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last one i promise
Two weeks past since syxx and aubry had their 'fun' with each other but syxxs mind was thinking about bella and ways to earn her trust back. Syxx headed over to the goddesses house and sera welcomed him at the door.

"Hey syxx come on in." Syxx walked in "can i talk to you guys?" Syxx said with a concerned look. "What wrong syxx?" Goddess perstina said looking up from her book. "It's about bella she's still mad at me and it's been practically 3 months i don't get it. Why is she still mad at me ??? "" well maybe she's mad at you cause she's the last one who hasn't had her turn. "Anut said sitting on the counter.

"I think there's a bit more to this goddess anut." Sera said sitting down and pouring some tea for perstina anut and herself. "Thank you sera. Well let's think about it." Perstina said closing her book. "We know she's mad . "" at me yea "syxx said interrupting." Ok we know that she's mad because of what you did with us. "

"Right. But what does that have to do with anything?" Syxx said sitting down against the wall. "Well i still say she's upset because she has yet to have her turn." Anut said sitting down with sera and perstina and taking a drink of her tea. "Possible but you said after we did it that bella knew that me and you had a turn right?" Perstina said looking at syxx. "Yea she did. ...... wait a minute ... .. i remember her eyes looked like she had been crying .... "

Syxx said standing up and walking closer to the goddesses. "Wait wait wait, bella was crying when?" Anut said confused. "I do not know but it was the morning after perstina and i had a turn." Syxx said crossing his arms thinking for a reason as to why bella still doesn't like him. "Wait i got it. Bella was crying because she loved you syxx. And she's mad at you for breaking her heart." Sera said "that actually makes the most amount of sense sera." Syxx said with a surprised look on his face. Bella came down stairs and saw syxx there and everyone got quiet.

Bella went to the refrigerator and poured her something to drink while everyone was looking at her. "What ???" Bella said turning around after she finished her drink. "Um bella can i talk to you privately?" Syxx asked with a concerned look. Bella grabbed the glass she was drinking from and threw it at syxx as he let it break against the armor on his arm.

"Someone has a bad temper" anut mumbled to herself. "WHAT WAS THAT ??" bella said walking closer to anut. Anut stayed quiet. "YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY? SAY IT TO MY FACE!" "I do not want you to be mad at me anymore. "Syxx said knowing that her remark was to anut. Bella walked over to syxx and got close to his face." You want my forgiveness? "Bella said as she put her hands on her hips.

Syxx simply nodded. "Well only way to you can earn MY FORGIVENESS is you have to know why i'm mad at you in the first place." Bella said with a attitude. "You're mad at me because i broke your heart due to the fact that when you saw me and perstina you were not only crying from feeling betrayed but you were also crying from a broken heart. "Bella's eyes widened as she stepped back a few.

"Hmph whatever. You're going to have to do a LOT more then that syxx." Bella said as she violently stormed up the stairs. "Was it just me or did anyone else notice bella's reaction when i said that she was heartbroken?" Anut stayed quiet from fear due to how bella reacted. Perstina was busy cleaning up the broken glass from the cup bella threw at syxx and sera was leaning over with the hands on the back of her head from fear humming to calm herself down. Syxx left the goddesses house to let things cool off.

Chocolats bakery.

"Say chocolat think you can help me make a cake for someone?" Syxx said sitting down playing a crossword puzzle. "Depends on what flavor and who it's for." Chocolat said putting another loaf of bread in a oven and pulling 3 racks out . "Lets just say it's for one of the goddesses." Syxx said circling the word he found.

"What did you have in mind?" Chocolat said swinging her bangs off to one side. "Just a regular cake that says i'm sorry on the frosting." Syxx said looking for another word. "Well i can do the cake now but it'll be a bit and seeing how it's about 9:40 at night you can pick it up tomorrow around lunch time. "Syxx handed chocolat her puzzle book back and left." Well that was rude "chocolat said opening to the puzzle syxx was working on and noticed that there was a 'yes' that was circled in the scrambled letters.

Early next day.

As syxx came by to check on the cake chocolat was just getting ready to write 'i'm sorry' on the cake. "Oh hey syxx. Cakes almost done." Chocolat said with the frosting in her hand. "Actually i was wondering if i could write it. "" oh yea go ahead. "Chocolat said handing syxx the icing as he wrote 'I'm sorry bella' from the help of chocolats expertise help and guidance.

At the goddesses house.

* Knock knock knock * * knock knock * * knock * Syxx entered the house and went upstairs to find out which room was bella's and knocked on her door and set the box down and left the house. As bella opened her door she saw the box lying on the floor and she picked it up.

She brought it into her room and untied the string that kept the lid down. As she opened up the box she saw a cake with pink icing around the edge and white frosting in the center and saw the words. 'I'm sorry bella' written in light blue frosting.

Bella simply smiled as she brought the cake downstairs and set it down and cut her a piece of the apology cake and had herself a piece and as the other goddesses woke up they asked who the cake was from. Bella had no idea who it was from exactly but she had a feeling that it was from syxx but never said anything.

Later in the afternoon.

Around lunch time bella left the house and went to syxxs tent and opened it to see syxx drooling on his desk and walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek as a way of saying 'apology accepted' syxx woke up right after she got done kissing his cheek in an agitated state. "WHO SHOT WHAT OUT OF WHERE ??" syxx said really fast. "HOLY shit" syxx said jumping as he saw bella. Syxx sat there in silence anticipating for bella to hit him but instead bella gave him a hug and said "i forgive you, if you want you can stop by my room later tonight and i can give you the rest of my acceptance of your cake." Bella said softly as she started to bite her lip.

"I'd love to." Syxx said getting up and hugging bella and didn't realize he had morning wood. "Um syxx?" Syxx looked down and realized it "i am so sorry." Bella held her hand up to stop him. "It's ok syxx it's ok "bella said and walked out the tent as syxx could not help staring at bellas ass.

Later at night.

Syxx stopped at the goddesses house and bella opened the door and put a finger on his lips as if to shh. Bella grabbed syxx by his hand and quietly lead him up to her room and closed the door and immediately started kissing syxx after he turned around and pinned him against the door making out with him. Bella stopped the kiss and looked into his eyes as syxx kissed her and walked her over to her bed and continued to make out with bella.

Syxx took off all his armor and went back to kissing bella as he started to take off her dress and kissed down her body and legs after the dress was off the only thing that remained was her short shorts. Syxx started to kiss at her lower stomach and bella stopped him.

"Wait syxx stop please." Bella said sitting up and looking down at her bed. "What's wrong bella? Is this not what you've always wanted?" Bella blushed heavily at this thought. "It is but .... i'm not like the other goddesses .... i'm different from the rest. "Syxx looked at her with a confused look on his face." what do you mean different? "" you remember when we bumped into each other after you and aubry You You had your turn? "" yea what about it? "" well .... "Bella said not sure how to tell him." i can't tell you because I can't find the right words but i can show you .... " Bella stood up and turned around and bent over taking her short shorts off leaving her panties on.

"Nice panties, and ass. I did not realize that you liked pure white." Syxx said starting at bellas ass. Bella turned around. "Promise not to freak out?" "What do you mean?" Syxx said. Bella slid the front part of her panties downward and revealed that bella had a small flaccid penis. Syxxs eyes widened when he saw this. "I poked you with my penis by accident i didn't mean for you to feel it." Bella said blushing even harder.

Syxx was still star struck. "You must think i'm a freak do not you?" Bella said looking away. Syxx just shook his head saying no. Syxx got up and got a closer look. "It's beautiful ... but not as beautiful to the body it's attached to. "Syxx said looking up and took bella's soft dick in his hands as bella blushed at his compliment.

Bellas dick started to react from syxxs touch and started to grow. Bella brought syxx to his feet and started kissing him deeply as her dick was getting hard from the vibe. Syxx picked up bella wedding style and carried her to the bed and set her down on it then pushed his cock to bella's mouth.

Bella started to suck syxxs dick and syxx leaned back as he enjoyed the pleasure of bella sucking his dick like a champion of sorts. It wasn't long before syxx had his orgasm in bella's mouth. Bella leaned up and pushed syxx on his back and started to lick his asshole getting him ready for what she really wanted to do from the start.

After a couple of minutes bella stopped. "Ok you're ready. Now are you ready to accept your apology all the way?" Bella said position herself. Syxx nodded his head yes "well get ready cause once I start there's no stopping. And i forgive you. "She said pushing her dick inside syxxs ass. Syxx moaned a bit loud as bella shoved more of her cock inside him. Then she shoved her hips and rested against his ass.

"Mmm i can feel your ass clamping down on my cock. The way you're moving like that makes it feel even better." Bella said with a slight chuckle then started to twist syxxs nipples. Bella started to move fast making syxx moan with every thrust she gave. "You like that dontcha bitch?" Bella said with a stern tone in her voice. Bella started to claw her nails down syxxs body.

"DON'T YOU ??" "OH GOD YES BELLA. THIS FEELS SO GOOD I CAN SEE WHY THE GODDESSES LOVED IT" syxx said moaning loudly. Bella started moving faster then pulled her cock out of syxx and turned him over so he was lying on his stomach then she shoved her dick back inside him and proceeded to fuck him doggystyle.

Deep inside syxxs mind he could not help but moaning loudly at the pleasure he was receiving from bella's thrusting. "Oh yea. Your so gonna be my bitch when i'm through with you. Once i'm done your ass WILL belong to my cock. Any time i'm horny, you are to come over immediately and suck my cock so i can fuck your ass with the greatest of ease. You'll become SO addicted to me you'll want to marry me and be my slut for the rest of your life. "

"Oh goddess bella i love you so much right now I do not want this feeling to ever stop." Syxx couldn't help but hump into the bed as his ass was being pounded. "OH FUCK. I'm gonna cum." Bella gave a few final deep pushes and syxx squeezed his butt so bellas orgasm could be much more better. Bella pulled herself out of syxx and held his head to one of her tits and rubbed his head as he sucked it and they both fell asleep. before syxx and bella were in a deep sleep syxx mumbled "i actually love you the most out of all the goddesses before i fucked sera. and i wouldn't mind marrying you.
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