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Doggy Styles 4 - Breeding Duke (Bestiality, teen female, young, exhib)

Summary - Duke has a date.

Previous Chapter Summary - Claire had a date and discovered her one, true love.

Note - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals or sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can ruin your life. Don't ruin your, or other people's lives!

Claire Davis arrived home from school and opened the front door. Like every other day, Duke, the family dog, was waiting for her. He wagged his tail so hard it made loud thumping noises when it hit the floor. He smiled at Claire, showing his white teeth and long pink tongue. He looked up at her happily. He was always very excited to see her.

“Oh no, you don’t Duke. You can’t look at me with those big puppy-dog eyes and act like nothing happened yesterday. You were a very naughty boy, Duke!” She shook her finger at Duke. He had tried to mount her yesterday while playing one of their sexy, naughty, games.

“You might have missed my kitty and shoved your big dick up my butt-hole!” Claire admonished. She recalled her wet, gaping, sphincter after the incessant probing of Duke’s warm, wet, tongue. If she hadn’t dropped to the bed immediately after she felt his wet dick poking her ass and sliding along her pussy lips, who knows what might have happened? Well, she had a pretty good idea what might have happened since she had been thinking about it about it all day at school and most of last night. Even in her dreams she relived it.

Claire was about to chastise Duke some more but remembered Mrs. Hill’s obedience training. She couldn’t scold Duke for something he did yesterday or even an hour ago. He would only assume his master was being mean to him for no reason at all.

“You big goofy dog,” Claire said. She immediately forgave him and scratched him behind his ears. She would just have to train him better; to know what was acceptable, and what was not.

Then, she remembered overhearing her father and mother this morning and shared the good news with Duke.

“Oh! Daddy says you’re getting laid this weekend! One of the doggy-bitches came in heat, so you’re going to have a real doggy-date!” Claire squatted down to pet her dog. Claire looked Duke in the eyes and then rubbed noses with him. She had to wipe Duke’s affectionate slobber from her cheek and lips.

“A real date! Are you excited, Duke? You’ll finally get to fuck some doggy-bitch and shoot your sweet doggy-stuff inside of her. I bet you will make some pretty little puppies!” Claire teased. She took the opportunity to feel Duke’s cock through his sheath as she petted him, pleased to know he was already slightly aroused just from seeing her again.

“Maybe if you start fucking some doggy-bitches, you’ll stop trying to fuck me, you horny dog!”

As Claire said the words, she felt an odd twinge of jealousy. After all, she considered Duke her lover and the only boyfriend she ever had. In the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure she want to share him; even with a female dog. “Oh, well,” she was just being silly. Claire shook her head, trying to fling those crazy thoughts from her mind.

She led Duke outside, watched him pee, and let him back in. Duke followed her to her bedroom.

Claire sighed as she removed her clothes. Last night, after everyone had gone to sleep, she laid in bed thinking about what almost happened. What if Duke had plunged his hard dog dick inside of her? She was sure it would hurt, in either her pussy or her ass - especially her ass - he was so big!

Making love to Duke was something she had never contemplated. Actually fucking her dog, even after everything else they had done together, had never entered her mind. Of course, she never thought she would be jacking off a dog every day or sucking doggy-dick and slurping doggy-cum either. And now, some strange dog-bitch would soon be taking his virginity. It’s not like she was ever going to fuck her dog anyway. She had nothing to be jealous of, she told herself.

Of course, Claire liked putting things into her hungry pussy. She liked the feeling and enjoyed watching her pussy swallow things, like pencils, her fingers and her hairbrush handle, but definitely not Duke’s dick! She realized lately she had been neglecting the insides of her teenage pussy. The more Claire thought of having something stretching and filling her tight twat, the more she wanted it. She recall how good it felt to open her pussy lips with her hairbrush handle, push it into her wet hole, and fuck herself while she diddled her little clitty. She hadn’t used her hairbrush since she discovered Duke’s, warm, wet tongue. It seemed like ages ago. That was about to change, she decided, but it would have to wait. Duke’s training came first.

Claire stripped off all of her clothes as Duke watched. He salivated in a typical Pavlov’s response and licked his lips when Claire pulled down her panties. She had second thoughts and decided to keep her panties on for a while. Her virgin pussy was safer covered, to protect it from her lecherous dog.

“Duke, you have to learn you can’t fuck your momma.” Claire began, “Even if she’s on all fours with her ass in the air like a bitch in heat. You can fuck your doggy bitches, but you can’t fuck me, understand?”

Claire got on the floor in the same position as last night. Her breasts hung down and swayed slightly. Her panty covered ass was raised high. She knew this training was necessary. How else could she enjoy Duke’s tongue lapping at her pussy and ass without worrying about him trying to mount her? Just like she had trained him not to hump her and her mother’s legs, she was going to train him to not try to fuck her pussy.

Claire looked behind her. Duke was waiting patiently, siting on his haunches, his little, red, dick poking out.

Claire wiggled her ass. Duke whined slightly, but waited for a command.

“Good dog, Duke,” Claire said. “OK, now, Sniff-the-Bitch, Duke.” Claire was rewarding him and testing him at the same time.

Duke jumped up and began to sniff Claire’s ass and pussy, tickling her thighs with his hairy snout. Claire giggled for a moment and then made him stop. Then she did it again. On the third try, Duke started to mount her. Claire immediately corrected him. She repeated the cycle a few more times. Duke was slowly learning not to climb on his bitch and mate with her, no matter how badly he wanted it.

Claire thought Duke needed to be extra horny before she could trust his new training and freely expose her unprotected sex to him again. She stood up and took off her panties. She let him sniff them before tossing the damp cloth into the hamper.

Claire walked out of her room with Duke following closely. She strutted through the house while tempting Duke with her naked body. Claire stopped and fondled her breasts and rubbed her pussy while moaning. She knew Duke likes to hear her soft, sexual moans. Duke sniffed her female odor from a foot away. Clair bent over in front of Duke and spread her ass-cheeks. Duke waited. Claire fingered her pussy. Duke whined. His cock grew longer and thicker.

“OK, boy! Sniff-the-Bitch!” Clair said, and allowed Duke to sniff and snort her wet cunt and delicious smelling ass-hole. Then, she made him stop. She knew she was driving him wild with her sweet smelling pussy but he had to learn an important lesson. She would make it up to him later.

“Now, Lick-the-Bitch, Duke!” Claire said, and immediately felt Duke’s warm, wet tongue lapping at her pussy and ass. Claire enjoyed his eagerness, his fierce lapping, and his determined probing of both her holes. Then, she felt him start to mount her again, his weight suddenly landing on her ass. His hairy paws wrapped around waist. She paused for only a moment to briefly wonder what it would be like to give up her body to him. But, the size of his fat cock compared to her small pussy gave her pause. She scolded Duke before he could fully climb on her and pushed away his heavy body.

“Duke, bad boy!” Claire said. She punished Duke the best way she knew how - by taking away her pussy.

Her pussy was a better training treat than even a piece of raw meat. If he was good, he received a sniff or a lick. If he was very good, she would even stroke his cock while telling him what a good boy he was. Claire had taught him to sit, stay, lay down, roll over, shake hands and fetch using her teenage cunt as an incentive.

Claire sat on the couch and spread her legs wide to torment Duke. She rubbed her pussy and fingered her cunt as she moaned. Her warming sent of arousal wafted over to him. Duke salivated and whined. He sat on his haunches with his long, red, dick partially exposed. Claire showed him her wet, slimy, fingers before she sucked the juices from them.

“Ready to try again, Duke?” Claire asked. “Are you going to be a good boy?” She got on the floor and raised her ass like before. She commanded Duke to sniff her, lick her and then she made him stop. She waited. Nothing. She wiggled her ass to entice him. Still nothing.

Claire stayed on the floor. She put her arms on the carpet, rested her head against them, and lifted her ass even higher, giving Duke a very tempting target. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. In that position, she imagined how it would feel to allow Duke to mount her. To experience his paws wrapping around her. To feel his cock filling her and stretching her cunt. Having him drive his hard cock into her, again and again. Pounding her pussy so hard and making her his bitch. Claire suddenly dismissed the crazy thoughts. WTF? Why was she even thinking about this?

But, she felt the urgent need to have her pussy filled and stretched again. “Mmm, Duke,” Claire said, getting up from the floor. “I’m fucking horny, how about you?”


“You were a good boy, Duke,” Claire said. “You can Sniff-the-Bitch while I get ready to fuck myself.”

With Duke’s nose up her twat the whole time, Claire walked into her bathroom to retrieve her hairbrush; the same hairbrush she had used to break her cherry last summer. It had a nice handle but it wasn’t as big as Duke’s fat doggy-dick. Looking at it once again, she didn’t remember it being so short and thin.


Claire walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. She bent over to search the vegetable bin. She pushed out her ass and allowed Duke to Lick-the-Bitch while she searched for the perfect phallus-shaped cucumber. Her mother always kept long, fresh, cucumbers on hand for some reason. Claire found one that was not too fat and not too thin. It was a smaller on one side than the other. Not as thick as Duke’s fat doggy-dick, but wider than Tony’s. She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it up and down, comparing it to the only two cocks she had ever touched.

“Perfect!” She knew her cunt could take it, even both sides, if she went nice and slow.

Claire went back to her room and laid on her bed. Duke waited patiently on the floor.

Claire laid back and fingered her slick pussy. She first took the hairbrush and pushed it into her hole.

“Mmmm!” It felt good having something long and stiff inside of her again. She wondered why she had stopped masturbating with it. Oh, yeah, she had Duke now!

But, the hairbrush was too small to satisfy her. It went in much too easily. She wanted to be filled and feel her pussy stretching – to experience slight discomfort as her tight twat accommodated a large invader.

Claire reached for the cucumber. She slid it up and down her juicy slit. She positioned the thinner end at the entrance to her hole. She pushed it in slowly.

“Ahhhh,” Claire moaned. She loved the way it made her feel. She looked down and watched it slowly going inside. Her pussy engulfed it. Deeper and deeper. It was filling her tight pussy and stretching her hole. She pushed it in, only pausing twice, until it was deep inside of her. She looked at the fat, green thing sticking out from her cunt. She felt perfectly stuffed!

“Ahhhh!” she sighed. “Oh, my pussy is to full!” Claire moaned. “Hmmm, yessssss! I like this.” Claire began to slide the cucumber in and out of her tight, teenage, pussy.

“Ohhh!” she moaned. “Mmmm, unnngh!” Claire writhed on the bed and imagined a thick cock fucking her tight pussy. But, who was on the other end of that cock? She began to fantasize…

“Fuck me, Mr. Robinson, fuck me right here on your desk! Oh, I hope nobody catches us!”

(Nah, this didn’t do it for her. Mr. Robinson, her teacher, was too old, and his breath smelled like coffee).

How about…?

“Hmmm, it feels so good, Tony! Suck my titties while you fuck me in the backseat!”

(No. No way. Tony’s dick was too small and besides, he’s an ass-hole).

What about…, him…?

Oh no! It was too depraved to even contemplate. But, it would be so hot and nasty to just pretend. Only to pretend…? To act slutty, filthy, and cock hungry always gave her the best orgasms. But, to fantasize about making love to Duke?

“OMG!” Why was she even thinking about fucking her dog? But, she knew why. It was because he tried to mount her last night. Since then, the thought of Duke making love to her had never entirely left her mind.

“But a dog? Even one as handsome as Duke?” But, why not think of Duke? It was only a filthy fantasy, right? She would never do such a terrible, horrible, depraved thing in real life. Her pussy twitch. She would do it.

Claire pulled the cucumber from her pussy and turned it around. Even the fatter end was smaller than Duke’s cock, but it would have to do. She got up on her hands and knees and placed the fat, green, dildo against her cunt.

Softly, she moaned into her blankets, “Fuck me Duke!” Her pussy twitched again. “Mmmm, make me your bitch.” She slowly pushed the fat thing into her cunt. “Ohhhh!” she moaned. It was so big!

Claire spoke softly, as if she didn’t want Duke to hear her fantasies as she fucked herself as deep as she could, “Oh, I need your fat cock, Duke! Make me your bitch!” Claire wanted to feel Duke’s hot tongue on her ass and pussy while she fucked herself. She called to her obedient dog.

“Up, Duke, Lick-the-Bitch!”

Duke needed no further encouragement and leaped upon the bed. He began attacking her sensitive ass and pussy.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp!”

Claire pushed the fat end of the cucumber deeper into her pussy. “Ohhh, so full!” she moaned. She loved the feeling of her tight pussy stretching even more than before, it was so exquisitely uncomfortable - almost painful, - as the phallus burrowed deeper and deeper inside of her. Oh, she wanted to fuck! She wanted a long, fat, cock filling her and fucking her relentlessly. She wanted to submit herself fully to a strong, firm, shaft. To be taken and used like a total slut.

Claire slid the vegetable in and out of her pussy, imagining her dog fucking her. “Unnnggghhh!” It was so hot! “Ngggghhh!” she grunted. “Ohhhh, do it, Duke!” She fucked herself long and deep as Duke tongued her ass.

With Duke licking her and her pussy filled to capacity, Claire should feel fantastic, but she wasn’t. This should be a perfect fantasy followed by a fabulous orgasm, but something was missing.

Clair immediately knew what it was - the cucumber was hard and cold - Duke’s cock was hard and hot. She knew how hot it was, after all, she had held it in her hands and felt it in her mouth.

Was his cock what she needed right now? It would stretch her little cunt even more - she knew it would feel so, so, good… But, should she dare even think of such a depraved thing? Would she really allow her a dog take her virginity?

“Oohhhhh!” Claire moaned, imagining.

To be fucked by a real cock right now? To feel a hot, slab of flesh in her warm, wet, hole? To have a firm, warm, cock driving into her cunt. To have filthy, nasty, dog-sex with no worries of getting pregnant?

Just thinking about Duke’s big, hairy, paws wrapping around her waist made her shiver and tingle with excitement. She imagined him pulling her small body against him. Finding her hole with his hot doggy-dick, and then fucking her. She wanted to feel him controlling her and dominating her and then fucking her so damn hard! Harder and harder, faster and faster, until they both came! And then feeling his hot cum erupting inside of her… Mmmmm, mmm.

“Yes, oh yes!” Claire moaned.

She was so horny. She was going to do it! Who better to take her virginity than her special furry lover? And, who better to take Duke’s virginity than her, the only lover Duke has ever known? Not some strange dog-bitch! She tossed the cold phallus to the floor. She needed Duke’s hot cock and he needed her warm, tight, pussy!

“Up boy!” Claire said quickly to Duke, patting her butt and wiggling her exposed ass and soaking wet cunt. He had to do it soon before she changed her mind.

Duke was puzzled. He was already up on the bed.

Claire smacked her ass harder. “Up Duke!” Duke looked at her sweet-smelling pussy and upturned ass. But, he knew better than to climb on his master again.

“Duke, get up here and fuck me!” She smacked her ass even harder.

Nothing. Duke whined.

Claire had to try a different tactic. Maybe she could encourage him, one step at a time.

“Sniff-the-Bitch, Duke!” Claire said, spreading her ass with her fingers. His cold nose felt so good against her overly heated slit.


“Now, lick it! Lick-the-Bitch, Duke. Lick it!” Claire felt his warm tongue probing her cunt. She could come from this, she knew, but she wanted more.

“Ohhh, yes!”

Claire let him lap at her cunt and ass, knowing it was making her dog very horny.

“Now, fuck me! Fuck me and make me your bitch!”

Yes, that’s it! His new command!

“‘Fuck-the-Bitch,’ Duke! ‘Fuck-the-Bitch!’” Claire slapped her ass again. “Up! Get up here and Fuck-your-Bitch before I change my mind! Come on, Duke! Fuck me! ‘Fuck-the-Bitch,’ boy!”

Duke was slowing realizing his master wanted…, something…

He knew what he wanted, but she had scolded him every time he had tried to mount her. Yet, she was saying the ‘Bitch’ words; not the Sniff one, or the Lick one. What did she want him to do?

His cock was hard. He wanted his Bitch-Hand-Job, or the one she did yesterday, ‘Bitch-Blow’ something…, that was real nice, having his hard cock in her warm, food place. But what was she wanting now? He was confused. Not knowing what else to do, he asked her.


“Come on, Duke!” Claire cried in frustration. “Fuck-the-Bitch!” This wasn’t working. It was clear he didn’t know what to do, or she had trained him too well. Claire realized she had to show him.

Claire lowered her ass and pushed herself between Duke’s front legs, forcing him to dance until a leg was on either side of her, and her ass was under his chest.

Clair’s desire to feel his fat cock inside of her was overwhelming. Now that she decided to fuck the family dog, she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to have his cock!

She had been subconsciously thinking about it since yesterday. Claire had stroked his cock, sucked his cock, and now, she had to have his hard, hot, dick inside of her horny, teenage, twat. It was time to fully give herself to him.

Claire pulled a big hairy paw around her thin waist and then the other one. Duke instinctively wrapped his arms around her. She felt Duke’s weight laying upon her hips. She backed up until Duke was all the way on top of her. She could feel his hot breath against her neck. Finally, she felt his slimy, pointed, dick probing her. It was poking around both her holes. His cock slipped between her ass-checks. “Just a little lower, Duke!” She move her ass upwards, trying to line up his cock to her hungry little pussy. “Fuck-the-Bitch, Duke!”

Duke was getting excited and hopped around her, but she held his forearms against her waist.

Claire commanded him to ‘stay.’ Duke held still and Claire was finally able to maneuver his pointed cock against her pussy. She pushed back against Duke. The tip of his cock slipped into her pussy!

“Fuck-the-Bitch, Duke!” Claire cried again, pushing back against him and feeling his cock starting to penetrate her. “Fuck-your-…” She said nothing more. Duke slammed his cock home.

“Oooofff! Nnnnnngggghhh!”

Once Duke felt her warm wetness surround his cock, his instincts took over. He drove his cock into her, yearning to spill his seed and impregnate his bitch. Finally, he was experiencing the thing that gave life meaning; exhilarating sex and the chance to impregnate a female and extend his blood-line. It was rooted in his DNA, and there was no stopping him now.

Duke’s fat cock speared Claire’s pussy and impaled her on his long, fat shaft. He had driven his entire cock deep inside of her with one mighty thrust. It took her breath away and pain shot through her pussy as her tight cunt was spread to the limit. Claire immediately regretted her choice but didn’t have long to ponder it. Duke began to jack-hammer her cunt with his hard, thick, doggy-dick.

“Aaaaaahhhh-aaaaahhhhh!” Claire cried. It hurt! His cock was too big! Her pussy was too tight! At least his cock was warm and not as hard as the cucumber. She bore down on his dick, squeezing it with her pussy, and was able to make the pain lessen.

Duke whined, scrabbled his feet against the bed, and thoroughly fucked his bitch. His swinging balls smacked against Claire’s cunt. His cock slid in and out of the tight cavern, making his nerves tingle. For Duke, this was the only way to have sex. Feeling his master stroke his cock or suck his cock was fine. But fucking his bitch and impregnating her was the best!

Claire was still in shock. The sweet-pain in her cunt was receding and pure pleasure began to wash over her. OMG! She was getting the fucking of her life! Duke was fucking her harder and faster than any boy ever could. His cock was driving relentlessly in and out of her pussy. It was going in so deep! His cock felt like it was banging against her cervix; bottoming out until it couldn’t go in any further. His balls were slapping loudly against her. Claire felt his heavy, hairy, body against her. His breath was hot on her neck. Her clitoris was exposed as her pussy lips spread wide by his thick, driving shaft. His knot was spreading her pussy wider and wider with each furious thrust.

“Oh, no!” She forgot about his knot! She couldn’t protect her no-longer-virgin pussy now, it was far too late. She could feel the angry ball pushing against her hole, forcing it’s way in and out, growing thicker and thicker with each thrust. It was spreading her pussy-lips and expanding her hole, cramming her cunt full of Duke’s fat dog-cock.

Claire couldn’t take much more of Duke’s incessant pounding. He was slamming his cock into her, fucking her furiously, and using his legs to push against her, trying to keep his cock deep inside of her. He was driving her small body forward, thrust by thrust, until her head started to bang against the headboard. She put her face down into her pillows and reached out a hand to examine her poor pussy. Using her fingers, she felt Duke’s cock hammering in and out. She felt the knot. It was so big! It slid through her fingers over and over. She moved her hand until she was rubbing her clit. The intense sensual pleasure of being fucked so hard and fast overwhelmed her.

She started to cum – not because she wanted to. Not because she was trying to. But because there was no way she could control her body’s response to being fucked so completely and thoroughly. Claire’s teenage pussy was used, taken, and controlled. She felt so degraded and humiliated. It was such a turn on!

“Fuck me Duke!” she cried. “Fuck your dirty little bitch!” Claire’s orgasm started deep inside of her pussy – not from her sensitive clitty this time. This was a feeling she had never felt before. The orgasm was starting deep within her, somewhere in her belly, maybe her cervix or uterus. It radiated outwards to her vagina, clit, and vulva. Her body was on fire! Her legs were trembling and her thighs were shaking uncontrollably.


Duke slammed her again and again as she came. He then pushed once more and held her close. He yelped and made short thrusts and held her tight. His knot swelled even more. Claire felt it growing inside of her like a balloon. She felt Duke’s hot cum spraying in her as he continued to push and fuck his bitch. Claire’s pussy began to spasm as he filled her womb with dog-sperm. It was so warm! There was so much of it!

“Oh Duke! Give me your cum, boy! Nnnnngggg! Ahhhhh! Fuck me, Duke! Fuck-the-Bitch! Fuck-your-Bitch! Oh, I’m your fucking bitch, lover! I’m your fucking bitch forever, Duke!”

“Aaaaaaahhhhh!” Claire rode wave after intense wave of orgasms. Duke’s cock was locked inside of her now. He pushed up with his legs and actually lifted Claire’s ass off of the bed. His cock fully impaled her as he spurted potent dog sperm deep inside of her. His cum was trapped. They were locked. Claire came one last time and saw stars exploding behind her clenched eyes before she passed out.

As Claire slowly became aware, she realized she was still skewered on Duke’s long, fat, shaft. His large knot was keeping them joined firmly. He was still on top of her, panting heavily and drooling on her neck. Claire felt a burning sensation on her sides. She turned her head and discovered the multiple scratches on both sides of her hips and waist from Duke’s toe-nails. She touched her bloated, distended pussy. She could feel the knot inside of her. Her pussy was stretched and full. It also felt like she had a gallon of warm cum sloshing around inside of her. She felt good. She was satisfied, and knowing she had made Duke happy, caused her to feel even better.

Claire turned and looked at the clock nervously. How long will they be tied together, she wondered. What if her mom and dad came home and found her tied to Duke? She smiled, imagining their faces. Their sweet, innocent, daughter, a slut for dog cock. She giggled.

Claire was still horny. How could she not, with her pussy stuffed full? Her fingers played upon her cunt. She felt the knot inside of her pussy. She felt the large lump beneath her flesh. She rubbed her clit and humped against Duke until she came again, moaning out his name.

After an eternity, Claire felt Duke’s knot shrinking. She reached for the towel, pulling Duke along with her and feeling the knot stretching her. Duke tried to pull away and Claire clamped her pussy until she could hold the towel underneath her. With one, sharp, painful, tug, Duke’s still swollen knot popped out, followed by his long, fat, cock. A torrent of pre-cum and sperm gushed out of her pussy. Claire felt so empty now. She preferred the feeling of being full.

With only moments to spare until her parents came home, Claire praised Duke and told him what a good boy he was as he cleaned her pussy with his tongue and then cleaned his cock. Claire discarded the sopping wet towel in her hamper, promising herself to start a load of laundry soon. She wobbled on unsteady legs to the bathroom.

All week long, Claire and Duke played their sexy naughty games after school; Sniff-the-Bitch, Lick-the-Bitch, Bitch-Hand-Job, Bitch-Blow-Job, and their new favorite, Fuck-the-Bitch. All day at school, she dreamed of his handsome face, long tongue, and fat cock.

To protect herself from scratches, she used an old denim dress that was still loose, but way too short to wear in public - it was perfect to play all their naughty games and keep Duke’s nails from tearing her up.

Saturday arrived, and Duke’s doggy-date arrived in the early afternoon.

“Can I watch?” asked Claire. Her mother started to object, but her father spoke up.

“Sure, if you want to. Nothing a pretty young girl should want to see, but you’re old enough,” he said. Her mother remained silent.

The bitch’s owner brought her dog into the back yard. “Time to get fucked, Princess!” she said.

Claire’s father released Duke. He ran to his date. They sniffed each other. Duke sniffed the air, smelling her heat. The bitch presented herself to Duke. Duke sat down and waited.

“Go get her, Duke!” Doug Davis said.

“Maybe your dog is too immature to mate,” Princess’s owner smirk.

“Maybe you’re right,” Doug said. “He’s never gotten laid before.”

Claire smiled.

“Here, let me help, Dad. He’s just a little nervous,” Claire said. She knew what was wrong. She walked over to Duke and bent down to whisper in his ear, so no one could hear her.

“Sniff-the-Bitch, Duke!” Claire pointed to the dog, directing Duke’s attention towards his intended target.

Duke got up and put his nose into the bitch’s cunt. He sniffed her estrus, the arousing hormonal odor made his cock slip out.

“Lick-the-Bitch!” Claire whispered.

Duke began to lap at the bitch’s cunt, tasting her and getting even more aroused.

“Now, Fuck-the-Bitch, Duke!”

Duke didn’t need any further instructions. He knew how to do this trick! He immediately mounted Princess, found his target, and fucked her fast and furiously. In no time, they were locked together. Claire was very proud of him, but a little jealous.

“You sure have a way with dogs, Claire,” Darlene Davis said. She was standing on the back desk watching.

“Yeah, you’re like the mother fucking dog-whisperer,” Princess’s crass owner said.

Claire blushed. “It was easy,” she said. “I’ve trained him not to try to hump things. He just had to know it was OK this time!”

“Well, the bond you and Duke have is very special,” Darlene said. “Why, I even told my friends what a great job you’ve done with Duke, and they want you to train their dogs too.”

“Hell, honey, if you can train a male show-dog not to hump everything he sees, you’ll have plenty of customers,” the owner said.

“Hmmm,” Claire thought. Duke was fucking other bitches so she should be able to play with other dogs too. It was only fair, right?

“Claire, the dog trainer…,” Claire said. “I like the sound of that!”

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My preteen daughter, Pammie, took Trebbi’s doggy cock deep into her pussy while I took pics. The look of lust on her face was amazing as she and the lab went at it. I stood in front of her and Pammie grabbed my cock and took me into her mouth. Cock in her cunt, cock in her mouth, Pammie’s idea of heaven. We had been sharing each other for several months now and we’re work no up to some tubes. Pammie and I fucked constantly - cunt, ass and mouth - and she was loving having two cocks at once. A bit more and Trebbi shot his load into her tight, warm pussy. I slid my cock further and faster into her mouth and let go a load of rich, white cum. Off to the shower and a long afternoon of sexual play ahead. Love you, Pammie!


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