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Ginger made it as far as the door but her lessons were far from over and Mr. Reynolds had extra credit assignments for her.
He pulled her body in close so that she could feel his hard cock against her back.

"Just one more thing." he whispered in her ear, as his hands slid toward her crotch.

He lifted the front of her skirt with one hand, while the other slipped between her legs.

He rubbed his fingers over her pussy, and then in a fatherly tone, he said, "These panties are soaking wet. We're going to have to get you out of these."

"No, please." she pleaded softly, her tears welling up again, as his hands slid back up to her hips under her skirt.

"Shh, shh, shh." was his reply, as he hitched under the sides of her cute little panties.

His cock rubbed against the small of her back, and then her ass, as he slowly dropped into a crouch, moving his knees apart so that they were on either side of her trembling legs.

As the hot tears rolled down her cheeks, she grabbed his hands against her hips, trying to stop him from taking off her panties.

However, just then she heard herself say on the video, which had been playing on a continuous loop, "I wish I could see a real cock."

Her hands slipped off his, as her arms fell limply at her sides.

At that moment she knew that she was at his mercy, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She could feel the warmth of his breath, as he slowly pulled her panties down. He pulled them down to about mid-thigh when the moist crotch suddenly popped out from between her legs, and she let out a little cry of fear.

"Shh, shh, shh." he shushed again, as he slowly slid her panties past her knees, over her calves, and then finally let them drop on the floor.

Her body shuddered, and her mind raced, filled with conflicting emotions, as he slowly stood up.

He ran his hands up the sides of her legs, and lightly ran his tongue up her spine as he rose.

Ginger's little pussy tingled as she felt his cock slide up between her thighs.

She closed her legs tight, firmly grasping his thick meat between her naked thighs, as his hands slipped over her hips, then across her belly, and untied her shirt.

"Lesson three," he whispered, as he opened her shirt, lightly rubbing his thumbs across her nipples.

"Don't show a man your titties, unless you're ready to be felt up."

She tried to move her hips forward, but when she did; her legs spread slightly causing his cock to slip between her thighs, coming to rest with a little slap between her ass cheeks, his hard shaft rubbing against her tender pussy.

"Ooohhooo." she groaned, with a mixture of lust, and fear, as she felt his hard naked flesh against her.

'No, no,' she thought, 'It's wrong to enjoy this. He's raping you!' as the tingling in her pussy caused horny thoughts to invade her mind.

He caressed her belly, and breasts, playing with her nipples, as he kissed, and nibbled on her neck, and ear.

She pushed her legs closed, but that just squeezed his hard shaft closer to her swollen mound.

His hot breath on her neck, his hands rubbing, caressing, and pinching her tiny titties, and tight little tummy, and his rock hard cock pressed firmly against her ass, ever so slightly rubbing her virginal little pussy, as she squirmed beneath his grasp, was making her head spin.

She tried hard not to think about how good it had felt when his strong fingers had rubbed her to orgasm through her panties.

Fear, desire, shame, excitement, anger, all swirled together in the Maelstrom of lust created by the immediacy of his hot, hard body against her.

She let out a quivering sigh, as she unconsciously rolled her hips in small circles, rubbing the head of his stiff tool with her taint, and the bottom of her swollen vagina.

The motion of her tender young flesh against his hard cock became smoother, as her pussy released a slick, liquid mark of its arousal.

She suddenly realized what she was doing, and her body stiffened, as fear, and shame gripped her mind.

'What the fuck are you doing?' she screamed inside her head. 'Do you want him to pop your cherry?' and then 'Oh my god, I'm so horny.' thrust itself into mind, as she felt herself get even wetter down there.

Suddenly, he stepped to the side, and Ginger drew in a sharp breath, as she felt his cock pop out from between her legs. He slid his hands around her body until he was standing next to her, holding her hand. Her mind reeled as he said in a soothing voice, "Okay, that's enough of that."

He squeezed her hand, and she looked up at him, doe eyed.

"Let's get you cleaned up." he said calmly, and began walking down the hall, pulling her along by the hand.

She stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor, and followed him. Partly because the air of parental authority with which he'd said it put her strangely at ease, but mostly because she didn't know what else to do.

As they came to the bathroom door, he turned the light on, and walked in, releasing her hand. She stood in the door way watching, as he picked up a wash cloth, and turned on the tap.

He motioned toward the end of the hall, and said, "You can go in there, and sit down. I'll be in shortly."

She silently obeyed.

As she walked slowly down the hall, and into his bedroom, her mind was finally settling down enough to get a handle on what had just happened to her.

She thought about all the flirting, and teasing, and how she had masturbated each time after a tease.

As she turned the light on, and sat on his bed, the completely slutty behavior that had just been caught on video was running through her mind.

Guilt and shame assaulted her, as she thought about how she had cum when he rubbed her pussy.

She hadn't tried to fight, or even talk her way out of it really.

Slowly it began to dawn on her that she had set herself up.

She had put herself here, whether she wanted to be, or not.

Suddenly, she was afraid of herself.

Her hands were shaking slightly, as she looked around his bedroom, and realized that he was probably going to fuck her.

'What have you done to me?' she screamed at herself, inside her head.

She was looking down at the floor, so overcome with conflicting emotions, that she hadn't noticed Ryan standing in the doorway, watching her.

As she finally caught a glimpse of him in her periphery, her head jerked up sharply.

Looking at him, standing there in the doorway, insistent questions started popping into her head.

What was he going to do to her? Could she stop him? Did she want to stop him? Her short hairs stood up on that one.

Had she really conspired with Ryan to trap herself?

As he walked into the room, his robe still open, she could see that his cock was no longer standing at full attention.

Although not quite flaccid, it was pointing downward, and flopping from side to side a little, as he walked over, and picked a pillow up off the bed. Even in this semi-erect state it still looked pretty big to her.

She tore her eyes away, and mentally chastised her self for thinking about putting her mouth around the bulbous head of his penis, and sucking it until it was hard again.

'No Ginger!' she snapped at herself, 'Bad Ginger!'

He placed the pillow on the bed behind her, and said, "Just lay back, put your head on the pillow, and we'll get you cleaned up."

She started to lie back, but then caught herself mid-way, propping herself up on her elbows. She her finally recovered enough of her wits to say, "It's okay, really, I can clean myself up."

He smiled down at her, folding the wash cloth, and said soothingly, "Nonsense. I messed you up, it's only right that I clean you up."

Forgetting momentarily how close she might be to her deflowering, she suddenly felt strangely relaxed.

'His cock's not even hard any more.' she told herself as she laid her head on the pillow.

'He feels bad about molesting you, and now he just wants to clean you up, so you can go home.' she reasoned calmly, her feet still planted on the floor.

As he knelt down at her feet, she lifted her ass, and hiked her skirt up, feeling confident that he just wanted to help her.

As he grabbed her behind the knees, lifting her legs up onto the bed, spreading them wide, she felt a tinge of fear. 'What if he...' she pushed this thought away with, 'No, it's over.' trying to calm herself.

She whimpered a little, and tried to close her legs, as the cool, wet cloth touched her tender flesh, but he had placed his forearms across her thighs, firmly holding her legs open.

As he wiped the sweat, and cum from the outside of her vagina she squirmed a little, feeling alternately scared, and excited at the way he held her down.

Then she felt his fingers spreading her lips, as he gently ran the cloth up, and down the thick folds of her pussy.

Her breath quickened, as conflicting urges once again assaulted her mind.

She wanted to jump off the bed, and run, but at the same time, she never wanted him to stop touching her.

She shook her head from side to side, gasping, and whimpering, as he slowly caressed the entrance of her tight little hole with the washcloth, her mental conflict deepening.

"There you go." he said with an air of self satisfaction, and as she heard the washcloth drop to the floor, she sighed, and thought; 'Now I can go home.'

However, just then she felt something warm, and wet rubbing up, and down her creamy slit.

Before she even lifted her head up off the pillow, she knew what she would see.

Sure enough, as she looked down, she saw his face buried in her crotch, as his tongue licked her all over her virginal pussy, swirling around her clitoris.

She threw her head back onto the pillow. The fear, and desire were both so strong, that her eyes teared up, and she cried, "No, no!"

She wasn't entirely sure however, if she meant "No, stop." or "No, don't stop."

She felt like she was losing her mind, and managed to gasp in a pathetic whine, "What are you doing to me?" between sobs.

He stroked, and swirled his tongue in, and around the entrance of her tender hole, before raising his head.

"Shh, shh, shh, it's okay baby." he cooed, rubbing her belly with one hand, while the other continued to play with her rapidly moistening vagina.

"This is just lesson four." he explained.

"Lesson four?" she wept, her voice shaking.

He nodded, and said, "If a man takes off your wet panties, and cleans your pussy, get ready to have your pussy licked."

He then stuck his nose in her honey hole, inhaling deeply.

"God," he sighed on the exhale, "your sweet little pussy smells so fucking good."

Now his mouth went to work on her in earnest, licking, and sucking her wet gash.

He slid his hand from her belly, and back between her legs, now using the fingers of both hands to pull aside her velvet shroud, exposing even more of her pink, swollen flesh to his greedy tongue.

She wept in fear, and moaned with pleasure.

'No, no, this is wrong.' she shouted at herself, as her hips gently bucked, and rolled to the tune Ryan was playing on her sweet organ.

He then thrust his tongue into her, and as he swirled it in, and out, rubbing her tender clit with his fingers, her mind was locked in an epic struggle with her body.

'This is wrong!' she asserted, attempting to control her hips.

'But it feels so good.' she replied as she felt his tongue play on her clitoris.

'Mr., Rynolds is molesting you!' she insisted pleadingly to herself, as Ryan's finger entered her tight little hole. 'I know, I know,' she thought back to herself, whimpering aloud, as his finger began to slide slowly in, and out of her pussy.

'And I love it!' she thought lustily, surrendering to the pleasure that his tongue, and finger were inflicting on her tender young flesh.

Her mind recoiled, then snapped back, calling her a 'whore', and a 'slut', attempting to throw guilt, and shame in with the fear that battled desperately against the rising tide of her lust.

The increasing intensity of her mental conflict was mirrored by the growing pressure in her nether regions.

'NO!' she thought loudly, as her mind attempted to exercise some measure of control over her body by throwing her arms in between her legs, trying to push his head away.

The pace of his finger moving in, and out of her quickened, while his other hand pulled aside her little hood, exposing her naked clit to the moist and thorough tongue lashing he was giving it.

As her hands grasped his head, she was momentarily overcome by the intensity of sensation in her vag, and instead of pushing it away, she pulled it in.

She moaned loudly, as her hips bucked against his strong arms, trying to rub her pussy in his face.

Her fear and shame rallied, trying to resist her impending orgasm.

'Why are you doing this to me?' she demanded of herself fearfully.

Her back arched, and her body shuddered, as she thought, 'Because you want it.' and then all thought was wiped from her mind by the power of her breaking orgasm. Her pussy clenched rhythmically, and Ryan pulled out his finger, lapping up the hot juice as it flowed from her tender hole.

She threw her arms back, her fists clenching to the same beat as her kaigals.

"OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!" forced its way past her lips, as she came, and came, and Ryan just kept licking, and sucking, trying to get every drop.

Her breathing began to slow, as the last pulses of her orgasm squeezed out of her.

However, just then he started fingering her again, and rubbing her clit hard with his tongue.

Her back arched again, and she gripped handfuls of blanket, as the process that normally took twenty, or thirty minutes, happened in seconds. The pressure built up fast, and then popped.

"Ooooooooo." she moaned loudly, as she started cumming even harder.

This time he just kept fingering her, and licking her clitoris, driving her to new heights of pleasure.

Her hips bucked so hard that her ass came up off the bed a few of inches, despite Ryan's firm gripe on her. It was the most intense orgasm that she'd ever had, and it was only as it was coming to a close that she realized that her mind had been momentarily unaware of anything except the power emanating from her loins.

It was as if the sound had been turned off, and it suddenly came on again. All at once she became aware of her heavy breathing, and the fact that she was panting, "Oh shit, oh god, oh fuck." between gasps.

As her fingers, and toes tingled, she felt the thick flow of her cum running down the crack of her ass.

Ryan pulled his finger out, once again licking, and sucking the sweet juice from her pussy. Her body shuddered, and her face flushed hot, as she felt his tongue on her tight little asshole.

'What the fuck was that?' she thought in terror, as the full reality of this grown man holding her down, and molesting her came rushing back into her mind.

She squirmed uncomfortably, crying "Please, stop." as he licked her from her asshole to her sparse red pubic patch, using his fingers to expose the tender flesh to his agile tongue.

His finger tip slipped in, and started rubbing the upper wall of her tight vaginal cavity, as his tongue went back to work on her clitoris.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh." she panted faster, as she found herself on the verge of yet another orgasm.

The pressure had built almost instantly to the breaking point, but she stayed on just this side of it. Every time she thought she was about to cum, the pressure would just get more intense, until she thought she might explode.

It was as if she stood on the edge of a cliff, and Ryan's tongue and fingers were the hands on her back, pushing her closer, and closer to the edge, her fear of falling causing her to push back.

This resistance however, was tempered by a vivid awareness that what awaited her below, was a pool of pure Ecstasy.

The pressure had moved up into her tummy, and she felt almost as if she were about to piss as well as cum, and as she crested the wave of her orgasm, she moaned in agony, throwing her head back, as the pressure became unbearable.

She suddenly became aware of the deep, throaty yummy sounds Ryan was making as he licked, and sucked her quivering flesh.

She felt the wave start to break.

Her legs suddenly tried so hard to close that Ryan had to struggle a little to keep them open.

Her head came up off the pillow, and she looked down between her legs, as a strange feeling of hyper-awareness came over her.

The sudden and complete connection to all the feelings of her body was matched by an equally sharp mental awareness of the situation.

She understood perfectly, in a way that she really hadn't before, why this grown man holding her down, and ravishing her virginal pussy was sick, and wrong, but at the same time, she knew that the perversion of being violated was also what made it so hot.

All of this rushed through her mind as she cried, "JESUS, FUCK!"

She felt a powerful pulse in her loins, as she watched her pussy gush with a clear fluid, which struck Ryan all over his face, and chest.

He opened his mouth, and closed his eyes, dipping his head down, to get as much in his mouth as possible.

With a demon's strength, she reached between her legs, and pushed his head back, bucking her hips under his strong grasp.

'Bathe in it mother fucker, bath in my pussy juice.' she thought, an evil grin on her face, as she sprayed all over his body. She held his head at bay with one hand while the other reached back, furiously rubbing her clitoris.

The insistent throbbing of her kaigals, which had started to slow down, came back full force, as her fingers flew back and forth across her tender clit.

As the intensity returned, more hot, sticky liquid gushed out. The motion of her fingers caused it to spray out like a yard sprinkler, splashing all over him.

She had lifted her shoulders up off the bed, and as her body quivered with Ecstasy, she stared, transfixed by the sight of her pussy soaking him.

She suddenly felt like she was in control.

"Oooohh, gooood, yeeeeessss!" she screamed.

In a matter of moments she had gone from feeling helpless, and violated to feeling powerful, and in control.

She threw herself back against the bed, clenching her fists, and shutting her eyes tight, as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Ryan, who was now holding her legs open by grasping a thigh firmly in each hand, immediately stuck his face between her legs, sucking up, and swallowing the hot juice, as it squirted from her pussy.

She drew in a sharp breath, hissing between her clenched teeth, as she felt his mouth close around her tender vagina, licking, and sucking.

She let out a long shuddering moan, as the last few pulses of her orgasm forced her cum into his hungry mouth.

As she lay gasping, her whole body suddenly felt hypersensitive, it felt like a cold fire enveloped her, dancing across her skin, and emanating from her wet, swollen little pussy, which felt like one big raw nerve.

She cupped her hand over her vagina, taking long quivering breaths, as she came down from her Ecstasy.

After having lapped up the last of her juice, Ryan started kissing, and licking the insides of her thighs.

He even lightly kissed the hand that was holding her pussy, before gently picking it up, and placing it on her belly.

Ryan then began to slowly stand up, and as he did, he lifted one of her legs, pressing it against his chest.

Ginger was so lost in the afterglow, that it wasn't until he slapped his cock on her pubic mound that she looked down, and saw the position he now had her in.

Her fear came rushing back, as he slapped her sparse red pubs with his hard dick a couple of more times, her thigh pressed firmly against his stomach.

"No, wait." she cried, her tears welling up again.

"Lesson five," he said, ignoring her protests, as he rubbed her thick pussy lips with the head of his cock.

"If a man licks your pussy, and makes you cum, you're probably gonna get fucked."

"No, please don't." she wept, "I'm still a virgin."

He just chuckled, and said, "Not for long." as he slid the head of his cock between her moist, swollen pussy lips.

She felt the bulbous head of his penis push at the entrance of her tight hole, and she tried to close her legs, but he cradled one leg tightly against his body, and he'd grasped the other in his hand, firmly pinning it to the bed.

Now she was really scared, but at the same time, she'd never been more turned on.

She had raised herself onto her elbows, staring down between her legs like a deer caught in the headlights, horrified, and fascinated by the sight of his cock lodged in her little pussy.

He slowly worked the head in, and out, making her hiss loudly every time he penetrated her tiny hole, and she was caught between two powerful and conflicting urges.

Part of her wanted to kick, scream, and cry.

To do anything to escape his thick stabbing penis, but another part of her wanted to push hard against him, and take his throbbing manhood all the way inside her.

What could she do? She hadn't had a choice, or had she?

As Ryan stood there with the head of his cock firmly planted between her thick, moist lips, poised to take her virginity, she suddenly realized that she wanted this, that she had wanted it since the first time she had laid eyes on him.

The first day that they had moved in to they're new apartment Ryan, being a good neighbor, had offered to help, and Ginger's mother had gratefully accepted.

In the process Ginger had seen her first penis, peeking out of the leg of his shorts when he'd set a box down in her room.

That night she had masturbated, thinking about what his penis must look like fully erect, imagining him laying on top of her, and penetrating her virginal little pussy with his throbbing rod.

It had been summer time then, and every time she saw Ryan out at the pool, she was there, trying to stare at his body without being caught, praying to catch another glimpse of his thick man meat.

In fact, through her whole teasing spree, she had been working her way up to Ryan.

Maybe one of the other men would have fucked her, but she hadn't pushed them nearly as hard as she had Ryan. Why?

And why hadn't she tried harder to fight him? Sure, she had cried, and protested, but had she really tried to stop him?

When he had first opened his robe, revealing his hard cock, she could have kicked him in the groin, and ran for the door.

She probably would have escaped, but no, she had just sat there.

And why had she teased him into it? She could have just thrown herself at him, and hoped for the best.

She knew the answer.

As long as she could remember, she had always been able to manipulate the people around her. Her friends, her teachers, her mother, everybody did what she wanted, and ended up thinking that it was their idea.

She had always felt like she was in control, but for once in her young life, she didn't want to be in control.

She wanted to feel helpless.

She wanted this man to hold her down, and take her.

From the first moment she'd seen him, she knew that he would be the one.

So she had set about to put herself right where he wanted her, and Ryan had played his part much better then she could even have imagined possible.

The video blackmail thing had just been fucking genius.

It had all worked out so well that as she lay there watching his hard cock slip between her thick little pussy lips, she felt a real sense of fear, and helplessness, and this in turn, made her feel hot, and wet.

She was still just a fifteen year old girl after all, and that little virgin girl screamed inside her head at the sexual deviant who'd set all this up, 'How could you do this to me?'

The result of all this was that she became much wetter, while at the same time she moaned, "Nooooo." in a frightened, and pleading tone.

Ryan couldn't help but notice the contradiction, and decided to point it out, saying, "Those lips say no," as he continued working the head of his cock in, and out of her, "But these lips are saying yes."

She threw her head back onto the pillow, and closed her eyes tight, the tears flowing, as she pulled her arms over her tiny titties, and silently begged him to stop.

"Virginity is like a bandage," he said casually, "it's best to just," He suddenly thrust his hips forward, and grunted, "Rip it off." as his cock deeply penetrated her.

She shrieked, pulling her head up off the pillow, and looking down, her eyes wide with horror, as she saw his throbbing muscle buried half way into her swollen little pussy.

She had only ever played with her clit, and the entrance of her vag while masturbating, so his cock felt huge, as it stretched her tiny hole.

Even though he was about average in size, he felt like John Holmes for a moment.

She sighed with relief, as he slowly pulled out. Then he held up his cock so that she could see there was no blood.

"Well, we're past the hard part." he sighed, as he picked the washcloth up off the floor, and wiped his cock.

She breathed in sharply, panting, as he cleaned her pussy with the cool, wet cloth.

He suddenly knelt down, licking her little clitty, causing her to become wet with her own natural lube.

He then stood back up, pulling her leg against him, as he once again rubbed the head of his cock against her thick, swollen lips.

He slowly penetrated her again, and this time it didn't hurt at all, in fact, it felt really good.

He began stroking in, and out of her, pushing his cock in just past the head, and then pulling back until the tip was just at the entrance to her honey hole.

"Oh god, your tight little pussy feels so good." he said in a breathy voice, as he continued working her with slow and shallow strokes.

The scared little girl in her, realizing that she had lost the battle, surrendered to the sex fiend, as she moaned, and sighed to Ryan’s persistent rhythm.

Her tears had dried up, and the only way that she would be using "no" anytime soon would be to say, "No, don't stop."

Ryan was keeping it slow, and easy, introducing just a little bit more cock every few strokes, when Ginger mumbled something he didn't quite catch.

He leaned forward a little, and asked, "What?"

That's when she looked him dead in the eye, and said clear as a bell, "Put it all the way inside me."

"Yeah?" he said, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes." she said seductively. "Please." she added, biting her bottom lip.

He chuckled, "I knew you wanted this cock." still working the head in, and out, he said, "No Mr.

Rynolds, please." in his mock little girl's voice.

Ginger started to laugh, but then began panting heavily instead, as he slowly pushed his cock in deeper, and deeper, splitting her tight little vag open.

Having never had anything up there before, she could feel the pressure as he stretched her open.

It was almost painful, but not quite.

She laid her head back on the pillow, moaning softly, as he began to slowly work his shaft back, and forth, introducing a little bit more every three, or four strokes.

"Sssss, damn you got a nice, tight little pussy." he panted enthusiastically, as he penetrated deeper, and deeper into her dripping snatch.

"Ooooo." she groaned a little nervously, as she felt juice run down her taint, and over her tight little asshole.

"UH!" jumped out of her mouth in high pitched surprise, as he thrust the last few inches in hard, slapping against her ass.

After rubbing his hips in a slow circle, swirling his cock around inside her, he slowly pulled back out to the tip, causing her to let out a low, deep moan, as she lifted her hips, trying to keep him inside her.

Then he started pumping half way into her at a pretty good pace, before stopping at the tip, and then slowly going in balls deep again.

He could feel her tight little pussy pulling, and sucking at his cock, as he slowly pulled it out to the head again, and then started rhythmically thrusting half way in, and out.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh." she grunted, as his thick meat repeatedly split her tender, pink flesh.

"Ssssss." she hissed, as he once again pulled out to the tip, and stopped.

"AAH, AHH!" she shrieked, as he pumped into her twice, deep, and hard, his balls slapping against her ass.

He kept alternating the speed, and depth of his stroke like this for what, to Ginger, seemed like an eternity, as she moaned, panted, and squealed.

It seemed as if every time he pulled out to the tip, he'd pause a little longer, before thrusting back in.

Then he pulled it out all together, and she gasped, pulling her head up of the pillow, and staring franticly between her legs.

She began rolling her hips, trying desperately to get his cock back inside her, but he just smiled.

He held his shaft in his hand, running the head all up, and down her slit, teasing her unmercifully. She bucked, and whimpered, aching to have him back inside her.

"Oh, you want this?" he breathed. "Huh? You wanna get fucked?" poking just the head in, and then pulling it out again, relishing her torment.

She finally burst into tears of frustration, and cried out, "PLEASE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

That was all he wanted to hear.

He thrust into her, and started pounding her tight little pussy like a porn star.

As his thick meat slid in, and out of her, she realized that this is what she had been fantasizing about all those nights when she had touched herself, and it was even better then she'd dreamed. The feeling of his stiff cock repeatedly penetrating her little pussy, hard, and fast was driving her to new heights of pleasure.

The mantra, "OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!" once again spilled from her lips, as her body was racked with orgasmic spasms.

Her vagina clenching around his thrusting meat seemed to drive Ryan on, and he began pumping even harder, and faster into her little fuck hole.

"OH YES!" she hollered. "FUCK ME!" she screamed, as he punished her sweet little teen aged pussy savagely with his hard thrusting tool.

"Oh yeah Ginger," he panted to the sound of their bodies slapping together, "here it comes." as he pulled her leg close up against his body with both arms.

Suddenly he thrust into her as deep as he could get, and stayed there, gripping her leg tight.

"UUUUUHHHH!" he moaned, as she felt his cock throb inside her, squirting his semen deep into her vagina.

"Uuhh, uuhh." he grunted, as his thick member pulsed, and sprayed, filling her hot pussy with his seed.

Then he pulled half way out, and thrust back in, hard, once, twice, and before she knew it he was fucking her again, with renewed vigor.

She could feel the hot sperm still rocketing out of his cock, as he fucked her, grunting like some kind of animal.

'Sexy beast." she thought, as she felt herself on the verge of yet another orgasm and she knew that this one was going to be the best yet.

All of a sudden a bright light assaulted her eyes, and she heard her mother's voice say, "Ginger are you awake?"

'GODDAMN IT!' she thought to herself, 'Can't a person even masturbate around here?"

And there went the fantasy of being fucked by Mr. Rynolds his apartment, and harshly back to the reality of a now seventeen year old girl masturbating in her bedroom.

Ginger had automatically pulled her hand from between her legs when her mother opened the door.

"Not anymore." she replied, and although the groggy sound in her voice was completely fake, the little tinge of irritation was all too real.

"I just wanted to remind you," her mother insisted, "that I won't be home 'til late tomorrow, and I'm leaving the key with Mr. Rynolds."

"Okay mom, I know." she groaned, pulling the covers over her head, and turning to the side.

"I just wanted to make sure." she asserted, adding "Sweet dreams." before closing the door.

As soon as Ginger heard her mother's foot steps reced down the hall way, her lithe seventeen year old body leapt from the bed, locking her bedroom door.

She was determined not to be interrupted again.

As she slid back into bed she couldn't help thinking, and even cooed aloud to herself, "Ooooo Mr. Rynolds."

She'd been having the same fantasy about him since the first time she'd laid eyes on him at fifteen.

As she had gotten older, it had gotten longer, and more complex.

Although in her fantasy he had continued to age, so that he was thirty now, as he was in real life, she remained fifteen.

There was just something about the idea of being taken at fifteen by a much older man that really turned her on.

'Hmmmm' she started thinking, 'I have to get the keys from Mr. Rynolds tomorrow.' as she spread her legs, she thought 'Maybe I'll invite myself in. I'll be eighteen in a week, and maybe that will be close enough for him. Only one way to find out'

As she started slowly rubbing a tight circle over her clitoris, a plot began hatching in her mind.

Tomorrow could well turn out to be a very, very, interesting day.


2020-06-28 12:37:11
Wonderful, would love to have the pleasure of a tight , eager teen


2020-06-28 12:37:10
Wonderful, would love to have the pleasure of a tight , eager teen


2020-06-28 12:37:07
Wonderful, would love to have the pleasure of a tight , eager teen

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