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this is a a continuing story about how I met my ex wife and getting my first blow job from her. I should have known then just how much of a slut she was.she had sex with her cousins for over two months
How I met my first wife ….chp 2

Joan and I have started getting closer and more promiscuous as the summer went on . Each day we would sneak away from her brothers as it became easier with Debra keeping them occupied.The camp we built had gotten to where we were sleeping out in it on most weekends ,it also made it easier to play together unseen.Three of Joans brothers lost interest in playing and soon it was just Joan and I along with two of her brothers and Deb .

One day as we were walking to the camp Deb and her brothers walked away from us when we stopped. As they walked out of sight Joan and I stripped naked and started kissing one another. Being naked with each other in the woods seemed to be exciting for the both of us and we tried to do it every chance we had.

Joan seemed to be filling out and her slim body was becoming more darker every day from the sun she was getting. Her breasts were growing steadily; maybe from the amount of time I massaged them we thought.”Maybe if you rubbed my tushie more the hair will stop growing”she said after I told her how firm her tits were.Her pubic hair wasn't a lot but since it was new to her she didn’t like it growing there.

“I asked my mom about it growing and told her I didn’t want it there but she told me it was just me growing up.Well I like everything about you” I said as we continued to the stream. We were taking our time to where she had to at least put her shorts back on. She has become relaxed exposing her tits to her brother’s but not her pussy.

We kept stopping and kissing each other as we found it more enjoyable to kiss and rub on each other in the woods with the wind blowing on our genitals. “We don't need to rush “she said squeezing my cock “Deb is probably sucking on their dicks anyways. I hope they don’t expect me to take care of them when she leaves. Have you ever had your dick sucked “she said stroking my cock “no” I said but what you're doing feels good. Would you like to get it sucked and see how it feels” Joan said as she let go and smiled at me. She then took my hand and we started walking, “would you do that? '' I asked in hope’s that she would.

When we got to the stream no one was in the water so we both dove in and started cooling off.As we floated around we were still playing with each other's bodies when finally Tony walked out of the camp. He had a big smile on his face and a limp cock hanging low”Deb must be inside huh was it fun”Joan asked as he dove in the water.

Joan turned around “maybe you should go in since only two of my brothers are here”she said rubbing her hand up against my cock.I asked her if she wouldn’t mind and she gave me a kiss “go ahead you can tell me about it later”.

She moved away urging me to go in and let her suck me, so I did.The camp was dark inside but as my eyes adjusted I saw Deb kneeling on the cot but she wasn’t sucking Steve’s cock. I instantly got hard seeing him with his hands on her hips fucking her from behind. I walked up beside Deb and with one quick motion I grabbed her head and stuck my cock in her face.

Oh my god I thought, taking a deep breath as she didn’t hesitate and started sucking away on my cock. Fuck I was thinking this is just like the pictures we have seen in the magazine as Steve continued to pound her from behind. I reached under her feeling her big breasts flopping around against my hand while she continued sucking hard on my cock.

My first blow job with Deb and she was also getting fucked it can't get any better than this I thought. I could hear how her pussy sounded as Steve continued in and out of her,it sounded pretty sloppy. It wasn’t long until he let out a grunt and held her ass tight against him as Deb continued moaning and sucking on my cock.He finally looked at me and we high five'd each other as he stayed inside her pussy until he went soft.then he got up and walked out.

Deb let my hard cock slip out of her mouth and then laid on her back looking up at me. “I have been waiting for your cock”she said as I looked at her big boob’s and hard nipples.”Suck or fuck”she said waiting for my reply while stroking my cock. I thought to myself I really wished she wouldn’t have laid down because in my mind I was envisioning Joan was the one sucking me.

I answered her by leaning down letting her continue sucking me, closing my eyes again trying to think of Joan,It didn’t take long until Tony was back and pushing is cock inside of her cum filled pussy. When I saw all the cum coating his cock I started cumming as she swallowed continually until she drained me and I pulled my cock out and backed away. Deb was smiling reaching out for my hand as if she wanted me to kiss her. I held her hand and said thank you then walked out.

Joan was waiting for me with a curious look as I dove into the water and swam up to her. I gave her a big hug and kissed her deep “how was it”Joan asked.I didn’t say a word just pulled her closer to my body and hugged her.”She wasn’t sucking she was fucking “ I whispered as Joan's eyes widened “you mean you put in her tushie ”? I told her”no she wanted me too but I just let her suck me off. I had my eyes closed picturing it was you the whole time” I said and kissed again.

Joan seemed bewildered “you mean my brother’s are doing it with her right now,yuck”she said.”Well don’t expect me to do that with you “,then she paused staring down then back into my eyes.”That won't fit in me any ways,but maybe I will think about sucking it” then laughed and splashed water on me .She swam away with me chasing her turning around when I got closer and swam under me the other way.

Now Joan really is the one I would want to have intercourse with, but just chasing and playing with her is enough for now. She ran up the stream away from the pond giggling as I chased her watching her tight butt ahead of me.I could have caught her but hearing her squealing and giggling was rather fun.

She finally stopped when she came to a small rock ledge and sat down in the stream and waited. I gave her another kiss and sat down beside her as she snuggled against me.”Why didn’t you like her sucking you” she asked then looked up at me.”I liked the sucking part but I don’t like her “I said “I like you”.then pinched her tiny nose. “And her big boobs don't look so good up close like yours do” then I lifted my hand up and rubbed her small breast.

We both laid back letting the water flow around us while I started running my hands up and down her front.Joan was moaning and moved my head down directing my mouth onto her tiny nipple.I went from one to another while my hand slipped into her panties and moved them down to rub her pussy. She lifted her butt up allowing me to pull them off her then spreading her legs as I ran a finger up her slit.

”Oh no”she shouted, sitting up quickly pushing me off of her “my pantie’s “she said and quickly chased after them as they floated away.It was funny watching her reach and slip on the rocks as they continued to escape her grasps.I was following her as we both were laughing at what was happening until she finally grabbed them and yelled “I got them”.She looked so happy and sexy hopping up and down waving her panties in the air for me to see. She was giving me a great view of her tiny body and bare pussy spreading her legs so as not to slip again.

The happiness quickly changed when she heard the clapping and cheering from her brothers that were sitting on the rocks behind her.She turned around to look and slipped again landing on her back displaying her pussy to them when her legs spread even wider. Embarrassed, she rolled to her stomach then slipped into the deeper water and swam to the other side. Debra helped her dress and the two of them quickly walked away.

“So guys, how was Debs pussy? “ I said trying to change the subject based on what they just saw.They began telling me how it felt fucking her,how tight her pussy was and how she sucked hard again.They were pretty excited and proud of them selves being the first time that they have had intercourse and all.

“So does my sister give as good of a blow job as Deb”Tony asked”better” I said. Sure I was lying but they didn’t have to know I haven’t got one from her yet. “And her pussy tastes great too” I said when they both said at the same time”you licked her pussy”? I then told them that licking her first makes her really wet and fucking her is even better. “You didn’t lick Deb's pussy” I asked them, turning the conversation back to Deb.

I got up and got dressed and started gathering wood to get the fire going wishing Joan would come back.Later they did and the night ended very well for all of us but that is the next chapter.

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2020-06-23 01:06:17
" My vote was recorded" this time. Refreshing to know.. Bob, Ur still doing good in my view. THANKS for sharing these experiences with us; very enjoyable & brings back many luchious & fond memories. Check Updates daily!

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