters for over a century. He did not use it – he simply held it. Perhaps confidence. Perhaps a statement. Perhaps…

Steph was about to start when he rested his right hand on top of her hands while they lay perched on the ivory keys. She felt a touch of excitement as a shiver ran down her spine. He calmly asked her to “wait a moment” as he wanted to talk to the class first. He complimented the group on their attention to fingering and for staying on key throughout most of the practice. But then he paced and began to lecture them on the importance of staying on tempo while mastering the keys. “It is critical to be smooth through the piece and mimic the pacing as originally written by the artist. In fact, tempo is often more important than perfection of the notes. It allows the listener to close her eyes and feel the music, to understand what the writer wants her to feel.” He became increasingly agitated as he paced and lectured, waving his baton up and down, visually showing how a smooth tempo should work. “These works often start Larghissimo (less than 24 beats per minute) and will accelerate from there. The heart of the piece will climb to the Allegro (120 beats per minute). When you have mastered the most challenging pieces, the artist may take you into a manic Presto section of 180 beats per minute. You must feel the journey in the piece and not overwhelm your mind with technical details.”

Marco undid the button on his left wrist to expose his Soundbrenner Pulse Vibrating metronome, pressed a few buttons, and then signaled to Steph, “Please”.

Before she started, her mind raced as she played out the next few minutes in her head. She had not practiced sufficiently. Her tempo would be off. Her keying would be sloppy. This would not go well. But she smiled mildly as she seemed to look forward to being reprimanded by such a powerful and brilliant man. He would not go easy on her and would give her the feedback that she deserved. She knew that she would be learning her lesson today and would not disappoint the man again in the future.

Steph had been working on Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier for only a few weeks. She had the notes down but had yet to reach the categories of “smooth” and “feeling the artist’s intent”. Nevertheless, she dove right in thinking to herself to stay Larghissimo. 15 seconds in, she felt Marco’s strong hand hold her hands down once again. “Too fast and bouncing speeds. Relax. Again.” Restarting, Steph was slower and felt rhythmic. Marco allowed 30 seconds but then the frustration became too much. This time, Steph suffered through a mild swat of the baton on her hands. Painful yes but Marco is the boss and she will submit to his demands. He paced quietly in front of the room for a few moments. “Too much thinking and not enough feel. We need to work your other senses. Please remove your shirt.” Steph was startled. “Excuse me?” Marco came in closer and looked deeply into her eyes. He took her hands in his. “Please remove your shirt.” Steph was dumbfounded yet unbelievably aroused. Only now did she notice how wet she had become. “Yes, sir.” She stood and faced her fellow pupils and lifted her shirt up and over her head and handed it to Marco. “Good. Now the bra.” She had anticipated this second request and did not hesitate. She handed the bra to Marco. The room was quiet for about ten seconds as the pupils went from disbelief to aroused staring at the nude upper body of their beautiful classmate. Marco continued, “Now the other ladies in the class.” This move was not anticipated but it seemed that the group of six had already come to grips with the fact that this is Marco’s classroom and he sets the tone. His wish is our command. The other shirts and bras quickly fell away. “Good.” He pressed a few more buttons on his pocket metronome and the slow tempo could be heard by all. He stepped up behind Steph and her excitement grew as she could sense his impending touch. He reached around to hold her breasts and then started massaging them slowly to the rhythm of the Larghissimo. 2-3 seconds per massage and then again…and again…and again. “Close your eyes. Feel the pace. Feel the consistency. Your heart races but your body behaves. “ Steph was so excited. She just hoped her juices wouldn’t leak through her pants. Her nipples were hard as rocks as the room was always kept cold. His hands were warm, strong, rhythmic. He motioned the baton at the class and everyone understood the order. The three men fell in behind the two women and repeated the massaging procedures. The women closed their eyes in unison and seemed to be enjoying the exercise as much as Steph. While outnumbering, two of Steph’s male classmates had to take turns on one female pupil. All Steph could think was “Lucky Bitch”. After about two minutes of this lesson, Marco unfortunately removed his hands, brought them to Steph’s sides and gently guided her back into her seat at the bench. He motioned for the class to take their seats – likely the first time anyone was ever disappointed to do so.

“Again.” Steph closed her eyes for the restart and could do nothing but think about Marco’s hands on her breasts. Amazingly, the exercise seemed to work like a charm. Tempo was slow, methodical, perfect. Even Marco let out a faint smile. Two minutes of uninterrupted bliss, until…” Again she felt the baton but this time on her back. She abruptly stopped. “Up.” Marco commanded. She stood again facing the class. “The opening Larghissimo was excellent. But the climb should have started. You are lulling the audience to sleep. You know how to feel the Larghissimo. Now you must climb to Larghetto, about one beat per second. Let me show you. Pants.” She did not realize that the lessons would advance this way. But she made the decision much earlier, that she would obey. The tight jeans came down first. She didn’t need to be asked again, the g-string followed immediately. She stood naked before her class. She felt amazingly confident with that perfected body. She was happy that she had visited her salon this week and reestablished her Brazilian prowess. Everyone stared silently absolutely awestruck. Marco walked over and lowered the top of the piano slowly and closed his powerful Steinway. He tapped his palm twice on the top signaling for Steph to step over. She stood in front of the piano and he faced her, grabbed her hips firmly and lifted her effortlessly onto the piano. The piano was cold on her butt but it was surprisingly refreshing on her steaming wet pussy. She knew she’d be leaving her mark. He lightly pressed her upper body back so that she was laying on her elbows while facing the audience naked. He spread her legs widely so everyone could take in every millimeter of her beautiful pussy. He motioned for everyone to come around for a closer look while he moved his head in tightly. He grabbed around her legs and pulled her into his face. He took a few opening swipes with his tongue and then indicated to all to “feel his pace”. His licks were methodical, rhythmic, exhilarating. The women stared with jealousy. The men were bursting through their pants. His pace was perfect. He might change direction or go fully up and down or focus on her clit, but the rhythm was unyielding. Steph lowered herself down so that her entire body could feel the chill of the piano. That seemed to be the signal to Ivory and Onyx, who never left the perch, but now jumped to a new one. Each snuggled up to Steph’s sides and rubbed all over her purring loudly. This was such a surreal tactile experience.

“Now you.” Marco motioned to the class and there was little hesitation. The ladies quickly undressed and dropped to the floor and the men quickly dove in. Again, one of Steph’s fellow classmates was lucky enough to have two partners take turns on her pussy. A few minutes and then “Ladies, too.” Marco commanded the ladies to stand and also enjoy a tasty rhythmic lesson on Steph. After watching that body for the last ten minutes, they were more-than-eager to oblige. Steph loved the purring of the cats and being eaten by two hot women. For a moment, she wondered why it took so long to have a piano lesson like this.

“Allegro”. Marco commanded that it was time again to play. He motioned the students back to their seats and Steph back to the bench. Ivory and Onyx were none-too-pleased that their snuggle buddy was departing. They stared motionless at the puddle left behind by Steph and three abiding tongues. Steph grew nervous about starting the next verse given her lack of practice time this week but she could also feel Marco’s power rushing through her. She was under his command and she was happily willing to play the role. She started masterfully only to disappoint her classmates who were ready for their next lesson. But about ninety seconds in, she no longer had the rhythm. Her pace fluttered as she reached a more complex fingering section. The other ladies in the room eyed each other and simultaneously felt a little something between their legs. Marco fidgeted and walked over. Steph closed her eyes to try to find the pace but was unsuccessful. Her heart raced and breathing grew louder as she anticipated Marco’s likely next move. That would be a baton hit to the left nipple and then the right. It was painful. Steph moaned a little. But as the pain subsided, it migrated to pleasure. An incredible mix of sensations that she found incredibly erotic. “Back on the piano” he ordered. Steph scaled back up and to the center. Ivory and Onyx circled her as she climbed and snuggled right up as soon as she laid on her back. Marco walked over to the closet and grabbed a hanging rack. He brought it over by the piano and slowly undressed. First the suit jacket. Then the Thomas Pink. He even had perfect tempo unbuttoning his shirt. Everyone knew he was fit but his bare chest revealed a nice next level of information. Then the shoes, belt and socks were removed. Finally, down came the suit pants where it was revealed that Marco was not a fan of undergarments. Marco made everyone wait patiently as he hung everything nicely on the rack. Marco had a strong and confident body and the class looked forward to seeing him pound Steph at a steady Allegro pace of one thrust in and then out every second. Steph knew this had to be the next lesson and as she laid there in her first puddle, she could feel herself making a second. Marco climbed onto the piano and gazed into her eyes. This was the first time she could stare at his full muscular body before her and she knew climax was just moments away. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her close. His dick was already rock hard and took no time at all entering her. She felt herself opening up to him and then grabbing on. He stayed in for about ten seconds as the two could each feel an emotional connection. Then he began the Allegro. Perfectly rhythmic. Perfectly timed. It took about a dozen thrusts before Steph decided to join in the motions, hoping she could match and not interrupt such a perfect beat. They worked well together. Both closed their eyes and enjoyed matching in time. Marco turned to the class but his instruction was unnecessary. The orgy had already started and motions were like clockwork. Three on two worked fine as partners interchanged every sixty seconds to ensure they could hold tempo in various cases.

Marco rolled Steph over and took her from the back to work the Allegro. Ivory and Onyx slid under her to caress her tummy and nipples while Marco drilled her 120 times per minute. The piano was slick with Steph’s juices and she couldn’t keep track of her orgasms. As Marco felt himself getting close, he flipped her around to perform the Allegro on her mouth. She loved the taste of sex and getting her face pounded by Marco. She could sense his throbbing and swelling accelerating and knew he was closing in. He started breathing more deeply and letting out soft moans. He pulled out, grabbed her hair with his right hand to hold her head steady and jerked his cock with his left hand. “Open your mouth wide” he commanded one more time. She was more than willing to finish this submissively with style and obliged. He pulled a few inches back and blasted her mouth and face while letting out a huge moan. His mark was all over her so he used his cock to wipe up the splatter and then deliver it to her mouth until her face was all cleaned up. She was happy to lick each incoming drop off his still throbbing penis. She swallowed it all at which point he kneeled down to kiss her deeply for about thirty seconds. After that, he abruptly climbed off the piano, returned to the cabinet to fetch a towel, threw it to Steph and gave her one last command, “Clean off my fucking piano” and then proceeded to walk out the door in all his naked glory.
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