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This story is nothing like anything I ever wrote. The recent situation made a new fantasy of mine pop up in my head. It’s definitely interesting enough for me to bring it to paper and I thought I should share it. The things mentioned are some pretty polarizing shit. If it isn’t painfully obvious, this is not a political statement. It’s a story. Enjoy.
The sing reads, „You are now leaving the USA.”

Some guy with a big gun approached me. He was hiding his face with a mask and wore heavy body armor. Obviously, he’s been one of the guards that make sure the police stays outside the zone. “Why do you want to enter CHOP?” he asked. His voice and general appearance suggested that the guard is fairly young. Who gave that boy a gun; does he even know how to use it?

“Well, I saw what you guys did on the news and wanted to join the movement.” I said. It’s a lie and I think the boy sensed that something was off.

“Are you carrying any weapons, sir?” the boy asked.

I just nodded. Off course, but that’s none of your business.

“I got to search you, anyway.” He said. Halfheartedly he began to frisk me. He missed the knife at my ankel. That boy is doing such a terrible job. He is so clumsy. Who had the great idea of giving him some authority? He stopped as he found one of my other knifes. Immediately he took a step back and puts his hand on his gun.

With an insecure voice he ordered me to take of my backpack and hand it over to him. As I didn’t comply the situation became more heated. Another guard came along and wanted to know what was happening here. The second guard was older and had clearly more to say than that boy I had to deal with up until now.

“Nothing. I just wanted to enter the zone.” I said.

The younger one was still on the edge. “I found this knife on him!” he explained. The older one wasn’t impressed. He took the knife and handed it back to me.

To the younger guard he said, “Let him pass. Can’t you see that he is one of ours?”

The boy still looked a bit suspicious as if he knew it was better to keep me out. So the other guard added, “or does he look like a cop to you?”

The boy shook his head. “Have a good day, sir.”

I’m in, YES …

The first thing I did was to walk around the streets, trying to get an overview over the area. I made sure to memorize the entrances and the ways to get there. I saw improvised gardens, the main tent field but also some that had put up their tents away from the crowd. I saw a gathering and listened a bit to what was said. It’s not too far off but there is no way I’ll agree with these people. I saw this viral video on the internet that said every white person should give a black person ten bucks. I have to call bullshit on that. Yes, there is racism, if you wanna call it that way, in this country and no, giving a random member of a minority ten dollars isn’t a valid way to stop it or to make everything fine again.

Let’s say, I go around and kick people in the nuts. Would the solution be to give everyone I kicked a dollar or would the solution be to stop kicking people in the nuts? Stuff to think about, not that I would care. Things are crazy right now and if they think what they do helps, who am I to judge, right?

I sat down on a tagged bench. Everything is tagged around here. Everywhere you look you can find either “black lives matter” or “ACAB”. I got to say, you learn to ignore it after a while. I’m more interested in the people anyway. On a green-area someone has lit up a fire and people gathered around it. The sun is going down. Maybe it’s time to talk to some people. Find a place to settle overnight.

They were a bit suspicious about who I was and what I wanted, as I joined them at the fire. I listened to what they talked about and even threw in some thoughts of my own. They soon began to warm up to me. It’s a nice atmosphere. Not necessarily like camping but it has something to it. Getting to know new people, learning about their ideas while sitting around a fire. One of the guys offered me to sleep in his tent as I mentioned that it’s my first day here.

He’s a pretty naive little fellow. I mean, I secretly carry around three knives to protect myself. For all he knows I could murder him in his sleep. I later found out that he shares his tent with his two brothers. I guess that makes it better somehow. But not really when I think about it.

I had no intention of killing them, of course, but I could easily steal their stuff if I wanted to. I didn’t do it. In the morning they gave me directions so I could organize myself a permanent tent.

Little did they know about my real plans.

For a few hours I looked around and in the afternoon I thought I found her. The perfect target. A good-looking blond girl. She wore a hoody to hide it but it was obvious. She has to be around twenty-one years old. I saw her listening to one of the speakers this morning. Later on, I saw her leave a tent away from the crowded field. Has to be hers and it seems that she stays out there alone.

I followed her around for a while. My senses were right, she is the perfect girl for it. Somewhere inside me I think I even hoped that I was wrong, that I just wouldn’t find what I was looking for. But there she is.

Now it was time to wait. Luckily, it appeared that she called it an early night that day. Not long after the sun vanished behind the horizon she went back to her tent.

I took off my hoody. For the next part I had to charm her a little. I walked up to her and asked, “Mam, can I talk to you for a second?” She didn’t know that I meant her and kept on walking. I made sure to catch up and tipped on her shoulder. “Mam, do you have a minute to talk to me?” I repeated myself.

She was unsure about what I wanted but she didn’t look scared. After all, I was a guy dressed in black that just stopped her on her way to her tent. Good. “Would you be willing to answer a few questions?”

The girl seemed interested. “I guess.” She said but you could see that she was still a bit weirded out by the request. I looked around to see that no one overheard our conversation. “You’ve heard that people make fun of this zone; they don’t take us serious. Some even say what a horrible place it has become? I’m a blogger that tries to clarify a few things and give a better picture to the outside world.” I said and as her facial expression became more understanding I asked her, “Are you still interested in talking to me?”

Guess she bought that shit about educating the public because she answered, “Yeah, of course. They definitely paint a bad picture about us.”

No, they don’t, I thought. I didn’t say anything though. “Is there somewhere we could talk in private?” I asked her instead, “I know that some people aren’t very fond of someone like me. They have their suspicions and sometimes rightfully so.”

The girl hesitated but understood what I was saying. “We could go back to my tent. I was just heading there anyway.” She took the lead and said, “Come with me.”

She got in first and switched on a lamp. I got in too. The tent wasn’t very big but since it’s only for one person it’s pretty decent. Enough room for two people sitting comfortably a few feet apart. I kept on my facade by starting the questioning.

“What’s your name?”

“Sara, yours?”


She was oddly comfortable with me sitting in her tent. Maybe I have put on a very believable story for her. I would have been suspicious for sure. Let’s see.

“You’re staying here alone. Aren’t you afraid something might happen?” I asked. Sara tilted her head a little, not getting what I was implying. God she is so naive. Can I really do that to her? Who am I kidding, I won’t stop now.

While casually taking of my backpack I added, “I mean, people could steal your stuff.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean. No, people are so nice around here. They wouldn’t do that.” It seemed like she was thinking this stuff up just now. She literally didn’t think about it before.

I opened my backpack and said in a comforting voice, “I’m sorry Sara, you shouldn’t scream.”

The girl had no idea what I was saying, it didn’t make sense. I took out a bottle of vodka and drank a good portion of it to ease my nerves a little. Next thing i did. I took out a knife. Not just a little one, a real knife. Sara didn’t get it but she feelt that something bad might happen.

Holding the knife, I told Sara to take off her sweater. Her chin dropped as she heard my request. She tried to process things and found that complying to my order is probably the smartest move to make in her situation. I’m blocking the only way in and out of the tent. If she’d scream there wouldn’t even be a guarantee that someone would hear her.

She took it off. “The bra, too,” I said. She stared at me for a moment but complied again. Now she is sitting there self-conscious and confused.

I took out a set of cuffs and told her to put them on. She hesitated again. She knew how vulnerable it would make her but there was no real alternative. In my eyes she saw something that made her believe that I’m willing to go all the way and that frightened her, as it should have.

With her hands finally cuffed I had put the knife behind me. She looked at it for a second, maybe figuring out if she could reach it. Doesn’t really matter. She wasn’t able to.

I signaled her to stay silent as I got a bit closer. Taking her hands, I ran my fingers over her soft skin, making her shiver by my touch. I made sure the cuffs were put on properly and locked together so she can’t slide out of them. It was a bit surprising that Sara hasn’t said anything yet. No words of protest. Maybe she didn’t want to press her luck. Can’t tell.

I kept holding her hands with one hand and with the other I started to feel her boobs. She was trying to stop me, without much success. I looked into her eyes and she stopped wiggling.

Her tits are great but that’s not what I’m here for. I pushed her down and started to unbuckle her trousers. “Please,” she said. And as I kept going, she added, “don’t!”

I stopped trying to take off the rest of her cloths. There was a short expression of hope on her face. I took a ball gag out of my backpack and put it in her mouth. Then I kept on taking off her trousers. Sliding down her panties.

She pressed her thighs together so I couldn’t reach her vagina. As I tried to open them, she began to struggle. I took my knife, concentrating on not cutting her while lowering it to her neck. She kept on moving till the blade touched her throat, then she stopped.

“It’ll only get worse if you keep that up.” I said.

She understood and opened her legs for me. I had put the knife away again and went along to unbuckle my belt. Positioning my hard cock in front of the entrance of her vagina, I looked into her eyes again. She looked terrified. Pleading for me to stop but she knew that I would go through with it, no matter what. Her eyes appeared glassy. It was like it’s been the first time she was confronted with real evil.

She muffled into her gag as I enter her pussy. I signaled her to stay silent again and she did. Trying to not make it too uncomfortable I started of slow. Making sure she gets used to the situation before I went faster.

She couldn’t hold back some moans, even though she tried to. It’s strange, she definitely didn’t like it but maybe she was enjoying this somehow. A bit surprised I asked, “Are you turned on by this?”

Sara stared at me in disbelieve but decides that I meant the question seriously. She nodded timidly.

Interesting. “Do you want to cum, then?” I asked her.

She keeps staring, maybe thinking how fucked up this situation is. With what I did, there is no other way than to assume I’m just an evil person but why would I give two shits about her reaching an orgasm? It takes a while but then she nodded again. I tried to hold off, until I felt her pussy contracting around my cock. Her head fell back as she achieved her climax. I gave it my all for one last time and before I cum inside of her, I pulled out and put it all over her belly.

A few minutes later I took off her gag. She carefully moved her jaw after having her mouth forced wide open for a longer period of time. There is one thing she wanted to know. “Why?” she asked.

Ignoring her question, I said, “I don’t have a place to sleep, so I’ll stay here overnight. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything else to you. I would even uncuff you but I fear you’ll murder me in my sleep. Understandably so.”

“Why did you do it?” She asked because she can’t wrap her head around the fact that someone that seems so normal in one moment could be so cold and evil in another.

“Ask me that tomorrow, I’m going to sleep now. You should try to get some yourself.” I said. Sara’s eyes lit up with fear as I came closer again. I lifted her up and put her into her sleeping-bag.

“comfortable enough?” I asked as I closed the zipper. She just nodded and I took my place on the ground next to her.

The next morning, she woke up as I was already packing up my things. While looking into my backpack I said, “Yesterday you asked me why. The only thing I can ask is Why not? Everyone has an evil part inside them. When I heard about this unlawful zone in the middle of Seattle, I couldn’t find a single argument that prevented me from living out my darkest fantasy. I’m truly sorry it had to be you but that is live. Shit happens.” I left the key for the cuffs as I turned to go. When I wanted to exit her tent she said, “You are wrong! Not everyone is evil. Don’t use others as an excuse for the things you did. The people here are good people. You’re an asshole for taking advantage of this!”

I sighted. She still can’t see the truth. The world is not a nice place. Humans are never inherently good. Nothing is so simple.

“Everyone has the capacity of evil.” I said, “Let me show you.” I opened my backpack again and took out a red MAGA hat. Sara’s eyes widened as I had put it on and left her tent.

The first person that saw me began to scream at me. Soon there was a crowd that gathered around me. I did nothing, there was nothing to do. In the crowd I even saw a familiar face. One of the brothers from where I crashed yesterday. He looked so angry now. Someone pushed me and somehow I found myself on the ground. My hat is already gone. They accuse me of being a racist. I didn’t fight back. After all, I deserved everything that comes my way after yesterday evening. My silence must have seemed ignorant. I tried to get up but another member of the group was pushing me back down again. I can see that the tent I just left, opened again and Sara stepped out of it. In this moment someone kicked into my stomach and Sara had put her hands in front of her mouth in shock.

A second kick, people started to ask the person that was kicking me to stop. I simply lied there smiling at Sara. A third kick. And a fourth. Everything goes black.

I woke up in a hospital. A nurse told me that I lost consciousness. A girl dragged me out of the CHOP zone because the medics wouldn’t go in there. She has left her number for me to call when I get back on my feet. The police were here. I didn’t press any charges. I called her number hoping she’d only wanted me to call to yell at me for what I did. She should have been angry, why did she save my life?


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Fucking brilliant! Thanks for writing this.

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