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This is a re-edited version of my previous posting. I mainly cleaned up a bunch of spelling and grammar errors. I also clarified a couple of paragraphs. I hope you all enjoy it. Please provide feedback in the comment section.
It has been a couple of weeks since Megan has started to work for me. We have fallen into a routine where she comes over around 4, lets herself in and works on the house, and makes dinner. I generally arrive around 6:15 from the office. Around 8 or so, she heads home, this gives her time to work on her schoolwork.

Saturday mornings, Megan comes over between 9 and 10 to work on projects getting the house back into shape and generally getting stuff done, but this was also a way for us to bond. We would then just hang around the house in the afternoon and then take some time naked playtime. Sundays are Megan’s day off to spend time with her family.

As the semester began to get near the end of the term, I started to notice that Megan was really tired.

“How is school going?” I ask at dinner one night.

“I will be happy when the term is over. I never realize how hard college is. I don’t know how I would have survived if I was still playing soccer.”

“What are you struggling with?”

“I am doing fine in US History and Intro to Politics, but my Geology 101 course is killing me. Trying to get the rock identification down is way harder than the course advisor from the athletic department made it out to be when I enrolled.”

“What if I got you a tutor?” I ask with a leading voice.

“Oh Kyle, I can’t ask you for help like that.”

“Yes, you can, let me make a phone call, I will let you know when you should be ready for a tutoring session. I know just the right person” I smiled. There was a bit of confusion on her face.

“I trust you Kyle, but somehow I think I am going to pay for this later.”

“Yeah, probably,” I said with a grin and a wink.

The next day, Friday, I text Megan in the afternoon to bring her Geology books and notes to the house when she comes over the next day and she will have a tutoring session.

When Saturday arrived, Megan came into the house and set her school bag on the kitchen table. I get a great glimpse of her ass as her blue spandex yoga pants left little to the imagination.

Then Megan notices all the boxes with rocks in the living room. Sitting in the comfy chair by the window was an older woman. “Megan, this is Susan, Emily’s mom. She is going to be your tutor. She worked for the State Geology Survey for almost 40 years and retired as the director for our local region”

“Wow, Kyle, I didn’t know. Thank you, Susan, for being willing to help me.”

“My pleasure Megan, hopefully, I can get to know you a bit as well. I have noticed a difference in Kyle since you started. I have been keeping tabs on him and he was getting stressed out, and you have taken a bit of load off his shoulders. So, let me help you a bit.”

I leave the woman to hit the books and rocks and head to my office to keep on work. After a short break for lunch, Megan and Susan begin to wrap things up around 4. Megan starts to pack her books back into her bag. “Thank you so much for your help, Susan. I am not sure I would make it out of this class without you. Tomorrow at 10 in the school library?”

“Yes dear, tomorrow at 10. See you then”

Megan waved goodbye to me and headed out of the house.

As she walked out the door, Susan looked at me. “She is a good girl Kyle. Smart, good head on her shoulders. I can see she is starting to get this. Just needs a little guidance and it will all click for her. She can do just about anything I think if she sticks at it.”

“Yes, don’t I know, I can’t imagine doing this now without her.”

“Keep her around, it will be good for you”

“Yes ma’am.” I knew that tone from Susan. “I don’t intend to let her go.”

“Well, I had better be going myself.”


For the next couple of weeks, Megan busted hard on her studies, and I hardly saw her. She would be there for a couple of hours in the afternoon taking care of a few things, but after dinner, she would head out to study. Finally, after finals were done, we are hanging out in the living room after dinner.

“Kyle, can I ask you a question? Friend to friend”

“Of course, …. hit me.”

“What would you think of me if I dropped out of university?” she said nervously.

“What would be the reasoning behind it? Finances?”

“Yes, I think I ended up doing well academically, but without my scholarship, private university is just out of our family’s budget. I have been talking it over with my folks and maybe I can pick up a second job somewhere and cash flow community college part-time.”

“I have a better idea” I replied, “Carol and I have been talking about her retiring one of these days and we both think you would do that job well. You could work a few hours a day in the office, helping Carol out and learning the job and the company, and then work here at the house. We could also set you up to work remotely on office stuff from here.”

“Really? I think I would like that. I should talk it over with my parents. Not sure if I would be able to continue school and work full time.”

“Also, I know you are getting tired of living at home and sharing a room with your sister, there is a nice mother in law apartment downstairs you could make your own. If you like that is. Up to you.”

“Move in with you???”

“Think about it, you could have a place of your own and not have to share with your sister, you would be able to come and go when you want to go hang with your friends, a quiet place to study and no commute. And you wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with your sister and brother either.”

“That’s a plus, but I think I would rather share a bed with you.”

“I’m not so sure about that. First of all, how would you explain that to your mom and dad? Second, we do need to be mindful of the employee/employer relationship here and there is value in the appearance of a professional relationship. Finally, you’re 19, you still should be checking out the world to see what you like and who you are. You are going to change a lot over the next couple of years as you move away from your folks and become your own woman. Don’t get me wrong, I like our playtime together and you are always welcome in my bed, but you might grow tired of an older man and want to experience a man your own age at some point. I don’t want to lose a great assistant just because she wants a younger man.”

“Those are all good points Kyle. You’re right. I should think about this a bit.”

“I need to as well, I have a salary change to make, full-time assistants do make more than part-time ones do. And a debit card to buy groceries, household stuff with, gas for the car, etc.”

“I love how you think through all the details like this. SOOO….” Megan gets up and comes behind the chair I am in and starts to rub her hands on my chest. She leans her head down next to mine. “I’m always welcome in your bed huh? What do you say you can welcome me to your bed?” And there was that million-dollar smile that gets my pecker hard.

“Sounds like plan babe”

We make our way back to the master bedroom. I wrap my arms around Megan, and we have a long embrace. Her tongue darts around my mouth and mine in hers. I grasp her ass and enjoy her tight butt underneath her spandex leggings. I lift her up and she throws her legs around me to help support herself and I carry her a few steps to the bed.

I gently lay her down and move my hand to feel her magnificent tits under her tee-shirt. I’m not sure the feel of them will ever grow old. I feel a hand make its way down to my belt buckle and start to loosen it up. I stand up to make it a bit easier and Megan undoes it all the way, unbuttons my pants, and zips my fly open. I feel her small but warm hand start to caress my cock. I help take my pants off the rest of the way and she pulls my boxers down. My cock is now pointing straight out and a little pre-cum starts to ooze out.

“Umm, so nice and hard. I could have used this in my geology class, it is so hard it surely would have broken up some rock samples.” Megan giggles. Her hands begin to move up and caress my chest. My buttons become undone and she eases me out of my shirt. Before I could start to take her clothes off, she has pushed me onto the bed and her lips begin to explore my cock. Once again, her tongue darts around my shaft. Just as I was getting to the point of no return, she lifts her head and says “I have a surprise for you. Since it has been a few weeks since we have been able to do this, I have something special for you. You want to find it?”

Was I ever game. I lift her shirt off and marvel at her tits in a white tee-shirt bra. The smooth fabric fully encases her boobs giving them great shape. “Keep looking big boy, you are not there yet. Try lower” I take the bait and pull her leggings off. My hands take a minute to caress her thigh. I move to her inner thigh and continue the little massage. I let my index finger gently brush over her panties. I notice they are getting damp and the aroma of her vagina is intoxicating. “Getting closer” My hand moves to her mound and give it a gentle massage. I can feel something different than normal. I pull her panties down and there it is.

“Do you like it? I got so busy with school that I stopped shaving my kitty and thought I might try it hairy for a while. Is that ok with you? It’s not very long yet, it has only been a few weeks.”

I lean forward and kiss her while my hands continue to explore her hairy box. “I love it, babe. I have always enjoyed a trimmed pussy. Especially when there is hair on your pussy lips. It provides additional pleasure to my cock and it makes you smell even better.”

“So, I should keep it but trimmed? I can do that. Then I can wear a bikini, and no one will notice.”

I move her lithe body on top of mine. She begins to rub her pussy up and down my shaft. The feel of her pussy hair is wonderful. I lift her up a tad after a minute and she plunges on top of me. As she goes up and down on my shaft, I do my best to buck my hips up and down with her. I reach around her back and undo her bra. Oh my, the sight of those firm 19-year-old DD cup tits slightly bouncing up and down almost caused me to explode right there. I stop her so I could hold off a bit.

I roll her body off mine and onto her stomach. I pull a pillow over and place it under her stomach to lift her ass in the air. I lean into her pussy and begin to suck on her labia. I felt her body tense up.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh yes, yes, OOHHHHHHHHHH!”

Once her trembling subsided, I slowly rubbed the outside of her pussy for a moment with my hard cock and slowly slipped it in. It felt so good thrusting in an out of this lovely lady. Her short pussy hair stimulating my cock with its every move. I didn’t last long, pulling out barely in time to shoot all over her ass.

We cuddled for a little while until it was time for her to go home.

The next day was fairly boring, I could tell Megan was considering my offer as I frequently saw her staring out a window deep in thought. She said she should be able to talk it over with her folks that night.

About 10 that night I got a text from her, “Is my room ready, I am going to need it.” I lay in bed that night and stroked my cock to a massive load thinking about her.

We made plans for her to move her stuff up that Saturday. To get ready, I stopped by the local butchers, and picked up a nice brisket, brought it home and whipped up a batch of rub. I figured I would through it on the smoker on Saturday morning and let it enjoy some hickory and applewood while we moved Megan’s stuff in. I suggested to her that she invite her family over for dinner that night and I would also have Susan come as well. It would be a good opportunity for everyone to get to each other.

Saturday came and we spent the morning shuttling back and forth a couple of times to get her things. Years’ worth of soccer and volleyball awards and trophies were carefully packed into a few boxes and moved into her parent’s basement. I was not sure who was more excited, Megan for moving out, or her younger sister Ginny for getting her big sister out of her room.

That evening Megan’s family came over. I had met her dad Scott, and it was nice to meet her mom Michelle, and her brother Scott Jr. and Ginny. Megan showed her folks around the place and her folks apricated the space she had for herself. I sensed that her dad was still a little nervous about letting her daughter live in a house with a single man but began to realize that I didn’t have harmful intent towards his daughter. Both the guys liked the entertainment room I had put together. There was a 98” flat screen and a built-in sound system. There were 4 recliners, a reclining love seat, and two couches around the room. The side walls had a bunch of my football memorabilia including one of my professional jerseys, a couple of my college jerseys, and some of my more famous professional teammates jerseys including those of the team's future hall of fame quarterback and my mentor in the cornerback room. In the back was a well-stocked wet bar on one side and the other had my other passion as a youth, a large drum kit. Around it was some memorabilia of my favorite Canadian power trio.

“Nice room,” said Jr. His dad was quietly nodding in agreement.

“Yes, next season, I will have to have you over for a game or two. It is always more fun to watch in a group.”

We moved out to the back patio and enjoyed a few beverages, some brisket, and getting to know each other.

“Nice place you have here Kyle,” Sr said to me after dinner. He led me over to a quiet corner. “I have been meaning to tell you this for a little while, feel free to stop me if this becomes too uncomfortable for you, but I was the first officer on the scene for your wife’s accident. We tried to save her life and your daughters, but there was nothing we could do. Even though we encounter these kinds of situations more often than we want to admit, we never get used to them. I was haunted by this one for weeks. I can only imagine what you went through. You never fully recover, but you appear to be doing reasonably well.”

“Thank you, Megan has been a great help. Not sure I would be holding it together without her.”

“Scott, we need to get going” his wife calls over “You have to be at the station early tomorrow remember?”

We say goodbye to the Coopers. Shortly after they left, I was putting a few things away while Megan went to take care of something downstairs, Susan came over to chat.

“Good brisket as usual Kyle, you know how to make it.”

“Thanks, Mom, kind of strange though, the first time I made it without Emily.”

“I know son, the loss will never fully go away. But that is not what I came over to talk about with you. You realize that Megan has eyes for you, don’t you?”

“She is too young to be looking at a guy like me” I protested feebly.

“Be careful Kyle, you are still vulnerable and a young woman like her can be easily hurt. But I do think she is interested in you. I saw how she looked at you all evening. Also, when I was tutoring her for her geology exam, anytime I mentioned you she got a bit nervous and started fiddling with her hair. The only time she did that while we were together. She sure is smart though, got a good supply of common sense. I can see she was raised right. If something does happen between you two, I think Emily would be happy for you.”

“What about you? How would you feel?”

“I think I am ok.”

“What about our age difference?”

“Kyle, have you forgotten about Will and me? I was only 19 when I met him, and he was 33. And we were married for 52 years. It is noticeable in the early years, and you get a few looks from people. But you quickly learn to ignore them and as you grow older it matters less.”

“Thanks, mom, thanks for coming over tonight.”

“My pleasure son.” As Susan got her coat on to head out, I see Megan heading down to her space for the evening.

After checking that all the lights are out, I can hear Megan in her bathroom downstairs. I head to my room and climb into bed.

Just before I was about to turn out my light, my door open. Quietly, Megan enters, she is wearing one of my old tee shirts and white panties. She climbs into bed with me and snuggles into me. No words are spoken as none need to be. She rolls her head back and kisses me good night. I turn out the light and drape my arm around her. For the first time in over a year, I go to sleep, not by myself.
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