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A father's lust grows as he's suck in quarintine wiht his nubile, virginal daughter. With no other women to enjoy, where shall he turn for satisfaction?
Incestuous Tales of the Quarantine

Story One: Quarantined with His Nubile Daughter

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Three weeks with no women.

Three weeks with my daughter stuck in my apartment thanks to the quarantine.

I liked my daughter. Hell, I loved my daughter, but having Shannon stuck in the house with me for three weeks was enough to get on anyone's nerve. The only exciting place we could go was the grocery store. And you couldn't turn that into any huge amount of time.

My wife and I were divorced. Even though she was eighteen, she would stay with me on the weekends. She had come over on Friday, a big smile on her face. I enjoyed spending weekends with my daughter. I hooked up with women on weekday nights so it didn't cramp my style. And then she got stuck in my place because of the quarantine.

Now it had been three weeks without any action, and I was getting horny.

Masturbation didn't cut it, and it was hard to find any quality time to be alone and watch porn with my daughter in the apartment. If she wasn't in her own room, she was in the living room. Or the kitchen. She flounced around, bored. I got that, I did, but she was always hovering around.

I was learning how to work from home these days. Sitting in my own office, which was just a desk in my bedroom, and having to do Zoom meetings with my coworkers and trying to stay productive when I just wanted to do nothing was hard.

She would pop in during meetings and disrupt them. It happened to a lot of my coworkers. We were all having to adapt, but it was frustrating when she would just dart up and hug me from behind, and complain about being bored.

But what was there to do? We'd watched everything on Netflix worth watching. There were only some many times you could put a puzzle together (once being almost too many times). We even played Monopoly.

Now at three weeks, it was getting intolerable. I needed to get laid, but everyone was scared. No one was supposed to go anywhere. My ex was freaked out. She had a new kid and didn't want Shannon to bring any disease over.

I was so horny.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Shannon shouted, bounding into my bedroom as I sat working on a sales report. Her red hair flying, she threw herself onto my bed wearing only a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that slid up her belly. “I'm so bored.”

“Aren't we all,” I muttered, glancing over at her. When did she get such sleek legs? I know she was only eighteen, but... that fetching midriff. I could see her bellybutton. She thrust her bare feet in the air. Her toenails were all gleaming pink.

She had spent the morning painting them. I had hoped it would occupy her longer.

“Let's go to the store,” she said. “We're running low on stuff.”

“I have to get this work done,” I said, staring at her. Green eyes, a slender body. Her breasts were ripe, though. They thrust up cupped by her tank top. Was she even wearing a bra? “I'm sorry. It's work.”

“But I'm bored,” she moaned, her legs kicking.

“I know,” I said, trying to be patient. My cock was getting so hard. God, what was wrong with me? Why was I finding my daughter so sexy all of a sudden? That wasn't right at all. It was more than a little fucked up. “But I'll get in trouble if I don't get this done. Sorry.”

“Fine,” she pouted. “I'll go talk with my friends.”

“Don't you have schoolwork you're supposed to be doing?” I asked her.

“Did it,” she said. I bet that was a lie, but I didn't care. What her school assigned her looked like such busy work. Pointless stuff. “I'll let you work. But can we go to the store later?”

“Yeah,” I said, watching as she rolled off my bed. She scrambled off and then darted out, those shorts hugging her ass.

My daughter had an ass... Damn.

I swallowed and turned back to the report, my cock thick and throbbing. It swelled the front of my sweatpants. I glanced at the report. I really had to finish that. But it was hard to concentrate with my daughter's body filling my mind.

It started raining. The sound drummed on the fire escape outside of my window. The metal grating rattled while my cock throbbed. I struggled my way through the document, my dick screaming at me for relief. No women to enjoy. No ladies to hook up with on a dating app.

The only woman was...

I shoved that depraved thought down. I had my hand. It would have to be enough. I swallowed and just managed to finish the report. I pushed back from my desk and headed to the restroom. I closed the door. Locked it. I would just quickly stroke one out and...

There on the floor was a pair of pink panties. It had lace on it. One of my daughter's. I didn't know she had panties like this. It was somehow both girlish and sexy at the same time. My dick throbbed hard in my sweatpants.

I picked up the panties. I swallowed. Something feminine and intimate to touch. I loved peeling off a woman's panties and knowing I would be sliding into her pussy. I gripped the cloth tight in my hand, the urge to just wrap it around my cock growing in me.

I could just jerk off into her panties. What was the harm in that?

They were my daughter's panties, part of me pointed out.

And? So what? It wasn't the same as touching her directly. Just something to help get me off. I shoved down my sweatpants. My cock popped out. Thick and throbbing. I wrapped the cloth around my shaft. This fearful exhilaration rippled through me.

This was wrong. I knew it was terrible for me to even contemplate doing this. These were my daughter's panties. I had to be a complete sicko to want to do this. I bit my lip, my heart pounding in my chest.

I stroked up my cock, the cloth sliding over my dick. This fabric had touched my daughter's skin. Her pussy. The most intimate part of her. I shuddered as I reached the tip and caressed over the crown. I groaned at how good it felt.

Three weeks without getting laid. The longest I'd gone since my wife divorced me.

It was incredible. Amazing. I could—


“Daddy, hurry up!” my daughter said. “And you better not stink it up!”

Fear shot through me. I gasped and ripped the panties from my cock. I quickly stuffed them in the clothes hamper they had been lying against and ripped up my boxers and sweatpants. They did a vain attempt to hold my erection in place, my cock throbbing. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, so aware of my daughter outside the door.

“Jesus,” I muttered. I had to get a grip. She was my daughter. I shouldn't even touch her panties. That was going too far.

I opened the door, and she squeezed by me. I felt her boobs rubbing across my chest. My little girl had breasts. I groaned, my dick throbbing. I fled to the living room. If I went into my bedroom, I knew what I would be doing.

I had to watch something to get my mind off of her. Something that was boring. Something that I couldn't possibly have an erection through. I turned on the TV, loaded up Netflix, and searched for something to watch.

It felt like all the same junk. The same recommendations as always. I groaned and then just put on a comedy show I'd seen a dozen times, the IT Crowd. I leaned back in my recliner, struggling to ignore the throb in my dick.

Then my daughter rushed into the living room and, to my shock, she threw herself on my lap. She planted her rump right on my hardon, her legs thrust over the left armrest of my chair, her arm going around my neck.

“Shannon?” I asked, shocked to feel the plumpness of her rump on my cock. Then I groaned as she wiggled. She rubbed her butt from side to side, grinding on me. “What are you doing, Shannon?”

“Watching TV.” She glanced at it. “This again?”

“Yeah,” I said, my dick throbbing beneath her. Could she feel my hardon? Did she realize I was erect at all? What would she think if she did? “I like it.”

She sighed and stared at me. Her rump wiggled across my lap, my dick throbbing as she did it. Her green eyes studied me with this considering look. Then, to my shock, her finger stroked down my jawline.

It sent this intimate tingle through me. What was she doing?

Her finger stroked over my cheek, rasping over my stubble, and then stroked my mustache. I learned the ladies liked a good mustache. She ran her digit through the whiskers on my upper lip. My dick throbbed harder.

What was she doing?

“Shannon?” I croaked.

“You should grow a quarantine beard!” she exclaimed. “Your mustache is great, but you could be all grizzly. Get it nice and thick.”

“A quarantine beard?” I asked, sounding more than a little bemused by her idea.

“Yeah!” She wiggled on me some more. “A lot of guys are doing it. It's what all the girls are into. You could have a nice and thick one. Be all manly.”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, just wanting her to get off my lap before I exploded. “A quarantine beard. I'll think about it.”

“Good,” she said. “I think you'll look great with one, Daddy.” She bounced on my lap and glanced at the TV. “Ugh, this show sucks.” She twisted on me, sliding that rump over my dick, and then hopped off. “If you're watching TV, your work must be done, so can we go to the store?”

“Right,” I groaned, my dick so hard.

We went to the store, masks on. It was the strange new world we lived in. My daughter was the only person who would come close to me. Everyone else stayed back. People were starting to look a little wild. No haircuts. No salon trips for the women. Even my daughter's hair was beginning to show signs of needing cutting.

We didn't buy much. It was just an excuse to get out of the house. It made her happy. It made me ache. There were a few women there, but could I flirt with them? They all had these nervous looks on their faces like they were afraid I'd cough on them.

And it wasn't like flirting with masks on was something enticing. I couldn't see half their faces.

In the end, my daughter and I returned to the home. I was still hard. Not rampagingly erect, but that throb at the tip of my cock, that itch to stroke it, stayed with me through making dinner with Shannon, eating it, and watching some TV.

I had more work to do. The problem with working from home was you never quite got away from it. Your computer was there with the work that you could get done. It taunted you, especially in your bedroom.

That itch for my daughter, however, never went away no matter what I did.

The rain had never relented. It had been going on all day. The wind was picking up, a storm sweeping through. I ignored it and stripped naked for bed. I never slept in clothes. I slid into bed, my dick hard.

This was the only chance I had to masturbate.

Lightning flashed out my window as I closed my eyes and stroked my cock. I pumped my hand up and down my dick. I groaned as I loved myself. I wanted to think about that Madeleine chick I had been flirting with before lockdown went into effect. Twenty-seven. Big, natural tits. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Plump lips.

Cock-sucking lips.

I imagined her kneeling before me, her eyes staring up at me as she kissed around the tip of my cock. I groaned at how good it felt. I worked my hand faster. My toes curled. I groaned as the ache swelled and swelled.

Daddy, let me suck your cock for you, whispered through my mind.

My fantasy shifted on me. Blonde Madeleine was replaced with my redheaded, barely legal daughter. Shannon's green eyes sparkled as she opened her mouth wide and sucked on my cock. I groaned at the taboo image.

My hand stroked faster.

Lightning flashed again. Thunder crackled sharp and loud as I worked my hand up and down my dick. I couldn't stop myself. Shannon had grown into such a sexy, young woman. She had those round boobs and those plump lips.

In my fantasy, she sucked my cock with hunger. She feasted on my dick with the wild lust of an eighteen-year-old girl. I groaned, knowing this was wrong. I couldn't think of my daughter like this. She was my own flesh and blood, but...

I needed to cum.

“That's it,” I breathed, the flashing lightning illuminating my hand working up and down my cock. “Just suck that dick. Mmm, you want Daddy's cum, don't you?”

My dick hurtled toward my eruption. I stroked faster while imagining my daughter blowing me with passion. I sucked in deep breaths, rising towards that orgasm. I just needed a few more strokes. Lightning blazed outside the window. The glass rattled from the thunder.

“Yes,” I growled. I slid up my cock, moments from erupting. From—

Footsteps thudded down the hall and then my door burst open. Cursing, I pulled up my covers in time to see Shannon burst into my bedroom and flung herself at me. She wore a tank top and a pair of panties.

“Daddy!” she squealed in fright and burrowed beneath my covers. Her head popped out right next to me. She clung to my body.

“S-Shannon?” I asked, lying there as stiff as a board, my cock tenting the front of my covers. I was so aware of how naked I was. “W-what are you doing?”

Lightning burst. Her face appeared in the strobing light. The thunder rumbled, and she shrieked, burying her face into my shoulder. Her body trembled beneath mine. Her leg slide over my thigh. I felt the roundness of her breasts on my side as she trembled.

“Still?” I groaned. “You're eighteen.”

“Sorry,” she said, her voice tight. “It's just... Can't I sleep in here tonight, Daddy? I don't like it. That sound...”

“Shannon,” I groaned. “You're eighteen. You have your own bed.”

“There's plenty of room in yours,” she said. “You won't even know I'm here, okay. I just... I know it won't get me if you're in here.”

“Lightning doesn't get anyone,” I said. “It's not a monster.”

“What if it zaps through the window and hits me?” she asked. “At least it'll probably hit you over me.”

“Wait, that's why you want to sleep with me?” I asked, aching to keep masturbating. “That's the dumbest thing I've heard.”

“Daddy!” she gasped. “Don't you want to protect your little girl by being her lightning shield?”

I groaned. Her green eyes stared at me. They had a gleam about them in the dark, catching the faint light coming through my window from a streetlamp. I groaned. “Fine.”

“Thank you!” she said. “You won't even know I'm here.”

Then she rolled over, pressing her rump into my side, and hugged one of my big pillows. Her head resting on it. I just lay beside her, so aware that I was naked. Hard. That her rump was rubbing against me.

I don't know how long I stared up at the ceiling immobilized by her presence. I swallowed, just wanting to slip out of bed and go to the bathroom. She shifted a few times, her panty-covered rump rubbing on me.

I felt the warmth of her skin. I swallowed. It was growing hot beneath the covers with us both. I should just go to sleep. Or, at least, I should put on some boxers. Cover up. My dick pulsed and throbbed.

Ideas like masturbating flashed through my mind. Stroking off while she slept beside me. And she was sleeping. The lightning hadn't come back since I agreed to let her stay. Just the rain and the wind. I could hear her shallow, regular breathing.

She was out.

I rolled over onto my side, facing away from her. My dick thrust out before me. I closed my eyes to go to sleep. My dick throbbed. Ached. It demanded of me. There was a girl in the bed. A girl that I could enjoy.

That depraved thought grew and grew in my mind. It itched at my thoughts. I shuddered, my dick pulsing and throbbing. I swallowed, needing to keep this lust from overwhelming me. Just go to bed. Fall asleep.

Her ass rubbed into mine. Plump. Warm. I could just pull her panties to the side and—

“No!” I groaned to the dark at that thought. What sort of sick father was I? That was my daughter. I couldn't ram my cock into her while she slept.

Other ideas filled my mind. I could just... hump against her ass. Just grinding my cock into her. I could feign I was sleeping if she woke up. Dry-humping wouldn't even mean touching her. Not directly. Her panties would be in the way.

A barrier. That made it less like incest, right?

I swallowed, my dick throbbing. Aching. I rolled over, unable to stop myself. My cock smacked into her hip. She didn't so much as stir. I shuddered, and then I pressed my dick against her rump. Right on her panty-clad ass. I just had to rub against her now.

I thrust forward. I fought the groan as I dry-humped against my daughter's ass. She slept, oblivious to her perverted father's lusts. The silkiness of her panties and the warmth of her rump beneath the fabric felt amazing on my shaft.


Physical contact with a... a... a female. A girl. My daughter.

I closed my eyes, trying not to think it was my baby girl I was grinding on, but in the back of my mind, I knew it. That was my daughter's ass I ground against. Only a thin layer of cloth separated us. She slept on oblivious to what I did to her.

It was such a bad dad, but it felt so good.

I fought against groaning; scared she would wake up. That only helped to make this feel amazing. I groaned, thrusting against her. The ache at the tip of my dick swelled as I felt the curve of her rump. I pushed my shaft in between her butt-cheeks, sliding through the groove of her crack.

“Going to hell,” I thought, but it felt so good.

I thrust harder and harder. She just kept sleeping. The pressure built fast. It came on me in only a few minutes. I groaned as I spurted jizz. The powerful eruption of cum slammed through me. I shuddered, loving every moment of it.

The pleasure exploded through my thoughts. I shuddered at it. I savored that wonderful eruption of bliss. My balls emptied themselves, soaking her clothing. The rapture consumed my thoughts. I groaned. Hit that peak.

I hovered there, trembling, spurting the last of my cum on my daughter's ass like a complete pervert. I groaned at how great it felt. It was amazing. An orgasm that didn't come from my hand. Contact with a woman. A girl. My daughter.

“Fuck,” I groaned, exhaustion hitting me hard.

I rolled onto my back and fell into sleep.


I woke up alone in my bed and the fear slapped me. I had molested my daughter. I was ready for the police to burst in and arrest me. For my daughter to be crying and traumatized. She wasn't in bed when I awoke. I swallowed, frightened to leave my bedroom.

But I had to pee.

I pulled on some sweatpants and headed out. I heard the TV on. I peeked into the living room to find her eating a bowl of cereal and watching something on Netflix. She gave me a big smile. So warm and loving. Full of delight.

“Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed, Daddy,” she said. “I slept so well.”

“You didn't, uh, mind me shifting around?” I asked. “I do that a lot. Your mother hated it.”

“I slept great.” She grinned at me, her tank top clinging to those round breasts of hers. She sat cross-legged, the front of the same purple panties I had dry-humped last night molding to her young flesh. She had a cameltoe.

Did my daughter shave her pussy? Jesus, she was only eighteen.

Relief, however, swept through me. I had gotten away with it. Last night had been a mistake. A moment of weakness. I vowed it would never happen again, but... I couldn't help but get turned on by my daughter over the next few days.

Every time I saw her, she was wearing shorts and a tight top. Sometimes just panties. She would be lying on her belly on the couch, the panties clinging to her rump. My dick would get hard. Throb erect. Want to do naughty things to her.

Just hump against her.

I jerked off into her panties. Twice a day, I would be in the bathroom pumping away and hoping she wouldn't notice the stains. The cloth felt so good. I would rub the inner crotch against my cock and know that these had been pressed against my daughter's pussy.

I wanted her. Craved her. Was stuck with her. There was no escape. If I wanted to go for a walk outside, she would be getting dressed to join me. If I needed to go to the grocery store to buy something, she would be grabbing my arm, eager to get away from the house.

Quarantine trapped us together.

My thoughts grew more and more fixated on Shannon. On my daughter. Not just dry-humping against her, but kissing her. Sucking on her titties. Eating her youthful twat. Sliding into her tight pussy.

To feel cunt around my dick again would be amazing. I was approaching a month now without fucking a woman. My daughter looked more and more ripe and succulent with every passing hour. Ideas of seducing her played through my mind.

“You'll go to jail,” I muttered, staring at her lying on her stomach on the couch watching TV, her legs thrust up in the air, her toes flexing. Dainty toes I could suck. “Real prison, James. Stop that.”

I salivated for her. Lusted for her.

A week after the storm, I was asleep when the rumble of lightning woke me up. My cock went hard with this Pavlovian response. A thunderstorm. Did that mean that my daughter would come sleep with me? That I would get another chance to dry-hump against her?

I hadn't hurt her by doing that. She hadn't even known.

Lightning flooded my room with stark light. The thunder boomed, windows rattling. That one was close. A shriek burst from my daughter's room. Then her door crashed open. The thudding footsteps. She didn't even knock. She just flung my door open and threw herself beneath the covers.

Another flash and she shrieked, clinging to me. I groaned, my cock thrusting up hard. She was so close to touching it as she cowered against me. I felt her body and knew I would be getting off tonight. She whimpered as the lightning moved away.

“S-sorry, Daddy,” she said.

“Don't be,” I answered, my voice throaty. I felt that hunger in me. “You can slip into my bed whenever you need it.”

She let out a long sigh. “Thank you, Daddy.”

I just grinned and knew I wouldn't have to wait long. Just for her to fall asleep. She clung to me for a few more moments and then she rolled off of me. This time, she stayed on her back. She didn't roll over onto her side.

That was a problem.

It was clear she had fallen asleep after twenty minutes. I pulled back the covers and stared at her. She wore a tank top that looked too small for her, molding to her round breasts. Her panties fit tight. My eyes had adjusted, a streetlight pouring enough illumination through my bedroom window for me to see. My daughter quivered there, her breasts rising and falling. Her panties...

Her panties molded to her pussy lips.

I licked my lips as I stared at that succulent spot. I licked my lips. I salivated for her. I just hungered to eat her cunt. To lick and lap at her. This urge sank heavily on me. I swallowed. That would be going too far, but...

I couldn't dry-hump her ass if she was on her stomach. Could I roll her over?

What if she woke up?

I knew she was a heavy sleeper, but if she woke up, then I wouldn't get to grind on her. She might go back to her own bed. So I sat there, my cock throbbing before me, watching her sleep, hoping she would roll onto her side.

The red numbers on my digital clock slowly changed as I waited and waited. I kept staring at her. Those tits. That cameltoe. I hungered so much for her. Would it really be bad to lick my little girl's pussy?

I bet she got horny, too.

I could give her something nice. She was a heavy sleeper. I could just munch on her pussy. Feast on her while she dreamed. My hands clenched and relaxed. My heart hammered in my chest. This was so wrong. So fucked up.

“That's your daughter, James,” I muttered. “Your daughter.”

I licked my lips.

“Exactly,” I whispered back to myself. “Doesn't she deserve to have a nice orgasm? We're stuck together. Have to help each other out. What's the harm in it?”

“Prison. She'll hate me.”

“She'll never know!”

I shuddered at that thought. She never realized I had dry-humped against her. I could eat out her pussy and then just fuck my cock against her panties. Just lie on her and do more grinding. She didn't have to be on her side for me to do that.

I surrendered to my lust. They were too strong. With care not to disturb her, I moved between my sleeping daughter's thighs. I swallowed, staring at her cunt molded by those sexy panties. I licked my lips, so hungry to lick her out. To eat her. I just had to press my lips down into her cunt and nuzzle at her. She would cum hard.

That would be exciting.

My tongue flicked over my lips. I planted my hands on her thighs. I stroked up and down her hot flesh. I shuddered at how warm she felt. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest as I stroked my hands up her legs.

“You're gorgeous, Shannon,” I whispered, her red hair fanned over my pillow. Her breasts rose slowly.

My hands reached her crotch. I licked my lips as I caressed the leg hole of my daughter's panties. I was on the edge of sliding over her gusset and rubbing at her twat through the thin protection. I breathed in deeply, smelled her jasmine shampoo and her vanilla lotion.

My mouth salivated.

I slid my finger across the crotch of her panties. I rubbed up and down her, pushing my knuckle into her. She kept sleeping as I felt her pussy lips. God, she was shaved. My daughter shaved her twat. That was insane. Was she sexually active? Did she have a boyfriend I didn't know about? Was she horny and missing him?

I stroked up and down her pussy, watching her face. She kept breathing her head turned to the right. Her nipples hardened. I watched them poke against the thin tank top. They were small buttons that I could play with.

But I was at her pussy.

A warmth bled through her panties. Her excitement. My finger grew wet. I pulled it back, dew gleaming on it. I breathed in, and a new musk filled my nose. Tangy. The aroma of her arousal. My tongue flicked across her lips

I pressed my face down. I rubbed into her panties and breathed in. I groaned at the aroma of her. The heady scent of my daughter's cunt. That tangy delight. I licked up her gusset, tasting the fabric and the tangy flavor of her pussy.

She whimpered.

I froze.

I stared up her body, but she just kept lying there. Her breasts rose and fell. She wasn't moving. Wasn't coming awake. It was just a whimper. A sigh. She made sounds in her sleep. She slurred something, speaking in her sleep for a moment.

She was probably dreaming.

I grinned. “I'll give you something special to dream about, Shannon.”

I licked at her panties again. I stroked my tongue up the fabric, feeling her slit through the cloth. She was definitely shaved. That was so wild. I bathed the gusset of her panties with my saliva. I lapped up and down her slit, reveling in this thrill.

Her tangy flavor grew and grew. Her breasts rose and fell. I watched them, savoring the way her tank top cupped them. She had such a lovely pair. C-cups. Round and perky and just begging to be played with.

But I had her pussy to eat.

I kissed at her panties. I sucked her tangy pussy cream through the cloth. A woman's delight. My daughter's incestuous passion. Lust surged through me. My dick ached and throbbed as I nibbled up and down her panties.

“Fuck,” I breathed. “Shannon, you're so sexy.”

No answer. Still sleeping.

I slid my finger into her leg hole and groaned as I touched my daughter's shaved pussy directly. I caressed over her plump vulva and found her tight slit. Juices coated my finger. She was so hot and wet. She needed this.

I yanked her panties to the side. The tangy aroma of her pussy swelled. My darkness-adjusted eyes could see her tight slit. That virginal vulva, a girlish quim. I kissed my daughter's twat. Right on her slit. I tasted her tangy juices directly.

I didn't die. God didn't smite me and send me to hell. No cop bursts burst through the door.

I shuddered and then I licked her again. And again. I lapped at her twat. I slid my tongue up and down her snatch. My tongue caressed her hot flesh. I stroked up and down that tight slit, just grazing her at first.

Then I pressed into her folds. I felt the texture of her labia. The silkiness of her pussy lips. They were so hot against my tongue and lips. Felt so incredible. She whimpered again. But she kept sleeping. She didn't wake up.

“You're having a naughty dream, aren't you?” I whispered and then lapped at her cunt again. I slid up her slit, gathering up her incestuous juices. “Yeah, you are. Mmm, let Daddy give you a good one. An amazing one.”

She whimpered. Such a cute sound.

I dug my tongue into her groove and stroked across a membrane. I froze. I pushed on it. She had her hymen still. She was a virgin, but she shaved her pussy? Did girls her age just all shave their pussies? A shudder ran through me.

That was hot.

I licked at her hymen and stroked her folds. I caressed over a little bud. Her clit. I'd found my daughter's clit. I flicked it. She whimpered louder. I smiled, wanting to give my daughter such a delicious dream.

Then I would dry hump on her. Just rub my cock against her pussy lips. I had to feel that twat against my dick. That would be perfect. No panties in the way. I kept them yanked to the side as I licked at her virgin twat.

Her juices tasted even better without anything in the way.

It turned me on to eat her cherry pussy.

Her mother wasn't a virgin our first time. Fucking whore. But not my Shannon. She wouldn't be a whore. Oh, no, she was my baby girl. Just my adorable daughter. She was perfect.

I licked harder at her cunt. I feasted on her, brushing her clit over and over again. I could do this all day. Her breathing quickened. Her breasts rose and fell. They were so beautiful to watch even covered up. I stared at them as I devoured her tangy cream.

My tongue swirled around her clit. I fluttered about it. Then I sealed my lips about it and sucked on her. She gasped and bucked. Her moans echoed through the room. It resounded about us. She gripped her thighs, her sleepy passion was a delight.

I didn't fear her waking up. I just kept sucking on her clit. Her body twitched. Her whimpers grew louder and louder. She must be having a great wet dream. An exciting one. Her pussy juices coated my lips and ran down my chin.

“You're so gorgeous,” I moaned. “So tasty.

My dick throbbed. I needed to make Shannon cum so I could dry-hump her. Just grinding my cock up and down her pussy. Maybe I'd press my tip against her hymen. Just for a moment. Just to feel a cherry cunt for once in my life.

I wouldn't do more than that.

I sucked hard on my sleeping daughter's clit. Her head rolled from side to side. Her thighs twitched beside me. She whimpered louder. I knew her orgasm had to be almost on her. I wanted her cream to gush into my mouth.

Then she gasped in her sleep.

Her pussy cream gushed out.

A river of tangy, incestuous passion poured into my lips. I drank my daughter's virgin juices down like I was a thirsty man in the desert. I had found my oasis. I closed my eyes as her body trembled. I reveled in this wicked moment.

My dick ached to be in my little girl. To just press on her cherry and... and...

I couldn't fuck her, right?

God, she was wet, though. Just so juicy. I drowned in her cream. Her body's shudders died down, her orgasm subsiding. I just gave her bliss. Got her all ready. It was the perfect time for her to lose her virginity.

Better me than some asshole guy who didn't care about her, right?

I loved Shannon. She was my baby girl. I wanted what was best for her. A painless first time.

I squeezed my eyes shut and ripped my head from her crotch. “Christ,” I muttered. “Am I...?”

I gripped my cock and brought it closer and closer and closer to her shaved, virgin twat. My fingers held her panties to the side. I stared right at her cunt. I licked my lips, the hunger for my daughter growing and growing in me.

I just had to ram into her. Just a single thrust, and I would have my daughter's virginity. I would love her while she slept. I made her cum. She could do the same for me, right?

“She trusts you,” I groaned and pressed my cock against her pussy. “Don't do this, James.”

I shuddered at the feel of her warm, wet flesh against my cock. A shudder ran through me. This heat shot up my shaft. My balls tightened. It was heavenly. A hungry groan rose from my throat. I shuddered as I savored this bliss.

I moved my cock down to her hymen. I felt the barrier protecting her pussy from my dick. Her untouched depths awaited. If I didn't do it, some asshole boy would. He'd do a piss-poor job, break her heart when he didn't call back, and just treat her like shit.

She deserved better.

“Shit,” I groaned, wanting to thrust. I mean, what was the harm if I just pushed forward and I did it? Would she even know? Girls broke their hymens doing other things all time, right?

I pushed against that membrane. I felt it stretching. I shuddered, wanting to be in her so much. Her face scrunched up. She whimpered. Her body twitched. I swallowed, fear and lust warring inside of me. The conflict built and built and built.

I hadn't had pussy in a month.

She was wet. Available. She loved me. She would want to help me out. I made her cum first. I deserved this.

I thrust hard.

My daughter's cherry popped.

I gasped as I slid into her snatch. Inch after inch after amazing inch of her pussy engulfed my cock. A tight, silky, amazing heaven. Way better than that Madeleine whore. Or those other women. This was a virgin twat.

My daughter's eighteen-year-old pussy.

I groaned as I leaned down, sinking more and more of my cock into her pussy. Her hot flesh caressed my tip, that silky friction sending delight rushing down to my balls. She whimpered, her nose twitching. I leaned over her, staring down at her face. I bottomed out in my little girl.

Her eyes opened.

I froze.

She blinked and then stared up at me. “Daddy?”

“It's just a dream,” I told her, panic rushing through me. I waited for her to scream. To buck in panic. “A naughty, sexy dream.”

“Mmm, Daddy,” she moaned, this throaty sound of pleasure. “What a nice dream.”

Then she kissed me. My daughter kissed my lips coated in her juices. She bought it. She thought this was a dream. She must be still coming out of her sleep, thinking this was a continuation of the sex dream my pussy licking had given her.

I kissed her with passion. I thrust my tongue into my daughter's mouth. I sank my weigh down on her, feeling her boobs through her tank top, her nipples hard. Her thighs slid around my waist. She held me, kissing me back, whimpering.

I drew back my cock. Her hot flesh clung to my aching dick. We both moaned.

I pumped away at my daughter's pussy. I made such sweet love to my little girl. It was amazing. Fantastic. I loved every moment of being in her. I savored every last second of pumping away at my little girl's amazing twat.

Our tongues danced together. They swirled and whirled about the other. It was amazing to enjoy. I groaned, kissing her with passion. This was incredible. I pumped away at her, driving my cock into her cunt with powerful strokes.

Her pussy clung to me. She held me tight. It was amazing to enjoy. I groaned into her mouth, kissing her with all the passion I had. She kissed me back. She swirled her tongue through my mouth. I loved her. I savored kissing my daughter. I never wanted this to stop.

She whimpered, her lips kissing me back with hunger. I pumped away at her. I fucked into her snatch with passion. With hard strokes. I groaned, loving the feel of her twat wrapped around me. My balls smacked into her taint.

I slid my hands up her sides. I pressed beneath her tank top. I broke the kiss so I could slide up and grope her tits. I squeezed her boobs. She stared up at me, her green eyes looking so wild. Her arms went around my neck.

“Daddy!” she moaned, her pussy clenching around me. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, you're making love to me.”

“Yes, Shannon,” I groaned. “Isn't it a wonderful dream?”

“Uh-huh!” she gasped, her pussy clenching around my dick.

I shuddered, savoring her hot flesh being wrapped around me. She felt incredible. Just a joy for me to enjoy it. I pumped away at her with hard strokes. I buried into her cunt again and again. I slammed to the hilt in her.

My dick throbbed in her cunt. Her pussy squeezed about me while I groped her tits beneath her tank top. She stared up at me with such delight in her eyes. She humped back into my thrusts, the bed creaking.

“Daddy, Daddy!” she moaned. It sounded so naughty. “Oh, Daddy, I love you. I love you so much!”

“I love you, too!” I groaned, thrusting into her cunt. “Shannon. You're so sexy.”

She beamed at me.

“So perfect. So gorgeous.” I squeezed her tits. “Just adorable.”

Her pussy squeezed about my cock as I pulled back. The suction was incredible. I groaned, loving the way her flesh massaged me. Her hot cunt gripped me, teasing me. Her snatch felt hungry for my cum.

For my incestuous seed to pump into her snatch. I thrust harder and harder into her cunt. I buried into her with powerful strokes. She groaned, clenching down on me with her juicy pussy. My daughter's snatch felt incredible about me.

“Oh, Daddy, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, that's good. That's amazing. Daddy!”

“Yes,” I panted, squeezing both her plump tits.

I drove hard into her. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. The mighty eruption of cum building in my balls. They smacked into her flesh every time I buried into her tight, sweet pussy. I groaned at her silky embrace about my shaft.

I rubbed at her nipples with my thumb. She gasped, her face scrunching up and her pussy tightening around my dick. I liked that a lot. She whimpered, her arms shifting around my neck. I drove into her pussy.

I filled up my daughter's cunt.

“Yes!” Shannon gasped. “Daddy!”

She squealed in delight while her pussy went wild around me. I thrust into her cunt, groaning at the feel of her hot flesh spasming around me. That wonderful massage swelled the pressure in my balls. I growled, about to erupt in her.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” she squealed, her arms around my neck pulling me down.

I slipped my hands out from beneath her tank top to kiss her hard on the lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She whimpered and shuddered beneath me, her pussy writhing around my cock. I pumped harder at her. Faster.

I could tell her twat wanted my jizz. My balls tightened, smacking into her taint as I kissed my baby girl. Her eighteen-year-old cunt brought me right to the edge. I groaned as I thrust to the hilt in her. I buried in deep.


I broke the kiss and growled, “Shannon!”

“Daddy!” she squealed, my jizz jetting into her deflowered pussy. “You're cumming in me!”

“I am,” I groaned. “I love you, Shannon!”

“Love you!” she moaned.

The pleasure fired out of my cock. Each eruption of jizz slammed bliss into my mind. It felt amazing. Stars burst across my vision. They danced around her smiling face. Her pussy writhed around me, milking me. She worked out my cum.

I filled her pussy with my incestuous seed. I groaned as I spurted a final time in her. I hit that peak of my pleasure. I hung there, drinking in the bliss. I sucked in breaths, my heart pounding. The blood rushed through my veins.

“Oh, Daddy,” she whimpered, her pussy's spasms dying down. “That was amazing.”

“Yes,” I groaned and rolled off of her. I just fucked my daughter.

She snuggled up against my side. “Mmm, that was a great dream.” She rested her head on my shoulder. “I hope I have it every night.”

“I think you will,” I said, stroking her head.


I closed my eyes and smiled. Being quarantined with my eighteen-year-old daughter wasn't so bad at all. It definitely had its perks. I held my daughter to me as I drifted off to sleep.

The END of this Incestuous Tale of the Quarantine


2020-07-02 06:52:13
Is part 2 about how he wished he was asleep and dreaming while his virgin ass was being penetrated by some dude named Tyrone because he ended up going to jail after getting his daughter pregnant and his slutty ex-wife had him charged with rape? Too real.....sorry, my bad.


2020-06-23 19:46:50
Very lucky daughter

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